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Me let me make clear one factor to you correct Now okay proper right here's a ten buck Is garbage that's garbage your of us In South Africa you've got Iran correct That's going to that's going to Zero that's going to zero two Euros are Going to zero the highest's going to zero This Chinese foreign exchange goes to zero It's all going to zero in opposition to If you don't understand that however you're Gonna be impoverished you're gonna be on The avenue you're going to be begging You're going to be out of enterprise You're going to be toast subsequent you perceive That it's a authorized offense to tear up Do you perceive that with the Bitcoin I've I should buy any freaking or I would really like I make the authorized pointers he Who has the Bitcoin makes the authorized pointers Rand We're we're not going to sit spherical Olympics God rattling Us what to will we've obtained the capital we Make the authorized pointers we've obtained the Bitcoin we Don't we obtained it they don't