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Welcome once to cryptos are us I'm we're all George so I'm filming This correct now on account of there's somewhat Bit of weak level with and I Wanted to make clear why I really feel that's Happening so let's get correct to it first Of all you presumably can see Bitcoin is at 26 900 So clearly Bitcoin went down barely And there's two causes to make clear this And thought of one among them isn't so good First I observed this proper right here's why the US had To Sweden the phrases to get svb sale executed Now recently and FDIC has been Working very very arduous at attempting to Prop up or AKA bail out the banks svb Obviously made headline info really Shook the market and now plainly First Citizens uh banksia is shopping for Svb for 72 billion {{dollars}} at a discount Of 16.5 billion or 23 % okay that Doesn't sound too unhealthy correct and since Of this this Bank First Citizens Actually rising up and I do assume this Actually led to some weak level with Bitcoin on account of people are contemplating oh Don't worry monetary establishment failures are all going To be lined and guarded and we don't Have to worry about Bank runs inside the nonetheless in the event you occur to be taught by the use of the Details Um this isn't really that good the one Reason why this went by the use of is on account of Look at this FDIC stays on the hook to Dispose inside the majority of svb belongings

About 90 billion {{dollars}} what does that Mean which implies 90 billion {{dollars}} of Svb belongings are held by FDIC and are they Really worth 90 billion {{dollars}} that's The issue we don't So the rationale why this went by the use of and This Bank bought svb for 72 billion Which is already a 23 low is Because they're not on the hook for this 90 billion which can very properly be solely worth 9 Billion at this stage the the Assets in Question might very properly be down 90 or 50 or 75 Percent we don't know that's the issue So that's primarily a way for the FDIC For the FED for the federal authorities to avoid wasting numerous Face To make it appear to be svb is now good It's been bought out all of the items is okay Right nonetheless the place's all this money coming From Where they go do the 90 billion all this Is going to end in additional cash printing It's really that easy The money has to return again someplace and the Government would not have any extra money So they will be printing it so surprisingly Enough I really feel that is doubtless one of many Reasons why Bitcoin actually tumbled Today on account of I really feel Um people are contemplating correctly banks are Safe no no they aren't and this that's This is generally a safe face operation for The fed and FDIC and I really feel we're gonna See way more failures eventually

Now the other issue I observed that almost certainly Definitely had one factor to do with Bitcoin's ball is that this CZ and binance are being sued by the Cftc not the SEC surprisingly for Allegedly violating shopping for and promoting pointers Keyword allegedly okay so they are going After binance and everyone knows this We know that the US authorities has been Trying to pin one factor on czm binance For a extremely very very very long time they're Uncomfortable with CZ uncomfortable being as massive as they're and Comfortable with Bitcoin and crypto Overall taking off so in the event you occur to be taught Through this primarily What it comes proper right down to is that this they're saying That there are VIP purchasers which Includes institutional purchasers and Some of them are positioned inside the US and They declare binance and ZZ uh purposely Obscured the place the change substance Theories had been positioned and Um primarily proper right here as part of binance Alleged efforts to generate fees to report The clients uh was to utilize the exchanges VIP program we're not extreme worth the cftc submitting talked about and Binance is acutely aware of the VIP identities And Geographic locations on account of binance Monitors okay so primarily what it comes Down to is that they think about that there are These massive whales or VIP purchasers that May be inside the US they usually're serving to

Them Trade serving to them Um inside the us on account of everyone knows Binance.com Is not legally Uh not legally uh allowed inside the US Which is why there's finance.us nonetheless Again This is allegedly binance is Easy goes to fight this and as soon as extra The timing of it correct whereas the Government is attempting to avoid wasting numerous face attempting To save the banks this comes out I don't Think that's by probability I really feel this Was time utterly to as soon as extra shed further Fun spherical crypto correct to set off some Panic spherical crypto and exchanges to to To get people once more into Banks primarily This is one massive diversion And I really feel CZ and binance will pull Through this I really feel that's solely a Ployed to set off further gratifying at this stage Basically attempting to help Banks nonetheless you Know who's not fooled by that's lastly lastly we see Michael Saylor and make an infinite Purchase not solely did they repay their 205 million silvergate mortgage okay they Also acquired one different 6 455 Bitcoins this generally is a massive Purchase frequent about 23 238 This is unquestionably really low so that they They bought this lastly Um

At the low not on the prime usually Microstrategy declares a purchase order they buy At the correct so this time actually Compared to the place we're about 27 000 This is low and now they keep about 138 955 uh Bitcoins and 4.1 4 billion at Average is 29 817. in order that they're nonetheless Down somewhat bit bit nonetheless whole what Michael and Michael approach have been Doing is DCA DCA DCA and eventually they Will be rewarded like the rest of us This is the appropriate approach All correct guys that's it All correct guys these are the two causes Why I really feel Bitcoin went down at current I Think with the banks uh being saved Being bailed out seems good in Short time interval People want their money have to know That their money is safe inside a monetary establishment And that is what the federal authorities is Trying to do nonetheless everyone knows That's merely the Band-Aid this generally is a Gap inflation will nonetheless be rampant There is likely to be additional cash printing further Overspending and whole that's horrible That's horrible and plus I really feel the Cftc in opposition to binance was timed Perfectly to type of set off fud to make People put their a refund into Banks But I really feel CZ and binance will prevail And there is likely to be nothing to worry about In the long term we're going to see we're going to see It'll be fascinating if the SEC and Gary

Jumps in Um nonetheless we're going to see Overall now we have to have persistence we wish To have now we have to look in path of The future and now we have to stay with Bitcoin and crypto Smash the like subscribe to the channel Hopefully you guys profit from the next crypto Gem behind the scenes video that put out This morning I had numerous gratifying Recording the first episode and Throughout this week I is likely to be filming More so uh That's it have an excellent one bye-bye