6 Outdoor Activities in Miami You Can Enjoy All Year Round

Miami is a city that everyone has heard about. Miami is located in the southeastern part of the United States along the Atlantic Coast between West Palm Beach and Fort Lauderdale.

It’s known for its tourist attractions, warm weather, beautiful beaches, vibrant cities, nightlife, diversity, culture, and shopping. 

The following are activities you can enjoy in Miami all year round:


Miami is a place where you can enjoy swimming because the average temperature of the water in this region is about 80 degrees all year round. 

You can visit Miami’s beaches to test your swimming skills or even enjoy a lovely romantic evening with your special someone by going swimming at night time. Swimming has always been one of the favorite things to do in Miami for both tourists and locals.

Scuba Diving

Scuba diving is another activity you can enjoy all year round in Miami. If you are an experienced scuba diver, you can visit popular dive sites near Miami, including the Looe Key Reef, Molasses Reef, and Cary fort Reef Marine Sanctuary. 

You can also try visiting Biscayne National Park with 28 shipwrecks, making it an impressive scuba diving site for beginners. Scuba diving is a popular sport in Miami among tourists and locals.


Miami is also a place where you can enjoy sailing around the world. Sailing is undoubtedly one of the main activities to try in Miami

Whether you are an experienced sailor or not, you can get on board one of the many yachts for sale or rent in Miami to get closer to nature, admire beautiful sceneries like sunsets and tropical islands, and of course, enjoy stunning views of Miami’s skyline. Sailing off the coast of Miami is a very popular activity for tourists and locals.


Miami’s KG Kitchen Fishing Pier is one of the most popular fishing spots in Miami, which you can visit anytime. If you are a newbie, you can ask for help from the pier guides so they can teach you how to fish properly and safely. 

Fishing in Miami is a favorite pastime of many tourists and locals in this city. You get to eat what you fish, which is one of the main attractions that make a lot of people go fishing in Miami.

Bird Watching

Miami is located near the Everglades, which is home to many different species of birds. If you are an avid birdwatcher or want to learn how to identify different species of birds, Miami’s Everglades National Park is a perfect place for you. 

This park is home to at least 350 species of birds and some endangered ones like the snail kite, which is found only in South Florida. You can go bird watching anytime, but Spring and Summer are the best seasons to visit this place.


Miami has endless opportunities when it comes to hiking. If you love nature, you can visit trails located in different parts of Miami to enjoy or hike. You can go mountain hiking or go for a nature walk. All you have to do is choose the trail that interests you. 

One example is the Englewood Trail, one of the many trails in Florida’s Deering Estate where there are three habitats, namely pine Flatwoods, wet prairie, and marsh.

You can also visit the Miami Riverwalk Skyline Promenade, which is located along the river that flows into Biscayne Bay, where you can view stunning sceneries of downtown Miami.

Miami is a city with plenty of opportunities to enjoy the best amenities that this city offers. Whether you like swimming, scuba diving, or just want to go for a walk in public parks, Miami will always be one of the favorite cities where you can find interesting things to do.

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