A Guide to Cheap Paddle Boards

As stand up paddleboarding becomes one of the fastest-growing watersport and industry in the world, more and more paddle boards are starting to appear in the market today. The variety of boards being offered right now differ in quality, pricing, and package inclusions, depending on the build and the brand.

Along with this, the hunt for a good quality paddle board with a good price is also getting harder and harder. That’s why in this article, we’ll talk about cheap paddle boards under $350, the reasons why they’re priced low, tips on how to choose the right one, and a few product recommendations.

And since we aim to help as many paddle board users as possible, we will be focusing on all-around inflatable paddle boards. They are the cheapest ones in the market today and can be used for a wide range of purposes, whether you’re a beginner or a professional paddler.

Why Are All-Around Inflatable Paddle Boards Cheaper?

Essentially, all-around inflatable paddle boards are relatively cheaper since they are much lighter in weight than hard boards. They are also composed of mostly air and plastic, which means inflatable paddle boards need fewer resources and materials, hence the cheaper price tag.

But even though all-around inflatable SUPs are considered cheap paddle boards, it doesn’t necessarily mean the quality is being sacrificed. The reason for this is because the technology being used to create inflatable paddle boards has improved over the years, making it harder to distinguish from solid epoxy paddle boards.

Do we recommend Cheap Paddle Boards?

Now when it comes to inflatable paddle boards, there are models being sold at the price of $1000 and up. However, there are also boards that are priced below $350 with almost—if not, the same quality and performance as the high-end ones. So, if you’re asking us if we recommend cheap paddle boards, the answer will still depend on what the board can offer.

Things You Need to Consider when Buying a Cheap Paddle Board
Even though inflatable boards are cheaper, it doesn’t mean that they’re disposable as well. Of course, the goal will always be to find the paddle board with the best value for your money. So if you’re planning on getting a cheap paddle board, you still need to consider a few factors before heading to the store and grabbing yourself a SUP package.

The Size

Paddle boards nowadays have many different designs and sizes. But if you want to find the right board for you, you need to learn which size will give you more stability and balance in the water. For beginners, a larger board is a better option. On the other hand, professionals will get more benefits with smaller boards.

The Weight Capacity

Knowing your own weight and the maximum weight capacity of your board is essential in making sure you don’t break your SUP in half. So if you plan on buying a paddle board today, just remember to check out the board’s carrying capacity.

The Purpose

If you’re planning on getting your own SUP, consider the activities you plan on doing on your board and find the one that’s suited for that purpose. There are different kinds of paddle boards available in the market right now with different purposes for different activities.

The Accessories Included

Of course, if you’re in the market for inflatable paddle boards, you should also consider the accessories that it comes with. A great SUP kit contains at least one paddle, one pump, one leash, and one backpack.

The Price

When it comes to buying paddle boards, you must always consider if the price is the best value for your money. If you’re just a beginner who’s just getting into paddle boarding, we suggest not spending more than $500 on your first board.

Cheap Paddle Board Recommendations
To help you find the best all-around inflatable SUP board, we’ve created a brief list of product recommendations you can check out. The items you’ll see below are cheap paddle boards priced under $350.

FunWater Paddle Board

Priced at $329.95, the FunWater Paddle Board is one of the best surfing SUP boards we can recommend. When you buy this product, you’ll get a complete gear package, including a board with a size of 10’6” x 3” x 6” and a maximum weight capacity of 330 lbs. or 150 kg.

ACOWAY Paddle Board

With the cheap price of $203.95, you’ll get a board with the size of 10’ x 31” x 5” and a maximum carrying capacity of 240 lbs. or 109 kg at ACOWAY. This board is also smaller and thinner, which makes it perfect for professionals who need a cheap paddle board that’s easy to navigate.

Aquaplanet Pace Paddle Board

For the best surfing SUP board with an extensive package and accessories, check out this Aquaplanet Pace Paddle Board. The SUP’s size is 10 ‘6 “ x 31” x 6 and has a maximum carrying capacity of 300 lb or 136 kg. The Aquaplanet Pace Paddle Board is priced at $298.99.

Serene Life Paddle Board

Priced at $317.69, this cheap paddle board includes every accessory you will need. Surprisingly, the quality of this board is quite sturdy, but the paddle included does not float. The board itself is 10’0 x 32” x 6” and can carry up to 275 lbs.

Surfstar Paddle Board

If you’re in the market for a paddle board with a nice, unique design, this Surfstar Paddle Board will do the trick. It’s priced at $305.99 and has a 3-fin system at the bottom. The board’s size is 10’6” x 33 x 6” with a carrying capacity of 320 lbs. or 145 kg.


With the growing popularity of stand-up paddle boarding, finding a cheap paddle board with good quality is getting a little harder. But if you’re knowledgeable enough about the things you need to look for in a paddle board, you’ll be able to find the right one for you in no time. Just remember to always consider the size, weight capacity, purpose, inclusions, and prices before purchasing that paddle board and take note of our product recommendations.

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