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Here's our coinus information Roundup John J Ray III the brand new CEO of FTX saying The bancrupt crypto alternate suffered From quote full failure of company Controls and quote an entire absence of Trustworthy monetary data Understand bacon Freud's management In a chapter submitting Ray Software was used to cite conceal the Misuse of buyer funds and sister agency Alameda analysis was given a secret Exemption from ftx's Auto Liquidation FTX is seeking to recuperate 372 Million in unauthorized transfers made The day the corporate filed for chapter Ray took intention at ftx's former CEO Sam Baker freed for making erratic and Misleading public sentiments his phrases Regarding FTX and his private makes an attempt To elevate cash for purchasers saying Banquet freed shouldn't be employed by the Debtors doesn't converse for them All proper be a part of us now along with her Stella Reporting is coitus Deputy managing Editor Tracy Wong Tracy nice to have You on the present so ftx's new boss Previously supervised Financial scandals Like Enron which a number of people are Comparing the demise and collapse of Ftx2 and he criticized FTX for poor Record preserving and an absence of expertise Among senior managers amongst different issues What are the important thing takeaways that you simply took From the chapter submitting

Yeah I feel I learn via the Day affidavit that John Ray put out And I feel it's fairly damning This is any individual who's an actual grownup he Was the one accountable for the Enron Bankruptcy and for him to say that this Is in all probability the worst case he's seen in His profession is fairly damning for FTX Yeah he's had a strong 4 decade profession So Sam Pig mcfree instructed Vox he regrets Filing for chapter uh we did see the First submitting was fairly Hasty final Friday What was the aim of this submitting You I feel the day one affidavit Is simply type of taking inventory of The scenario it's solely been Many instances within the submitting uh John Ray Says that that is the Information that he has proper now and Um one factor that he famous a number of Times is when when referring to steadiness Sheets of the 4 FTX group entities is That these have been steadiness sheets That have been managed by Sam Baker and freed And there have been no controls there are There is a little bit little paper path and He notes very clearly within the filings That like this may not be Accurate Interesting the courtroom paperwork additionally that Alameda analysis had a Secret exemption from the crypto Exchanges liquidation procedures how did That

Now that's one sentence definitely uh Under a number of scrutiny and I feel this Goes again to the problem between FTX and Alameda and the character of their which we don't have extra Details on however for the there Was at all times hypothesis that Alameda and FTX had in maybe an improper Relationship and there are the reason why In conventional a maker in Exchange usually aren't owned by you Know the identical founder and um and having A market maker by yourself alternate Raises a number of moral questions and so You know a number of the potential Um potential relationships which are dangerous Is if Alameda had entry to FTX User alternate knowledge or in the event that they have been in a position To I assume um get loans from FTX and um Obviously this new revelation that Alameda was exempt from ftx's Liquidation engine may imply that they Had preferential and uh some kind of Preferential commerce gaining access to FDX That is certainly not good Yeah this was at all times suspected of the Relationship between Alameda analysis And FTX however it was at all times denied by Sam So actually fascinating to see this coming From John Ray so FTX is wanting be aware With that's that a number of the Revelations proper now don't know If this was one thing that Sam bankman Free did within the within the haste of a second

Perhaps perhaps Alameda misplaced some cash in In Luna but when it's true that Alameda Had this kind of relationship with FTX Going again earlier than that it's definitely It definitely doesn't bode properly for financial institution And freed yeah additionally the submitting says FTX Is seeking to recuperate 372 million Dollars in unauthorized transfers now This was an fascinating growth over The weekend hack in a cyber safety Firm that we spoke to mentioned that they Actually recognized who the consumer was and That that they had a private account on Kraken so the oldsters at Kraken have additionally Said they know who the consumer is and an Announcement might be we made however can we Know something additional about that I feel there are rumors circulating About the character of the hack it might be You know a black hat a white hat an Insider job even doubtlessly and Um we sadly have no idea extra however We do know that that is simply Another occasion that has occurred in This complete FTX Saga the that this Company Friday morning filed for Bankruptcy after which Friday night Um individuals on Twitter seen that funds Were lacking after which realized that now FTX was getting hacked in spite of of that That is actually Um not one thing you see on daily basis Yeah I feel it goes to talk to the Haste and the recklessness happening in

The firm proper now Um Alameda analysis the enterprise capital And sister coaching agency of FTX made 4.1 Billion {dollars} in loans to associated Parties together with one billion {dollars} For former Co San bacon freed in accordance To the chapter filings do we all know What these loans have been used for That is one thing that we have no idea And the Liquidators try Very onerous to determine the paper path We do know that Sam bankman freed you Know was doing rather a lot utilizing his personal Personal cash we all know that he was a Large Politico donor we all know that he had Personally purchased Number of shares a whole lot of hundreds of thousands of Dollars of Robin Hood inventory he had Backed um personally backed some Venture Capital non-crypto Venture Um like 500 million {dollars} to Anthropic AI which is an AI analysis Firm and so it stays to be seen should you Know a number of the monies that went to That was truly taken from Alameda and You know if it was taken from Alameda Did Alameda additionally get these funds as a Loan from FTX and so it's not solely Um one other factor that's actually Interesting is type of how these Different entities Alameda fgx Fgxus additionally type of Um made loans amongst themselves Uh John Ray additionally had some particular

Things to say about Sam Bateman free Does that perhaps you can inform us a bit About that and what it says About the connection Sam Baker and Freed has with FTX now I feel Sam bankman freed has Been tweeting some fairly erratic tweets Over the previous couple of days and um John Wright and his affidavit mainly type Of disowned Sam he reiterated That he's now the CEO Sam has resigned And I feel he additionally talked about type of uh Well Sam has hinted on uh on his Conversation with this field reporter that One factor he regrets was submitting for Chapter 11 chapter and we learn within the Affidavit that it appeared like There was some convincing that wanted to Be performed for Sam to go ahead with the Chapter 11 chapter it looks as if Sam Might nonetheless be in a state of denial and Um I feel John Ray was saying that you simply Know Sam he's not concerned John Ray is the one in cost now proper Sam has been saying that he's going to Try to boost cash to assist make Customers complete however once more Ray was making an attempt To say uh he's not talking for the Debtors there what are the subsequent steps Treasure see lastly earlier than we get going You comprehend it's onerous to say I do know that These bankruptcies can typically take Years to unwind I feel proper now what Um John Ray and his workforce is doing is

Trying to determine the place all of the funds Are and one other factor that was essential To be aware within the affidavit was that prior To this FTX had no kind of They didn't have quarterly conferences they Didn't have a board of administrators and John Ray has additionally appointed for Superstar former cfdc former federal Agents that might be accountable for every of The 4 buckets so Alameda Ftxus and FTX Ventures