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Next is the Battle of layer Twos principally now now we have seen arbitrum Launched currently now now we have moreover seen Other duties CK sync they're establishing Really fast they don't have a token Launch however nonetheless everyone knows it's coming And now now we have moreover seen completely different That are saying look we will Just assemble from scratch Aptos sui and Other duties nonetheless in at current's video guys I'm so excited on account of I would like to talk About mantle that's mantos the mantle Blockchain I I don't know why it took me So prolonged to make video I imagine Simply on account of I was like okay look the Launch is in June I'll have time to do It nonetheless I assumed I should do it Considering that I've been screaming About beat dial talking for a really very long time Quite lots of you guys know that already and This is an thrilling video significantly for Those of you guys who're holding beat Down talking like myself on account of I'm Still staking I nonetheless think about throughout the Project I nonetheless think about throughout the Dao nonetheless This video I merely must focus Specifically on the beat down token now The info in the marketplace says that the bit Down token is very in a short time In June and for those who occur to don't know what's Going on manto is a extreme effectivity layer 2 Network Built with modular construction Delivering extreme at low fees

Builders can leverage manto's distinctive Design to assemble dapps with distinctive Ux or whereas relying on ethereum's Unrivaled security so that's principally Similar to or arbitrar it's a Layer 2 decision that permits of us to Build nonetheless it's the first modular layer 2 Solution what it means is that This is combining ZK sync know-how And moreover completely different latest Um type of layer 2 on account of all The completely different earlier blockchains type of Like like polygon have been establishing for A really very long time nonetheless they're not going on ZK Sync however they haven't built-in with Z Casing know-how the zero knowledge Proof so that could be a lot newer on account of it's Leveraging all the perfect Technical Solutions throughout the layer 2 Ecosystems or throughout the layer 2 space and Bringing all of them collectively so what's Exciting to me proper right here is that bit down Launches the mantle layer 2 and it makes use of Beat token as gasoline fees on chain so any Dab engaged on the manto blockchain has To have you ever ever beat token merely the similar as Whenever you're using ethereum you'll have To pay some gasoline fees so the amount of Public chain will in all probability be using ZK sync and It's a lot of the most recent L2 know-how That I've talked about sooner than and at current There are higher than 200 dapps which have Been constructed on excessive of it and I imagine that Mantle will in all probability be certainly one of many hardest chains

Out there for lots of causes Number one is that it's built-in with By bit the Sam beat token that is the Native token for by bit change might be The native token for mantle correct that's Another amount two is that beat Down the dial itself has a treasury of Two billion {{dollars}} in cash in beat down Right so there could also be already two billion of Assets in bit down on the earth and it's Supporting any enterprise itemizing on mantle So it implies that a lot of the mantle Projects might flip into way Successful on account of they've two billion Dollars of help and itemizing priority On by bit on the launch pad on the Ido And liquidity help however moreover improve on buy bit net web page so what this Means to me is that If you take into account it Any enterprise that Launches on mantoy Especially the early enterprise are further Likely to be listed merely on Bible Because they're part of the ecosystem on Bible they're further clients already and it Will be easier for these duties to Raise money by from the dial so if Anything if one thing I can share on this Video guys is to tell you that to beat the token nonetheless most Importantly not many people know or I Haven't seen on account of I did just a bit bit Of evaluation sooner than I made this video not Many people are listening to this

Blockchain And for those who occur to do pay attention to it and You grasp the duties which is likely to be coming Out of it or the alpha the model new stuff and And you start searching for a lot of the Projects early you is likely to be the best I Mean this would possibly principally blow up in a Good technique this would possibly crank up your Portfolio to new highs in a extremely Interesting technique so for those who occur to try the Bit down token you didn't I indicate it has Been truly it has not the Worst on account of on widespread on the excessive like Where one dollar was the best so since The all-time extreme it's principally at 50 Cents correct now which I imagine it's good Um nonetheless essential issue to pay Attention to that there was no ample Utility in my view as as compared with Like for those who occur to guage this to BNB BNB is Used on searching for on binance the change It's moreover used throughout the BNB chain now this Is the BNB chain of by bit which I imagine It's further extra more likely to be very very Successful so I'm starting to dollar Cost widespread this token as soon as extra on buy bit I've made motion pictures displaying you guys straightforward to Do it however moreover I'm opening a small Position With good leverage in course of June on account of Because of this info this would possibly actually Start blowing up Right so I indicate this is not like Saying that that's given goes to

Happen I don't even know if it's truly Going to launch in June nonetheless I'm merely Saying that there is speculation going On and this could be a good enterprise and I Think now we have to principally Pay consideration to it significantly to the Early duties which can launch into The Manta blockchain and I indicate for me You guys know I merely must generate Out of this complete crypto issue correct That's essential issue for me At this stage so for those who occur to see an Opportunity of a model new enterprise coming in A newer blockchain ZK sync manto it's Very important to pay attention make Early there'll in all probability be a meme coin moreover on There correct so for those who occur to see these type of Things arising I indicate fiddle with It as well as they've Um an even bigger pool of merchants And companions Apex change I do comprehend it's Already part of uh the bit dial Community it's among the many many 200 duties That are coming out of this Um out of this blockchain so which I've Also made a sooner than displaying you Guys straightforward strategies to do it so you can see all through The FTX Saga the coin had just a bit bit Of trouble on account of the Alameda evaluation Was holding a lot of the bit dial token As correctly and when the Calamity occurred It principally crashed extra sturdy recovered But nonetheless nonetheless throughout the mid-range I imagine This info the the launch of manto might

Basically blow up the demand of bit down Which might also ship up the so I Would say look take some time For your self to look into it deeply uh You might submit your private enterprise if You're a builder it's principally ethereum Layer 2 decision so for those who're using Ethereum EVMS in any other case you another Blockchain you can principally change All that into manto if you'll get Support correct these are all a lot of the Projects which is likely to be being uh which is likely to be Coming correct like you can see this Gaming the dexes Defy nfts infrastructure social like all You can do guys is to start go into this Ecosystem and start participating in spherical Connect collectively along with your pockets on proper right here and Start participating in spherical significantly when it Launches so I merely wished to current you Guys an change of what's occurring in This ecosystem that I'm nonetheless bullish on Manto I haven't given up on it and correct Now I'll in all probability be even supplying you with guys further Updates on the manto blockchain alrighty I'll see you guys on the next video if You should be taught from me and get most Of my calls and trades when it comes to Crypto bear in mind to subscribe to this Channel and most importantly be part of my Alpha group on crypto University go to Crypto school.neighborhood and be a Member of the Discord membership choose The membership that applies for you and

If you is likely to be part of this membership you Get entry to my packages freed from cost That membership supplies you entry to Courses entry to the dwell shopping for and promoting Sessions in Discord personal uh Traders Experts and what have you ever ever And weekly lessons that we do in there So go ahead and get it and most Importantly that I moreover want to tell you Is to Remember to take income guys it's very Very important I'll see you on the next Video peace