Aragon Scraps Planned Community Control of 0M Treasury Amid Battle With Activist Investors<a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener">Source</a>

In the final week I've been following the and fall of an effort to uh by Activist buyers to take over uh half Of the Aragon treasury Aragon is a Long-standing undertaking that Focuses on constructing instruments for Dows and It itself was transferring towards turning into a Dao by transferring management of its treasury to Its Community now the group was Really filled with plenty of activist Investors who wished modifications at Aragon And they began making noise about Pursuing the modifications together with by means of With an funding fund behind them Called ARCA properly Aragon didn't like that So a lot and determined mainly to get rid Of its and to maneuver the Dow From a dow that controls the Organization right into a grants making Dao so is known as a story about Decentralization theater it additionally will as I believe you famous on it's uh It's one other instance of time being a Flat circle It actually is Danny so again in I'm Looking on the piece proper now really I reported on a really comparable topic With Aragon uh it was Aragon Association The Aragon Dao uh Aragon 1 I consider was One of the names of the entities and They had a bunch of resignations I Believe about 12 staffers left these two Entities on account of a scarcity of economic a co-founder was additionally

Essentially pressured out on the time there Was lots of disruption lots of people Thought that Aragon itself was going to Shut down it regarded like they had been Probably simply going to love unload the IP to their voting software program and the Governance platforms they've been for who don't comply with Aragon and has been round for fairly a While I believe like most individuals who've Been having good like fingerprint on Space for some time learn about Aragon not Necessarily like a high undertaking however Definitely a undertaking that persons are Familiar with has caught round and has Been some necessary like Governance schemes for Dows but it surely's Been hit twice now with like issues That we see over and over with Dows which is a few individuals have energy Some individuals don't there's cash concerned You can't belief everyone and on the finish Of the day somebody has to jot down the Checks and issues begin to crumble I'm not clear on just like the uh Similarities between these two tales I Mean they're two years aside very Different individuals concerned simply comparable Entities however I believe it simply simply goes To present that uh Dows have some issues Jen over to you Yeah I believe that is simply one other Example of the true entity that's Often connected to the Dow making

Decisions primarily based on the group's Business plan proper these Dows are very Slowly progressively decentralizing they Have enterprise objectives to fulfill they've Real properly lots of them have Businesses in the true world that signal Real world contracts and function simply Like the Aragon Association acted right here Danny I've a query for you although Can you clarify to us what this alleged 51 assault was that kicked off this entire Thing Well you understand it's actually a a there's a Lot of room for right here as a result of the 51 assault in crypto specified is it Focuses on this of taking on a Network by taking on the be aware taking The validators and having the ability to management Because when you management 51 of the Validators you'll be able to management the historical past Of transactions What's Happening Here is Not a 51 assault in that sense it's Really simply an instance of buyers Accumulating a governance token so as To vote and get their place by means of And so far as I can inform the undertaking That they're centered on not being very Happy with that flip of occasions so I Would argue that it's not a 51 assault It's simply an instance of a dow not liking What occurs if you're a doubt which Is that there are many totally different Opinions and typically individuals aren't Going to agree with you uh you understand the

The steps they took right here which is Basically to say we're now not going To be a Dao we're simply going to be a Grants me Um that's a fairly a drastic Especially for an organization and I'm going To name the corporate at this level that Is centered on constructing software program for dows All proper Danny I'm gonna I'm gonna Throw one other query your manner so like Based in your what's animating This unhealthy blood clearly there's some Group that has One Vision one other group Being labeled as activist buyers that Have one other Vision what's the true root Of what's happening right here with this story Yeah so there are two factions proper There's Aragon the corporate slash crew And then there's the group that I've Called the rfv Raiders this can be a Risk-free worth what they mainly do Is they search for which can be and selling Below Book worth which is the worth of The token relative to the the cash in The treasury mainly like shares Um and attempt to discover methods to shut that uh Right now arbitr proper now Aragon suppose Of complicated my decentralization theater Actors proper now Aragon has perhaps 200 Million within the financial institution the tokens buying and selling Around two {dollars} and ninety cents uh It ought to perhaps be buying and selling extra like six Dollars if you happen to consider it when it comes to Book worth so the rfv Raiders have

Accumulated lots of these tokens and They wish to maintain a vote to conduct BuyBacks of the token in a manner that Would shut that Gap and make the tokens extra consultant of the worth Of the treasury and that's one thing That Aragon has carried out previously it's Done BuyBacks earlier than Now although when the exterior group Investors try to be the impetus For transferring this to uh completion Aragon Is much less amenable to that place and Has taken a very drastic measure right here I'd say Stuff attention-grabbing stuff tried to Speak to them repeatedly however they Haven't again to me Well we're gonna set you free and get You again into these like Halls like Dao City Hall I simply think about you lurking Around each nook watching this play Out in actual time in solely in solely a Crypto manner