Bare Announces New Updates to Reactive and Evoke Scuba Diving Wetsuits

Bare has announced new updates to two of their scuba diving wetsuits. Check out the details below.

Bare Reactive 2021
Bare Evoke 2021

This update to Bare's seriously-warm Reactive wetsuit takes the heat-capturing technology of the original and adds the body-responsive effects of Graphene. This allows the suit to distribute heat to cooler areas of the body for additional comfort and warmth. The Reactive is constructed from environmentally-friendly limestone-based neoprene with dope-dyed fibers and water-based glue.

The new Bare Evoke has been upgraded with Graphene technology, a carbon nanostructure lining that captures and utilizes a diver's body heat. This makes it even more efficient when insulating your core and keeping you warm during long dives. The suit is made of limestone-based neoprene and uses dope-dyed fibers and water-based glue to reduce pollution and toxins in the production process.

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