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merely partnered with etoro and Will let prospects commerce shares and crypto As Elon Musk pushes his app into Finance Starting Thursday Twitter will give Users the selection to buy and promote shares And completely different property from etoro the company Told CNBC solely the partnership Marks a unusual deal for Twitter since Elon Musk took the reins as CEO after purchasing for The platform for 44 billion closing 12 months Musk has made it his mission to point out Twitter into the so-called great app That presents prospects Financial Services on Top of social media and Elon Musk truly Has been on a tear simply these days I don't If you seen this BBC journalist says There's been a rise of hateful content material materials On Twitter Elon Musk says give me an Example journalist says I can't Elon Musk says properly you merely lied You're talking about you make the most of Twitter Right do you see a rise in hate speech Person establish I get additional of that sort of Content yeah pessimist content material materials you don't Like or describe a hateful issue yeah I Mean you acknowledge this content material materials would possibly embrace Something that is barely racist or Slightly sexist so that you simply assume if Something is barely sexist it must Be banned I'm asking for explicit examples so that you simply Name one occasion I I truly don't you I I truly you could't establish a single Example I'll inform you why on account of I

Don't actually use that feed anymore Because I merely don't notably like It You said you've seen additional hitful content material materials But you could't establish a single occasion not Even one the night time time I say so that you simply simply Don't know what you're talking about Really certain on account of you could't be a single Example of hateful content material materials not even one Tweet and however you claimed that the April Content was extreme properly that's a false no What I create a slide so the details are As follows starting Thursday a model new Feature is likely to be rolled out on the Twitter app it is going to allow prospects to View Market charts on an expanded range of Financial units and buy and promote Stocks and completely different property from etoro with The etoro partnership Twitter hashtags Will be expanded to cowl far more Instruments and asset programs you'll be Able to click on on a button that claims view on Etoro which takes you via to to Etoro's site and also you then'll be succesful to Buy and promote property on the platform is This partnership greater for etoro or Better for Twitter or greater for the Users of Twitter and etoro crypto expert Investor and Trader Scott melker supplies Us his opinion Twitter goes to current Users the selection to buy and promote shares And completely different property from etoro what does That indicate for Twitter and etoro and do You assume how do you assume the neighborhood

Is going to interpret this I imagine it's Big for every nonetheless truly I imagine it's Bigger for etoro than Twitter clearly This is efficiently giving them an infinite Marketing funnel and viewers and on the End of the day even when you possibly can confirm the Charts and take a look on the and commerce Quote unquote through Twitter my Assumption is that you simply simply'll nonetheless must Sign up for utoro do kyc on etoro to Make constructive it's compliant completely different methodology There's no methodology that the SEC would allow Something like this to happen so to me This is efficiently a promoting and advertising and marketing funnel And solely a way for etoro to open up Their floodgates to new I imagine That uh it's a web optimistic truly For every platforms and for the markets In primary I indicate each was based mostly By yoniasia a bitcoiner he was the first Person to basically create nearly Called colored money on so the Crypto Community has a deep sort of uh Relationship with etoro and I imagine Obviously with Twitter and so it's a Perfect marriage for that neighborhood on Twitter we reported this to you Yesterday Shanghai enhance is Now keep this marks one different essential Upgrade for ethereum now a feather in Ethereum's cap and this enhance Literally implies that staked ethereum Withdrawals in the meanwhile are enabled on ethereum Ethereum on its greater

Scale vitalik buterin the Creator had This to say we're throughout the stage the place the Hardest and quickest parts of the Ethereum protocol's transition are Basically over very very important points Still should be completed nonetheless these are very Significant points which will safely be Done at a slower Pace ethereum has Upgraded lots thus far few years With the merge with each little factor that Vitalik actually says ethereum can 100 Be considered accomplished on the end of 2023 nonetheless they're not going to stop there Because 500 million prospects are on their Way to ethereum and they also're getting ready For this when can we title ethereum completed If we really need to call it completed end of 2023 or 2023 goes to be the 12 months When Roll-Ups truly come to maturity we Have 4844 that gives ropes additional house And now now we have the shopping for and promoting wheels on Roll-Ups that truly get weakened moderately lots That sort of will get us to like most of Charting being accomplished after which Roll-Ups going completely perception to us and Then there could also be full tank sharding for me Personally I imagine after the modifications That may very well be the first elements the place I Would actually really feel cosy saying even when Nothing else happens earlier that point I Would be pleased with ethereum if we would like To we would stop there we're not going To stop there correct and we have to type Of like go ahead and try to really

Make constructive that the ethereum ecosystem Can help 500 million prospects sooner than the Ball had been 500 billion prospects had been Knocking on the door actually ends up Happening that's more than likely the next half Of the long term the transition from Ethereum as this form of very Theoretical ecosystem that's nonetheless a Discount defending and discovering itself to Ethereum Ambassador ecosystem that Actually is you acknowledge tries to be useful And usable and also you acknowledge secure and and All of those points and like actually Provide price for tons of of hundreds and hundreds Of people in several info the best tier Camera agency Canon is launching an Ethereum image nft Marketplace known as Kadabra the digital digicam and digital image Giant is pushing further into web3 with A loyal nft footage platform we Say pushing further because you bear in mind That Canon beforehand launched a sequence Of image nfts on Solana in July of 2022 In collaboration with immutable image Well as we converse Canon USA the American Division of the worldwide digital digicam and Imaging massive launched as we converse that it Will launch an ethereum nft Marketplace Dedicated to footage later this 12 months Dipping further into the online 3 world After an nft drop in 2022 as merely Mentioned Kadabra described as a curated Marketplace for tokenized footage is Set to roll out in 2023 following an

Initial preview you at this week's NFC Nft NYC conference in line with a press Release {{the marketplace}} will present Photos all through quite a few courses Including Wildlife lifestyle Landscapes amongst others cryptocurrency Will progress as soon as extra my mates when you possibly can't See it hey make sure to're subscribed To the channel on account of we change you on This stuff on daily basis the data Today is that this pockets the best Decentralized commerce on ethereum has Finally been allowed to be a part of the App on iOS that's massive uniswap Labs was combating for this for thus prolonged Apple wouldn't permit them to be a part of the App Store lastly it's occurred the model new Uniswap pockets has formally arrived on IOS following the beforehand documented Challenges incomes Apple's approval Moreover the open provide Mobile Wallet Will allow prospects to commerce ethereum Polygon arbitrum optimism the Development is undoubtedly a optimistic One for every uniswap and the enterprise as An complete notably with the worldwide Adoption of iOS know-how a crypto Wallet integration would possibly ship a lot of Prospective new prospects to the realm Bitcoin and cryptocurrency have to be Strategically embraced by the not denied Bitcoin is a Technology that have to be embraced Bitcoin would not threaten the US dollar

Natalie Burnell on explains This some are saying it's a Threat to the dollar nonetheless it's not what People actually wish to respect is Bitcoin Is a kind of property it is a retailer of Value like precise property and like and Our nation was constructed on the value of property rights that's core to Our democracy and I imagine what's Happening as of late that's shaking people's Confidence is Bitcoin is admittedly being Used as an excuse by people in vitality who Have been creating insurance coverage insurance policies that do Affect the US dollar and hurt the dollar It's it's their excuse to not sort out Those insurance coverage insurance policies and Bitcoin is used as This invisibility cloak and I want People to to think about one factor if Bitcoin cease to exist tomorrow poof It's gone Elizabeth Warren great joyful The US dollar stays to be headed throughout the Same path every fiat foreign exchange has Failed we're in a debt-based system Because we proceed to go further and Further into debt and the world is Deciding that we're transferring from a Unipolar world to a multi-polar world And nations are saying we don't want The world's reserves to be in a single Currency that could be weaponized on account of The U.S retains spending on itself and Issuing these paper ensures so I'm Actually going to DC in two weeks with The message that Bitcoin have to be

Embraced by the U.S strategically now More than ever on account of now now we have a Technology Network impervious to assault And hacking the U.S dominates the mining Industry correct now Bitcoin permits us to Securely change price all through the so why would we throw that away When the best way ahead for the financial system is in Cyberspace and likewise the best way ahead for Warfare is in our on-line world get your Tickets to bitcoin 2023 Miami May 18th Through twentieth Miami Beach this 12 months use Code altcoin day-to-day 10 off that's the Biggest Bitcoin Conference of the Year Ticket prices proceed to increase as we Get nearer to the event use code altcoin Daily 10 off get your tickets now is frequent little one first Bitcoin then ethereum then large caps Then alt season Scott melker explains This Bitcoin has what's known as the Having every roughly 4 years and That's when the model new Supply coming onto The market is efficiently reduce in half so If you even have a major understanding Of present and demand if demand stays the Same and even decreases barely or goes Up with decreased Supply clearly you're Going to see worth rise and we've seen That with every single cycle and we've Seen worth bottoming you acknowledge a pair Years into that cycle sooner than chopping Sideways and transferring up and that bottom That we seen from FTX in November and

Sort of the switch up has adopted that Exact cycle that we've seen in every Previous market and as quickly as Bitcoin begins To switch up you're getting new confidence In the market you get a bit additional after which that begins pouring Down into completely different money like ethereum and And farther down the hazard curve so Basically every time you see Bitcoin Move up and consolidate it goes into all Coins once more into Bitcoin all one of the simplest ways up It's efficiently a washer nonetheless You know if it ain't broke don't try and Fix it and there's no function correct now To assume that this time is likely to be Different make sure to subscribe to Altcoin day-to-day we drop day-to-day video Content preserving you educated on bitcoin Ethereum crypto nfts and further