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Let's talk about new weblog publish from CZ that obtained right here out this morning it's a Thrilling be taught I really feel everyone must Go be taught it and by no means merely be all ears to our Dialogue about this story nonetheless principally It's easy all via his Rules working Exchange saying that he's a really Really boring man quote unquote there Really truly boring man he talks about How he solely has conversations for 15 or a lot much less he leaves group chats in The middle of him because of he doesn't Want to be bothered by notifications and He reads books whereas he's throughout the bathe He listens to them whereas he's on the Toilet he listens to him he's in The airplane he reads a couple of e-book A Week there's plenty of fascinating Information to pay attention to a couple man who's Built an change that is now truly a throughout the enterprise in a lot much less Than Zach as a lot as you Will foxley I think about you accused me of Simping CZ the other day and I'm proper right here to Clap once so onerous on you for this choice Of story the extent of simping of CZ in That intro was immense that's good This is regular Tech father content material materials wow This is good it's a nice little Personal Glimpse at how this man Organizes his work life and even his Personal life and I like it nonetheless Anyway I'm merely proper right here for the clap once more I'm gonna go away now wow I'm gonna cross

It to Jen is there any on this Productivity hack publish that you just see Outside of you notice the plain the Obvious proper right here yeah to start out with that's Hilarious successfully I moreover was like successfully why This nonetheless okay proper right here we go uh the Communication examine half it is it's fulfilling The communication solutions Part I actually Respect he has like a whole weblog publish That he sends to people and says that's talk with me and must you Didn't get a response due to this I Think that's increased than no response nonetheless Let's get to a couple of the fulfilling stuff in This CZ simply is not experiencing any kind of Culinary delight and that makes me sad He says when he goes to consuming locations he Orders one in all many first three points he Sees on the menu and he under no circumstances goes for Any kind of consuming that is outdoor of Like truly quick a really quick consuming Experience this looks like a tragic life And let's merely say like he says he Doesn't spend time on talking with People and and doing one thing fulfilling nonetheless I Bet he spends plenty of time writing These weblog posts and arguing with people On and lobbying crypto clients to Go over to binance and that's what he's Spending his time on now and maybe That's what he's gonna spend his time on But Zach I I don't to procure Something I'm not gonna take it from Zach I gotta take it

All correct Allow me this second for 30 seconds I Brought this story as much as not simp for CZ He doesn't need it he has all of the money In the I launched this story up Because it is merely the Classic cliche That we see with all these Tech tales Right I wanted to throw that to you guys I was throwing to you need an identical to a Great story you'll rip into and be like This man is faking it or this man's merely Appeasing to his viewers and however you Turn the weapons on me Zach over time I Will graciously Embrace that Olive Branch thanks'll uh the one piece That stood out to me I really feel it's precise I Mean I really feel I've talked you notice I Think I've spoken this straightforward on a amount Of occasions I really feel he's uh an precise Straightforward Communicator I've no Reason to think about that's fake constructive Maybe it's a PR stunt so hey he's merely He's a tech founder an identical to our Tech Founders wow oh my goodness great what A person I get that the one issue that Stood out to me that I believed was humorous And hearken once more to totally different comparatively Famous crypto Founders was the garments Thing correct the place he buys in bulk hates Shopping he'll get the issue that he's conscious of He likes and he'll get like 10 of each of Those points and that stroke a chord in my memory of Sergey from chain hyperlink who famously did The an identical issue and have turn into a meme throughout the

Community you notice that he always Had a selected plaid shirt he always Has the precise pants and the Particular footwear because of that is kind of An indicator of effectivity and uh Serious mindedness that he cannot be Bothered to think about what the Wardrobe goes to be because of he has The one which works the easiest that he goes To that every time so that was a Commonality that I observed and that was the One issue that stood out to me nonetheless Adam I gotta toss it to you I gotta get your Take on this yeah solely a solely a quick Thought proper right here I indicate everytime you're wanting At any individual like CZ you will need to study It in opposition to the other individuals who've kind Of come sooner than as will was kind of Alluding to find it irresistible is a reasonably Classic Trope efficiently of the particular person You know the enterprise one which solely Focuses on the enterprise to which Anything else is each to Make the enterprise you notice uh one factor That's further worthwhile or it's a Distraction mainly and also you notice you Can kind of see the the the curve of This similar to the early you notice Google Founders had been truly the an identical strategy Um and so I really feel that it's it's an Interesting actuality that we exist in Where the seems of a person and Sort of the image that they put forward Winds up being arguably almost as

Important as a lot of the enterprise uh Characteristics of the enterprise that They really assemble because of they kind of Become the avatar for that issue and so What I'm most contemplating in is Not what CZ looks as if instantly when he is Arguably on the highest of vitality uh you Know he could have further success throughout the Years to return again nonetheless as soon as extra as uh will Alluded to I really feel historic previous signifies that He will after which he'll decline uh And the companies that he's created are Likely to do the an identical maybe that gained't Happen nonetheless it may be principally the First time we've ever seen it in crypto So I'm further contemplating understanding Okay so that's the top or one factor That's close to the peak what does he Look like in three years what changes at That stage because of it was a reasonably large Fall from grace that we observed from SPF you Know Alex machinski was one different occasion Of this and I imagine that that's not The last and as well as a will merely to say I Think that when we're talking about any Of these exchanges correct now they're Alleged frauds not frauds at this stage But with that semantic argument once more to You Zach I indicate I just like the lifestyle blogs like I Will say that moreover had a really Good weblog one time about he like Detailed with Precision how he packed His one factor like 40 liter backpack

That he lived out of for lots of months at A time so please crypto Founders Lifestyle working a weblog equal to this it is an Interesting window into the minds of People who're establishing uh comparatively Prominent points on this world so yeah Let's see let's see further of these we're in a position to We could do a whole crypto founder Lifestyle Corner by which we unpack some Of the canonical texts relating to Management kind and life- selections From a couple of of those folks it's gonna be a Good one Jen what do you suppose Zach That's exactly what I was gonna say so I Was gonna pitch the lifestyle nook for The hash so successfully once more to you for remaining Thoughts Wow that is kind of a 180 from beginning of The dialog first I'm being known as A simp and now you guys must make a Whole part about it I don't truly Know it happens on this current are you new Here makes no sense Well it's okay sorry for calling you out I apologize accept my apology sir