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Let's herald our weekend Review panel we've obtained editor at large Christy Harkin in Toronto and crypto Markets analyst Glenn Williams Jr Christine Glenn snug Friday Happy Friday snug Friday All correct let's take a look at the 's first Glenn so the announcement That Kraken has agreed to straight away End its crypto as a service Platform for U.S purchasers and pay a 30 Million buck advantageous to settle SEC Charges seems to be occurring merely as The markets take a pullback is there any Coincidence I indicate what's occurring with Bitcoin correct now Sure I imagine that what occurred currently With um or within the current day with Kraken as correctly is Kind of like the final tone or tenant That um chairman Ginsburg has added National diploma I'm in peril into markets you acknowledge for The bulk of uh 2023 and much of Crypto traded on a largely macro Narrative and notably inflation and What the goes to do Uh nonetheless with new development there's An further part of risk that I Don't suppose was completely priced into the Market Um with macro info you acknowledge I do CPI info goes to return out I do know When Um I do know when jobless claims are going

To come out I do know when GDP goes to Come out and we now have a reasonably good Indication of the place we wish these Figures to go as a result of it pertains to to Markets what we don't know is that if we're Going to up and see a headline that The SEC is taking movement in opposition to crypto Exchanges and primarily saying that Everyone else should type of um or watch out and so on account of That and that further part of risk I imagine that's why you're seeing prices For every Bitcoin and each come once a Bit after what's been a reasonably promising 2023 up to now All correct Glenn you moreover wrote definitely certainly one of The uh an fascinating article on the Golden Cross and it's certainly one of many hotter Debates in on the Moment how ought to essentially really feel about Bitcoin and eth presumably reaching this Golden Cross which is a popular uh indicator uh in and and also you acknowledge you you Tracked each time Bitcoin hit a golden Cross and it's the outcomes have been pretty Mediocre Yeah I agree I indicate I imagine it's type of Mixed I indicate I wanted to take a look at Past incidents on account of it's one issue That you acknowledge you first found about in Traditional and it's type of set Out there as a bullish indicator nonetheless When you check out for it for Bitcoin it did

Provide just a little little bit of an edge Um I think about after 30 days the standard Return was uh 9.6 following uh the Golden Cross which is when the 50-day Moving averages transferring frequent crosses The 200-day transferring frequent the issue is That they've been so occurrences that I Kind of wrestle backwards and forwards with Whether or not the dearth of occurrences Makes it one factor which may be very Significant or the dearth of occurrences Means that it doesn't give us a great deal of to to with and I imagine the is type of someplace throughout the heart It's worth watching Um nonetheless you additionally must not take a look at it in A vacuum All correct you're moreover taking a look at Uh volumes in Bitcoin uh Bitcoin Transfers tune from crypto exchanges Have fallen signaling that markets Remain cautiously optimistic in regards to the Market make clear among the many info you're Seeing in the marketplace Sure so and I imagine you type of LED with It um on the excessive of the current when you See Bitcoin coming off of exchanges uh An interpretation that I want to take or That numerous individuals take is that it is A bullish or a minimum of a supportive Action on account of the Bitcoin is being Pulled off of exchanges it's normally Being moved into Cold Storage Um and the choice when Bitcoin is

Moving being moved on to exchanges it's Being achieved on account of Um there are preparations to put it up for sale and Since we now have been up 40 or so for 2023 One of the problems that I wanted to take A take a look at is whether or not or not or not patrons Were searching for to take earnings and one Signal that I was attempting to take care of a watch On is whether or not or not or not these Bitcoin have been Being moved on to exchanges and so that you simply Also indicated that there is a little little bit of a Difference between what's occurring Between smaller patrons and what's Called whales being explicit individual distinctive which have over a thousand uh Bitcoin so we now have been seeing these While it's sending Bitcoin to exchanges But it's too early to tell what whether or not or not Or not that's on account of they want to Unload the money that they already have Or within the occasion that they're merely executing prudent Risk administration Yeah we're seeing the whales put money On exchanges versus smaller retail uh Taking off so yeah fascinating uh flows We're seeing