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And liftoff what's happening guys Hey all people You're watching the web cash present And my title is Gray btc let me present my face simply so That you guys can see the actual reside and This is actual All proper are you able to hear me clearly If you possibly can hear me clearly please let me Know by dropping that thumbs up uh and The flag of which a part of the world You're representing In the chat There will likely be issues that will likely be worn On this reside stream some will win Some uh alerts Others will get some cash i'm in a superb Mood at present so there's plenty of and if You are watching on instagram i can Recommend that you just come over to youtube The channel is crypto hustle So that you would be able to make the most of what's Going on proper now at present guys we're Talking about hitting 40 000 In 2022 sure 2022 Lots of people are asking when i put i Posted this in them on they're Like ah you already know what makes you assume That you already know so if you wish to know why Come over to youtube and watch i'll Explain that on this video Beyond that we additionally produce other issues That i would like us to debate and look

Deeply into Uh now we have the us greenback and europe Parity for the time being And we obtained uh the bitcoin evaluation And Well i'm not going to assessment this simply Yet however uh inside the video i'll Reveal one thing huge that you would be able to take Advantage of and there may be additionally scary for Right so that you would possibly if you're holding Ethereum just be sure you watch this Video and also you make the most of what You're gonna hear on this video Uh i'll look into the feedback in a Second however i'd admire it for Everybody who's watching to destroy the Like button now and when you're watching On instagram or twitter once more transfer over To youtube proper now that'll be a giant Deal for all of us All proper so let me Uh i offers you guys some updates however First shout out to our sponsor for Today's video Which is an unbelievable platform uh they Have been sponsoring us for a while Now so shout out to uh to mark x for Shouting out and supporting crypto Hustle these guys are doing an Incredible job as an change which you Definitely need uh to take a look at And if have you ever been liquidated earlier than If so

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Uh what we're supposed to debate guys Is the macro atmosphere on this planet The us greenback Is now Facing parity with the euro Or let's say really that the euro is Facing parity with the us greenback which Means these currencies are getting Closer to a one to 1 ratio the final Time this occurred when one you one euro Was equal to 1 greenback was about 20 Years in the past And now it's occurring once more Why is that this occurring and why is that this a Big deal okay uh it's you already know that is Partly due to the battle that's Happening in um in ukraine and russia That's a part of it but additionally it's merely Happening due to some a number of the Economic atmosphere the world over And europe is experiencing legislation output Entirely due to the power shock as They Receive a few of their gases and oil from Russia a few of these pipelines have been Affected as a result of sanctions and all The wars happening for the time being So i've a superb Piece of reports for you guys right here Regarding that Okay Uh yeah right here we go So the euro and greenback are a penny away From parity for the primary time in 20

Years For the primary time in 20 years the Exchange charge between euro and u.s Dollar is almost the identical the 2 Currencies are much less Than one cent away from parity the euro Hovered round 1.007 on monday morning Down practically 15 % for the reason that begin Of the yr Fears of recession on the continent Abound struck by excessive inflation and Energy provide uncertainty brought on by Russia invasion of ukraine the eu Union which obtained roughly 40 % Of its gasoline by russian pipelines Before the battle is trying to scale back The independence of russian oil and gasoline At the identical time russia has Throttled again gasoline provides to some eu Countries and not too long ago minimize down the stream Of the nord stream pipeline to germany By 60 freaking % All proper so that is ugly and uh it Means that the Um the the worth of the euro is falling In the market so i'll present you the chart Right now simply to be able to Understand what's happening Uh you keep in mind only a few months in the past When the battle was getting began i used to be Analyzing the rubble the uh the russian Currency it was falling at huge charges And now we're taking a look at that is the Euro

And the greenback has gained towards the Euro due to the euros state of affairs right here I'm pondering of creating a commerce out of This But it looks as if you already know we may very well be In this vary for a short while and the U.s greenback may proceed to outperform The euro as a result of has been tightening on the Supply of cash which is making the us Dollar a little bit bit extra stronger Right they they beautiful a lot raised the Interest charge by 0.75 % or 75 Basis factors whereas that's not the case In europe and the fed within the u.s has Said that they're extra prone to elevate The charges much more partly it's what Affected the bitcoin market as effectively and As you possibly can see based mostly on the nitrous bow Here it's clearly displaying you that the Euro has simply damaged down a crucial Point of Uh of help right here which has now develop into Resistance stage How does this are available if you already know the More volatility we see out there and The extra confusion and worry It's really an excellent factor for Bitcoin So i'm hoping that okay out of this information We can see a little bit bit extra worry from The conventional markets which might Bring in More cash from the bitcoin aspect of

Things All proper Um one other factor now we are able to have a look at is Bitcoin why am i saying that btc may Go to forty 40 000 This yr Even although there's a huge crash Sort of occurring now in case you have Studied the earlier bull market of Bitcoin you'll undoubtedly see that The bull run sometimes occurs in direction of The finish of the yr it type of begins Typically in august Slowly and it crawls alongside till December someday So now we're in july only one month away From one other state of affairs that would convey A bull market And there may be plenty of hypothesis that With all these different markets falling It is just not actually Uh not extremely anticipated for the time being i Was taking a look at a from glasnote They're saying that look the market the Market can't simply carry on falling it Needs to discover a place to bounce again Bring some belief and Um some conviction to the market and the couldn't proceed so i've A chart right here that i can present you guys To make some extent uh utilizing the 20 Uh i'll go to btc Usdt uh the place is Coinbase okay utilizing coinbase

Okay so i need to go to Uh to a weekly Actually btc usd relatively what i'm attempting To present you guys Is that you just see that even 2017 after the Crash It uh the crash occurred and after that We even noticed one other rise for a little bit Bit which was largely in our coin and Then the bear market continued and we Saw a consolidation of about Uh 11 months So simply in order that i can present you 2017 right here Numerous lots of people like to speak About 17 as kind of a um autumn excessive of Bitcoin But let's have a look at what the information really Says So that is let's discover december 2017 Okay this was december 2017 And we noticed a crash all through 2018 But on the identical time if i needed to do a Comparison for instance for Let's say btc and one other coin I'll go for bitcoin and b T C Actually i can go for x r p x r p U usdt Or usd coinbase coinbase we what Here we go Okay So here's a coinbase chart Uh a weekly

And i'm attempting to return in time to Show you guys What occurred Okay it's not going as deep as 2017 so Xrp Usd Bitfenix okay this should be a little bit bit Better Right so 2017 What does that seem like so right here you go Right so on bitcoin you possibly can see that the Top was 2017 someplace Okay and we noticed a crash after that December 2017 and after that all through 2019 on btc particularly it was all About f4 issues had been simply falling However for x consequence in december 2017 All the best way by its all-time excessive Was really in 2018 not 2017 in any respect it Was in january 2018 we noticed xrp at three {dollars} 17 Cents after which it began crashing down And consolidated for years till 2020 2021 got here by And now we are literally on the verge of This for bitcoin particularly now we have Seen the highest now we have now seen the the Decline right here and now we're ready for Another pump which may occur so Before the autumn continues let's say the The backside could be 12 000 or let's say 9k It's very possible contemplating the excessive Um kind of the broader panorama of the

Economic atmosphere on this planet that We can see much more cash beginning to Flee in direction of bitcoin as a result of even Is now having a troublesome time proper now and Crypto corporations are nonetheless advertising and marketing Hard Even although it's a bear market proper now So you already know So much lots of people why i'm speaking About that is that so many individuals are Telling you about oh Right it's a bear market proper now if You need to purchase you must wait you Have to attend for like Uh one other bull market or you must to Wait for every time the market has Completely crashed some persons are Saying oh i look ahead to bitcoin when it Gets to 9 000 or 12 000. look you would Never time the market completely Nobody is aware of And that's what makes buying and selling tougher so If when you imagine that this market is Going all the best way all the way down to 9000 or 12k or Whatever numbers you guys are speaking About why don't you simply brief it Short the market and make cash however you See as a result of so many individuals are pondering Specifically about shorting that's when The whales do the precise reverse and They shock all people now don't say i Didn't warn you when you're watching this Video proper now belief me Before the tip of the yr there's going

To be a large pump of crypto it should Get individuals excited once more after which it Will crash once more and begin consolidating From there for a while But proper now i'm shopping for personally i'm Um particularly bitcoin as a result of it often Starts earlier than the odd coin begins even The shares Shortly there will likely be a second the place Maybe for a month a bull run goes on for Uh kind of a small bull run goes on for A month or two after which we noticed one other Decline once more it's very um Right now um it's not convincing that The market may simply carry on happening At this charge that they've been going Right and likewise taking a look at what's going On in europe And within the us and so many different Currencies dropping worth you possibly can Definitely see that there's for central Banks to start out attempting to manage issues Again and convey pleasure to the market So look out for that d don't say that i Did not let you know So simply in order that you already know uh when you like My alerts uh uh the crypto college Signals We at the moment are a 50 low cost If you employ uh code wsot Wsot as a reduction code you may get The nitrous boo And additionally now we have different indicators which I'm not even going to speak about now

But when you go to our web site you'll discover Them there if you'd like alerts that assist You to seek out Um to seek out developments but additionally to seek out Momentum Right we simply created new alerts at Crypto college they launched you possibly can Get them at These are the issues that aid you commerce And make your buying and selling expertise a lot More simpler Lots of people ask why do you might have this Boo and bear boo and bear in your chart What is that that's uh the nitrous blue Indicator that offers me alerts for when Is a superb time to purchase and a superb time to Sell which you can even discover at Cryptouniversity. Work all proper rapidly earlier than we get to The ethereum information there may be huge information on Ethereum Might be miserable for some individuals however I'm gonna let you know guys anyway however Before we get to that allow's convey out Uh our sponsor one other sponsor for Today's present which is these Guys are doing superb stuff Let me present you what these guys are Working on So what you're taking a look at guys is All proper And what they're doing This is a complete ecosystem for bridging

Crypto and the standard monetary System So that is the best and most unusual Fintech and funds ecosystem bind Binds objective is to convey immediate cost And crypto acceptance to retailers Globally bind is a subsequent technology uh Seamless fiat crypto or crypto fiat Commercial open monetary platform with Licensed conventional funds Infrastructure And immediate cost processing worldwide Bind connects the standard finance World with defy blockchain applied sciences And Brings this resolution to the worldwide Audience About the ecosystem it has a number of Components that the bind change Bind nft bind cellular cellular app which You can get on um app retailer or play Store there may be additionally immediate card Issuance ici if you'd like a card in your Crypto you can even get it on Bind which provide you with uh earn bonus shopping for Tokens eight % cashback limitless Foreign change transaction concierge Club uh in case you have a personal card Airport lounge entry for vip and Private and immediate card insurance coverage like I mentioned and it has a voucher administration System And there may be uh it additionally has pos machines So if you're a enterprise that's trying

For accepting crypto as a cost technique Which i'm an advocate for you guys Already know this you can even attempt bind And see the way it works out for you and it Definitely has bind token There is the bind token Which is the spine of the bind Ecosystem it should act to encourage Participation within the community by Financial incentives and monetary acquire The token provide distribution is as Follows 200 million tokens of complete Supply and it has the next use Cases swimming pools Right like you possibly can see right here i'm displaying You guys this taking poor earn endlessly And for each transaction with a bind Taking mechanism retailers Rewarding customers and inspiring Innovation All proper It additionally has Multiple different use circumstances that you would be able to Find and i'd undoubtedly suggest You go examine them out on twitter and Other social platforms together with the Telegram which yow will discover on the Website when you scroll all the best way down You'll see these icons that take you to The uh to the social platforms on the Website discord telegram twitter And instagram And additionally uh if you wish to be within the White record which yow will discover on the

Website you possibly can see on the backside right here It says whitelist you click on on that It takes you to the whitelist web page If you need to get within the white record and Show easy methods to be a part of And you possibly can be a part of and win 25 000 For the non-public sale for individuals who need To purchase into the non-public sale you possibly can Definitely Ah okay so somebody telling me that uh I'm breaking apart on youtube Oh my gosh Okay Okay So apologies if i'm breaking apart however uh The stream continues So yeah you guys take a look at bind token And there's plenty of um issues to do Including staking like i mentioned and it's An unbelievable And uncreate unbelievable platform hyperlink to Bind can also be within the description of this Video ensure you use my hyperlink if You're going to test it out and join To get your card and a lot More Now let's get to ethereum what's going On to ethereum proper now i imply We all have ethereum but it surely doesn't go Without saying that you already know ethereum Also has some actual severe issues Okay i'll go to cointelegraph to have a look at It from that perspective first To coin gekko i imply present value of

Heath is one thousand 100 and Fifty {dollars} preserving above one thousand Dollars which is nice If 2.0 is across the nook however there may be A bigger downside on ethereum And this has one thing to do with little Okay So when you don't know what's happening Uh let me if you're an ethereum holder Let me simply let you know what's happening Yeah if Ethereum Jake says .0 is rarely coming Out look ethereum 2.0 is sort of prepared But what is occurring now Is that So Ethereum 2.0 Say that okay so that you can to you possibly can Stake your tokens your ethereum into Ethereum 2.0 by locking a minimal or a Minimum of 32 ethereum tokens If you keep in mind i made buterin And i had a chat about him about uh Heath 2.0 he's on this channel it was One of the primary channels that really Knew That the stacking for ethereum goes To be 32 eth not 1 500 ethereum like so Many different individuals had been saying or the Original plan But what is occurring Is that Lido

Which is a staking pool that got here with a Solution to to say you possibly can take your Ethereum and withdraw it Because on the ethereum 2.0 it lets you stake the tokens But Or you possibly can stack your eth tokens however you Cannot withdraw them till if 2.0 is Launched so chief got here in what they did They offered their very own liquidity Through a token And take different individuals's cash to say Look you possibly can stake your ith with us We're going to offer you one other token That you need to use to commerce out there Life there will likely be liquidity which implies You're not locked with ethereum within the Stacking pool That labored nevertheless Lido has greater than 30 % Of ethereum provide that's circulating at The second And this now so that you can cross a vote on The ethereum ecosystem i believe it's About 32 % And lido has sufficient i believe they've They have like 30 % Of the voting energy for governance And they want actually about two Percent to be sufficient to now make all of the Ethereum selections which implies chief on Its personal can dictate what occurs to the Ethereum protocol So i do know i'm a holder of ethereum however i

Don't need to overlook this downside it's A severe one That may make ethereum much less Decentralized than what lots of people Think So there are some efforts being made by Lido itself Uh they've put out a governance Proposal to say that okay are they Trying to place a mechanism inside lido That stops it From reaching the quantity the place it should Now be a controller of ethereum I don't know the way that is going to play Out it will require individuals to really Withdraw their funds from uh From lido Which uh which may be very is very Unlikely for the time being So we'll see how this performs out but it surely's Giving me concepts to start out shorting Ethereum as a result of i believe earlier than this Gets sorted out we may see ethereum Going down Effectively a little bit bit All proper Um however yeah in order that's just about it i Think i'll must make a particular video About the little ethereum's state of affairs Because it's a giant deal And i believe it's being neglected by So many individuals on the market All proper guys so i see so many individuals Here from nigeria hitting me up hey you

Guys i like you a lot i'm nonetheless in Nigeria lagos having fun with myself The native meals the The power of the individuals right here is superb And i've been having a lot enjoyable so Shout out to all people who got here to the Meet and greet yesterday And shout out to all people who additionally got here To um to to the occasion to all different Speakers who come who got here and joined The panel with me the moon carl Uh da vinci and alex from am crypto And Uh and kwame as effectively who got here from Uh from from Ghana shout out to all you guys For becoming a member of us And coming over like all of us it was Our first time to go to lagos nigeria And it was an unbelievable occasion when you Took some pictures with me be at liberty to Tag me uh if you put up them on social Media i'll i'll share them as effectively Retweet or share in my tales if it's On instagram or fb as effectively So you guys are the best Obviously clearly i killed it with With my outfit i had one of the best outfit Than anyone within the room in fact So i'm fairly pleased with that one I haven't even shared or i haven't even Shared all of the pictures on social media uh Some of you guys don't even know that Right

Okay so once more reminder if you wish to Get my uh our alerts the alerts that i Used to commerce you possibly can go to Check them out and also you you may get 50 Discount when you use ws Ot As a reduction code Or the alerts that you just discover at crypto University when you use that code you get 50 low cost and that is for the restricted Time solely whereas the wsot is occurring on By bit uh in fact hyperlink to purchase bit is Down in description there's a buying and selling Competition proper now happening which you Can be a part of and that i'm supporting you guys With some Um some alerts lots of people ask what About alerts so let me simply Type in some textual content To present you the low cost code Okay It's Wsot W s o t All proper use this low cost code Uh if you if you're attempting to purchase Signals at crypto college you get 50 Discount Don't say that i didn't let you know and Don't dm me uh in two days after and say Oh oh man The nitrous bow may be very costly what Can i do it's like i'm providing you with guys a

Discount proper now when you don't take Advantage of it it's your downside And keep in mind to destroy that like button Right now so who was the primary particular person to Comment Payaso You have received Access to the nitrous bull In this reside stream so shout out and Congratulations for being the primary one To be a part of the stream and dropping your Comments actually admire you And i see mr premium sport from italy He's watching sebastian is watching Payaso is watching Uh uk France nigeria man now we have the award We have the world in a single in a single reside Stream correctly Really admire all people for becoming a member of And having enjoyable with me on this reside Stream okay Another winner Uh i'll choose a winner really uh i Might as effectively simply do it from twitter If you need to win after this reside Stream i'm going to make a put up on Twitter And i'll let you know guys We want to make use of one thing particular that Not many individuals who perceive proper Only the people who find themselves watching the Stream will win this one So

When you When you go to twitter i'm gonna make a Tweet And all you should do is to remark On that tweet Uh point out uh crypto college's Twitter account And your bitcoin prediction by the tip Of the yr that's all you should do Right Or yeah simply do this after which i'll use The The generator to pick out a random winner Who have these key phrases within the chat The winner will get 50 And that is gonna be over in two hours Uh i'll run this competitors giveaway in Two hours so ensure you test it out Again don't say that i didn't know i Didn't let you know so to all my my associates And household in right here in nigeria What Is it that i ought to do this i haven't Done but right here I hear so many tales and other people Warning me about the place to go and the place Not to go are you able to inform me the place i ought to What else i ought to do and expertise Before i go away And by the best way the likes should not sufficient Guys destroy the just like the like button Destroy the like button proper now so That we are able to Youtube can know that we're probably the most

Committed crypto channel on this planet And they need to not cease us Creative unicorns thanks a lot this Is undoubtedly probably the most uh beneficial Crypto channel on this planet very very Undervalued however i can see that plenty of Lots of people now are studying extra About Crypto in reality Today in nigeria I met a man who began with crypto simply Two years in the past With zero cash his first cash he made It off airdrops He made cash from airdrops And as i communicate i he took me to his home That he's constructing he has constructed A block of condominium six residences in Lagos From cash he constructed from crypto beginning With zero cash airdrops he obtained into Some airdrops after which made it into the Uni-swap airdrop as effectively after which Started buying and selling from there and on and on And on and now he's really doing effectively For himself So it's unbelievable encouraging tales That i'm seeing out on this planet and so Many individuals doing effectively Even although proper now the information about Crypto is all adverse Just make it possible for uh supply of earnings You you're telling me to come back to lagos Bro i'm in lagos proper now

Meet me outdoors come outdoors Catch me outdoors man Yo you guys on instagram go to my the Link in bio it should take me to my um my Youtube come over to youtube and watch From right here plenty of goodies and um Giveaways i simply gave away a strong Signal to the primary particular person to remark And i additionally simply advised you guys concerning the Give the one other 50 bucks that i'll give On twitter when you do the suitable factor i Told you what to do already I suppose i'm in dubai no i'm in lagos and After lagos i'm going to London So i'm following the all of the collection that Starts with l on this planet after that On to the subsequent one Jeff says dangote continues to be a high-quality man oh I find it irresistible i find it irresistible now that i've been To nigeria man that tune means a lot More to me it's prefer it hits completely different You know since you you are feeling the power And if you watch the music video i can I can begin to perceive Why why it's like that Source of earnings says ship location okay Uh it undoubtedly means you're not Following me on instagram uh as a result of That's i share just about all my each day Activities there If you had been on instagram yo guys let's Get the likes to 100 proper now earlier than we Close let's do it i do know we are able to do it

Destroy the like button destroy the like Button Destroy the like button [Music] Okay that's you already know if we we're gonna End the stream if we hit 100 you already know Let me relaxation guys i haven't slept since A number of days in the past So that is an unbelievable time To run to spherical off and Go to mattress and eat Uh create crypto college in nigeria Here we all know uh we all know carry final Absolutely look nigeria is when you're a Business particular person on this planet it doesn't Matter the place you might be Ignore nigeria at your personal threat as a result of These guys right here man They're actually coming for it it's It's one of the crucial completely different locations That i've ever seen the place persons are Really centered on making a living And they pay for issues which are Valuable proper like yesterday The occasion organizers um organized a a Meet and greet so there was a convention That individuals needed to pay to get there And then there was a meet and greet that Happened yesterday uh for networking With all uh the audio system the influencers The buyers all people and other people had To pay 300 To attend that dinner And there have been so many individuals who

Attended Just to come back and meet us Right in different cities i do know so many People could be like oh however that's so Expensive man ah man 300 {dollars} simply For for a dinner The identical individuals would go would go spend The identical cash at some membership and on on Alcohol In nigeria man individuals get it like yo if You need to make cash and develop you you Need to community proper meet those who Are Uh which are very helpful And there isn't any such factor as free Networking when you go to a free Networking occasion You meet people who find themselves additionally like perhaps Not that beneficial So i discovered so much simply by being right here And what individuals worth it's it's actual Um pathos says out of your indicators Which one would you advise for starter i Think the nitrous blue is it's one thing That now we have been utilizing for a very long time Numerous you guys find out about it already So you possibly can merely Uh simplify your life by simply getting The nitro spool however i'm engaged on Creating a bundle for all of the Uh the alerts So as a substitute of you having to decide on which Indicator to purchase You simply must get the bundle and also you

Get all of them Right within the subsequent reside stream i will likely be Announcing all that so ensure you Check it out when you're nonetheless questioning How do i do this how do i become involved Into the alerts how do they work Go to To the web site you'll have the ability to get Everything all my programs about buying and selling All the programs about Uh nfts And alerts as effectively proper So when you go to indicators you possibly can see We have ema buying and selling we obtained nitrous boo We obtained development momentum technique and Visual help when you simply click on on In on indicators You can see now we have a number of indicators And all of them are lifetime entry by The manner Right All of them are lifetime um Access it implies that you solely pay as soon as So when you're not profiting from These it's undoubtedly your problemo Right All proper guys destroy the like button Let's get it 100 let's get it 100 i do know We can do that Five to go destroy the like button Uh is there a particular time that you just Tweet sure i'll tweet instantly after This reside stream so as soon as the reside stream

Is over i'm going to twitter and that i'll Make The tweet Uh hyperlink to every part that i've talked About on this video are all of the hyperlinks Are on this description of this video of Course All proper Payaso says which which one am i getting You can select it's as much as you Francis says i've scattered the like Button by the best way the like button on Youtube now could be lovely if you click on It It doesn't solely present the simply the blue It really explodes when you're on cellular I don't know in case you have seen that it's Like it has all these lovely issues Omona Cleat lyco Yo i assumed that i understood pidgin But when i obtained right here i understood now That there are ranges to it man it's Like People would communicate now i wouldn't even Know what they're speaking about Oh good job one prefer to go destroy the Heck out of this uh like button in order that We can shut How a lot does the course uh value uh you Just must go to the web site and examine It out however what i like to recommend is that you just Get the Um

If you go to crypto college's web site I like to recommend you go to programs If you go there's so a lot of them however i Do suggest you go to the all-in-one Masterclass The all-in-one masterclass has Everything in it and you need to use grey Btc as a reduction code it provides you Discount this Teaches you nfts Trading investing And the as effectively so that is what i Would suggest ideally however when you simply Want to give attention to one factor you possibly can simply Simply get uh like when you simply need to Trade the buying and selling mastery is okay It's nice for that if you'd like simply to Invest the investing mastery is all Right when you simply need to be taught the Basics first the fundamentals one can also be okay Uh only for that however when you and nfts Nfts solely proper but it surely's costly to Buy one One at a time it is smart for you To simply Um purchase this one to simply get the the Whole bundle All proper So we hit our goal like we do Uh encrypted uh on the likes which is Great pleased with you And We hit Our take as effectively on the commerce

That we made final week within the final so let me present you If you keep in mind when you had been in my Private group or my college students are within the Private group on telegram or discord Right i put out a commerce Last week which i can present you proper now And it was a gmt commerce this one proper Here do you keep in mind I posted this chart within the group and that i Said okay there's two doable eventualities For gmt And there was one thing particular that i Said I put out a cease loss And a take revenue Right and that i confirmed you guys the place you Should doubtlessly enter Uh after they principally it was a It was a breakout technique All proper so you possibly can see right here that the Pump really Failed like i predicted that there's a Good potential of a brief draw back to The uh gmt so i created this a number of days Ago as you possibly can see it was proper right here And now we're in huge revenue if i Expand this If you took the brief If you took the brief If you took the brief It implies that you're just about at this Level of revenue Okay presently you're at

Minus six level 5 three % Profit which when you leverage on purchase bit At three or 5 x you just about have Made some good cash already uh proper Now i'd take revenue on that and Maybe even shut the commerce uh even Though that is solely tp one however the factor Is the crypto market seems completely different During the week So proper now i prefer to lengthy on the Beginning of the week as a result of we often See a little bit pump And then i'd uh go for a brief over The weekend similar to you can even see What occurred right here with these few uh Candlesticks proper right here and that i will likely be Sharing extra trades within the teams so Make positive you might be taking note of Make positive that you just're not lacking out on The offers in any other case thanks guys for Watching i'll see you on the moon And Remember i'm going to do the giving Thing on twitter proper now So see you on twitter And ah really earlier than i overlook right here's The cool factor that you just guys don't know Let me present you one thing cool Something that you just're lacking out on Okay Something you're lacking out on is that this You're lacking out guys On survivor expertise podcast This is my podcast channel

Which you guys ought to go and subscribe To it i simply put out a brand new episode right here Uh the title is is love actual So if you wish to watch and listen to my Thoughts on that and a number of the visitors That i had on that present ensure you Check it out the title is survivor expertise Podcast If we get this podcast to 10 000 Subscribers i'll give away A uh a vacation ticket to dubai and again So i'll provide you with a return ticket to do I'll give to 1 winner a ticket to Dubai and financial institution So if you wish to be a part of this Competition ensure you subscribe to The channel and preserve following preserve Watching and preserve sharing the updates Okay Uh after which we are able to meet in dubai with One like a winner Otherwise shout out to you guys it's Time to go Peace out love you and Peace