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Joining us now discuss is Tom Dunleavy He's the crypto strategist at Dunleavy Investment evaluation Tom we're seeing uh Bitcoin went on at tear yesterday it's Coming once down from these ranges nevertheless Uh there's nonetheless some concern inside the Staplecoin market so Well initially let's get your Thoughts on bitcoin and your There Yeah so I consider we have to start with The equity facet so we had the FED take Action to backstop the banks as Lynn went by way of solely a minute previously CPI amount yesterday was often good The markets regarded by way of that and we Had equities rally to the upside in my View that was masking Repositioning a variety of locations rolling off After CPI Bitcoin as everyone knows has largely Been correlated with equities so seeing Bitcoin rally in sort of that Environment is simply not very surprising what Is surprising is everytime you see a day Like as we communicate you have acquired markets dump Sharply Bitcoin sort of preserve the preserve Level and um moreover outperform Markets on the upside in these last few Days I mentioned uh so for me What is contributing to that it's really conditions we proceed to see The TGA coming down that is making Liquidity conditions additional broadly inside the Markets improve we had a ton of transient

Liquidations in crypto 142 million and BTC was liquidated the previous few days Um nevertheless additional broadly making an attempt Forward to the place I consider BTC can really Shine is the we're getting From Everyday People now that the Monetary system system is simply not on a regular basis Stable and BTC is an outlet you possibly can your capital in in that Environment we've obtained a Lot of pushback saying BTC is simply not an Inflation hedge last few years and I Think of us are often correct it's a Debasement hedge it's a hedge in direction of The financial system and in addition you're lastly Seeing of us start to allocate in that Way in case you look the previous few days you've Seen Bank sharp spank shares notably Sell off sharply and BTC go up which I Think is a very optimistic sign for btc's Long-term Outlook really a incredible uh sort Of indicator the place of us and start to Think about it in a portfolio as a result of it Rallies alongside completely different Safe Haven Assets like Circle issued ustc's incapability to hold Its Peg in direction of the US buck three days Ago despatched patrons fleeing uh the drop In usdc Supply started as a result of the regular issue as ties to embattled Silicon Valley Bank grew to develop into apparent and the commerce appeared to be nearing a Meltdown how is the Sable coin markets Weighing on the crypto markets

Okay yeah so all through these few days it Was terribly tumultuous we had usdc Depending proper all the way down to 86 cents on the chart You see there and really hit 80 cents In some places you not solely observed usdc go Down nevertheless die which has collateralized 50 By usdc Um completely different money which could be associated to That maker and others uh sort Of went down inside the listed change facet Even inside D5 we had some factors in case you Look at um sort of the three Pool Curve you had Mass de-pegging uh usdc usdt Was withdrawn and usdc and I had been left In the pool indicating that that is Where uh of us found safety is In usdt so we've seen a variety of turmoil In these markets they're starting to Settle down belongings are coming Back to their pegs Um all liquidations all through C5 Protocols with these underlying belongings Have labored themselves out in an orderly Um and going forward I consider we Can depend on to see some additional Around regular money and I assume what my Bigger worry is we had been going to get Some sort of regulation spherical Usdc 12 months I consider Regulators could take a look at this and say Wow these these belongings Um have the ability to

Materially switch away from their pegs is That one factor we have now to extra look Into and put additional punitive legal guidelines Um spherical there nevertheless um going Forward I consider regular money are going To be the realm to watch and nonetheless the use case of crypto significantly Outside of the US so essential So let's take a look at the money Demonstrate it's reached a 9 month High of 45 and a half p.c of Quarantine from Trading View Do you suppose that this could be a flight for Safety to just about get away from Stable money into uh Bitcoin or on account of The fed and the treasury Department has Showed its willingness to keep away from losing Silvergate along with Silicon Valley Bank it's risk on as soon as extra So I I don't suppose it's risk on as soon as extra And additional broadly in case you take a look on the Longer tail of crypto belongings that's Showcasing it we aren't seeing these Assets rally as fast as Bitcoin I consider Really that's Bitcoin decoupling from The the rest of crypto one of the ways I consider tons Of Bitcoin proponents have on a regular basis wished It to be Bitcoin the store of well worth the Hard money the get financial financial savings and also you then Have crypto Um and all the other Smart contract based totally platforms which could be You know additional Tech performs Um and Bitcoin is de facto solidifying

Itself as a flight to safety asset Um now that's one event and it's a one Event which showcases Bitcoins uh you Know potential place in a portfolio nevertheless I've to I consider we have now to proceed to See Bitcoin Perform This Way inside the Future to have allocators start to Actually put it in portfolios on this Way which in my ideas is basically essentially the most Meaningful issue when you've a Institutional allocator who says okay I Understand bitcoin's dangerous nevertheless I do know That it's anti-correlated all through uh you Know sort of those Market events that Provides uh to those Allocators and has them suppose rethink Bitcoin in a model new delicate Um so that's what I'm most making an attempt Forward to is what happens after we see More of these events Um nevertheless thus far I consider Bitcoin Dominance is de facto merely that flight to Safety you talked about All correct Tom thanks so much that was Dunleavy funding evaluation crypto Strategist Tom Dunleavy