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Sure you'll be able to take every both Okay Okay guys we go stay in 5 Four Three Two And t minus one And we're stay guys hey hey hey what's Up guys nice btc right here and it's one other Episode Of the web cash present Coming to you reside From london uk and it's Crazy out right here that um it's i feel one Of probably the most one of many days in The historical past of the united kingdom recorded That It has precipitated a variety of havoc and that i Left dubai to come back right here For the great climate However it looks as if it wasn't an excellent Idea in spite of everything uh the climate now could be Exactly the identical you'll be able to consider it Uk and Dubai having the identical climate at the moment it's Crazy So it's fairly insane but additionally the the Crypto markets themselves are pumping Like loopy Um what you're taking a look at on my is it on My proper yeah what you're taking a look at on My proper Are liquidations on and different Currencies

And ethereum you'll be able to see right here 21 million Dollars in ethereum liquidated 19 Million {dollars} in btc liquidated Why as a result of there have been a variety of shorts On bitcoin and now because the market is Returning Lots of people are shedding cash All proper So that is what it appears like on the Moment 629 000 shorts on avex Gmt was quick huge time And now folks have been liquidated tons Of liquidations as you guys can see right here We're taking a look at binance liquidations Shorts are shedding cash But proper now because the numbers seem like You can see there have been 262.1 million Liquidations happening But on the similar time there may be now 51.4 Million {dollars} Worth of loans and solely 10.7 million Is quick Which can be a good signal of Market coming again so what's happening You already know what the principles are if You be a part of the stay stream the very first thing You need to do is to destroy the like Button after all Let me convey down a bit of bit I don't know for those who can hear me very Well there is sort of a loud sound of followers And stuff as a result of

Here within the uk folks don't didn't know About aircons till at the moment All proper so i've a fan right here to maintain Me cool as a result of it's extraordinarily extraordinarily Hot Out right here in london guys okay so first We're going to have a look at what's happening In the market after all and i'll go to The different display screen Where we are able to see a bit of bit extra whoa What's happening right here Anyway We'll go to this display screen the place we are able to see Just a little bit extra of what's occurring In crypto And You comprehend it's crucial to have a look at What's occurring in all the opposite Markets past crypto by itself all Right So i'll first take a look at what's happening In the foreign money markets as a result of a pair Of days in the past I did i did provide you with guys a commerce however Also i instructed you to concentrate to what Was happening with the foreign money struggle the Parity between the us the usd and the Euro so i feel it's solely honest that we Bring these out once more So that we are able to have a way more in-depth Understanding of actually What is happening So i'll take away this gst for now and I'll usher in right here

U s greenback index Uh us greenback Okay So that is the us greenback index that You're taking a look at Uh that is the hourly chart may not be Helpful in the intervening time however let's change Back to the every day as a result of what we're Trying to make sense of fellows is we're Trying to make sense of the financial system in General and what occurs and a few of the Signals which you can really use to Make sense of the market and earn cash All proper so i'll present you one thing Really actually attention-grabbing that i Implement In Um Um i actually need to present you guys a Trick of what what one thing you should utilize In your personal buying and selling and that i'll get to the Comments in uh shortly however i simply need To present you guys how attention-grabbing that is So that is the the the u.s greenback index It signifies the power of the greenback Itself So first i'm going to have a look at i'm going To examine this to love A euro and the greenback Right So right here i'll do a Euro Usd Right so that is

Actually we'd simply convey one at a Time So that is The Oh what's happening right here Okay we making an attempt to pick out this And go one Exactly it's bringing us the greenback Index once more what the hell Anyway so euro usd So that is what's occurring uh we regarded At this already guys and you may see That the euro the euro has been falling To the greenback At this level It's nonetheless parity as a result of it's 1.0142 to the greenback uh the euro But you'll be able to see there's a slight Recovery coming in And on the similar time bitcoin can also be Trying to come back again in so i'm not saying That there's a direct coloration however There is one thing to be understood There as a result of why do i say this let me Show you one other instance I'll present you one other instance right here So if we go to Um Btc usd t Or even simply usd This is the purpose i'm making an attempt to make Right now that is insane You take a look at that and you then additionally look At

Uh us Dollar index Here we go Okay Now let's convey these two collectively let's Reset them and perhaps flip off the The indicators a bit of Okay I'll flip off all the symptoms i additionally Remove this for now I can even convey this down Because there's one thing particular going On guys with the currencies you could Not ignore them Because They present they inform you a narrative there's Always collaboration between the Currencies and the market as an entire so I'm simply making an attempt to make it clear for you So that is the us greenback index And then we bought bitcoin right here on the prime Okay i additionally take away all the opposite noise And on the similar time flip off the Nitrous blue and every part else All proper now verify this out This is bitcoin i'll attempt to match it At precisely the identical so is there 2022 is On this line Okay these are all every day however i'll change To like a one week Okay So that is what occurs that is bitcoin On the highest

This is the us greenback on the backside So are you able to see this ship that this factor Is creating guys You can actually see that the the Whenever Btc is doing goes up The us greenback Falls Right so bdc going up the us the usd Ford it's type of like a really Divergent scenario that it's created Typically and lately we've got seen the Us greenback gaining which was additionally Equivalent to a variety of bitcoin folks Selling and it looks as if the us greenback Is nearing its prime Because for those who stretch this even all of the Way again Right i imply that is 2015 That the u.s greenback index Reached this space And proper now it's form of now Hitting report highs and also you would possibly say That why is the u.s greenback going up however Then on the similar time worth goes Down look it doesn't that's not the way you Measure it i imply the costs are nonetheless The inflation is one factor and the Currency itself uh it's its practice Through the market is one factor So so you'll be able to see that the u.s greenback Index is gaining Obviously all towards all of the the noisy Stuff just like the the euro and stuff like

That which is attention-grabbing to observe Historic however what i need to present you Guys is that this proper right here in order bitcoin Has been falling You have additionally seen Uh or not less than what begins is the u.s Dollar first the u.s greenback strikes And then the u.s uh and bitcoin follows So in moments the place bitcoin is is Falling probably the most The us greenback is extra more likely to acquire In areas the place the u.s greenback is gaining The btc straw begins begins to Lose its worth so you'll be able to see what has Happened lately even right here uh as Bitcoin has been falling lately the us Dollar has been in a gaining momentum so My level i'm making an attempt to make right here i do know I'm spending an excessive amount of time on this however i Need some folks to know that if You look This was the autumn excessive round this Area you can say it was 12944 Was the earlier all-time excessive for the Us greenback index and at the moment we're Standing above 13 000. 13 050 is the place the u.s greenback index is So what does that inform you Are we going to see the u.s greenback index Falling a bit of bit or it's going to Continue Right my my guess is that it's very Unlikely that it continues to pumps

After breaking this report excessive we're More more likely to see a bit of little bit of Correction that's why issues like Bitcoin are beginning to come again into The market So i'm not going to spend an excessive amount of time On that i simply wished you guys to Understand that there's different forces That push the market past simply bitcoin On its personal as a result of folks ask oh what's Making bitcoin to maneuver anyway Coming again to this you'll be able to positively See that bdc Is 21 500 retraced by 0.2 p.c within the Last hour however within the within the final seven Days We have seen going up by 57 Percent On its personal Insane chief 119 within the final seven days why i talked About this within the earlier stay stream This is one thing to do with and management Uh ethereum traditional additionally beginning to Make its wave curve dow goes again Lido's take it it's additionally making its means Back i might really say that you just Should most likely get a few of this You ought to get a few of the chief down Because i've been saying this for therefore Many occasions that the bull market the following Bull market goes to be pushed by dow Which will take us to the following level uh

Very quickly once we discuss dows however You can see the dows are just about Doing effectively curve down additionally is correct right here Killing it it's insane guys it's Absolutely insane uh ipcoin i instructed you Guys it was three bucks that we Need to get again in there now we're Standing at 5.67 Everything right here on the within the final seven Days even a coin is inexperienced inexperienced Green Green and inexperienced all proper so the place can we Expect btc to go subsequent All proper however first let me really uh Check you guys feedback i do know there are Some feedback that i'm most likely ignoring I ought to try what you guys gotta Say and provides your shout outs Uh shout out to crypto wealthy he's proper Here with us Watching What is happening right here Okay what's up crypto wealthy i see you Uh who else is right here expertise is right here as effectively Cheesy gp is right here Pomote ambrose cutlow sapiri Uh let's see who was the primary within the Livestream at the moment piazzo was the primary Man on the stay stream Whoa shout out to you so he says promise Me one thing uh however you didn't give it Why didn't i provide you with ship me your btc Address proper now within the feedback i'll

Send you 20 bucks in bitcoin stay whereas everyone Can see in order that you don't blame me Anymore sir let's do it now Uh see nice btc every day is correct right here Watching with us Uh jonah Everybody's proper right here with us guys drop Your flags honey child g is he within the House tasty friedman how is california Out there All proper The night time is simply bullish it's a bull Trap macros haven't modified yeah that Is completely true however the technicals Are speaking a couple of totally different story so i Do assume that they it's there can be a Slight pump like i mentioned earlier than the Bitcoin might pump again to 30 or or 45 okay Before it continues to go down after which Start consolidating i don't assume It doesn't make i don't i don't assume it Makes a lot sense so that you can begin going Down on a regular basis Right there needs to be a bit of little bit of a Bounce again whether or not it's a useless cat Bounce or no matter doesn't make sense Um Survival expertise podcast yo what's up Survivor expertise the primary podcast In the world everyone positively ought to Check it out Uh huh Yo cyanda thanks a lot man i

Appreciate it Okay so let's proceed on with the with The program let's proceed on with the Program How about celsius are you continue to quick no I bought stopped on celcius as a result of they've Been manipulating the worth Everybody is aware of what must occur Celsius must go down in worth and Collapse however the socialist staff are Manipulating the worth to guard the Coin Because They do know that in the event that they don't try this Social itself is over it's gone and useless So they do know that you realize if we Continue doing this we'd lose the Platform as a result of a variety of their worth Actually remains to be locked within the within the Token So there are a variety of um There are a variety of forces towards it so I Shorted and that i the identical day i confirmed it It went to 1 greenback think about how Ridiculous that's so even proper now if We try celsius you'll see that The worth could be very unnatural so i'm Trying to keep away from it for now however i've a Short on it it's simply that after a break When it breaks down that's precisely when My quick place goes to enter Anyway transferring alongside transferring alongside Let's return to the technicals first

And they may chat proper after All proper so what you're taking a look at right here Guys is uh btc however first earlier than we even Continue i need to give shout out to our Sponsors My jax is your dependable strategy to commerce to Trade bitcoin with as much as 100 x Designed by merchants for merchants Magix gives a broad vary of highly effective Tools to harness your crypto buying and selling Skills and increase income Better threat administration multi collateral the entire market knowledge is at your Fingerprint or fingertips go alongside or go By or go quick nevertheless you need to commerce Crypto you are able to do it on my jacks and They have so many alternative crypto um Crypto listed right here which suggests you'll be able to Definitely commerce no matter tokens that You need to mess around with Um you realize the platform itself can also be Insane very well developed effectively Designed Makes it simpler to commerce makes it simpler For even rookies to know so all You must do is to go within the hyperlink in The description of this video To use my referral hyperlink signal as much as the Platform and make your first deposit They nonetheless have a promo They have a promo right here for those who deposit 0.04 bitcoin

Uh you get an extra bonus of fifty Dollars which you can commerce with so That's simple cash for you guys from Myself shout out to my jax for Supporting crypto hustle you guys go There and get began All proper transferring on with the present So going again to btc usd You can positively see it proper right here That that is what i used to be speaking about Last week this can be a chart that i created Last week for those who keep in mind what did i say I did inform you guys That bitcoin is you need to wait For us to interrupt out of this vary I assumed we're gonna take longer but it surely Seems prefer it occurred quicker than i Thought i used to be complaining concerning the Volumes that the volumes weren't making Sense we're taking a look at worth motion however The volumes have been fairly weak however primarily based On this chart you're taking a look at proper Now you'll be able to see that the volumes within the Last few days have been extremely Impressive in bitcoin Record quantity for those who look the inexperienced ones Here and in comparison with every part else we Have seen right here we've got seen consecutive Four days of bullish quantity Even although the worth hasn't actually Moved that a lot And at the moment we adopted on by one other Massive quantity we're the casp of a Breakout

So i'm going to provide you a commerce i'm Going to provide you a commerce that you just want To do Not monetary recommendation after all you'll be able to See this can be a shootout You can see this lengthy tail over right here It is indicating bullish momentum Lots of people are shopping for bitcoin and This one is now this present inexperienced one Is taller than this crimson one proper right here We simply must hope that it closes Green And we usually tend to escape So what i've completed is that i've Created a commerce on prime of this line Which is 21 834 above this line to go quick i imply To go lengthy Right And then i've additionally created a brief Position if Bitcoin begins to decouple and matches The backside of the scandal so if it Revisits round 20 791 effectively we're extra Likely to form of commerce down a bit of Bit and revisit the 19k ranges once more so How do you commerce this sort of place How do you do it mainly you do that Currently you take a look at what i'm wanting At Uh you'll be able to are available right here take your lengthy Position too You draw it like that growth And then

You draw the place you need to enter so i Want to enter precisely above simply Slightly above the highest line in order that's 21 800 one thing is the place i need to enter Right there Right And i'll put my And if i enter there i'm taking a look at a Potential excessive Of about this prime right here this prime candle Is 26 638 Right proper There after which i'm additionally taking a look at a Potential draw back so i need to shield My threat that's why i'm placing a cease Loss proper on the backside on the open of The present candle so that's Uh This is what Twenty one thousand seven hundred and Seventy six why am i going that that Long that's a one thousand greenback Difference as a result of crypto could be very Volatile i wanna give it room for it to Maneuver and never get stopped out very Quickly so this can be a commerce that i've Put myself you don't watch for bitcoin to Get there You lock in your commerce earlier than the market Starts even transferring that's what you do So you could set that up and neglect it And then you'll be able to return to doing all your Thing and also you additionally on the similar time set It all up be sure you arrange your cease

Loss already And your take revenue which is right here that I've proven you it's mainly the this Large forecant proper right here can draw a Line right here like that that's the place issues I feel usually tend to get decimated With stress downward stress a bit of Bit Now i'm going to come back in right here Uh i'm not going to Undermine a likelihood of a brief as Well so and you could uh to organize That however earlier than we glance into that uh i Want to activate the nitrous boo And present you guys how unbelievable these Two is All proper So nitrous blue has been turned on Okay Uh i additionally convey out the opposite indicators The ema All proper So for these of you utilizing the nitrous Boot you realize that you realize the drill You know the drill however that the Indicators have been killer within the final Few days particularly because the market has Been Going loopy Right so that is the nitrous blue proper Here it's displaying you The momentum On the place we're standing proper now it's Also supplying you with all of the juicy alerts

That you want To play your place I don't know why i can't see the Um the calls let's go to 4 hour Okay right here we go So on the 4 hour You can see that the bullish sign has Already gone stay Insanity madness blackmanity So we are actually on the casp of this Red zone that we'd find yourself going out Into the inexperienced space and that's the place we Want to be so it means for those who execute Your commerce someplace round right here Any level on this inexperienced space you're in Profit my good friend Whereas under right here within the crimson zone It implies that issues are nonetheless happening And on uh on the best way south on the best way Side of the crimson market so if you wish to Short on this one You can put a possible quick place Starting proper right here At the acute Line or excessive stage of the earlier Scandal At the week of the earlier scandal if We revisit that stage on the 4 hour You might begin you can put a brief Position so it implies that when the Market goes down You will take a brief place and if it Continues to go down you'll get Stopped on right here on the lengthy place

That you had and if it continues to make To go down you'll begin earning money With a slight motion you already break Even with the amount of cash you misplaced On this hole proper right here however after all you Don't over leverage your self to make Sure that you've sufficient to cowl your Position Uh subsequent up let's discuss babymatic Because on i went on the market guys And talked to you about matic that it Has nice potential And everyone wants to concentrate so Let's take a look at matic usd Matic us greenback okay i instructed you about This one which it's one of many cash you Want to build up massively in a bull Market and you may see we're now wanting At this Historical u-shape that we all the time speak About proper So right here it's We went extraordinarily low and now we had a Casp of we simply broke out mainly on The bearish development right here And now We're in Uh on a inexperienced candle however we've got a Potential resistance proper right here effectively It's really an actual resistance as a result of You have been pushed again But i can see this going again to a Dollar once more and it's simply getting Started the information that these guys are

Making is insane there may be disney information That have been public however there may be Another piece of stories That isn't recognized uh it's nonetheless Um you realize it's nonetheless not made public But i've heard from affordable sources That there's huge information popping out of Polygon That's why there's a pump as a result of Some of the information they are saying that it has Gone out or breakout But the precise information hasn't come out the Masses haven't even joined matic but so I'm anticipating this to go a bit of bit Further that's why i shared within the Telegram group that i feel this one is More more likely to go ballistic nevertheless i Wouldn't actually essentially be towards Shorting it a bit of bit within the quick Term if bitcoin goes to take a Little little bit of a warmth within the subsequent few Days nevertheless that is monday sometimes Crypto goes down over the weekend so if You need to go bullish You have the entire week to mess around Until the market begin enjoying its factor If you need to commerce I take advantage of by bit for my buying and selling so i Recommend you do the identical Link to purchase bit is down within the Description under be sure you use my Link to enroll it doesn't ask you for Documents and verification you actually Sign up inside a number of seconds

You begin buying and selling already after which at That level you begin an extended quick Bitcoin you may as well simply use it for Spot buying and selling you don't must commerce Derivatives All proper so lots of people have been Asking me about reduce down all proper They're such as you're nice what about reduce Down what's happening Number one rule of card you could speak About reduce down so right here we go So reduce down Cut down is doing effectively curiously Enough Much higher So reduce dow is doing effectively and lately They launched certainly one of their first Ecosystem coin referred to as revolution Revolut to earn And it's doing extremely effectively as effectively And reduce down itself took a significant hit and Now it's coming again I've all the time mentioned this in relation to Altcoin i haven't seen A cryptocurrency that has a variety of Support and robust group has reduce Down in the intervening time So reduce down i feel it's actually certainly one of Those dowels which can be going to do effectively Because their technique of Projects is working In into the best way to the purpose that for those who Have your personal concepts or your personal tasks And you need reduce right down to become involved

You can really submit your concepts To the dow And they will fund you and when you get Funded growth you'll be able to Um you'll be able to even undergo re to Revolution if what you could have isn't a Huge finances it's like a small undertaking You can get funded on there and it has a Lot of different loopy issues Let me really simply present you Has a variety of the uh economics That are actually good for this sort of Fundraising undertaking so if i'm going to courtroom Down So reduce down bought decimated rather a lot But proper now we're seeing it actually Getting returned you realize now we're at 16 once more we have been at 16 perhaps a month or Two in the past some time waste on the crash we Went below that And this time round i feel we're gonna Make it huge so let's go to the 30-day Chart Right So in 30 days dow has completed 68.7 In the final 14 days it has completed 75.9 p.c Seven days 35.9 p.c so reduce down i imply i i've Been speaking about this on twitter if You don't observe me on twitter you then Have to as a result of even final week i made an Announcement that i'm bullish on reduce Down

On our cash i'm bullish on reduce down on Nfts i'm bullish on Um [Music] Uh goblin city i made it recognized so this Is not an nft present it's purely crypto But on friday i can be doing the nft Show so be sure you additionally be a part of on that As effectively um so you realize taking a look at matic Here guys i'm extraordinarily bullish that is Only getting began if i name on the Nitrous boo Again Nitrous bull pull out so you'll be able to inform Nitrous buu went bullish on matic Literally actually Just a few days in the past Or in june On the twenty third of june Nitrous buu went on bullish indicator On Matic Check this out This is why typically you could be Patient And late the instruments do the and oh You can't see it sorry Sorry guys i all the time have these issues Uh let's go So that is what why i say typically guys You have to be affected person with the market Check this out When did nitrous increase say that hey Marek is bullish

Matic bullish detected now verify what Happened verify what occurred we had an Indicator right here Massive quantity of bullishness of Momentum in matic it was going up And nitrous buoy went bullish And then up one condominium after that bull We noticed a crash a sell-off of magic token And however the nato's boot didn't change Its indicator it was nonetheless bullish Which means for those who purchased right here And you didn't panic Right you'll be able to see that you just're nonetheless in The cash you're actually nonetheless within the Money now you're killing it much more That's why feelings aren't an excellent Trading too as a result of you realize what Happened right here for those who're not a tech if You don't have instruments to commerce what Happens is that oh you purchase right here as a result of You're excited to see all this quantity And then Or even you noticed the indicator you got And then instantly you noticed the Sell-off you noticed it instantly And then you could have misplaced cash But for those who have been simply following the twos And the principles you'll actually be Making a killing proper right here so i imply This is barely getting began I'm anticipating uh an enormous pump on matic By the best way if you wish to get this Indicator you will get it from crypto University i can present you right here

In which we've got really um Created new indicators as effectively which you Guys can get from right here however you simply have To go indicators You scroll down the nitrous blue is Right right here Right for those who use grey btc You get low cost and i like to recommend that You you go you utilize nice btc as um A reduction code and it is possible for you to to Get low cost and you should utilize it to commerce And there are these different indicators as Well that you should utilize the ema buying and selling Which are new development momentum technique And visualize help i'll make Videos right here very quickly on use it So that you just guys can make the most of All this and earn cash All proper So that's just about what's happening on My aspect of the world guys i've simply been Really specializing in buying and selling utilizing the Nitrous boo i preserve my buying and selling easy i Look on the indicator what it says and that i Just do it and relax and chill out as Long as you could have your cease loss as lengthy As you could have your take revenue you're Always gonna be okay All proper do you could have any questions Before we shut off the stay stream The magic pump is short-term it's Short-term in a means that um There is huge occasions and massive information going On with matic so everyone is shopping for

But on the similar time matic is a giant ship Futuristically Matic has partnerships with fb Meta Medic has partnership with disney maddie Is since you see what's occurring and Why matic is pumping is that this Lots of huge corporations They need to construct on However they're so huge then they Understand that it's silly to construct on Ethereum uh as a result of the charges are too High The fuel charges and the velocity isn't Efficient They're not gonna do that on carano They're not gonna construct on airbags They're not going to construct on every other Blockchain as a result of all these different Blockchains aren't solidified as Ethereum is but So what do they do they need to construct an Ethereum and the one means they will do it Is one of the simplest ways the logical strategy to do it Is by way of a two What is the perfect layer two on ethereum Matic Polygonal So that's precisely what's occurring so if This is an ignition of a bull market Even if it's a brief time period Polygonal is gonna be one of many 4 Cents it's going to be the coin or the Major pump

So to talk Okay uh i see a query from los Angeles what's happening my brother thank You thanks for uh for being a part of This Ray jack says oh you'll discuss Ethereum or yeah let me shut on by Talking about ethereum after all Uh what's happening right here Whoa how do i take away this Remove this mate how can we do that Anyway let's simply go to 2 digital camera two All proper so what i need to present you Here Uh is what's happening with ethereum Ethereum is a type of cash that has Everything that it must go on a Massive on a momentum pump That the world haven't seen but Because it has crushed by rather a lot And for those who really what's extra Impressive on ethereum is that this Let me let me present you guys This is what's happening in ethereum on a Weekly And once more that is weekly we've got had how Many weeks months of dump And proper now we're seeing three weeks Straight of inexperienced on ethereum us greenback And that is solely the start all proper So we are able to see which you can see that we Sort of examined the vital assist Level we by no means actually reached The

Um the vital Um Sideways stage Right or this vital consolidation Level we're nonetheless above it But nevertheless we're breaking out so if The weekly We are above the m a detailed 200 the 200 ma shut we simply broke above It proper now you'll be able to see this yellow Line has been damaged above it And with ethereum two information on the rise Guys that is for ship Okay that is gonna make New if that is gonna make an enormous transfer That is gonna make us some huge cash You simply must be conscious that Ethereum is dumped rather a lot as a result of there's Lots of defy constructed onto it So the cash strikes quicker by machines And bots and relying on what's going On in dfi ethereum is extremely affected so Just be looking out for that however Otherwise ethereum is certainly a drive And in the intervening time Okay simply be additionally conscious together with your uh Take revenue ranges To look ahead to Because this isn't a certified or like Um This isn't like a verified pump it Still must be examined we nonetheless but to See clearly you'll be able to see there's Already areas of our

Resistance Right after which we might escape and You know attain once more two thousand Dollars which there can be one other Um one other momentum however there might additionally Be a variety of pushback so you probably have Never completed this earlier than i wanna i wanna Challenge you with one thing Have you ever Longed a coin let's say at one thousand Dollars after which Close the place at two thousand and That commerce perhaps might take a month to Close If you could have by no means completed it i problem You to strive it on ethereum It will return to uh to 2 thousand Dollars Right so long as bitcoin retains up proper Now it is going to return up all you are able to do is Just lengthy with small leverage three to Five x And you then simply set your take revenue At two thousand And you additionally put your cease loss Obviously say at a thousand in order that if We undergo one other excessive that we Dump once more to a thousand effectively you realize What to do you will get stopped But if it continues and it retains above a Thousand any further it implies that You're extra more likely to be in revenue till It hit this stage proper right here so i'm Excited i'm again within the buying and selling mode

Because what i used to be doing massively What i used to be doing massively has been simply Buying accumulating shopping for spot i instructed You guys i wasn't doing too many too Much buying and selling i used to be simply shopping for and Buying and shopping for and now that we're Seeing uh uh pushes of the market i'm Starting to promote a few of these positions And begin to commerce derivatives as a result of Now it's type of not sure uh what's going to Happen within the subsequent few days proper So now you'll be able to promote after which you'll be able to Make a bit of bit of cash additionally by Playing round with the Up and downs of the market Okay so what do you guys say within the Comments Can you promote for revenue with purchase little bit of Course by bit you should purchase and promote for Profit you'll be able to lengthy and quick for revenue I've an unbelievable tutorial on purchase bit That reveals you do it you'll be able to simply Go on my channel and seek for it But most significantly I may advocate that you just um you you Sign up on crypto college my course Is unbelievable if you wish to be taught Trading for actual and commerce for a dwelling Go to crypto college Crypto And on there join my course and Learn commerce over there it's Really that easy Um

Payaso payaso you didn't actually did you Message me on discord You ought to simply go on discord and attain Out to say me and edward and we We're gonna aid you How do you get your magic information on Twitter but additionally i do know individuals who work At matic for those who Look rigorously Uh why our our our professor At crypto college The professor who created our nft course In crypto college works at Matic Yeah So our professor works at matic at Crypto college is the one who teaches Nft so if you wish to discover ways to do Nfts as effectively Of course make sure you verify that out What's happening right here man Trying to Get rid of this factor Okay cameras Okay I don't know do away with this Screen man But yeah so you realize that's how i get my Magic information it's actually that straightforward But primarily You simply must know that you realize Matic is a foosant And if you'd like You can

Do one thing a bit of particular And Follow me on twitter And that's the way you get the information so Everything that i discover i share it i Share it there but it surely's if it's very Important i share it on discord and Telegram to my personal college students at Crypto college That's why you gotta be a part of Yeah yeah query present is stay is Actually being proper you say crypto University is primary household get it Now or get left behind that's for certain Am i having fun with london yeah i'm i'm Learning nonetheless a bit of bit extra about It And um it's too scorching which isn't too dangerous Because It's all the time It's all the time extraordinarily chilly right here But i've different issues with london But in any other case man it's an unbelievable City very futuristic Casually Use the textual content says celsius file for Bankruptcy What are you thought to tackle it look It has to go down i've cash in Celsius however Why are they being dishonest to their Community on twitter like simply be trustworthy That we're combating for chapter however They put out a tweet to faux that

They're doing one thing it's like yo bro You are going for chapter and also you Have chosen To pay out your traders first earlier than You pay out your prospects who're your Creditors like what the hell man we gave You liquidity And proper now you turning your again Everybody in socials who works there and We invested within the firm is cashing Out aside from us And one way or the other that's authorized That's why we are saying not your keys not your Money guys keep in mind to take your cash Out of those exchanges Only preserve cash you're buying and selling with on Exchanges every part else put it on a Hardware pockets legend nanox hyperlink is in The description once more Never say that i didn't inform you All proper Uh is solana for ship um Kind of But proper now i feel matic goes to Steal the present um on solana we've got to Wait on some thrilling information which i Haven't heard of any But clearly proper now the solana Staking could be very worthwhile in order that's Something you would possibly need to perform a little Bit extra Uh i went alongside if over on by bit ought to i deposit minimal to get Bonus utilizing your hyperlink uh deposit 500

Minimum and also you get uh the bonus for those who Use my hyperlink to enroll minimal 5 Hundred {dollars} Crypto lord says defy is a rip-off do you Agree after all not What Crypto lord what's up however crypto lord He's into nfts you realize he's probably not Much into crypto and Defy so I feel that's most likely The drawback If uk had not banned celcius i'd Have had my cash in oh when do you Write man typically these regulators are On to one thing so celsius was banned in The uk however It was nonetheless working outdoors the united kingdom And different nations this time round it Means that the regulator managed to avoid wasting The uk residents and residents from Losing cash into celsius in order a lot as We don't like regulators they don't seem to be Always dangerous that's the Uh lesson from that So yeah congrats to the united kingdom regulators They knew one thing wasn't proper How am i uh how with uh cu nft good Question Uh we're nonetheless ready for our Web 3 construct to be accomplished and it has Taken lengthy i do know that however it's on the Way coming far Thanks for asking by the best way abigail

How do you get your visas so that you can visas are very arduous right here in Nigeria that's an excellent query so I imply i'm i'm i'm not I'm not busy i'm primarily based in dubai let me Put it like that i'm primarily based in dubai So it's a bit of bit simpler to get visas There so what you could do is that i Mean for those who i do know it's even more durable for You guys for those who're in nigeria nigerians Have the toughest time getting visas Because Uh lots of people on this planet are Hating on them as a result of nigerians are you Know they're they're loopy with the Money they arrive arduous for the cash And they make lots of people Uncomfortable But um so What you could do get some cash transfer To dubai dubai doesn't give it's a is A brand new college nation It's like you probably have the Money they'll provide the visa Right the residence when you're primarily based in Dubai you begin making use of to your visas From there That's all i did it's actually that straightforward If you it is best to watch my podcast on Survivor expertise the place we discuss Dubai the way it works and what it is best to Do let me really simply present you and What it is best to do to get there And how the approach to life is so that you just you

Are ready Before you get there let me present you So for those who go to youtube You go to crypto Sorry go to survivor expertise podcast Survivor expertise podcast And you'll be able to see that is my channel proper Here This is the podcast You click on on that And you'll be able to watch a number of episodes which One of them talks about dubai one of many Early episodes we did lately is about To purchase watch it and perceive the way it Works And subsequent really on the following visitor on My podcast goes to be da vinci And we additionally talked about and Passports and even we went additional and Talked about shopping for new passports what Should you do to to get different passports Because i'm contemplating now Getting passports from different nations Like granada Us and children or mexico mexico is cheaper Will value you about three bitcoins however You you get it inside three weeks Granada is the perfect takes you six months To get it But You it provides you 10 years visa within the us And You may journey to anyplace you need To go it's insane

So you realize get wealthy and test it out Get wealthy and purchase 4 passports that's a That's the dream proper Yeah by the best way i'm i'm giving out Um i'm giving out the Uh i'm giving out a visit to dubai for those who Want to go to dubai all you could do Is to subscribe to my survivor expertise Podcast And begin sharing the content material Tell your folks about it once we attain 10 000 subscribers i'm gonna do a ruffle And i'll give away a trip journey for Three days to a fortunate particular person to love a Winner so be sure you go on the market Subscribe to the channel activate Notifications And on and on and on If you get your a mexican passport you Become a mexican citizen sure you grow to be A mixture when you could have a passport it means You are a citizen So you need to try this my my g If you could have a foul passport it's about Time even you probably have an excellent passport These days man So if i've a passport like granada to Me it's higher than being a u.s citizen To be trustworthy Or being a uk citizen as a result of I don't pay i gained't be i gained't be paying Any in granada however i've the identical Travel Right

Not the identical however nearly comparable the identical Travel energy because the us or the united kingdom has You know what i'm saying You commerce on the every day and 4 hour sure I commerce for hour and every day that's how i Do it my man and weekly as effectively for like Long trades So proper now like i'm choosing up Everything that goes Bullish on the nitrous pool Right on a weekly All proper so this was an unbelievable present Thank you guys for watching uh shout out To everyone who was right here keep in mind to Subscribe keep in mind to show in your Notifications as a result of from now i'm going To be posting a variety of content material Doing extra stay streams shorts clips Because it's about time we return to Making cash we've got been accumulating Crypto We have made some cash We'll make some cash on the bounce again But additionally we've got to make the most of The up and downs of the market that's What i'm right here for you're watching the Internet cash present episode 4 i'll See you guys on the moon thanks for Watching and Peace You