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Yeah so the fed's in an attention-grabbing spot Right now because of your entire thought is that They're going to hike until one factor Breaks correct that's been the the story Of 2022 and also you acknowledge my frequent Expectations have merely been that the the Terminal worth is goes to be spherical Five % I've said I really feel they're Going to make it to a minimum of 5 Percent to proceed to hike uh an extreme quantity of Further is might be going going to position too Much stress on the financial system and and Could merely start to interrupt additional points So you acknowledge my frequent expectation let Me merely share my show really quick Today I sit down with Quant Benjamin Cowan and we speak about presumably The largest meeting Happening proper this second and tomorrow with Results coming in on the twenty second now we'll Take you through some charts we'll talk about About Bitcoin significantly nonetheless first With the current federal funds curiosity Rate correct now between 4.5 and 4.75 will The FED enhance charges of curiosity as soon as extra and What is the market predicting is the Most doable improve uh in the meanwhile the Market is suggesting a 77 probability of a 25 Basis degree worth hike nonetheless what's additional Interesting to me there's a pair Different points that I really feel we should at all times Look at and that's actually what does The market depend on going forward previous The subsequent worth hike or the next two worth

Hikes within the occasion that they within the occasion that they want to do a Couple additional worth hikes and what's Interesting is that the market is Suggesting that the fed's going to cut Rates as early as June which inserts very Much in the direction of what what has Told us and that they're doable not Going to be slicing fees this yr I Think within the occasion that they do reduce fees this yr It's most likely going to be on the end of The yr or let's merely say early 2024 Which might be kind of fine because of it Would correspond to the Bitcoin having And hopefully we'll merely you acknowledge see the celebrities align as quickly as as soon as extra But What this I really feel ought to tell us is that The Pat the market would not think about the Federal Reserve correct now and the reason Is as a result of of what currently occurred With the banks and and the FED having to Backstop you acknowledge all these deposits to Make optimistic there's not a run of the banks But What happens though if Powell comes out On Friday or on on Wednesday and says We're gonna go higher for longer as soon as extra You know what happens then and and I Think there there may probably be some Consequences of that of of the market Than having to re- in higher for Longer for identical to the fifth time because of We keep getting to this point the place the Market believes Powell after which they

Don't and ultimately sooner than we go over the Bitcoin charts what is the greater than possible Scenario tomorrow why is Jerome Powell Stuck correct now between a rock and a Hard place elevating most likely merely 25. I Know there's been some speculation as a 50 basis degree worth hike I don't suppose They're going to go 50. I I really feel that It's it's an extreme quantity of for the market to Handle and I really feel they they most likely Know that Um nonetheless I moreover suppose going would Send the improper message is is is my my Concern I really feel going with zero would Send the improper message significantly with Pow on the um at his Congressional Testimony ultimate week saying that they Might even improve the tempo of worth Hike so to go from saying they may Increase it to then doing zero might be Two nonetheless two an extreme quantity of of a switch so I Think they're doable going to go together with 25 And then the question turns into what variety of situations will they do it correct is it Going to be one different one and one different one Is that merely going to take care of occurring And how prolonged will that go on for and Then ultimately how prolonged will they keep Rate hikes or or the FED funds worth at That diploma so that's really what I'm Looking at this week and I really feel the Other issue that we now have to take a look at at The FED meeting is is the exact which Is most likely one factor that doesn't get

Talked about virtually as adequate virtually Enough is the is the the exact tightening part of what They're doing and that's rolling off Assets from the stability sheet Um you acknowledge not merely letting the Mature not renewing and and to this point you Know they've been doing decrease than a Billion per 30 days for pretty an prolonged Period of time or spherical these ranges But what occurred ultimate week they raised Their the stability sheet went up by 300 Billion uh due to having to Come to the rescue of the monetary establishment so I Wouldn't be shocked my expectation is A 25 basis degree worth hike with a with a Hawkish tone to try to the markets Down from assuming it's an outright Pivot I I really feel that's what we're doable Looking at and doubtlessly one choice to Send that message message might be to Increase the pace of QT which is not the Interest worth correct not not rising The price of curiosity nonetheless above 25 basis Points nonetheless doubtlessly rising the Rate of Um the quantitative tightening facet of Things and and actually rolling off at More belongings from their steadiness sheet Than they beforehand had been and based on All of this proper this second historically how is This affected Bitcoin yeah successfully it's Interesting because of you acknowledge ultimate ultimate Cycle Bitcoin actually popped off when

The FED reached the terminal worth so if You had been to go take a look at Interest fees and form of overlay It over the worth of Bitcoin I'm optimistic You distinctly take into accout December 2018 Uh you acknowledge with the most likely the tenth Time that Bitcoin had died and what's Interesting is that That corresponded to the underside of Bitcoin correct as soon as they as soon as they when The FED reached the terminal worth is When it corresponded to the underside nonetheless What's additional attention-grabbing is for many who Remember that rally in 2019 the pace Cuts corresponded to bitcoin calling Back down Um which I really feel plenty of individuals assume That a worth reduce is on a regular basis immediately Positive issue it's it's it's a constructive Thing such as you acknowledge six to 12 months out Right nonetheless it's not an immediately Positive issue correct when it happens Typically Um nonetheless that's one factor that I really feel is Worthwhile the reason why this cycle I Think you would possibly argue that this cycle is Is Um having fun with out in a in a particular Manner proper right here you probably can see that Bitcoin at Least reached this bottom on in November So what there's two arguments proper right here it Means each Bitcoin hasn't bottomed or It's having fun with out in a very Different method

Um one one choice to view that's To take care of for many who take into accout as soon as that they had been Going 75 basis components 75 basis components Right they did it 4 situations in a row When they reduce all of it the best way right down to 50 some people Have interpreted that as a result of the pivot and And and and certainly one of many points in regards to the FED is that they've been to this point behind The curve so my my expectation is Honestly is that Bitcoin will doable you Know it may proceed a bit higher Um from proper right here like that is really Possible I indicate we on a regular basis should go away Potential room for for the upside for Bitcoin I really feel correct now it's between 27 and 28k nonetheless I really feel as we get further On into the into the pace climbing cycle Or a minimum of you acknowledge after significantly When they get to the aim of slicing Rates I I really feel we're going to return once more Come once more in and can be found once more down as soon as extra And and the reason I say that is simply is not Because I'm anti-bitcoin I'm very Pro Bitcoin and I've been talking about you Know the dominance should go higher For a really very long time because of it's far more Valuable I really feel than quite a few the Altcoins significantly given the nonetheless I really feel the issue is That we nonetheless should endure this Phase correct of of pausing and slicing And until we get via that half I Think it may be premature for us to Assume that that's the rally that takes

Bitcoin to new highs so I really feel what We're going to see is is Bitcoin you Know it's been probably a bit little little bit of Time once more up proper right here come once more inside the Second half of the yr and um and get One additional scare probably inside the third Quarter of the yr probably the fourth Quarter on the latest after which after which From there I really feel we go into the uh Into the next bull market the place we would Theoretically see new Highs nonetheless I really feel That's going to be reserved for 2024 2025 timeframe and based on Everything we merely talked about how should You and I put collectively I really feel that Everyone's fully happy correct now as a result of Course the worth goes up I really feel What we're going to see is we're going To see the an identical issue happen as soon as extra like We seen in 2015 2019 I really feel Bitcoin will Come once more down shortly this yr it's Going to scare plenty of individuals nonetheless I I Think it's going to be a fairly common Thing and it's merely going to be the Scare to to form of get people to Capitulate merely sooner than we we get into The subsequent having and easily sooner than we get Back into quantitative easing you're Right Bitcoin has in no way really Experienced charges of curiosity this extreme nonetheless We moreover know that the fed's not going to Be able to proceed to hike eternally so Once we get once more to quantitative easing Once we get once more to lower charges of curiosity

Which I really feel will come you acknowledge by 2024 At the latest I I really feel that's your your really your Bull case for Bitcoin and by no means solely that I indicate merely take a look at what's occurred with Banks currently Um that's one different bull case I really feel for Bitcoin so correct now my my best Explanation uh for you acknowledge for what's Going on with Bitcoin I really feel and I Think that's mirrored inside the dominance I really feel there's quite a few flow into From the market once more to bitcoin I really feel that's what's occurring correct now And it's sending Bitcoin higher nonetheless the Trick with that's successfully what happens When you acknowledge the altcoin liquidity Dries up and should not help that I really feel that's when Bitcoin comes once more Down and um we get that scare we go into 2024 with our uh with our rally caps on Now Ben does admit that the one issue That would change his ideas about his Bearish take in the meanwhile inside the markets is If the Fed begins printing as soon as extra Actively that's the issue that may Make him flip proper right into a bull sooner nonetheless Make optimistic you hit subscribe because of I Have one other dropping with Ben Cowan merely on altcoins his excessive three Picks Bitcoin dominance how prolonged will Altcoins proceed to empty into Bitcoin Dropping very in a short time and like on a regular basis See you tomorrow