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Joining us now to to debate the Crypto markets is defines ETF CEO Sylvia Jablonski welcome once Sylvia Thanks for having me good morning Glad to see you as soon as extra so 19 000 we're once more aren't we Um what what's inflicting I suggest we When we take a look at we take a look on the decisions proper right here uh you perceive we have the so Think of the volatility smile we're Seeing out of money demand uh for Options for decisions out of the money uh It's form of curved up just a bit bit however We're seeing moreover two uh on the uh on The uh draw again there among the many uh Some of the strikes uh on the lower on The locations uh moreover form of having you perceive A little bit of bit further curiosity it seems as if At least from from what I'm gathering on This issue Um what are your concepts occurring proper right here And all this Yeah I really feel you perceive if you happen to see the Pickup in out of the money calls you that tells you that you have some Sophisticated Traders I really feel that are That are bullish on bitcoin and assume That that's the yr of restoration nevertheless I Think that you simply perceive the the story is Going to type of mesh with the market And with complete hazard property correct if You take a look at as an example which Which had a fairly first to Bitcoin

Um pre FTX and some of those totally different Issues that form of you perceive merely truly Put it out of whack Um you perceive that index has been has been Up usually because the start of the yr And that's been on constructive CPI or an Expected CPI amount it's been constructive On the idea is nearer to The end of the beginning of curiosity Rate hikes and also you perceive recession Doesn't look like it's hit us merely however And I really feel that it's been that exact same Thing that's truly propelled it forward And you perceive I really feel that some consumers That are getting just a bit further Comfortable with putting some cash in a Player fascinated about this and pondering That you perceive a great deal of that's shaking Out now which fpx and whatnot and You know the price of Bitcoin has been Hit nevertheless it's nonetheless an asset that is up Thousands of proportion components since you Know 2016. it's an asset that started to Become commercialized and I really feel as quickly as You get there you focus on to your remaining Guest I really feel once you shake out masses Of these regulatory factors these licensed Issues and in addition you get people comfortable With the idea you perceive it's a Stable asset class chances are you'll seem you Might start to imagine that Bitcoin could Recover this yr if the broader Market Recovers this yr Yeah are we seeing form of the returned

So you're saying in several phrases we're Seeing the return to uh uh correlation With let's say the NASDAQ one factor that We seen sooner than pre FTX there was this Time over the summer time season when every time the Mark the the the equity markets would go Up we'd say oh look bitcoin's up no Surprise they're they're tied collectively You assume that we're seeing now just a few of That plus some low cost wanting plus and Even I'll say the return of the meme Stocks you perceive I was Bed Bath and Beyond and that issue is up Like one factor like 4X over the earlier 5x Over the last few days uh you perceive so it Seems like people uh considerably on the Fringes of retail at least are starting To resolve up on uh on the prospect trades Again do you assume that that's going down In inside the face of all of these headwinds Such as bigger prices just like uh further ShakeOut is that that's form of like What you're saying that there's some Bargains I really feel it's a bit little bit of a toe dip I I Don't assume meme Mania goes to Come once more I merely don't too many people Got burned on that you simply perceive the bigger Percentage of of retailers that went into The AMC's and and also you perceive the shares Like the Robin Hood and points like that Just acquired fully crushed so it's it's Kind of like they're not going to the contact That that burning vary as soon as extra correct nevertheless

I really feel that Bitcoin is is just a bit bit Different correct there's this industrial Argument for it Um you started seeing merchandise like ETFs Come out and and also you perceive perception funds Like what presents which give entry to to cryptocurrency And and that type of turned accepted so I really feel that Bitcoin goes to commerce In line with hazard property the one caveat To that is if we getting further Like FTX like Gemini you perceive even Binance correct we see billions of {{dollars}} Of outflows inside the first couple days of The yr and also you perceive until that form of Smooths over and and we see you perceive the Path forward with regards to and Things like that I don't assume it'll Soar correct nevertheless I do assume that proper right here Along the way in which wherein as we see markets a Little bit Bitcoin will participate in That in a small method and it'll commerce in Line with with the tech index nevertheless Recession you perceive earnings getting Crushed inflation remaining High all Bets are off Sylvia what are you seeing on the ETF Front for crypto with regards to volumes and Institutional train So I'd say that Um it's it's lower than ever Um if if one thing you perceive there's been Quite lots of curiosity or there was a great deal of Interest inside the first couple of uh days

Of the yr inside the remaining couple months of Last yr inside the inverse funds so Whether it was a watch mounted bid or whether or not or not it Was a short Futures fund points like That we seen consumers coming in there Because clearly they they garnered Great effectivity correct nevertheless with regards to The prolonged funds I really feel if one thing You've seen an precise decrease in in flows Into the completely totally different prolonged crypto related Products available on the market because of consumers are Just you perceive I really feel it is a should to get an happy that he or she should Buy apple and Amazon sooner than chances are you'll get Them the everyday investor to to correct in reality you should have The the crypto consultants and whatnot That'll proceed to commerce this and They'll Bargain Hunt they normally'll type of Look for creation propositions Here and keep that future nevertheless the Average retail investor which is masses Of why you perceive Bitcoin soared that that Large mass coming into the market and Buying up the price they're not they're Not once more getting that correct so I really feel That it'll take some time sooner than you Convert them All correct an precise quick question and I'm Embarrassed to ask it nevertheless nonetheless It's my question so I'll I've no shame Uh what do you assume we see subsequent we're At twenty thousand you see do you assume We see fifteen thousand or twenty 5

Thousand Oh okay so we're pretty cool we're Pretty shut to twenty 20. say that we'll see 20 sooner than Well we'll see yeah okay so we'll see 24 15 for optimistic nevertheless I don't assume we're Going to see 25 at least inside the first Half of the yr and I really feel that we Could see 15 sooner than we get to 25 if that Makes any sense I really feel we'll hover Around 20 catch a bid now if the market Pulls once more earnings are robust I really feel we Get 15. as soon as we get out of that you simply perceive Recession mindset and we type of switch on And markets begin to get effectively we get to 25. I do assume we'll see 25 all through the Year