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Texas to speak about miners as a Disclosure I do for the firm working media for them This is a reasonably large story by way of The Bitcoin Community as a result of it reveals What bitcoiners have been engaged on for The previous three or 4 years and that's Moving Bitcoin mining all the way down to the state Of Texas and benefiting from very Cheap that's versatile relying On how the climate seems it's Really chilly or actually sizzling Bitcoin Managed to show off when it's actually Nice outdoors Bitcoin would possibly simply turned Back on and speculated to be an awesome Symbiotic between Bitcoin Miners and the power grid however we noticed This final week throughout this enormous winter Storm that hit most of North America was That it performed out fairly favorably a Lot of Bitcoin miners determined to show Off as a result of the value of power was Higher than the minting value of Bitcoin And out of the blue simply went idle after which That power went elsewhere to completely different Parts of the grid like hospitals or Homes that wanted that power throughout This enormous winter storm not all roses Though there's some issues to suppose About together with the safety of the Bitcoin Network itself which dipped During this era if you consider it In phrases of X hashes so the Bitcoin Network makes use of this factor known as hash fee

In order to maneuver Bitcoins across the Network and it dipped by about 40 throughout The winter storm as a result of lots of these Miners are in Texas and so they turned off And we noticed that change community uh Transaction values it we're Not transaction values however hash fee Rather so fairly cool to see this Metrics on chain is my takeaway from It additionally attention-grabbing to see how this plan That Texas miners have had for fairly a While coming to fruition and we're going To see this increasingly as extra folks Move into the to Bitcoin and make the most of a budget Energy I'm going to toss something up To Sam and get your tackle it Yeah um so I I feel it's enjoyable um once I Come on a hash as a result of that is once I'm Confronted with with Bitcoin issues as The the you understand resident and Such reporter Um one of many issues I I don't if It's even associated to this story however that I've observed Um which has been attention-grabbing has been And and I type of needed to get into This I don't know if it relates however Um my little brother he was watching Tick Tock the opposite day and he noticed um a Creator who um was speaking about how he Bought all of those miners um on the Peak of the final bull um at like The Pico prime and now they're nugatory

And he's not Mining and we talked About how the hash fee has fallen and I Just marvel um in the long run whether or not It issues that lots of these company Mining outfits Um particular like that is one thing That's you understand Follow The Narrative of Bitcoin your entire time and you understand This narrative performs into to that this Whole um Texas power grid factor however I I Wonder if as the value of Bitcoin has Plummeted The lack of particular person miners has that Actually had a task on the safety of The community like when the hash fee Falls such as you talked about um nicely perhaps This is a query for you or for Somebody else right here however um sorry for the Yeah um the non-sequitur Um yeah I can choose it up for positive uh Yeah even simply to right myself a Little bit it is dependent upon the way you suppose About community safety for Bitcoin Itself so hash fee is a measurement of How many hashes are devoted to it Towards the community by particular person Miners And these miners do just a few completely different jobs Mostly they transfer round Bitcoin on Behalf of different folks and there's additionally This notion that they supply safety For the community I imply when you've heard is an enormous Bitcoin Proponent he calls these like cyber Hornets proper there's like a wall of

Energy a wall of energies Protecting the community lots of instances That's these miners proper and once we Have lots of miners go offline as a result of Of winter storms nicely some folks would Say that could possibly be uh tough for the Network or an issue for the Network since you may have somebody Try to assault the community in actuality However just like the the concepts behind Bitcoin and the way it features it makes it Pretty tough to assault it in any respect Using some type of 51 scheme and sure There's lots of buzzwords and Definitely go learn up on it extra if You're within the story however my Takeaway from that is no there's not too Much of a priority about community safety Just due to a winter storm what I Think you're actually seeing right here is like Bitcoin and generally truly Becoming one thing that the on a regular basis Person is grappling with as a result of it's Now simply baked into the Energy System It's baked into our power grids in a Way that years prior no person was actually Thinking about we take into consideration Bitcoin or Crypto in our digital wallets or on our Phones however nobody actually thinks about How Bitcoin would possibly have an effect on the thermostat At dwelling and now it's truly turning into a Reality as a result of miners are shifting into These low cost power grids successful I throw The story over to you and get your take

On it Um I as any person that likes to commerce Bitcoin Bitcoin mining is Always very fascinating in the direction of me Because it does affect value straight in My private opinion I feel everyone Should know the of Bitcoin mining Uh however that is truly one thing that I Didn't take into consideration as a result of I'm somewhat Bit Um you understand I reside in California so we Have actually nice climate right here it was Like 70 levels all weekend so we didn't Have to take care of any power issues so I'm curious to see how that is going to Impact Bitcoin afterward so far as the Security goes and value smart Etc