Bitcoin Rebounds After Largest Daily Plunge Since November<a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener">Source</a>

The chart of the day is delivered to you By .com the 's quickest crypto app rebounding after dipping below 22 600 Monday to its largest Single day proportion loss as a result of the FTX Meltdown in November triggered by Anxieties the U.S will Continue its attempt to restrain the Economy anticipate to raise Interest costs by 25 basis components at its Federal Open Committee meeting Which kicks off instantly some fear a 50 Basis degree hike is possible amid Ongoing worries wave Financials Naman Shake saying quote There is a strong probability that in The press conference that your might be additional hawkish and Re-tighten financial circumstances for that Reason we might even see a healthful short-term Correction in crypto and all hazard belongings Shake together with that the market has run Ahead of itself in pricing the so-called Fed pivot no matter repeated warnings by The FED that costs will keep quote Higher for longer