Can’t Believe We Found This While Scuba Diving! (River Treasure)

Making The Decision On Whether To Construct A Lap Pool Or A Spa

If you aren't in possession of your own backyard swimming pool it can be difficult to find the time to make your way to the local swimming pool to get your exercise in – the same issue that greets individuals who have to rely on a gym membership to keep in shape. Additionally, once you find the time to make your way to the local swimming hole, you have to deal with crowds of people who may not make it easy to swim laps. Once you add the commute time to the mix, you can understand why people opt to install a lap pool or spa in their own back yard.

Kodak ZX3 – Is It Really Suitable for Underwater Vacations?

Review for kodak ZX3 whether its really works for underwater activities. It is really not easily damaged, broken when dropped or bumped?, Not only great in the water but this tool can also be used for other outdoor activities.

Children's Wetsuits for Better Swimming Protection

Children's wetsuits allow the kids to spend more time in the waters while also giving them the right protection from the sun's harmful rays. These are readily available online and they come in various sizes so you can surely get one that will fit your child perfectly.

Learn to Swim – Your Second Swim Lesson

A comprehensive lesson must be conducted after the first lesson in order to extend your children interest in swimming. So what are the essential points that you need to be focus and take note on your second lesson?

3 Tips for Helping Your Child Learn to Swim

Swimming is similar as homework to the children. It needs constant practice during the initial stage to understand the crux of the technique involved. Hence, parents can assist by being as a coach to their children.

What to Be Wary of When Swimming in the Ocean

Swimming in the open water in Singapore is a new experience for me. The sea conditions, the weather, your mind and body will always be unique.

Proper Breathing Techniques For Swimming Strokes

A proper breathing technique will give you an edge among your peers in swimming as it will ensure that you will be able to execute your swimming strokes efficiently. An improper breathing technique will cause you to concentrate more on your breathing rather than your swimming stroke.

Learn to Swim – Parent Expectation Of The Coach

During one of the swimming lessons, I received a feedback from the parents regarding my coaching styles. It came as a surprise to me. I have not been receiving any issue from the parents about my coaching methods for the past few years.

To Spit Or To Spray?

Swimming enthusiasts, whether professional or amateurs have undergone fogging up in their goggles while going thru the exercise of swimming. The fog appears when the exertion causes your body temperature to rise generating condensation on the inside surface of the clear material making your visibility difficult. This dilemma may not be a hazard to your safety but it can irritate even the seasoned swimmer. Luckily, there are known remedies for such things.

Pool Ladder

Pool ladders are important to be able to enjoy one's swimming pool. This is a specially designed device allowing for safety and reliability in an injury prone area of your home. The article discusses the best kind of pool ladder for your pool needs.

Who Would Want to Swim the English Channel?

It's not something I would want to attempt but many do regard it as a challenge. David Walliams, the Little Britain star, took up this challenge. The Dover Straits is part of the English Channel and is the shortest stretch of water between England and France – a total of 21 miles. He took three months off work and he had to put in nine months training for the swim. David's attempt was for charity and he raised a great amount of money. Raising money for charity is a good incentive for such an ambitious mission.

Learn to Swim – Kickboard

In swimming lessons, kickboard is an essential item to learn the art of swimming. Every swimming style starts with the propelling leg kick and a kickboard is utilized for kicking practice. A well designed kickboard will certainly enhance your day in the swimming experience productive.

The Best Resource for the Parent of a Competitive Swimmer

Parents of swimmers need to understand the different stages of development that their child will go through in the sport of swimming. There are so many areas that parents should learn about to provide their child with the guidance and support that they will need through their journey as a swimmer. Read on to understand more about being a swimming parent and to source access to one of the best resources for a swimming parent.

What's The Best Temperature For Your Swimming Pool Water?

Is there a perfect temperature for your swimming pool? The answer is a definitive, maybe! The perfect water temperature needs to be determined by your family preference.

Considering Installing A Lap Pool? Here's Some Hints

You want a pool in your backyard but you either have a small family or simply want a pool for fitness rather than recreational use. It's likely you won't be hosting large pool parties or have your pool full of rambunctious children and if that's the case, you might want to opt for a lap pool.

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