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Network shortly recovers after Brief node outage the cardano group Stalled for about two yesterday And the bug was mechanically fixed Within minutes which can be very very Impressive because you guys keep in mind Solana went down and the way in which Detrimental that was all individuals was Talking about it was an infinite drama successfully Charles H said the group self-healed He said they haven't found the exact Trigger that prompted the stall Um nonetheless it's self-healed and some devs Called it an stunning shutdown nonetheless Said all nodes have been restarted Automatically Zach I really want to Throw this over to you Um Is this a centralized mission I indicate Considering that it went down and nobody Knows why it went down nonetheless it kind of Went down and like it was an infinite drama And like nonetheless then it self-healed like What does that even like what does that Mean like I can't nature self-heal nonetheless Block like please make clear this to me Thank you in your question Wendy I'll Not be answering it immediately at this Time I merely want to how Charles Hospital said that he would possibly buy if he wished to at 200 million Dollars on account of he's Rich He wished to so It's it's merely fantastic so anyway hey

Cardeno it's doing its issue it lives on It has an infinite figurehead and an infinite uh Community of folks that care about it What are the technical underpinnings of This Network unclear to me nonetheless clearly It continues on and seems to help Dapps into the long term so yeah good issue It's self-healed it's once it's once more Online implausible I merely want to debate About Charles and that video that he Made that made a pair headlines uh in and completely different outlets who merely ate That correct up that's all I gotta say I'm Gonna transfer it to will what do you assume You know as a ballsy of you we've to Bring up a cardeno story that's not Super constructive correct when Charles was Floating that idea spherical you perceive we're Going to be on the chopping block for individuals who Keep that up I imagine for the Self-healing stuff you acquire to discuss Is it's type of like nodes restart Themselves if there's an issue they normally Just return to like a particular uh Block header or chain state route that Kind of issue I don't know identical to the Exact technical time interval nonetheless principally you Just like flip it off flip it once more on And maintain rolling quite a lot of completely completely different Chains have these type of points and uh They they use them for good objective Because quite a lot of these completely completely different Networks cardano Solana they're Pretty tough correct it's not like a

node that just like takes a Block every 10 minutes and retains Chugging alongside you don't truly must Do one thing with the Bitcoin though you Can mud it off every sometimes But it's there it's on-line it's not Going to go down you get a couple of of those More superior networks and sometimes you Even need to make use of like a server room you Have to go all one of the ways as a lot as getting Like a tier three tier 4 server with High enter output you could get like Really good bandwidth on account of I've truly good server storage you've got To have good Ram all that type of stuff So it can get superior fast and that's the place You see these items with identical to the Self-healing correct the place that you just should be Able to like flip this machine once more on And off mechanically so is it like some Sort of like mannequin new revelation inside the reality that they're able to do This no it was not is it essential certain It is on account of cardano is trying to be Like just a bit bit higher than Bitcoin is Trying to be way more than ethereum They're doing like quite a lot of completely completely different Technical points on prime of it I'm pretty Bearish on the idea on account of I imagine that The mission is taking a extremely very very long time But that may very well be a freeway map so I imagine we Just depart that technical half there Fall for it on the Gen Well we'll simplify this for me you perceive

The cardano Army is out proper right here truly Implying that this displays resilience of The group isn't any is that what we should always at all times Take away from them No you should not take that away from it I indicate it it these items happens like Chains Fork chains go offline for a Little bit you don't must see a collection Ever go offline and to be trustworthy there's Only like 50 of notes it wasn't like 100 Of nodes nonetheless you don't must see Something like this Bitcoin Doesn't truly change pretty usually on account of The further you've got this the additional Centralized your group is you could Push updates to people and which implies That you might need further like technical Debt otherwise you might need infiltration Those type of points I indicate I imagine this Story is desire it's further of a nothing Burger than a hazard sign nonetheless you perceive We gotta carry it up on account of Charles is Talking about coindesk Zach booted once more Into you no I obtained I gotta preserve so I gotta say one factor that's the this Is the issue that's the issue if we Don't have pleasurable with this story then it's Not precise info we're capable of't be like frequent Mainstream media now we've to discuss Things now we've to drawback people we Have to ask these type of questions That wouldn't be pleasurable you perceive nonetheless as far As it goes like I I do like cardano I Like that it's cheap I like that

You can do on it I like that There's you perceive they're actually Starting to assemble stuff out and I've obtained Some cardano nfts so I imagine that this Is kind of story to see that the Network had just a bit little little bit of points it Shut down it was able to restart rapidly um And they handled it very very successfully Within like two minutes so I imagine that That's a constructive aspect and I kind of Just wished to throw that available on the market Zach You can go ahead and take it and don't Be scared to let your voice Roar we're Gonna get flamed on-line For me I like them no I indicate to the Cardano's credit score rating sluggish and common sluggish And common would possibly win the race correct if We're throughout the early Innings of the and Charles is out Here saying sluggish and common peer evaluation Uh you perceive instructional intensive we want To do it correct then further power to them And probably that's an indicator that There's some to that technique Right Um you perceive will I imagine you talked about The sluggish timeline that cardano has Always been type of associated to and Part of that is by Design and probably They're probably they're it out Waiting till um you perceive Mass Market Interest comes once more for them to roll out Their subsequent massive beautiful reveal Um and that's optimistic I indicate I imagine we

Talked about Aptos beforehand correct we Talk about all these completely completely different base Layers which could be available on the market which could be Looking to help different functions And each going about that in a particular Way nonetheless whether or not or not that's technologically Or Business Development technique you Name it correct these are all Answers to Um you perceive completely completely different options completely completely different Reasonable options to the similar questions So I imagine that's what we talk about When we talk about all ones and type of This I wouldn't say warfare rivals nonetheless Obviously contained in the market all These networks are jockeying for Developer consideration and because of this reality shopper Attention down the street irrespective of so anyway sorry for checking in on Cardano aptus new chains outdated chains it's What we do proper right here