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Foreign The response to inside the remaining three years The responses to covid the the fiscal And monetary responses that in Many worldwide areas are inflicting Hyperinflation and fiscal Crises we're seeing protests and riots All over the place Um properly the place do these of us go for an Insurance protection in opposition to an implosion in Their shopping for vitality and wealth it is In one factor like Bitcoin Bitcoin is an Insurance protection and it is an insurance coverage protection Policy for the for everyone in opposition to Confiscation of wealth and there you Have it from Kathy Woods she's talking About Bitcoin being that insurance coverage protection Policy not just for you not just for me But for everyone now we merely had the Fed's fomc meeting the earlier couple days And after we did one different cost hike for 0.25 % as we've been talking about On this channel every time the FED Continues to crease that's tightening Money that's taking money out of the Supply it's making it harder for the Everyday shopper and regularly retail to get admission to money does Kathy have a level the place she's saying That Bitcoin is that insurance coverage protection protection And if that is the case are you listening if you would like To hear further from Kathy you can check Her out at kathywood on and as quickly as Again she's the founder CEO and CIO of

Arc make we'll hear further from Kathy Before this video is out and Kathy if You don't know she's on stating That Bitcoin might hit 1.5 million {{dollars}} in merely seven years So we'll talk about further about this sooner than the Video is out and we'll hear further from Kathy so make sure you watch this as quickly as The end sooner than we get to any of that What's occurring crew Sean's Coming once more at you one different Cryptocurrency video sooner than we get Started must you like this content material materials go Ahead and smash that like button we're All all in then we'll actually use it Yeah however after we're like wishy-washy and Then some abroad actors can be found in and I Mean by Foreign I indicate like any individual Other than you and the alternative those that Are in they arrive in merely With the idea of manipulating it with it Because it's a it's opponents of fiat Currency they often merely tank it with it If you're all in you can local weather these Storms it's very robust with Cryptocurrency from the pores and skin that's That's the beauty of it the the hazard I Didn't put it on the and manipulate the worth It's very robust it's terribly Extremely robust because of the Distributed nature of it that's Starting to show into the norm you see Individuals like and Lex Freeman talking about bitcoin's price

Action cryptocurrency and why it is Going to be that new monetary system in Monetary rail C5 will not be what Is the same old of us don't discover What's occurring this has flip into the norm We're seeing rather more celebrities a Lot further influential individuals talking About Bitcoin coming out and saying They've invested in Bitcoin and likewise Cryptocurrency are you paying consideration To what's occurring that's nonetheless truly Early on on this recreation what's coming subsequent Is regulation then further adoption and Then as quickly as regulation happens further Clarity of Bitcoin as approved tender and Recognizing as exact Assets Now going once more to what Kathy Woods saying that Bitcoin had merely hit 1.5 million in merely seven years we're Taking a check out the charts correct proper right here And we take a look at the Bitcoin price Chart we seen one factor and we Noticed this macro blue sample line which Is an essential sample line if we Zoom into the worth movement why will we are saying This so we're a spread proper right here We're a spread from once more in the present day after the 2020 Having we acquired right here up and hit our head correct On this blue sample line then acquired right here once more Flipped the resistance into help and Then most likely had add a bump and run Pattern that failed on account of we had been in a the bear Market fell beneath

That sample line we acquired right here once more up above it Flipped resistance to help after which Blasted once more as a lot as put a model new all-time High in nonetheless since we broke by this Back in 2017 we have got not fell once more beneath This sample line we acquired right here down this was The of the 2018-19 bear Market we had a brief Wick Below it with the pandemic however as well as As we hit that 70 000 Mark we acquired right here once more And bounced correct off it now we're not Out the woods however might we see this Bounce like we did once more proper right here after which Come once more down and have a multi-year Bear Market even deeper than what we're Well that's nonetheless to be determined Nobody is conscious of nonetheless all in all it seems Like this can be a essential sample line to Note if the place the next having Is spherical March of 2024 the place little Over a 12 months away from that nonetheless must you Look at a 12 months from each having the that Means are denoted by the Orange Lines You know we don't have a fall Below this even this a 12 months sooner than this Was correct proper right here we already had been At the underside and we didn't come once more up To that sample line until after the Having so correct now there's a fantastic Chance the underside is in and this macro Support sample line is one factor to know If we look out into the long term the place is The bottom seven years from now so correct Here is 2023. so the underside will possible be

Around 330 000 if this help line is revered so Note one issue every time we have got a run Up off of this we do have an Extension from this macro from this Trend line so it is perhaps a 270 % Extension is perhaps a 500 % Extension nonetheless you get the picture you See the place I'm going with this now if we Go as a lot as how prolonged does this stress Have to be in order to hit that million Dollar threshold that Kathy Woods Calling for and it's not one thing out of The unusual it's truly solely a 200 Percent extension from this macro sample Line and that'll get us to that million Dollar threshold and as you see the bull Market is on the purpose of start proper right here Based off of we have got an 80 Correction then a rip to the upside Eighty % correction rip to the Upside 80 correction what's going to Happen in years a model new all-time High and likewise a rip as a lot because the upside now With that enable's finish listening to from Kathy Wood and what she thinks the fed's Gonna do transferring forward and instantly we acquired Down to I think about 3.35 % If must you check out the 10-year bond Uh nominal GDP growth will possible be over the Next 10 years that doesn't wish to go away Plenty of room for for lots inflation if We're going to have precise growth over the Next 10 years so I consider the markets are

Speaking loudly I consider the inverted Yield curve uh we're nonetheless spherical 70 Basis elements haven't been that we Haven't seen it this low given that early 80s I'd not be surprised to see the FED decrease expenses this 12 months and one in all many Other causes that we're very focused on This message that the the bigger risk is Deflation it's moreover a very massive Opportunity Um when after we check out deflation there Are there's good deflation and there's Bad deflation it's a foul deflation is Caused by demand destruction the nice Deflation creates demand and that is What our evaluation is centered on which Is Technologically enabled Innovation that rides down learning Curves which are expressed by Costa worth Declines there you might have about Arc make investments Kathy Wood she's talking about we're Going to be stepping into route of a deflationary Pivot and we're not going to be seeing As quite a bit inflation as of us anticipate over The subsequent decade what's your concepts on This do you assume Kathy has a level Kathy is a revered investor in her private And no particular person has a crystal ball nonetheless one Thing's for positive in order to be on The plus side of what's to return inside the Just preserve on for costly life must you guys Like this content material materials from the Bitcoin Bros

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