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Charles if the struggle escalates how will it Impact cardano's worth all the things each Part of our financial system if a nuclear Happens will collapse At least quickly okay welcome again Everybody to altcoin day by day my identify's Austin in as we speak's video I need to react To 's most up-to-date q a Session dwell stream the place he spoke about His fears of Geopolitical rigidity overseas and by the Way as you'll hear Charles point out later On on this clip that is a lot greater than Just a day by day crypto information video there are People on either side closely affected And it is a very nuanced dialog Charles is just not claiming to have all of the Answers however I favored the dialogue I Liked that one of many leaders in crypto Are to speak about this not uh Necessarily resolve something as a result of once This is an enormous dialog however as crypto these are the discussions we Should to so let me share with You this clip and I'll react alongside the Way Charles has requested the query do You assume we're on the precipice of a Nuclear struggle he begins by addressing what Putin didn't anticipate initially and Then the place Russia stands as we speak Charles do you actually assume that we're on The precipice of nuclear struggle who do you Think would be the first one to start out it So Emma let me clarify my considering

Behind this so one thing I spent some Time wanting into So you could have this drawback with Russia Where they invade they usually make a Terrible mistake of their invasion in That they assumed that the Ukrainian Government would collapse inside two Weeks So what they did is that they undersupplied Their armies they fought a Forefront War They got here in assuming they'd reached Limited resistance the Ukrainian Military would in all probability be part of them Zielinski would free the flee the Country they usually might then set up Ovishi authorities They met resistance a lot that their Troops obtained encircled they ran out of Supplies they usually stumbled Catastrophically within the first entrance of The the second mistake they made Is assuming that the ukrainians would Not be given counter measures to all of Their Conventional Weapons they have been and The ukrainians used these to not solely Resist the Russians however create large Amounts of casualties for his or her troops And principally make it not possible for the Russians to correctly function the third Mistake they made was assuming that Their officer class and their capacity to Command and management their armies was Competent turned out that they're not As evidenced by the truth that generals

Are on the entrance line as a result of they will't any of their lieutenants and their Captains and their majors and morale is Incredibly low in actual fact we're seeing mass In subordination with the Russian armies And as much as the purpose the place enlisted are Beating up Colonels you'd by no means see that The armed forces that's Sure approach to get hanged I and it's by no means Happened in fashionable historical past for us so These issues mixed have created a Situation alongside army for The ukrainians that Russia's choices in The typical Warfare area are Diminishing they're getting smaller and Smaller and smaller So Putin tried to mobilize his financial system And raised 300 000 troops didn't get Those troops and those he did get are Terrible and his mercenary armies Wagner And these others are failing miserably To once more transfer the needle so now the Russians are in a scenario the place Every time they ship troops in they get Massacred ukrainians are taking again Large quantities of territory their weapon Systems are ineffective their weapons of Terror the thermal Barrack weapons Aren't working for them and the Air Force and navy are ineffective so right here's The drawback for Putin his armies throughout Russian winter are badly undersupplied And outmaged they'll get encircled and They will freeze to loss of life or unhealthy issues

Are going to occur to them And it's actually arduous once you're a Dictator claiming you could have energy and and you understand what you're doing To have 1000's of your troops be on Television on and on International press as corpsicles that's Bad for you So his choices that you've left is a Tactical Nuclear Strike and he's Feigning it he says these territories Are now a part of Russia and it's okay to Use nuclear weapons to guard the Territorial Integrity of the nation so I assume he's betting that perhaps if he Uses a nuclear weapon and the world Doesn't punish him too harshly for it It'll Force the ukrainians to barter In which case on the very least he can Stall the struggle for winter which is able to give Him time to resupply rebuild retrain and Hopefully for him have a greater army Presence come spring That is the risk and the problem is that It doesn't look like the United States Or NATO are deploying countermeasures or Drawing a pink line the place using a Nuclear weapon would end in Catastrophe reasonably extra sanctions however What else can they sanction And no extra help If that's the case it's solely Possible within the subsequent 90 days to 180 days We might see a small-scale nuclear

Weapon check and even be used within the area Of battle as a approach to try to Distract or deter the Ukrainian advances Especially if Ukraine continues to take Territory and his new troops are Ineffective that's the present lay of The floor So that's the place Russia is from time to time I just do need to reiterate that this Conversation is way greater than crypto Yet as crypto holders I like that this Being addressed I feel it's essential We have these conversations and Charles Continues the dialogue by saying Number one it doesn't assist that the U.S Has their very own agenda quantity two that is Sort of the worst we've been Geopolitically for the reason that Cuban Missile Crisis after which quantity three and most Importantly let's not overlook concerning the Real which might be actually being Affected by this Charles explains watch This it doesn't assist that there's a really Aggressive push within the United States Right now for regime change which Further isolates Russia to a sure Extent and it creates a scenario the place It seems like you must do one thing Dramatic and drastic with a purpose to Change the course of historical past So we that is the closest we've been to Nuclear struggle for the reason that Cuban Missile Crisis the primary time in my life my and My dad I feel was seven years previous in

His life when America was this shut the World was this near an precise Nuclear battle and uh my grandfather Lived by way of it in 1945 and we didn't Know at the moment how highly effective these Weapons are and the results of them So it's a very harmful second and It's one which's going to require rather a lot Of very cautious negotiation and a really Careful thought and it's additionally not clear What's going to occur in any of this Even if Ukraine is to win they usually Likely will we don't even know if the Central authorities Will Survive you understand Or if Civil War will get away as a result of People within the entrance line really feel that the Central authorities is stealing from them Probably has been you understand it's simply too Many individuals an excessive amount of cash too many Things happening too many various Agendas and a protracted Legacy and historical past of Corruption so who is aware of you understand it's a Very broken and delicate scenario and It's a type of issues that requires Nuance That's the issue with geopolitics as We attempt to compress it into this good Little class of Good and Evil and take a look at To compress it a class of that is the Right transfer or I'd do that or I'd Do that however now we have to know that You're coping with a whole bunch of thousands and thousands Of individuals billions of {dollars} and also you're Dealing with weapons that may kill

Millions of individuals right away you're Also coping with very fragile Egos and You're coping with incentives which might be Badly damaged Putin's particular person Incentives because the chief of Russia is Totally totally different than the Rules-based worldwide order or my Incentives or your incentives or Guidance incentives and so forth 's Individual incentives are very totally different Than essentially the United States Long-term geopolitical stance It'd be an actual massive win for him if Putin Was to go away earlier than the November Election That's only a reality So and it's an actual massive loss for him if Nuclear struggle occurs that's a reality too so Everybody's simply doing stuff after which We're all simply watching it actual time as Monday morning quarterbacks with half The not getting a full propaganda on each facet Everybody's uh all people's a hero Everybody's a villain and someplace in The center we overlook that there's simply Human beings on either side Who live in actually unhealthy conditions As a direct consequence of a horrible Conflict a struggle of aggression that Russia Started and continues to propagate for The ego of a single method So that's Charles's tackle the Situation in a nutshell and should you're

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