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I really want to talk to Frederick proper right here Because he has a story about Not Bitcoin SV Bitcoin Satoshi Vision uh they now can freeze and Confiscate totally different prospects money Frederick Can you make clear what's occurring proper right here and What did what's Craig Wright's place in All of Thanks Lawrence so certain um merely to set The stage for a lot of who don't Craig Wright is an Australian laptop computer Scientist who claims to be uh Satoshi uh Many people don't think about that the Forked Bitcoin in 2018 to create Bitcoin SV or bsv Um and on the end of October Um to start with of October this Team launched a model new attribute that Allows bsv prospects to confiscate totally different money as long as they've approved Documents to point out present rightful Rightful possession So uh now this isn't I I you You baby about uh Craig Wright being uh Not not being Satoshi nonetheless Um Satoshi maybe Craig Wright for all we Know uh has one factor that he put in He's the he talked about this uh years prior to now You know we're talking proper right here about kill Switches and points like that so what Did Satoshi correct now I'm not saying Craig Wright I'm saying Satoshi Could be proper correct what did the Person known as Satoshi say uh 10 12

Years prior to now Yes so very fascinating Lawrence now What occurred is after this new attribute Was launched Um in bsv quite a lot of bitcoiners obtained right here Out criticizing this new attribute nevertheless Some members off the bsv neighborhood had been Quick to degree out that Satoshi himself Once really useful having a kill change in Bitcoin that will render stolen money Useless So he was very he was very enthusiastic about That idea and that is true But he under no circumstances carried out it so the Question stays was this merely Brainstorming or did he really assume uh A a kill change in Bitcoin was a superb Idea So what you're saying then is {{that a}} Kill change is probably satoshi's imaginative and prescient Well