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[Music] Thank you For our subsequent panel the question is how Can a multi-chain internet 3 impression and communities And for that we have got moderator June in Wong And Ignite CEO pong Zhong To concentrate on this important scenario [Music] Thank you [Music] Hey all people thanks so much for uh for Joining and changing into a member of us I do understand it's uh You know 4 P.M it's scorching in the marketplace and Cocktails await in reality actually there's A cheerful hour with Ignite at 5 30. if you Want to speak with the ignite group in Pung positively go to that All correct so proper right here we're we're going to Talk a few multi-chain world Um presumably let's start off with some extreme Level of points why do we might like why will we Think a multi-chain world is required like One of the tag strains is kind of one million is possible correct yeah is That an excellent issue Yeah I imagine it's an excellent issue you acknowledge I'm someone who you acknowledge comes from internet 2 I've labored on internet enchancment and Then UI design and I helped many small Businesses meeting corporations Enterprises you acknowledge assemble and launch

Projects on the web You know and these are all Sovereign Projects working on servers that they Fully administration correct or they you acknowledge They pay for themselves and these are Scalable correct to tens of thousands and thousands of shoppers they Can be sharded into you acknowledge services that wasn't tens of Millions plenty of of tens of thousands and thousands of shoppers You know check out check out what's Popular proper now you acknowledge in internet 2 you acknowledge People use Twitter and Facebook Etc and They have mastered scalability correct and Blockchain is nowhere near that Um You know internet 3's inevitable conclusion Is going to be you acknowledge identical to internet 2 In phrases of scalability by the use of Numbers of shoppers billions of shoppers correct And that's not going to happen on a Single blockchain it's not going to Happen on 100 blockchains or maybe a Thousand correct we count on and I'd ignite We assume the upper Bound for the amount Of chains on this planet is the number of Companies on this planet you acknowledge any sort Of Enterprise that you simply acknowledge happens in a Group of people someplace throughout the World in you acknowledge in a country correct They are prone to create corporations for This objective correct and uh equity in a Corporation is rather like you acknowledge your Token Allocation on a sequence and we count on that

You know with the proper steps in Adoption you acknowledge help and Ensuring that you simply acknowledge we attain a Standard that's globally acceptable you Know that's what we're going to see in The a world the place most firms Go on a sequence and even most Organizations informal ones you acknowledge Clans Etc might resolve to hint Equity on chain So I indicate let's unpack that because of I Think there's a great deal of Right if you're in a world of tens of thousands and thousands And tens of thousands and thousands of chains Um I indicate we've all been instructed like oh There's identical to the the scaling trilemma Right correct akin to you you presumably can have tempo You can have security uh I'm forgetting The third one which's the third one you Can have uh it's like tempo security Scalability decentralization correct the issue in any case Um and um you acknowledge if in case you might have all these Chains like I assume you understand how do you How do you what are the trade-offs what Are the trade-offs on this million chain World yeah so the trade-off in 1,000,000 Chin world goes to be Interoperability correct certainly one of many monumental Advantages of a shared security platform You know merely take ethereum as an illustration Is that you simply acknowledge with every smart Contract you Deploy on one factor like Ethereum or a Solana correct you do have

Access to all the tokens which could be On that exact same platform it's comparatively Easy to entry for purchasers It's comparatively Easy to to navigate you acknowledge all of the Dapps which could be on a particular chain and With a multi-chain world correct there's That trade-off Um you acknowledge with the cosmos ecosystem Which ignite is a core part of we've Been engaged on the IBC protocol For just a few years you acknowledge the idea of Cosmos obtained right here up in 2016 and we've been Thinking about you understand how to scale to Thousands and plenty of of tons of of Chains for a extremely very very long time so we count on That IBC you acknowledge is the becoming trade-off It's a permissionless means for purchasers Token holders on quite a few chains that Have IBC help to modify them to Other chains Um There are over 50 chains that help IBC proper now there are a number of chains Also that help Bridges to non-ibc Ecosystems which could be being developed for Polka dot for Avalanche you acknowledge for for ethereum not merely ethereum But for any evm chain like polygon Etc So these all bridges into the IPC Ecosystem and you'd argue that you just Know the perfect internet of interconnected Blockchains is by the use of IBC because of IBC successfully It's 50 chains connecting to all these Other ecosystems which may additionally be part of

To you acknowledge layer twos and the Scalability choices that's the internet 3 As it is proper now Well presumably an excellent occasion of that in Action is uh Terror correct which which Was a used IPC had a catastrophic uh Let's say failure Um and all the alternative chains are advantageous Right am I that's correct is that the Correct conclusion that's the proper Conclusion so that you acknowledge Tara used Cosmos Technologies they use the cosmos SDK and It had IBC supported you acknowledge which did Allow tokens on Tara you acknowledge distinguished Ones like Luna and UST to circulation all through IBC ecosystem so I imagine it's untrue That you acknowledge the ecos picture is not going to be Affected when Terra you acknowledge monetary Model proved to not function appropriately Um significantly duties that consider Defy and also you acknowledge encourage or Incentivize Luna or USD to journey these Chains they've been carefully affected you Know in plenty of cases liquidity swimming swimming pools correct Didn't even have Um Easy strategies of halting themselves and in addition you Know allowing people to get higher belongings So you acknowledge lots of these liquidity Pools have been deeply affected and the purchasers Of which have been deeply affected nevertheless on the Same time you acknowledge The hurt was managed correct to a Portion of chains that had interacted

With Luna and UST Um You know I don't assume anyone anticipated The collapse of Terra positively not 99 Of its clients correct so that's one factor That we have started working on as an ecosystem Right in a multi-chained world in the event you Move an asset from one change to the Other correct you're shedding the protection Of it being on the underside chain For occasion you acknowledge let's say one different Chain Like a coconut chain correct is on-line you Take your coconut and take it to a DEX On a definite chain after which for some Reason coconut goes offline ceaselessly Right then you've got you acknowledge these Coconut tokens that do not have any price on Another chain because of you presumably can under no circumstances Redeem them once more you presumably can under no circumstances change Them once more to the home chain Well presumably it's moreover worth unpacking a Little bit uh the terminology correct so We discuss multi-chain there's moreover Cross chain correct and I imagine Wrote about this presumably only a few months up to now He thinks cross chain uh Are pretty uh robust problematic for Security causes I assume what's your Take on that on the cross observe versus Multi-chain situation yeah I imagine That's very attention-grabbing dialog I Think there's a great deal of specific Nuance To this in a great deal of cases a minimal of when

I focus on to you acknowledge people in our Ecosystem Those focus on with the exact same issue Um nevertheless if you're referring to the fact That cross chain refers further to Bridges Right which could be secured by Mophie cigs You know that's one factor that I'm Hoping we're ready to switch away from Right Um the reason why IBC was developed in The first space you acknowledge for the cosmos Ecosystem will not be solely to allow Cosmos Chains to work along with each other nevertheless It's to create a typical that each one Chains could undertake correct all chains that Are You know they supply fast finality which Generally are most new chains proper now Including each 2.0 could be succesful to Natively help IBC which you acknowledge Enables change or not chained permits Users of chains to right away ship their Tokens from one chain to the alternative Without going by the use of any type of bridge Without relying on a multi-sig with out Relying on questionable security and it Relies on you acknowledge the protection of the Change themselves the validator models of These proof of stake chains as an illustration And that's a considerably higher and additional Decentralized model correct we under no circumstances want To see you acknowledge You know a trillion {{dollars}} on a bridge That's you acknowledge that's secured by eight

People Or eight you acknowledge eight addresses that Might be managed by a smaller amount Of people yeah and naturally we've seen Like a lot of the the perfect price and Highest profile hacks of the ultimate let's Say six months have been precisely of These cross chain Bridges correct Um yeah I can think about you acknowledge Multi-hundred million buck hacks that Have occurred as a result of this so your Architecture uh avoids this draw back Essentially that's correct like like I Mentioned sooner than you acknowledge the trade-off In Cosmos is Um weighed carefully in course of maximal Decentralization correct and also you acknowledge our Long-term imaginative and prescient is that the individual Experience of it will in all probability be improved such That you acknowledge people gained't even Recognize they're doing cross-chain Transfers nevertheless as an alternative you acknowledge you presumably can Have interfaces that Focus merely in your Assets all through a variety of chains in a Variety of ecosystems And you acknowledge you merely get this rounded Up to the you acknowledge your your portfolio Balance amount And um That's what centralizes change present Today correct nevertheless they're utterly Centralized you acknowledge there is a technique to Do this While letting you custody all of your

Assets And that's the long term I'm wanting Forward to yeah that's large attention-grabbing I indicate talking about like uh UI and ux Right so famously your background is uh In design so that you've got been the first I assume You have been employee major at tender Mint which is now ignite and uh you're Also the chief design officer so inform us I assume a bit about how your design Background actually Um informs just a few of the product picks That that you just all have made Yeah so my design background you acknowledge Deeply impacts the whole thing we do at Ignite Um you acknowledge we have got an unbelievable Community throughout the cosmos Community correct Out of these 50 plus interconnected Chains and these tens of billions of Dollars of price secured all through These Chains we have got such as you acknowledge unbelievable Developers just a few of the brightest throughout the who've been enthusiastic about These scalability points for for much longer Than you acknowledge ultimate yr or if you acknowledge People started contemplating further about Cross-chain bridges IBC was you acknowledge the Right trade-off to make to permit this Internet of blockchains to exist Um nevertheless you acknowledge from the designer stage Of view correct Um It's a good way off from an exact

Internet of blockchains correct 50 chains You are you able to presumably can see it you acknowledge on one Slide of 1 data you presumably can actually Probably study every single chain establish See their logos correct nevertheless you then look At you acknowledge the fashionable illustration You know seen illustration of the Internet correct you presumably can't see any Individual node there's you acknowledge Tens of tens of thousands and thousands or plenty of of tens of thousands and thousands Of internet sites all around the world and this Was solely potential because of you acknowledge Early on in internet 2 Um You know that the creators decided to Focus on developer experience correct Decided to focus on tooling that was You know allowed to fail that was Allowed you acknowledge as an illustration you acknowledge HTML was allowed to render even It Was Written incorrectly you acknowledge It constructed on prime of each other correct Layers constructed on prime of each other in Fact like a plain textual content material file could be Represented on the net nevertheless you then Can add you acknowledge some elementary HTML you presumably can Have a tiny little little bit of CSS you presumably can load a Gif you acknowledge plenty of you perhaps you Know know some fundamentals of merely rising A website nevertheless the barrier to entry to Web3 is approach so much bigger and also you acknowledge I Argue that the consider Today is Fantastic nevertheless it certainly's solely the beginning

Right it's identical to you acknowledge writing Let's say Java applets and web internet hosting them Somewhere on a website correct that's not Where the online is true now the online is true right here Today because of you acknowledge teams builders Could be one particular person it could be so much More you acknowledge they're ready to assemble Their private Sovereign internet software program from The flooring up choose every little little bit of the Infrastructure that they want and um at The comparable time correct hobbyists have been To you acknowledge assemble straightforward internet sites for Their you acknowledge Their their favorite curiosity whether or not or not or not it is Flowers or cats you acknowledge that's all What enabled people to assemble problems with Greater price Yeah I assume that's the issue with Kind of you acknowledge let's say deploying a Smart contract and even trying to spin up Your private chain or issuing your private token Is kind of like there's a complicated Interlocking number of factors correct That's regulatory there's security Issues there's the exact UI and so forth So um you acknowledge are there what are some Ways I assume that people can get Involved in that kind of issue let's say In the ignite or throughout the cosmos ecosystem Yeah so that you acknowledge I truly such as you acknowledge The developer devices that exist spherical The webtoon ecosystem you acknowledge I exploit Them to my profit all of these good Open provide devices that you simply acknowledge I've

Contributed to that I've used which have Helped completely different people understand to utilize That have employed people to utilize correct and Um I want to create this good developer Experience in web3 as successfully so that you acknowledge In the cosmos ecosystem all of these IBC Connected chains are constructed on the cosmos SDK nevertheless the cosmos SDK is hard to Use so what we've been engaged on ignite Over the earlier two years is a is a instrument That makes establishing a sovereign Blockchain As easy as launching a website So these are pretty lofty phrases and We're not all one of the simplest ways there however correct We're nonetheless carefully in enchancment nevertheless The idea is you acknowledge you presumably are you able to presumably can go Out proper now use an web framework and Develop a website comparatively merely you Know and uncover one amongst many web internet hosting Providers in the marketplace on the net to Host your website you acknowledge there's Many utterly completely different bits of infrastructure Available on-line that can enable you automate This so the alternative issue you acknowledge whether or not or not It's like individual accounts otherwise you acknowledge Storing you acknowledge loads of data and in addition you Know a great deal of these devices are moreover Available in web3 nevertheless as far as Launching a sovereign chain goes I imagine Most people think about it correct now Something merely large well-funded teams For Enterprise and also you acknowledge we're Working on altering that narrative with

The instrument identical to the ignite CLI it comes You know with a great deal of batteries Included correct we understand it is further Complex than web2 it is further difficult Than smart contracts Um nevertheless you acknowledge with the CLI you're prepared To scaffold the blockchain that options A pockets your private non-public pockets that You're ready to host wherever on-line and It allows you to run it inside just a few and one command and in the event you're Ready to get it in the marketplace into the world Right in a testing format which you acknowledge Most internet builders are acquainted with You know web internet hosting on presumably a subdomain Somewhere or one factor alongside these strains Right you're able to take motion with one different Tool that we're establishing correct now you Know it's a it's a launch pad instrument and That's designed for serving to people Launch verify Nets and and Main Nets into The future By connecting them to the protection Providers to web internet hosting infrastructure so As of correct now can someone use the Ignite CLI to like roll their very personal chain Or is that that's one factor that's Coming yeah so people can use ignite CLI Right now to roll their very personal chain in Fact it's been utilized by many duties Last I checked you acknowledge there's a minimal of 11 duties actively using ignite CLI Including Umi and Juno which might be fairly Large

And priceless chains throughout the cosmos Ecosystem they found price in you acknowledge Scaffolding a great deal of their chain with This instrument The one part of the lavatory that you simply acknowledge Doesn't exist however that we're engaged on Right now's the half the place Um you might want to go in the marketplace and focus on to Individual you acknowledge proof of stake Validators get them on board you acknowledge to Run a decentralized neighborhood you do need Validators Um if you solely have one validator correct That's that's most identical to internet 2 Where you merely have one internet server nevertheless That's not You know to the to the ethosph web3 so You do ought to go in the marketplace correct now And manually choose your validators I Think rule of thumb correct now's you Want a minimal of 10 perhaps 20 validators And that might be a massive Business Development Effort correct validators are Generally overworked there are loads of new Chains coming into existence you acknowledge in The throughout the bigger ecosystem and Every validate has to decide on and choose Very rigorously you acknowledge which chain they Validate for thus it might be onerous to get to This important mass and actually launch Your chain so the launch pad product as I was talking about earlier takes that Work and makes that moderately so much easier you presumably can Think of it as type of like an Uber for

Validators correct nevertheless as an alternative of calling For one automotive to drive you someplace You're issuing a reputation for many of Validators to return again check out your chain And to validate in your chain and with A daily API it permits validators to Even you acknowledge automate their help for Your group correct it might be type of set And overlook And it'll make the experience way more Similar to you acknowledge merely going out to a Hosting provider for for an web 2 problem And web internet hosting your problem Oh large attention-grabbing and do you is there A date in ideas for when that is going to Launch yeah so we're concentrating on late . okay yeah so later this yr later This yr incredible incredible successfully You've heard it proper right here first uh of us and Um what about what about you acknowledge if Let's say I've the I've a problem in Mind I'm in a position to go is there some selection Of uh funding course of or grants course of That I do know many ecosystems have That that yeah that you just recommend that's An wonderful stage so that you acknowledge there's tons Of strategies to get funding in internet 3 nevertheless you Know significantly for vendor builders And small teams which I'm positively Fond of because of you acknowledge I was there you Know it might be onerous to even know who to Talk to to access these belongings So certainly one of many various merchandise we offer is The ignite accelerator correct

Um we're trying to rearrange our first Cohort in Um starting to October of this yr Right and we have got 11 Capital companions Providing as a lot as 150 million {{dollars}} in Funding over the course of the next two Years And that's supporting you acknowledge 4 Cohorts of chains which could be looking for Some diploma of help by the use of you acknowledge Business Development approach to you acknowledge entity formation you Know like they want to have a foundation In you acknowledge jurisdiction exterior of the US as an illustration these are points that We're ready to help with as successfully gotcha Gotcha Um and presumably lastly I indicate we have got About a minute left you acknowledge I imagine one Trend that I've seen kicking spherical a Lot in any such cross at multi-chain Space is type of the idea of layer zero Or modular blockchains like our buddies At XLR do Um do you see the similar Trend what's the Name like I assume what's the time interval that You use to debate with that yeah that's That's a tremendous stage so that you acknowledge at Cosmos we don't truly think about a layer Zero or of modular blockchains because of You know we're firmly throughout the camp that Sovereignty is good you acknowledge and we want To preserve people You know and communities

Fully in control of irrespective of they want To do correct and everytime you introduce a Layer that Combines a great deal of that correct you then End up in circumstances the place you acknowledge you May be taxed with out illustration Right you might not have the underlying Governance token as an illustration that Supports all these networks that be part of Together so what I'd truly need correct Um is in reality to not have these things Like layer zeros or Um or a lot of chains which could be constructed on Top of you acknowledge any single consensus Layer nevertheless as an alternative you acknowledge to have uis Multiple uis in reality and a lot of strategies Of accessing all of these merchandise Together using the similar underlying Protocol correct you presumably can think about them Like you acknowledge as utterly completely different internet browsers Today correct all of them use HTTP all of them Show Mostly comparable mannequin of the online nevertheless You're in reality able to make use of whichever Platform you want Gotcha I indicate I imagine that brings us Back full circle it's once more to I imagine The significance of design and U1 ux uh Thanks so much for that dialog We're out of time thanks for listening Thank you numerous rapidly [Music]