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Foreign What's happening family Aaron Here coming once at you with one different Cryptocurrency video instantly in case you're new To the Channel please take into consideration Subscribing we have new cryptocurrency Videos coming out every single day hit That Bell notification that's the way in which you Get updated on all our new motion pictures and in Today's video we'll be Chronos proper right here family what's Going on Over the previous few motion pictures we've Been getting some suggestions on our video saying that we're Spreading fud we merely try to convey you Guys the knowledge present the warnings as Unbiased as attainable everyone knows there are when Associated to into Any cryptocurrency we're not attempting to FUD Crow this is usually a token that we huddle This is a corporation we count on can do good In the long term so by no means are we Fighting Crow we merely try to get you Guys the newest and give you Our concepts within the market as of correct Now so we'll be doing that Some present data proper right here for Crow nonetheless one Thing I do want to take a look at correct now Kronos the crow token is among the many few Centralized change money throughout the excessive 35. open air of BMB which has a market Cap of spherical 48 billion {{dollars}} since The fall of ftt the one totally different

Competitor truly in case you take a look on the highest 35 is the crow token and the crow token Has a market cap of spherical 2 billion Dollars so it is quite a bit a lot much less invaluable Than the BNB change token so attempting At the market caps proper right here you presumably can see that Crow has quite a few room to develop and it'll Be very attention-grabbing if coinbase had Their private cryptocurrency change token But they do not nonetheless one issue I do want To share with you guys proper right here is the Market cap of the coinbase and That is certainly spherical 12.52 billion Dollars so after getting a have a look at Chrome you Compare it to coinbase you consider it to Binance it has quite a few room to develop and It is an efficient change it hasn't truly beneath like we've seen with FTX or Celsius all through this bear Market they've Held up pretty properly in my non-public Opinion you guys may disagree with that So let's go ahead and try a number of of This data and instantly will Probably be a reasonably video nonetheless you Can see proper right here has over 80 Million clients now That is a gigantic amount of clients And I really feel we're nonetheless early there's Over 9 billion people on this planet over 300 million throughout the so in Terms of that has quite a few Room to develop there as properly after which Through The world cryptocurrency possession

Rose to 425 million And out of that 80 million of those are On so 80 million clients on 425 million crypto clients globally so When you take a look at what number of people are in The world we're nonetheless very early that's Less than 5 % of people throughout the Entire world that keep any form of Cryptocurrency this truly reveals the Upside not just for Crow nonetheless For Bitcoin for East for all these Different cryptos out proper right here and it's Going to be very attention-grabbing to see how All this crypto grows over the next Couple of years the way in which it's adopted how It's regulated it's going to be very Interesting to see after which attempting out Kronos chain day-to-day transactions we're Actually seeing just a bit little little bit of a peak Here over the previous few weeks on Chronoschen you presumably can see over the earlier Couple weeks we've been spherical 100 Thousand full transactions per day We've dipped down proper right here over the earlier Couple days nonetheless that's good to see additional People are becoming concerned with Kronos Checking out that D5 chain saying what's Going on attempting out quite a lot of the apps Over there so that's positively good to See and hopefully we'll see a bit of little bit of a Trend change proper right here on account of we've been Going down since April of 2022 we've Been in a reasonably large bear Market people

Don't care about D5 correct now or any Type of crypto and hopefully we'll see A little bit bit little little bit of a improvement change and start To see us go up in 2023 as additional people Get additional involved in cryptocurrency and One issue to check out proper right here guys is Nobody's talking about crypto correct now We're actually down over the earlier week We've had some pretty huge useful properties in case you Look at Bitcoin over the earlier week it's Up 11 's up eight % and nobody's Really talking a number of Bitcoin is Currently sitting at spherical 23 000 bucks And nobody's on the lookout for crypto or Actually down over the earlier week so There's no retail fomo correct now we're Probably not going to be in an infinite like for pretty some time nonetheless I do suppose we have in all probability hit the Lows for Bitcoin and cryptocurrency and That does suggest Crow as properly so we'd Definitely see some additional worth useful properties in 2023 and to check out some quick Technical proper right here merely Some very major improvement strains we'll see We had this help stage down proper right here at Around 5 and a half cent and we Definitely stayed above that line nonetheless I Think the next resistance stage we're Hitting correct now you presumably can see we hit This resistance once more proper right here in 2021 we hit It a number of situations sooner than breaking Through and we moreover hit it a pair

Times once more proper right here in 2020 and likewise in 2019 So this is usually a important stage at spherical 7.9 Cents we'd in all probability get rejected From this comeback down retested a Couple situations sooner than blasting by means of it Or we'd merely blast by means of it the First time we'll see what happens nonetheless This is a stage to be watching out at Around that eight Cent stage there for Crow nonetheless it is good to see just a bit bit Of a improvement reversal proper right here after being Bearish since November of 2021 merely huge for Crow we're starting to see a Bit of a improvement change proper right here we haven't Had this sort of a switch to the upside For crow in pretty some time so hopefully We can see some additional useful properties we'll see What happens over the next couple weeks It's positively going to be relying on The the rest of this cryptocurrency Market As Bitcoin goes the rest of this Cryptocurrency Market goes correct alongside With it so that's all I had for instantly's Video guys let me what you suppose About the current state of the Cryptocurrency market are you searching for More correct now are you additional Crow What are you doing go away your concepts In the comment half beneath and thank You for watching all the way in which during which to the highest Of the video my title is Aaron from the Bitcoin Bros I'm out I'll see you guys In the next one have a tremendous the rest of Your day