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is a narrative about SPF but it surely's additionally Um you realize a narrative in regards to the story so I Don't um if any of you might be on Um or subscribers to the New York Times You might need seen this story within the Bahamas a lingering sympathy for Sam Bankman freed um the tweet that received a Lot of consideration Um was quote um that is from The New York Times within the U.S sand financial institution and Freed is a persona non grata however in Interviews throughout the Bahamas residents Say that his crimes have been hardly Comparable to the gang violence of the Island and expressed fears of financial Fallout if don't return Um among the many the quotes on this article That folks have criticized as a result of they Thought it went straightforward on SPF once I say People um clearly I'm not speaking About everyone however everyone that I noticed On Twitter so one one who was Interviewed by the instances within the Bahamas Said quote unquote about SBF I hope he Had an excellent um or I feel he had an excellent Heart and that very same individual referred to as him um Said quote he's Bahamian Um as a they are saying an evidence for her Sympathy and it's numerous stuff like That and the comparisons between sbf's Crimes and the violence that goes on in The Bahamas apparently um between gangs And folks have been essential of this boat

For going straightforward on Sam and likewise doing um Again the phrase what aboutism about Sam's Crimes and different issues which are being Done and anyway Um the fascinating factor right here that I Think we are able to speak about very briefly is There's been numerous criticism in the direction of Mainstream media like Wendy hinted at And their protection of Sam folks saying The media is paid off folks saying that They're misinformed Um personally I don't learn this and Think that the New York Times has paid Off by Sam and is attempting to run Collateral on him I don't perceive how The of that will in Terms of the instances however I I'm curious to Get your entire takes on how meat be Responsible Um in terms of to masking this I Think that within the Bahamas okay so Bahamians didn't actually have entry to FTX the story says that to spend money on Crypto within the Bahamas there's like a Lengthy course of the place it's important to go Through an software to use to be Able to spend money on crypto I feel You dwell in an space the place lots of your Or possibly not many however at the very least one Person you realize whether or not that be a household Or a good friend has been immediately uh Impacted by actually violent crime I feel It's straightforward to see how this angle Can come out proper Sam very similar to he did

In North America painted himself as Almost the savior within the article it says He gave to numerous Charities and and One of the entities that he donated to Was the police pressure within the Bahamas so When when you concentrate on it in that Sense you realize Sam did numerous donating He was seen as this good one who had Some cash on this island that had a Lot of pockets of crime I can perceive Why folks may see it this manner they Might see it as oh you realize his crimes Didn't consequence within the demise of anybody and I lived in an space that was 10 Kilometers away for a part of my life from One of essentially the most violent locations on Earth And I went there to do numerous and once I was studying the Story I thought of these folks and I Think that they could have the identical Reactions there's oh when your good friend Circle or household has been immediately Impacted by violence that's resulted in Death I feel that it's straightforward to see why This this may come to gentle and I Think that the New York Times actually did Go on the and communicate to numerous People they usually're reporting on what Those folks mentioned and so once I don't I Don't know if the story can actually say That they're in cahoots Um with SPF Wendy are you again are you able to Hear me Yes okay so I once more I actually favored your

Explanation and I can get behind that 100 my largest downside with mainstream Media information is that they've posted so Many totally different fluff items about SPF And the entire FTX factor and that's the place The downside lies if they might have got here Out and form of you realize advised the true Story after which put this piece out and Say okay this is sensible I like this I Can perceive with this additionally too the Fact that he did donate possibly he did Help out a number of the folks over there I Could perceive why Um these folks don't essentially care About all of the that he dedicated With FTX buyer funds so I perceive That however on the similar time I feel that The media ought to have accomplished a greater job From the start And once more as a content material creator the Sometimes the extra controversial you might be And the extra the essentially the most horrible take That you will have it will get extra clicks it Gets extra interplay and I feel that's What mainstream media is form of enjoying Off proper now nicely Yeah I'll take it from right here earlier than we go Into the following break uh I feel there's Been numerous feedback about mainstream Media and the way they've lined this in Fact I really feel like in some methods mainstream Media has gotten extra barbs than Sam Himself uh simply because they've been People have been annoyed with how

Mainstream media has lined this entire Debacle however I do assume this piece was Noteworthy in the that they went on The floor and talked to some folks and This is what they uncovered and also you Might not prefer it however that is what they Uncovered and it's important to anticipate that They did do some due diligence once they Were speaking to Bohemians themselves and I do assume like a terrific Fallout piece in Six months can be going again and Talking to related folks and seeing What they give thought to SPF within the wake of Crypto leaving the island as a result of that's More or much less what's going to occur After this why would a crypto agency go Back there and similar to dwell within the Shell the crater gap actually that's FTX It's in all probability not going to happen I feel In just like the the after results proper now People are like annoyed in wanting Crypto to stay on the island and That's in all probability why there's one thing Some emotions of not an excessive amount of in poor health will Towards SPF in the intervening time however however in six Months I feel this modifications fairly laborious And quick towards SPF and FDX