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Thank you Foreign What's occurring guys welcome welcome to The final stream my title is grey to the B To the T to the C to the Moon And I haven't gone dwell in a cup for a Couple of days now it's been the Cup and on and on I may give a number of Excuses But the truth is that I miss you guys And it's been a very long time I spent the previous few days on the uh in Abu Dhabi on the F1 Grand Prix and clearly Max gained and it Was an unimaginable time as a result of I had Spent time with the freaking F1 drivers And we parted collectively was a tremendous Experience so I'll make a video very Soon about it to indicate you guys the way it Was however tonight I do it's coming All that so everyone is busy with Watching the soccer however I simply need to Give you an replace on the buying and selling The day buying and selling that now we have been doing Uh the competitors of rising a small Account of 100 I'm nonetheless on that I'll Also provide you with an replace on flipping Lots of people are sleeping on however There's an alternative to earn a living On that and I'll present you what I'm doing And what my technique is true now on the Nfts and most significantly Light Yo we're nonetheless on the W on the Litecoin

Trade since we talked about it the Market has been struggling apart from Litecoin so I informed you guys I informed you Guys I informed you in case you are having fun with Riding Litecoin the Litecoin wave please Destroy the like button for me proper now Okay and due to everyone who has Been uh who who not too long ago subscribed and Has been destroying the like button additionally In all of the earlier movies I admire you guys uh rapidly we're Gonna look into some technical evaluation And then I'll additionally learn your feedback if You have the rest you need me to Talk about I might be very happy to Talk about it might probably you assist me are you able to Can you hear me completely are you able to hear Me correctly Let me know within the chat after which we'll Get into it so I'll get on my display screen Immediately as a result of I'm right here for a enjoyable Time and never for a very long time in order for you To be a part of the problem of the Trading problem proper right here guys I've A hyperlink down within the description under you Can click on that hyperlink it should take you to Buy bits it's the trade that I'm Using for this buying and selling problem get a Buy beat account utilizing my hyperlink and make Your recent deposit deposit something Fifty {dollars} hundred {dollars} no matter You have after which you can begin Following the trades that I'm making the Capital for the each day trades that I'm

Making is 100 that's wanted now I'll Give you an replace of what occurred in All the earlier calls which have been Giving you guys okay every part that I Mentioned on this video hyperlinks are at all times Down within the description to verify That no one will get misdirected to Something unsuitable all proper let's get to It yeah hey hey hey By the way in which I misplaced one thousand {dollars} yesterday On baiting FIFA World Cup matches I wager It on Argentina to destroy Saudi Arabia And to my shock Argentina acquired bitten Unlike with Messi in there my one Thousand {dollars} gone like this And that sucks however I'm nonetheless doing the The the each day baiting factor uh the place I win a wager I'm giving the cash Away to my followers so if you wish to Be a part of that as effectively uh I've a tick Tock account it's known as graybtc.television You can ensure you're following it Anyway let's get to buying and selling now we have so Many folks on the dwell stream only a few Likes and that's not settle for acceptable Especially after we're earning profits on The Litecoin so do the suitable factor do The proper factor guys let's go See my display screen are you able to hear me correctly Loud and clear I like it I like it I Love the loud and clear so that is What's taking place guys available in the market what You're is BTC usdt who've

Been smashed proper right here because of the FTX Stuff and we've been swimming underwater For a number of days now a bit little bit of Sideways only some days right here on the twentieth uh We've utterly broke down and Tested the decrease ranges of 15 000 ranges And right here what I informed you we shorted we Were brief and uh we the market wasn't Moving sufficient we're nonetheless sideways a Little bit anyway in a bit little bit of Profit on The Daily commerce and after we Got at these ranges I informed you guys Let's promote for now shut the commerce Because the market is unpredictable over The weekend I made an announcement on my Discord Server for those who're not in my Discord Server you're lacking out as a result of Tonight even we even have a celebration Literally in an hour from now now we have a Discord occasion the place we're going to speak About a variety of issues that I'm not going To share now So I informed you guys to open two trades One lengthy and one brief and shut the one That's not working round right here and each Of these and that labored out uh actually Well it means you closed the one which Was when working at a cease loss and the Other one continued all the way in which down and You examined the degrees of fifteen Thousand 4 hundred that was stunning And then I got here again in two days in the past or Was it yesterday at night time I informed you

Guys hey I'm going brief nonetheless as a result of Of these form of causes had Broken its leg as you will have seen right here Obviously and I anticipated the worst on Bitcoin and Dutch after which that one Got stopped so we acquired retailer I acquired Stopped on my tracks it implies that I'm Still right here caught And I'm nonetheless ready for an entry Position however I did inform you in that decision That hey Even although we would see a significant pump is Going to be a useless reduce bounce or uh a Boot or a boot entice Right so you need to watch out with it That lots of people are getting meals And considering that that is the way in which the Market will go I do assume that the Weekend we're going to see massacre and Remember as we speak is the Fed price hike Announcement extra doubtless going to place The market in some derangement and if You take a look at the gaps in volumes and the way The markets are shifting proper now it's Not actually wanting sufficient we Could see a pump however it is going to be very Hard for Bitcoin to interrupt all these Levels proper now for lots of issues the Only far more likely to go is down and I Want us to be positioned for that so I'll present you my account Is down out of that 100 {dollars} that we Had I'm now at a lack of ten {dollars} You can see I've ninety {dollars} 22

Cents right here however it's not an issue it Happens that's the factor with Trading You'll see I'm nonetheless gonna get this Money up so proper now I'm nonetheless at a Loss and I'm simply ready for an excellent Entry place uh to enter the place And I'll share with you precisely what the Next commerce is gonna be due to the Longest swings which might be taking place within the Market it's extra doubtless gonna be a a Position constructing technique as an alternative of a Quick out and in and in addition contemplating That I'm I haven't had time to deal with Um actively you already know buying and selling for an hour Constantly it's simply been laborious with the World Cup and different issues so I might be Sharing precisely what Um what I'm doing on that so that you just Guys can comply with on correctly all proper uh Just ensure you're within the Discord Server and the following factor we have to Talk about truly let's discuss Litecoin particularly okay And that is the Dodge Coin Trader shared In the chat by the way in which that is precisely It And for those who take note of this commerce Right right here let me return to my Buy beat Account you'll be able to see right here I nonetheless have The conditional order open This commerce didn't go in so I had set it Up But as a result of the worth of Dodge Coin did Not come down once more

That commerce didn't go up it nonetheless stayed There and that's what strategic buying and selling Is you don't at all times enter since you Feel prefer it you anticipate affirmation So if had it had it gone down additional it Means I might have entered that commerce And gone down however now as a result of I I set it up as a conditional order to Wait for the suitable circumstances to hit Before the commerce is executed it simply It's simply been sitting right here ready it Means I didn't lose any cash in anyway Now I can cancel this Because I can discover now a extra favorable Entry place often because Dodge Coin did a bit little bit of a pump uh on The 4 hour it's beginning to look Bullish however I don't actually belief this I Think it's a Um it's a bear entice And lots of people will get caught up I Do assume that this isn't going to go Above 85 cents once more and break this uh Resistance stage over right here particularly on The weekend I'll share once more uh what The play goes to extra doubtless be right here If I needed to name down the volumes right here You would additionally see that nothing actually on the Deutsche commerce Uh to take severe with and also you look we Have traded Dodge already on a giant Straight manner it was like what 80 cents All the way in which to 11 proper I gave you that Trade we earn a living and belief me on this

One not Financial recommendation however I feel We're additionally going to make a killing if we Enter on the proper brief place and The market continues to Tumble and Rumble Destroy the lock sample struggle Alright and subsequent factor that I wished to Cover with you guys Is Gone the place's the Lighty Lighty Lighty Lighty coin eighty {dollars} perhaps eighty Dollars on that Lighty coin LTC Hey guys it's superb it's superb so Amazing it's superb you already know that tune By Kanye West he was speaking about Litecoin So these These are the sticks that Litecoin is printing and I informed you guys Do stay awake on Litecoin simply take a look at The volumes proper now this child goes To explode additional 100 is The market has been the Litecoin has been actually actually actually Unaffected so someone right here says hey Please replace your Discord hyperlink I get an Error once I'm getting into Discord okay I Will change it thanks for telling me That fairy uh that is Fareed I might Definitely change that up after the dwell Stream however that is Litecoin occurring however There is a bit little bit of bother proper Now on the final 4 hours the volumes Have been depleting fairly closely so I Do assume within the subsequent few days we would

See a Litecoin reversing a bit bit Before it continues so right here's the commerce On the Litecoin It's protected so that you can open a brief on Litecoin after this pump on a High cap coin like this so you possibly can Enter a brief place Okay You might brief it from right here All the way in which down uh to say the underside of The final candle that's a ten motion If you leverage that by 3x or 5x it's a Lot of cash And you'll be able to put your cease loss someplace Around there All proper it is a ratio a ratio of two.65 so it's okay uh your cease loss is At 81 cents that's an enormous transfer for Litecoin to maneuver once more nevertheless if it Starts going up and it breaks this stage Again ensure that it's going to 100 That day so you may also put a Conditional order then this generally is a Trade that may be open proper now however Then you possibly can additionally put one other order That is lengthy however solely from 81 97. Like that So it's one thing like this and this you Can take it to 100 {dollars} So that is how I'm rolling with Litecoin And I feel this commerce by itself Um each of them usually tend to work But earlier than it continues pumping up it's More more likely to form of go down a bit

Bit or sideways Until It Breaks out Again and with the dump in volumes that We're seeing right here within the purple it's very Likely the Litecoin for those who concentrate To the volumes right here you see that it Hasn't it hasn't uh dumped in quantity Constantly like this For a really very long time for a number of days at Least so it is a good signal that loads Of persons are taking revenue those Like me who entered at 49 50.51 are Starting to take revenue okay a few of you Are watching the dwell stream without cost I'm supplying you with methods to earn a living however You're not even liking my dwell stream That is unacceptable Quite a lot of you guys are haters you watch The dwell stream Behind the scenes however you don't need to Even just like the video like come on don't Be a header So I do know even my haters earn a living off My trades and stuff however they by no means Really come uh they by no means actually come to Light publicly to say that to even go on On Twitter and Instagram I say oh nice BTC you made me a lot cash on the Litecoin commerce thanks man it's all Good I similar to to assist folks All proper so subsequent factor I need to speak About it is a positively Money Trade Guys we entered this commerce when Let's give ourselves some flowers for One second man God rattling it

God rattling it Yes sure that's for us that's what we do We commerce and we earn a living I imply the final time we talked about Litecoin for those who bear in mind it was right here Look in any respect these purple traces that we have been Drawing that day they're nonetheless there Right So we entered Litecoin at this purple line From right here And now we're at 53 uh in a in what number of Days actually you already know in a really in a Short time period so we're above 50 On one commerce That is absolute and absolute Beauty and I've a number of different trades that I'm Also I'll share that Tonight on the uh on the Discord occasion So make certain you truly take part and You'll be there however on the each day Litecoin nonetheless wanting strongly bullish Guys The nitrous bull had already known as it Back then and even two days of dumping Here didn't have an effect on Litecoin in pumping So everytime you see Litecoin taking a Hit simply purchase extra as a result of this child is Not stopping it's all at This level guys so Be looking out we're making trades Like it's a cookout you already know Um Lastly let's go to the nft flips that is Easy cash for these of you guys who're

Paying consideration for actual So now you've seen the volumes of those Nfts is rising like loopy proper now the The prize pool now has two million Dollars in it And the cash on these trades will go to Three groups You bear in mind once I was making the primary Video we had a million {dollars} right here Now now we have two million {dollars} And for those who click on on for those who simply acquired down Here You'll see that everyone who's holding A Brazil nft is getting sixty {dollars} at This level Right everyone who's getting an Argentina nft is at 69 {dollars} But this pool I'm beginning to see is Decline uh quickly due to Argentina Isn't performing as what folks anticipated Germany 107 {dollars} per wins uh Currently based mostly on the subscriptions Based on 12 000 orders And Spain 260 {dollars} And a few of them are even 1 000 I imply Look at Senegal Senegal 1000 Australia 1100 Canada 1 200 {dollars} of Distribution So I feel this smartest factor to do Right now could be to carry the highest three groups I might say France ought to be in that England additionally shouldn't be prevented maintain All these a bit bit of those after which For the remaining anticipate to see all of the

Matches how the opposite groups are Performing After you watch that You ought to are available and begin Accumulating the groups that make sense Because on the finish of the day it's as much as Three groups that might be one two and Three all the cash so every pool proper Now like this recreation Morocco and Croatia It was a drug recreation every group had twenty Thousand {dollars} to win it implies that This cash has been cut up into two Germany Japan gained oh my gosh it's Live nonetheless however Japan is extra doubtless Winning and this recreation implies that Um twenty thousand {dollars} goes to Japan In the Japan pool so if Japan is absolutely Good it means you'll be able to held on to the nft Right now it's value eight {dollars} guys Eight {dollars} to to purchase the nfts proper Now If you find yourself with a successful group belief Me it's most likely gonna be 5 thousand Dollars if the group is an unpredictable One it's gonna be 5 thousand {dollars} For that for for the prize pool for Everybody If it's gonna be an unpredictable group Let's say if Japan begins to do effectively Let's take a look at the Japan nfts what number of Subscribers it has now So in Japan proper now it solely has 1 000 Holders if it beats Germany Lots of people are going to begin

Buying the Japan nfts if Japan is doing Well and the worth of this nft goes To enhance so all I'm doing I'm Watching all these video games wanting on the Team how they're performing if I see Something fascinating I'm shopping for that Nft as a result of if let's say in The Knockout Stages Japan destroys uh destroys Brazil All the cash that's in Brazil proper Now need to be transferred into Japan after which I imply mint might be over At that point so lots of people will now Start uh shopping for the Japan nfts so let me Actually purchase mint in Japan one proper now God rattling it Me in Japan Okay so the groups are at the moment enjoying A match minting is at the moment closed Check again after the sport to imply to Your soccer group nft okay that's all Right But the oh this shock groups so like Look this one Saudi Arabia it had nearly Nobody now it has 682 Hoarders If it wins once more the the worth of those Nfts are going to begin to enhance Especially if it makes it out into the Knockout stage So it's what it's oh Ghana is 11 000 Guys as a result of no one is betting on Ghana Imagine for those who heard a bunch of them And Ghana makes it into the semi-finals Guys that's gonna be fascinating How can I purchase it okay I made a video

Showing you guys do that nfts Basically Watch My nft My World Cup nft movies And you then simply need to Mint man it's Ten {dollars} ten {dollars} provides you three Nfts without cost I've a tutorial that I Made exhibiting you guys the way to do it simply Watch that video and it is possible for you to to Mint your personal nifties Okay so that is meant to be a fast dwell Stream I gotta go thanks guys for Watching I actually admire it uh let's Keep buying and selling let's maintain flipping Something is gonna give in in fact Enjoy the World Cup and I'll see you on Twitter for these of you who're becoming a member of Us within the Discord occasion I'll see you In the Discord for those who're complaining About the hyperlink I'll replace the hyperlink in Five after closing the dwell Stream so the Discord hyperlink you'll be able to verify It after 5 minutes uh it ought to Probably be high quality all proper in any other case I'm Sharing the the hyperlink once more on Twitter Actually let me do it proper now let me Just share it within the chat straight away Okay invite folks copy hyperlink Okay that is the hyperlink You go sir you'll be able to take part with that Link Alrighty my mates I'll see you on the Next stream peace out