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[Music] Well initially so glad that each one of You guys are right here And Premier bert I haven't seen you in Several years so good to see you and the Entire bermuda crew that's right here I recall The first time i met the premier Was again in 2018 in big apple at a unga Blockchain central session we had with Concordia And you had simply come into workplace fairly Much the yr earlier than And to satisfy a chief Who's additionally a technologist Was simply Mind-blown And we have been anticipating nice issues to Come out of Premier bert's agenda and bermuda and We're going to speak a bit about that It was nice to satisfy you then nice to See you once more let's speak a bit of bit About Bildel biddle bermuda what does that Really imply and why is that match for Bermuda properly sandra it's good to see you Again and it's good to actually be again Here at consensus When you discuss 4 years in the past i Remember i spoke consensus in might 2018 In big apple and at that cut-off date it

Was the week that we have been introducing Our asset enterprise act which was One of the primary licensing regimes for Crypto corporations on the planet and now Four years later to look the place we're um To see what the stuff of which we've Done however i feel what's necessary about The monarch the moniker it's about Building now we have to construct and It's about ensuring that you've an Infrastructure a regulatory setting In place that permits corporations to construct What we've seen in numerous Jurisdictions is Not common regulatory readability Difficulty in really constructing operating Into issues and so from our Perspective we need to concentrate on constructing So we began this in 2018 uh You realize it's been a bit of bit tough Waters a bit of little bit of tough waters you some missteps however As a politician you typically need to See the moment outcomes however the prompt Results don't occur and that's why you Have to construct iterate construct the rape and That's the way in which we're going properly Appreciate that there have been Some tough seas or waters very Appropriate once more alongside the way in which however i Want to speak about one space the place you Guys have actually excelled which isn't Only the regulatory framework however the Licensing regime that you simply've put in

Place are you able to speak a bit of bit about The several types of licensing that Now a bunch of crypto corporations are Holding Yeah Absolutely and that i simply need to be certain that I give a shout out to my crew from the Bermuda monitor authority they'll be Upset that i'm pointing them out however They'll add an axer proper there uh they Are those who're liable for any Crypto license in bermuda likelihood you Know them properly uh however sure they're proper There put up your arms maintain up your Hands guys Don't be afraid to observe your Authority Don't be afraid however we might not have Anything if it was not for our Regulators so We haven't any regulators [Music] This could be the one session after we Do that okay Our regulators are good we like them Uh however we do have a 3 tiered regime Which is to biddle since you Have to Be in a position to perceive what it's that You're constructing and it's onerous typically Looking at this regulated setting And determining what it's that you simply're Going to take action after we began really We had a modified license or sandbox

License and a full license and in 2020 We added one other license tier which was A check license So a check license means that you can check out You know what your method could also be and Interact with the regulator to say these Are the kind of stuff you want to do The lice is barely a thousand {dollars} so You can even have interactions with The regulator then the subsequent degree is a Modified license or a sandbox license Which means that you can begin testing Publicly begin with a restricted Number of consumers for a restricted Duration so moad and axe may allow you to Have a thousand clients and to allow you to Uh go at that degree after which when you Graduate from there check all the varied Things ensure that your compliance is In verify just remember to're Appropriately managing all of the dangers so Something is not going to negatively Impact the status of our Regulator in our nation but additionally influence Your clients then we go to a full License and the complete license is that you simply Have no restrictions in your exercise uh Bermuda now has uh seven full licensees Um our newest full license was issued week to an organization known as jewel Which additionally a banking license however we Might get there in a bit of bit uh however Those are corporations uh equivalent to i'd Say uh circle and block fi who're doing

Uh yield merchandise regulated below the Bermuda monitor authority corporations like Bittrex who're doing tokenized shares And derivatives below the auspices the Bermuda financial authority uh now we have Those ones which might be within the uh sandbox Which are going to be graduating Hopefully someday to a full license Companies like stablehouse And xbto after which now we have corporations that Are in check licenses who're simply Getting began who're experimenting But that is the whole regime and it Allows you to biddle Absolutely so that you've obtained double digit 1617 licensees now in numerous elements of The life cycle of attending to Full licensing and that's all below the Authority and oversight of the bermuda Monetary authority completely only for Full disclosure uh the elected Government has nothing to do with Licensing so i can not assist you [Laughter] You can attempt to name him however he ain't Helping you with the licensing That's nice good to listen to properly let's Also discuss so so on the crypto facet We have a really wholesome pipeline of People who're getting in corporations who Are getting licensed On the insurance coverage facet you even have a Very Strong

Established background anyway are you able to Talk a bit of bit about that for these Who are usually not as acquainted on the insurance coverage Side completely um bermuda is the World's danger capital we're the house to Some of the most important insurers on the Planet uh now we have uh executed insurance coverage and It sort of suits into the way in which wherein We're attempting to go in the case of Digital belongings as a result of Every main insurance coverage over The final 40 years has taken place out of The bermuda market and so after we're Talking about disaster bonds we're Talking about insurance coverage issues Securities after we even discuss Captain insurance coverage all of the varieties of Things which might be Pioneering in insurance coverage have come out of The bermuda market and the entire premise There is that now we have a singular Relationship between i used to name it The bermuda trinity it was upsetting Some particular person so we've now rebranded the Bermuda triangle [Laughter] But it's uh the hyperlink between our Regulator The authorities and trade and what That permits us to do is to have suggestions From the regulator um sorry from suggestions from the trade Which are sometimes uh govern or relate To the federal government by means of authorized

Representatives i simply need to give a Shout out to the crew from walkers who Are doing A fantastic job in bringing corporations to Bermuda That suggestions then goes to our Us within the authorities we are going to analyze it Speak to the regulator the regulator Will both say that is okay or no we Need to seek the advice of on this they'll put it Out to uh the market to get suggestions and Comment it would come again to us they'll Say that is good to go they'll ship us a Draft invoice we'll take it to parliament And go forward and go it and this Happens on a comparatively fast foundation over And again and again so we begin in 2018 we replace our digital asset Business act about as soon as yearly Possibly to ensure we take into Account to ensure we're staying on The innovative Okay simply take a second guys He simply talked about An updating of and evaluation Of any kind of laws they've put Forth Every yr to ensure they're present What different authorities on the earth has a Process that even will get us to a yr one Year of evaluation of something that's Extraordinary Amazing and one of the factor about it Sandra is that it doesn't even require

My involvement i keep in mind i used to be shocked When impulsively i obtained a cupboard Paper which is what we get to contemplate Uh adjustments as soon as every week and that i obtained a Cabinet paper the place they have been upgrading The digital asset enterprise act so as to add Clarity for derivatives and the primary Time i had really seen it was when it Had come to me to log off on the Cabinet agenda and so after we communicate About that we concentrate on the digital asset Business act however we even have insurers There so is in bermuda the most important Crypto insurer on the planet um i had a Meeting with them earlier at present they now Even have they've 30 folks 13 folks within the bermuda workplace rising And offering companies however now we have seven Insurers which might be additionally licensed Providing companies and what's necessary To word that in bermuda um with our Crypto insurers equivalent to realm and with The work of the bermuda monitor Authority uh these can write Policies and digital belongings not simply One-to-one cash however they will Write coverage bitcoin maintain the reserves And digital belongings pay premiums and Digital belongings and pay um out after all When you Have a declare so all that's occurring in Bermuda and so there's a digital asset Side and the insurance coverage facet is important Because it's crucial for development within the

Industry and that's the way you construct i'm So glad that the premier has stated that We don't speak in regards to the insurance coverage facet Enough particularly within the crypto house i Don't know for those who guys have ever tried To get crypto insurance coverage however i did again In 2016 when i used to be nonetheless over at um cmu Group and that i'll let you know i imply the Industry was nowhere i imply they didn't Know learn how to Even begin wanting on the danger at present we Are a lot additional alongside however we have to Keep rising that facet of the trade And there must be extra corporations Innovating on this house so i feel We're going to get there bermuda's going To get us there however It's good to listen to that you simply've obtained at Least seven licensees which might be rising That pipeline Wonderful properly i feel we've already Talked about licensing and i feel Another space the place i i feel you guys Have executed an amazing job is de facto round This kind of Coming up with the whole pipeline so You have a sandbox you've an Innovation hub you've an workplace of Fintech are you able to speak a bit of bit about All these items like let's say i'm an Entrepreneur right here i need to go and speak To any individual as a result of i need to arrange Shop in bermuda how do i do it properly um You will go to our bermuda enterprise

Development company um Or you may go to the web site fintech.bm Or bday.bm and definitely there they are going to We will introduce you to a few of our Legal representatives or county Representatives to stroll you thru the Process One of the stuff you did point out was Our innovation hub as a result of typically you May not know what you need to do otherwise you May not be acceptable to be licensed it Might not be one thing you need to be Licensed so i feel alpha level is in Our innovation hub and what that permits To do is to just remember to are a Part of the bermuda monitor authorities Fintech and also you get um so as an example You will get uh sure session Papers et cetera however it would additionally permit You to have entry to the businesses that Are contained in the ecosystem if you could have Goods and services you might Wish to uh give to them uh we do have The workplace of fintech that does fall Under myself um it's led by my good Friend dennis pitcher um as you'll uh Be conscious and he's been working with me For about uh since 2019. um and what That and what that has executed is it's Making certain that it lays out the Strategy for the nation and so we'll Get to among the issues i'm certain when Talking about what we're doing when it Comes to secure cash what we're doing

About digital id however what Bermuda's not attempting to do is attempting to Not attempting to be all issues to all People we're not attempting to be Prescriptive we are attempting to say this Is what now we have you may come to bermuda And biddle and you are able to do what you need To do so long as it complies with As lengthy as you're managing the dangers to Make certain you can really construct a Global firm within the digital asset Space from bermuda Fantastic So you talked about stablecoin so we're Going to go there You've had some very particular views About cbdc's versus secure cash and Private sector secure cash please inform Us what's uh the stance from bermuda Side on cbdc uh the stance from us and From the brutal facet is that we'll not Be issuing a cbdc as a result of we don't Believe {that a} cbdc must be issued We've obtained some followers right here That's that's not crucial as a result of the goes to be interoperability Of secure cash and what we need to do Is to ensure that any secure coin Which is issued below the auspices of The bermuda financial authority has Assessed the dangers now we're solely Dealing with one-to-one secure cash We're not attempting to enter controversy Today so i'm certain there's been loads of

Conversation discussions about that however As we discuss new corporations that have been Licensed um jewel financial institution which is Represented by i feel likelihood is right here uh Jewel financial institution simply obtained congratulations How a few years in the past was the final time you Issued a financial institution license uh 21 years Bermuda has not issued that's known as Making historical past all proper completely and Uh after all uh they've the opera they Have the permission from the butter Monetary authority to subject secure cash And they're making use of to the evaluation to Monitor authority to subject a one to 1 Bermuda greenback secure coin however we Believe that ought to be executed by means of the Private sector as a result of we don't assume That the federal government must be there There's going to be interoperability and As lengthy as the federal government is regulating Those actions any regulated secure Coin that's regulated by the bermuda Monetary authority is freely to be used Inside of our ecosystem within Bermuda and it's free to be used for Payment and companies to the federal government Of reuters that's the method which You need to take we wish going again to Biddle it's necessary the personal sector Is much better at doing issues on the Government of bermuda on this house and If you need to have innovation you do Not need to have from the personal the Public sector facet you need the personal

Sector to go forward and to innovate so You are actually advocating for that Public personal sector collaboration to Come up with one of the best resolution Absolutely and the market will determine The market will inform whether or not issues work Or whether or not they don't work and nevertheless it's Not our place to decide on choose winners or Losers what if the federal government reviewed a Word to choose construct a Cbdc on this platform after which In two years that platform doesn't exist It's for the personal sector to go forward And to ensure and the market will Respond So alongside that very same vein we're gonna go To digital id Because you even have um A really Different view than some round what Government points some will say that They subject Identity however you've Definitely have stated that governments Don't subject id i'd agree with That you don't subject id however communicate A little bit bit about Your plans on digital id versus Self-sovereign or personal id Thank you sandra properly in the case of Digital id that is one thing that We had prefaced i feel i really spoke About at a gbc occasion in 2019 on the World financial discussion board actually i

Remember that um and we're Identity not as a expertise drawback however Looking at it as a regulatory drawback And when i say a regulatory drawback There are numerous individuals who subject Some type of id And what we need to do is to reflect that Process in The world course of in expertise and That doesn't imply that the federal government Should subject id proper now for those who Go to a lawyer as an example they usually're Not a republican they log off on Something they've the popularity that This is one thing that is somebody who's Trusted to subject this and that is Something that one other particular person or one other Organization can use so what the bermuda Monetary authority has executed is that We've include a draft digital id Issuance um Uh uh digital id issuance Consultation paper and what it's it's For digital sorry i'm getting it proper Now digital id service supplier And so what we're doing is Licensing digital id service Providers and to not um if is there Anyone within the viewers who has something To do with digital id anybody at All one two three 4 5 six fairly a Few all proper superior moad and axe are Right there They're welcome they usually're searching for

Feedback as a result of one of many issues we Want so regretting being on this room Right now But all digital id folks go over To her I i say that as a result of the way in which wherein we Build our laws relies upon Industry suggestions and although now we have the Rough outlines what we need to be certain that Is what we put out is aware of Industry as a result of we actually consider That id is a key issue whenever you Talk about insurance coverage whenever you discuss Regulation danger id can also be Important as a result of bermuda as an International monetary middle has Specific necessities in the case of Aml kyc all these gadgets and whenever you Scale up that may very well be extremely Difficult but when now we have a expertise Base that does make that much more Efficient we are able to see even sooner development Inside of the trade and so our Perspective is to subject a digital Identity service supplier license the place You are trusted we all know what it's and So every particular person particular person will your Companies can subject sure identities That can tie by means of collectively or a Certain um Let me be certain that i get the suitable phrase Can be certain that they subject sure Credentials and that after all kinds Your whole id and we need to get

To a spot the place you're not Just going go online with fb You know you're signing on along with your Wallet as a result of that's the place it's so you Can entry authorities companies the place you Can entry personal sector companies all Through your pockets so If you get this proper You guys may very well be the last word litmus Test for a way this could work So that each one of us may finally have What we i feel many people on this room Would wish to see which is id not Being thrust upon us essentially however one Where now we have management as a person But but we nonetheless have credentialing Meaning there are many completely different Types of trusted our bodies educational Government no matter have you ever who Add to our persona and uh give us that Credibility and or no matter Credentialing that we want completely You're 100 appropriate as a result of it isn't Something that's for the federal government it Is one thing that exists all the way in which so I imply the federal government points driver's Licenses accepted id by the Government however it isn't your id And so from that perspective that's Certainly the highway we need to take however It's not for us it's for corporations that Are within this house to go forward and To proceed to subject these up so proper Now you might be in session mode sure

I'm hoping a yr from now we're going To hear that there's a pilot or Something concrete occurring completely Great however to ensure that that to occur Feedback and in order that's why i'm about to Make certain that suggestions is given and if You don't harass moat or axe after this You can at all times harass me say that you simply Want to be taught extra about it as a result of we Are actually desirous to ensure that We stay as much as our title of biddle island Awesome what number of world leaders let you know In a room please come harass me they Don't Premier you're in a league by yourself Awesome Let's discuss not solely current issues That have occurred which is financial institution Licensing with jewel financial institution and also you've had That nice article within the wall road Journal for individuals who haven't learn it Try to get a replica of it for those who're not a Subscriber you may determine it out um What's subsequent when i take into consideration Two years of kovitz been very tough The bermudan residents when i take into consideration How they're benefiting from all of this What are among the ways in which bermudan Citizens are actually going to profit and How do you see that roadmap apart from the Digital id stuff how how is that this Going to assist not solely the residents however Then additionally the world As you might be evolving all of this properly

Certainly now now we have i'll name it a mass of licensed corporations in Bermuda and uh earlier than it was very Difficult we have been driving issues from The authorities perspective however now the Industry is maturing and uh at present considered one of The issues i would definitely wish to Announce is that we actually have a brand new Industry affiliation that's fashioned in Beruta that's launched at present it's known as Next um it's actually represented right here Today um who's from subsequent who's from Next bermuda there they're proper there And what they're go bug them for those who Want to do enterprise in bermuda there you Go proper there And and that's sort of a milestone for Us as a result of now we have insurance coverage commerce Associations now we have others however now we Have digital asset and what they don't seem to be Going to essentially do is suppose for Regulatory adjustments as a result of from that Aspect we have already got a course of that Works nevertheless it's about ensuring the Ecosystem works about ensuring that There are extra corporations which might be there Making certain there's a expertise that's There which is important uh for this Industry to succeed and so from that Perspective it's additionally about driving Adoption regionally and that's a key level Because it doesn't matter when you have All these nice issues in case your residents Do not see the advantage of what it's

That you're doing then all you should have Is a politician on television and folks like Well this doesn't matter to me this simply Matters to all these wealthy Crypto folks which might be operating round it Doesn't matter to us in our on a regular basis Lives and so what we need to be certain that To do by means of secure cash as a result of we Talked earlier about interoperability of Stable cash the way in which wherein we want to Go we need to be the worldwide house for Sable cash we need to be that place Where personal sector secure cash could be Issued below regulatory setting and To be used interoperably and if that Happens on the bottom the adjustments of Which our residents will see might be Great and immense from companies paying Less cash uh actually on their much less hire extraction which Is being taken by banks from completely different Uh entry for cheaper companies much less Expensive actually and in order that's what We need to be certain that to see so we're Running uh numerous pilots considered one of our Company's secure home um is run a pilot Where they uh one other firm that was Um in bermuda that was operating a pilot Which is named badali the place they Actually run a pilot with gosling's rum Where they have been issuing some cash so You go forward and get some rum for secure Points This is true that's what we're doing

Baguda we we we had enjoyable too by the way in which Just so that you're conscious for those who if I ought to ask who on this room who's not From bermuda has been to bermuda All proper yeah i like that there's fairly Just a few hand instruments okay that's good come Back it's a lot of enjoyable now we have a tech Summit which is happening david Remind me of the dates of the tech Summit october 26-28 Oh have a look at that i obtained it proper october 26-28 however now we have enjoyable in our nation While we biddle superior and simply because You've introduced this affiliation at present Next who can be part of Anybody from overseas regionally solely who can Join properly that's an amazing query who Can be part of Yes any licensed bermuda that is An trade affiliation completely proper So you need to all proper licensed Company with a view to be part of so get your Test license after which you may be part of all Right properly there you go now the Path ahead on that So Let's discuss now What you've stated round um what You're going to do for bermuda and Citizens but additionally How have you considered The collaborations with Neighbors i imply the u.s clearly There's been numerous

Discussion round whether or not there's going To be readability on regulation at a number of Different ranges that one's a troublesome one But you've obtained different neighbors sort of Nearby How do you have a look at that kind of Collaboration or dialogue do you've Or do you've plans for extra dialogue At least on sharing as a result of There's numerous nations who may Learn from bermuda properly i imply there's a Lot of nations who've copied Bermuda's laws That's not an issue we're okay as a result of This is not only about bermuda i imply The reality is that distributed leisure Technologies goes to alter the way in which The world works it's going to alter the Store of worth it'll signify Fundamental change in so many various Places it isn't for us to attempt to maintain And hog that for ourselves it goes Against the ethos of what um i feel the Movement of what some folks Consider bitcoin a motion It's an ethos from our perspective so What we need to do is to mannequin the way you Do this properly and the way you do it proper if There are extra nations which might be doing This properly which might be doing this proper that Will lead for extra development extra adoption And higher outcomes and outcomes for Consumers whereas in sure circumstances and Instances we've seen unhealthy outcomes for

Consumers and what we need to do is to Make certain that's averted and so we'll See the regulatory scrutiny which is able to Come i don't essentially consider that Regulatory scrutiny is a nasty factor Because you don't want folks damage you Don't need folks to lose their life Savings you don't need folks subjected To scams and schemes et cetera and so i Think that's why it's necessary so for Us we share uh we've been on the highway We've spoken um in caracom we've hosted Things and share with uh caracom we've Certainly been over to the oecd to Present there we've offered um issues In the u.s congress as properly yeah uh We're cited we like what it's that we Do and we're happy with what it's that We do and um as i feel uh david advised me Uh behind uh behind stage is Like it's not bragging if it's true we Have executed one thing and we're very Proud of what we've executed it's taken us a Long time to get there although and Absolutely it's been tough it has Been tough when folks discuss You know why did it take jewel Bank three years to get a license Because Tell me the place else do you've an organization That is licensed by an internationally Respected regulator to have the ability to subject One-to-one secure cash that can be utilized Tell me the place else the actual fact is that we

Are pioneering this however we need to make Sure that we get it proper as a result of we Have a status to guard however now That you've been by means of this course of we Know that it's good it would work and That is what we're wanting ahead to The development as a result of our disadvantage has been Banking So i feel that steadiness you might be enjoying With or not enjoying however balancing Between innovating and attracting Innovation With that prudent pragmatic Regulatory First and Care to clearly Your residents and anybody past that It has been actually robust and that i'm glad You're acknowledging that it hasn't been This kind of like unicorns and rainbow Um 4 years since you guys have Learned quite a bit from missteps however you've Also discovered To be the pioneers that you're and also you Can educate others completely and and it Hasn't been straightforward however from that You keep in mind what it was like in 2018 You know the whole lot in two Years blockchain's gonna change Everything nothing's gonna exist There'll be no extra jobs all that sort Of stuff and typically you uh purchase into The peak however that's why you need to Biddle you need to proceed to fiddle and

That's what it's that we're doing right here So now now we have considered one of as we contemplate it One of the ultimate constructing blocks the place We even have a financial institution to service Digital asset corporations which was Something that we didn't have and also you Know now we have all these corporations that we Talked about none of them have working Bank accounts bermuda all of them have Operating financial institution accounts exterior as a result of Our native banks doesn't have that now we Have one thing and that can actually Even speed up the expansion of what it's That we're doing in bermuda extra properly I'm so excited to listen to what you're going To say a yr from now not to mention what You're saying proper now however we solely have A pair we're going to wrap up So if You may have Anything and that i imply like actually have Anything all of the frictions eliminated what Would be kind of the factor that you simply see A yr from now occurring for bermuda Things go proper like all issues go proper What what the place are you in a yr Um oh Whoa It's like There's a bit of energy drawback Um what would i say i need to be in a Year i offers you severe after which i Will um provide you with uh the uh joke uh the Serious facet is simply the continued

Growth and extra bermudians employed Because i feel that's the Critical level i had a uh i used to be telling You backstage had a dialog with Realm earlier and in a yr they've Tripled the quantity of bermudians that They've had on employees of their aubry Meetings in our workplace 13 folks which Is unbelievable and for a rustic as small As ours that really does make a Difference so what i need to see ideally Would like to speak about is We're right here at present speaking about that There's 60 folks using the digital Asset trade subsequent yr i need to say That there's going to be double that Right now now we have 15 corporations which might be Licensed we had 10 at the start of The yr i need to come again and say That we've doubled that as properly We're attempting to go to Exponential development on the enjoyable facet what Would i wish to say and what can be Ideal for me Chances are for you that i can go to chop Match subsequent yr and purchase my rum with an App on my telephone and pay in a us sorry Bermuda greenback secure coin obtained it That's what i need likelihood [Music] Awesome Marching orders all proper properly look i Want to thanks on your time it's so Good to see you i'm certain you're going to

Get mobbed by a complete bunch of individuals Here however actually i hope you and the remaining Of the crew superior bermuda crew um Enjoy your subsequent few days right here okay it's Andrew it's so good to see you and thank You very a lot thanks Keep going [Music]