Diver Finds Possible Human Skull Bone Underwater! (Police Called)

Types of Swimwear

It often seems that there hundreds of manufacturers when it comes to swimwear, and a huge range of choice in what sorts can be worn. This maybe true for women but when it comes to men's swimwear is much more limited.

Swim Costume For Babies

There is no more demand than ever for a good quality days the business of baby swim costume. The marked increase in the last few years in baby swimming classes around UK and globally has made it essential that a well fitting, comfortable and stylish baby swim costume is readily available at all specialist retailers. Linked to babies starting swimming from a young age is the confidence and therefore increase in families attending more water theme parks, family clubs and beach holidays.

The Dangers Of Diving Boards

Backyard and neighborhood pools are a traditional source of entertainment throughout the warm summer months. While they provide hours of fun, their diving boards supply countless opportunities for serious injuries.

Swimwear – Modern and Still Evolving

Today's swimming suits are as much about fashion as they are about performance. Both men and women spend hours in the gym and thousands of dollars under the knife in order to look their best on the beach.

How Swimming Helps You To Be Healthy & Fit

Swimming is a very effective physical exercise. Swimming is one activity that is refreshing to both body and mind. Swimming helps to burn calories, lose weight, relax body and refresh the mind.

Swimming Lessons For Babies

Mums and Bubs swimming lesson sessions are designed for babies aged between 6 and 24 months. Mothers or fathers go into the pool with the babies. Not every swim school will offer these lessons. So ring around and pick the one that you are most comfortable with.

Swimming Lessons For Kids

Most children start taking swimming lessons from around 3 years of age. Here are a few tips for making this whole process of learning swimming a pleasant one…

How Swimming Can Help Both You And Your Pets

Swimming allows you to get a good workout without sweating! For a dog, a 5 minute swim is equivalent to about a 5 mile run, whilst for a horse, 10 minutes swimming is equivalent to about an hours schooling! But the natural buoyancy of the water and the fact that sudden twists, stops and falls are impossible makes hydrotherapy a safe and effective form of exercise.

Advantages Of Swimming In Keeping You Fit

Swimming is great for those who have arthritis or back problems, weight problems or are pregnant an added bonus for those with lung conditions, such as asthma, is that the air round a swimming pool is usually very humid, which makes breathing more comfortable. Swimming is always an activity that involves risk and you should make sure there are lifeguards in attendance whenever you use the pool.

Swimming Workouts – A Low Impact Fitness Option

Swimming is an excellent alternative to running or cycling for staying in shape since it's extremely easy to personalize a series of swimming workouts that help each individual swimmer master the strokes and focus on the ones that need more practice. These sample swimming routines cover the warm-up, main stroke sets, and cool down necessary for each practice session.

Baby Swimming Lessons

Many parents like to enroll their children in baby swimming lessons as a way of getting them accustomed to the water and to learn water safety at a young age. Here are some tips for getting babies ready for lessons including tips for the bathtub at home, bringing toys to the pool, and blowing bubbles underwater once they're ready.

Swimming Conditioning Workouts

To stay in shape and develop one's skills as a swimmer, it's a great idea to engage in a series of swimming conditioning workouts. Here's a sample conditioning workout that integrates many different strokes for an overall workout of the entire body that's sure to tone and shape while building muscle memory for faster strokes.

The Swim from Europe to Africa

I swam the fifty yards from the guide boat to the rocky point that was the southern tip of Spain. I placed my hand on the cold rock, without looking up, I turned toward the open sea and began the nine mile swim across the Strait of Gibraltar. On the other side was the northern tip of Morocco, Africa. This is the story of how on September 17, 2007, I became the 175th person and 24th American to cross the Strait of Gibraltar by swimming.

9th FINAL World Swimming Championships at the MEN Arena, Manchester

The MEN Arena in Manchester is best known as a pop and event venue hosting such acts as Kylie Minogue and the Rolling Stones and so was the unlikely venue for the World Swimming Championships held in Manchester 9-13 April 2008. Not only was this the first time that a swimming competition of its kind was held in the UK but The MEN Arena was the first events venue in the UK to host such an event.

How To Teach Your Child To Swim

You can teach your child to swim as young as 3 years old. Take your child to swim as often as you can. Progress at the rate your child will set so you do not cause them to be afraid of the water.

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