Divers Shocked at What They Find Under 30,000 People! (WARNING: Parental Advisory)

Drafting and Sighting in Open Water Swim Races

Drafting and sighting are two very important skills needed during open water swim races and triathlons. Learn more here about these helpful techniques.

Open Water Swimming Clinics and Practices

Practicing in the open water before a race is extremely beneficial. Swimming in the open water varies significantly from being in a pool. Giving yourself the chance to adjust to the new environment will result in a more relaxed and pleasant race.

Overlooked Skills Needed for an Open Water Swim Race

Once your open water swim race is underway, a few important elements come into play. Proper breathing, effectively rounding the buoy, and quickly exiting the water can make or break your race time. Remember these overlooked but necessary skills during a race.

Starting an Open Water Swim Race

The start of an open water swim race may be the most stressful part. Race preparation, smoothly entering the water and managing the frenzy will help you to have a successful and fast open water swim event.

Handling Panic During an Open Water Swim Race

Many open water swimmers find themselves panicking at some point during their racing career. This common feeling can be acknowledged and addressed with a number of helpful techniques.

Fun Facts About Swimming

Whether you're a factoid freak or just love swimming, you're sure to love the list of interesting and unique swimming facts below. Who knew that swimming could be so interesting?!

Review: Churchill Fins Are The Perfect Swim Fin

Churchill fins reviewed as the premium swim fin. These fins have the perfect balance, power and style. In addition, most top pro's have chosen to wear them at one time in their career.

Men's Fitness System Vs. Women's Fitness System

While many brands might claim that their ‘unisex' exercise devices are great for both men and women, this isn't always the case for water specific workout products. Not all, but most water aerobics equipment relies on buoyancy to create significant drag in the water.

Do You Need a Swim Race Wetsuit?

Are you starting to plan your upcoming open water swim race or triathlon? You may be wondering whether or not you should wear a wetsuit. This article explains the benefits and types of swimming wetsuits.

Tips on Using a Wetsuit for Swim Races

The novice competitor may not be familiar with the details of using a wetsuit during a triathlon or open water swim race. Use these tips to get started with confidence.

Try a Triathlon Swim Class

Do you want to improve your open water swimming skills? Are you preparing for your next triathlon? Check out a triathlon specific swim class. You will receive coaching and practice time with fellow triathletes.

Swimmer Rescue Device – Beach Pier Launched Flotation

As a lover of the coast, I enjoy living on the beach. The other day while I was taking my jog, I was daydreaming, as I walked out onto the nearby pier. I saw the kids playing, and realized there was a rip tide not more than about 50 yards from them. The lifeguard was not on duty, because quite frankly, the water was probably pretty cold this time of year, but perhaps these kids were from Chicagoland, coming to California on vacation. In that case the water was plenty warm for them.

Swimming Tech – Beach Launched Inflatable Raft to Rescue Drowning Victims

You can ask any lifeguard and they will tell you that they must constantly be scanning the water and the surf if they are going to save anyone from drowning. Sometimes there will be someone drowning, and people on the beach will start pointing out into the water, these onlookers will yell and scream and jump up and down to catch the lifeguard's attention. However, this is not always the case. Sometimes there will be so much activity on the beach that no one will notice that someone is out there drowning, they may see them waving their hands and flailing around, but they don't think anything of it.

Physics and Swimming Insight W/ Team USA Swimming High Performance Consultant, Russell Mark

Russell Mark is a USA Swimming National Team High Performance Consultant. He is an adviser for the development of Team USA Olympic swimmers, working directly with them and their respective coaches, providing training and racing feedback and steps for improvement.

A Swimmer's Vacation: A Guide to the Best Swims in the World

Looking for great ideas for a swimming-centered vacation?? Check out the options below and you're bound to find a new swimming adventure that's perfect for you! If you find yourself in Mexico, headed to the ancient ruins of Tulum, you'll definitely want to make a short detour to the Gran Cenote.

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