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Swimming Pool Chemical Balancing Tips

There are many reasons why pools tend to turn cloudy at times. When this happens, you should try to find out why. Improper chemical balancing is one common cause.

Importance Of Shock Treatments By Pool Service Companies

Shock treatments form an integral part of your pool maintenance program. Extensive use of the swimming pool, exposure to the sun, rains and other organic materials may result to cloudy and unhealthy water for swimming.

It Takes A Brave Man

It takes a gallant – or crazy – person to brave the elements in order to join a prestigious group. Clive – we won't use his real name – did just that.

What New Masters Swimmers Need To Know

One of the biggest steps you will ever take as an adult swimmer is to join a masters swim team or to at least work out with one. Most people don't have a lot of confidence in their swimming skills, even if they swam as youngsters, so joining a team as an adult can be pretty daunting. Here is some information that can help you transition into a new team easily, and do so without finding yourself breaking any of those unwritten rules that many teams have.

Swimming Pool Cleaning Tips

Ever found yourself spending your time more on cleaning the pool rather than enjoying it? Pool cleaning and maintenance can be quite hectic if not handled properly. Rather than going for pool cleaner services provider by professionals, you can do the cleaning yourself. It's time for you to make yourself aware about a few swimming pool cleaning tips.

The Benefits Of Hiring A Pool Cleaning Service Company

As many residents would confess, swimming pools are very enjoyable facilities to have in your back yard. Quite a number of fun activities can be performed in and around the pool area thus making it important to ensure that this area is well kept. Some of the responsibilities include the duty of maintenance and cleaning which can be delegated to professional pool cleaning service workers who are licensed to carry out this trade.

Important Benefits Of Pool Maintenance Service

A swimming pool is a basic luxury that most people would wish to have. In order to enjoy the services, some cleaning measures need adoption. Hiring a pool company that will conduct weekly pool maintenance service is one important factor to put into consideration.

How Swimming With Music Can Make Working Out Easier

Most people think of swimming as a pretty solitary sport and when you hear people like Michael Phelps describe their training, all you hear is about the thousands of laps that they do, “looking at the black line”. While there is certainly a lot of reasons why Phelps would get bored with swimming, the truth is that it is a lot of fun for some of us still and by incorporating an underwater MP3 player into your workout, it can be even more enjoyable.

Why Weight Training Is So Beneficial To Swimmers

Just like any other sport, a swimmer's ability to cut through the water is enhanced by strong, lean muscles. In addition to it being beneficial for strong muscles, both dry land and underwater strength training are a necessary addition to any swimmers routine in order to increase bone strength. Because swimming is a non weight-bearing exercise, it does not naturally help build bone strength.

Hand Paddles Explained

A swim paddle is a plastic device that is worn on or held in the hands while swimming to enhance training results. Essentially, wearing hand paddles can feel a bit like adding rigid webbing to your fingers.

Life Jackets For Kids, US Coast Guard Approved, What Does This Mean?

What is the “best” life jacket for your kids? Understand the meaning of: U.S. Coast Guard Approved. Without this understanding you put the safety of your child at risk.

Should A $5 Price Difference Be The Deciding Factor?

The Stearns Puddle Jumper, is a life jacket for kids, U.S. Coast Guard Approved. Which of two models is “the best” personal flotation device for kids? The Basic or Deluxe model?

Swimming With Disabilities

Because water is supportive, soothing and easy on the entire body, various types of workouts can be done successfully by people who suffer from joint pain, nagging injuries, like neck, back, and even spinal cord injuries, and anyone else with a condition that impedes workouts on dry land. To get the most out of your aqua cardio session, there are several therapeutic products specifically designed with water workouts in mind. Take a look at the list below and see if any of the devices will ease you back into a better, healthier body.

Renovation Ideas To Modernise Your Swimming Pool

With today's weather, swimming pools get a lot of use. From summer pool parties to everyday wear and tear from constant swimming, a pool can quickly start to deteriorate. Older homes may have outdated swimming pools that need resurfacing, new filtration or electrical systems, or added water features to modernise the look and feel of the pool. Here are some ideas to help you renovate your existing pool to get it ready for summer:

Swimming Tips For Beginners – Lengthening Your Stroke

Swimming is an ideal exercise in that it is low-impact, but can still give you a great workout and sculpt your body. Just look at the physiques of all those Olympic swimmers! However, if you are just beginning swimming for the very first time in your life, it is integral that you keep these following swimming tips for beginners in mind as you do your first few laps.

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