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The state of is launched by Tron Connecting the to the flexibility of All correct be part of us now with additional particulars Is quinus pulse and Managing editor Nick day who may also be the Editor of coines the state of crypto Newsletter good morning Nick so Quan's Location was a thriller for months you he talked about he was in maybe Dubai and Serbia after which he was Arrested in Montenegro so how did All culminate Hey good morning yeah so yesterday uh Officials with Montenegro notably Interior Minister uh Philip adzik and Then later the uh site and Account tied to the within Ministry of Montenegro talked about that Quan was detained While trying to uh depart the nation is Apparently uh trying to board a plane to Dubai in Montenegro he was touring With false paperwork so Um you notice we're not sure pretty exactly What these paperwork talked about um you notice There have been rumors going spherical I Think you've seen a couple of of those as successfully But we don't know pretty exactly what he Had nevertheless he appeared to have a false Passport and he was detained the Montenegro police contacted South Korea And requested for help what identification Verification and the police talked about yeah That's his uh you notice comparable age comparable

Name comparable high otherwise you notice points like That later throughout the night time they confirmed His fingerprints matched as successfully and Um a pair hours later the U.S Officials filed a you notice large Indictment alleging quite a few forms of Fraud and saying they've been going to hunt Extradition to the U.S Yeah sure Montenegro is in Europe and Not in Asia proper Uh yeah nevertheless Quan already confronted civil Charges filed by the SEC which alleged In February that he misled merchants so What is Quan being charged with now Nick So the indictment that we observed yesterday Uh alleges forms of Securities fraud Commodities fraud wire fraud uh Conspiracy for fraud uh and conspiracy To commit and Um as soon as extra yeah a couple of of those costs do Match what we've heard from the SEC remaining Month nevertheless uh Sony's costs as soon as extra these Are authorized costs now so that you notice Rather than going by a efficient Quan if Convicted would jail time And comparable penalties like that so Um you notice that's good or and Of course we already know that South Korean law enforcement officials have been Quan and terraform labs For pretty a while now so I'm you notice One of the questions I do have that I Don't know an answer to however is uh Whether South Korea goes to have

Priority on this or if merely gonna try And Um you notice see the extradition first Given that dokon is or was a South Korean nationwide Um and easily exactly adapt my play Out I so what variety of what variety of jurisdictions Have one factor on dokwan proper right here it's it's Like U.S clearly merely now South Korea I really feel you talked about it was investigating I Mean did it might it Go by who claimed Them first I indicate how does this uh And whether or not or not or not they've an Extradition treaty with yeah Well Montenegro arrested him as a result of The Interpol crimson uncover that um you notice We've heard about I think about so uh Yeah I really feel Montenegro will be eager To extradite Um to you notice whichever nation as far As how exactly they choose which nation That is Um yeah it's question I really feel you Know part of that is uh South Korean Officials and U.S officers to start with Sacramento officers I don't suppose have Actually talked about they should extract him Yet nevertheless I assume there is usually a Negotiation they usually'd that out Either that or they go to docket docket in Montenegro and uh you notice see if a Judge has any alternative on who should Have priority or who should go first you

Did see one factor type of comparable all through The btce trials for Alexander vitnick Way once in uh 2018 or 19. Wow hopefully it doesn't end up throughout the U.S jail with rednecks he doesn't like Rednecks You've obtained to have a look at our uh interview With Daquan from December of 2021. get All the details all correct Nick thanks so much for monitoring These that was coincidence Managing editor of worldwide protection Regulation Nick day don't neglect to sign Up for the state of crypto publication on .com