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Elon Musk modified the model to a doge and now we're Seeing a surge in Doge Yeah that's uh really let's Why don't we usher in our subsequent customer Because he's obtained a variety of information on Stuff uh that's on account of our subsequent customer Is Joshua Frank he's the co-founder and The CEO of kryptadata platform the Thai Welcome Josh Thanks for having me on I'm glad to see You so uh we observed this uh as Christine merely said we observed this enhance In in after Twitter head by Elon Musk who's a large Dogecoin Advocate Uh he modified the little bluebird with A little canine that every one the Doge People seem to love the shiba So what are we seeing in information in phrases Of that I suggest what's just a few of The the the massive picture stuff that we're Seeing on this on this on account of that's a That's a hell of a an increase proper right here in The of Doge resulting from this Yeah I suggest like I suggest it's it's it's It's it's humorous to try to provide a Sophisticated reply to a particularly Unsophisticated Topic in that it's a Meme that went up 30 on account of Elon you Know modified the model on Twitter uh nevertheless What we've seen is I suggest large Movement correct I suggest the worth of the Asset surged by over 30 throughout the first Hour and a half alone dropped a bit

Bit nevertheless truly moved once more up in Asian Hours and I imagine what's truly uh Interesting to check out is that a big Amount of the quantity really bought right here from Korea uh a variety of the quantity was traded Against the Korean Won uh on up it there Was about three and a half situations the Volume on up it then on uh than on Um Um for that matter and so truly Interesting to see I suggest I imagine Something to remember is that Does need Um meme money and it needs movement to Uh truly switch correct I suggest we Need that retail liquidity and that Liquidity bought right here the time When the market was truly transferring amidst The as hysteria of all of the issues Going on in Reddit as a result of it pertains to AMC And completely different shares as successfully so I imagine you Know it's it's a usually an outstanding issue That retail curiosity is coming once more in The market for irrespective of trigger that that Interest is being pushed by by Korea Which is historically tended to gamble a Bit further on belongings than than we've now in The US and completely different markets Um nevertheless I imagine what's moreover fascinating To take a look at and I'd like to hearken to Your guys's opinion on this Um is is that this the impression of how How quite a lot of an impression Elon might make and So we really tracked a ton of knowledge on

This once more in 2021 and uh or sorry In 2020 and 2021 and what we observed was Basically 19 conditions when Elon bought right here Out and tweeted about Dogecoin the Average price movement was was very Significant I imagine it was over 15 Percent this really was the sixth most Impactful event ever so it's nonetheless Having the similar impression as his events did In 2020 one in 2020 when the market was Really type of on the tear important into That SNL episode when all people type of Thought Dogecoin was going to go as a lot as a Dollar and what I imagine could be truly Important to note proper right here is that's the Second most dialog we've ever seen In phrases of a surge so relative Conversation ranges introduced on by Elon Musk On Dogecoin so we observed a few 700 Increase in conversations spherical Dogecoin and the second most ever was His first ever tweet on Dogecoin so he Still has important impression Over the market clearly I merely must adjust to up in your career Point which is definitely fascinating Because Korea has been transferring a bunch of Coins currently um so merely to clarify Would you take into account that Korea is the precept Force geographically behind the Doge Surge and as well as must you've checked out any Other worldwide areas on account of it's always Really fascinating to note that Geographical distribution of these kind

Of um I don't know rallies So I I don't I don't assume so provided that Numerous the occurred immediately After they modify the model and different folks Noticed it and I take into account that was I Don't keep in mind the exact time that that Came out so I'd have to check out that nevertheless Presumably that was on U.S hours uh when That occurred nevertheless I imagine the rally was Certainly sustained by in Korea And there was there was even wanting you Know at spherical seven or eight pm closing Night which was early throughout the Morning in Korea Korea was already a Very important amount of the quantity I Think in the meanwhile I observed about 600 Million in amount over 24 hours an Update which has since surged 800 Million so there was clearly continued Buying all by way of the night nevertheless I imagine This has been a growth that we're seeing Kind of broadly since spherical March twenty fifth Which is that Asian hours in European Hours Traders are literally transferring the so we had been seeing that For a while we then observed amidst The banking catastrophe really the U.S Market launched up it didn't Really convey the remainder up however it certainly Bought launched Bitcoin up type of on the Back of this Narrative of a Hedge in direction of banking like all of the issues in Crypto that narrative lasts about three Days after which we moved on to the next

Narrative correct and now it appears to be like like You know the market as quickly as as soon as extra is being Moved uh in non-us hours shopping for and promoting on account of U.S U.S Mark primarily every all through the board is trailing On Us Hours or a lot much less two or so weeks I merely must know that Dogecoin attribute liquidations jumped to 26 million {{dollars}} after Twitter Displayed that token model for uh Doge For some clients I moreover wished to ask you Know for Elon do everyone knows how lots he Personally holds or how lots Tesla holds Uh and even SpaceX even Twitter and and In phrases of is that being Tracked We don't we don't have information I don't Think I don't assume anybody has achieved a Tremendous dogecoin's its private So I don't assume anybody is definitely doing Dogecoin information maybe there are a Couple of us which are literally attempting to Dive into it so I'm not I'm not solely Sure though I imagine Gary genstler would Love to know the reply to that question Yeah we must always at all times we must always at all times attain out to Him and see if what he's monitoring uh so Let's once more a bit bit uh furthermore Those you you type of talked about just a few of The movement occurring all through U.S hours Um what do you suppose is as you Mentioned the this sort of uh Rush to crypto in the midst of the the type of Flash banking catastrophe that we had a

Couple of weeks up to now uh has that has that Sustained itself so far or had Things died down the place are you seeing Right now a variety of the volumes occurring Is it largely into Bitcoin is it largely During U.S hours what what are we what Are we having a look at proper right here correct now must you Were to say that's what the market Looks like correct now Yeah I imagine I imagine that's a that's a Hard question to answer over the past Seven days nearly all of the issues is Outperforming Bitcoin so I imagine this Bitcoin narrative has type of subsided a Little bit uh in that type of This Rush from Banks into Bitcoin it Lasted for just some weeks over the past 30 Days Bitcoin in 90 days Bitcoin is Outperforming nearly all of the issues throughout the Market aside from You know nearly nearly nothing maybe xrp Which is carried out very successfully type of you Know on the once more of of rumors that maybe They're going to win their Against the SEC at an in depth Period of time uh nevertheless we've positively Seen a rotation that happens in crypto a Lot usually Bitcoin is the asset that Moves first and the rest of the market Kind of follows behind it Um so I don't assume there's one thing That that we're capable of say with with Conviction I imagine a variety of the volumes Are positively not throughout the US and the

Market broadly is transferring on non-us hours For irrespective of trigger privateness money Actually look like doing the proper in Asia hours I don't I don't have a implausible Explanation for that I ponder if anybody Here has a thought Um nevertheless nevertheless the market broadly seems to Be transferring uh outside of the US Where are these privateness I suggest did you When you talked about privateness money are They are they occurring uh let's say on Binance are they occurring on any Specific exchanges uh an exit out of Bitcoin and into some privateness money Uh I can positively take a look on the data on That I'm wanting further with regards to the hours of shopping for and promoting so if we take a look at What we broadly Define as agent hours Versus U.S hours uh Asian hours for Whatever trigger I suggest privateness money are Up very significantly all through that in The time interval Just uh just one question regarding the Whole hours issue though I suggest I'm very Fascinated by this topic nevertheless there's Kind of how you can recreation the hours question Right like Bots algorithmic Trading I suggest are we truly assured That merely having a look at hours truly Indicates geographical location I imagine I imagine that's a great stage nevertheless I imagine the reality that we're seeing in at Least the case of Dogecoin a variety of the Buying occurring on a Korean alternate

And seeing the train happen on Asian Hours I imagine I imagine to your stage and Lawrence's stage it's a of The two correct so I imagine you most likely Have to look into every to assemble Conviction nevertheless I imagine the reality {that a} Lot of that train is happening on Retail exchanges uh implies that Yes there's a market maker on the other Side of the commerce correct however it certainly means That that that that it's seemingly Happening in that space All correct Josh thanks lots for Joining us and providing your That was the Thai co-founder and CEO Josh Frank