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Talk in regards to the banking catastrophe people Silicon Valley Bank was in catastrophe has Failed and now U.S Regulators are according to by The Wall Street Journal these embody the Justice division and the SEC making an attempt Into the Silicon Valley Bank collapse And moreover making an attempt into allegedly some Withdrawals by key Executives correct Before the monetary establishment's failure now the piece Is quick to position quick to note that you simply simply these investigations may not lead To bills or one thing really Happening nonetheless they're people all through the Halls of presidency shifting to know A bit increased what the hell occurred late Last week all correct that's the story I'm Going to toss to will what do you Think you already know The Regulators they want To get in and decide what's taking place Maybe Dole out some fines some penalties We'll see if it includes that nonetheless what Are your concepts on this one Yeah the kind of story does happen pretty A bit correct whereas there's some sort of Financial throughout the Department of Justice steps in to search around barely Bit sort of like a firefighter going to The scenes of a Bernie establishing and Saying like Okay what's the Clues proper right here Let's select up some guarantee That all of the items is above board and we Don't really know yeah it has VB if There was some sort of malfeasance we do

Know correct now that that they'd a mismatch Mismatch in belongings and liabilities and That precipitated a run on the monetary establishment as quickly as all The depositors have been educated of the Situation we don't really discover out about Malfeasance however they normally're going to Look into this the one issue that is Interesting proper right here and it was confirmed by This is that numerous the Executives at svb did promote into the week Before the collapse of this Bank a lot Of people don't seem to be that correct It's it's a nasty look merely to be Your shares going into that uh we've Seen this time and time as soon as extra inside the place numerous crypto uh holders Will do {that a} should you'll To me though comparable to you do should ask a Little bit I I don't know if the monetary establishment Partners knew that's going to interrupt down Right sooner than correct favor it did appear to be It was fairly sturdy after which all of a Sudden there was a discover despatched out from a Bunch of assorted Founders inside Silicon Valley circles that led to run On the monetary establishment that's the issue with Friends of the monetary establishment correct they're merely Sporadic and random events that occur Very shortly so that you already know probably they solely Sold on account of they wanted to advertise and it Wasn't really one thing to do with the Run of the monetary establishment which had not occurred At that time nonetheless I'll throw it over to Wendy I'm sorry successfully I've to I merely I

I gotta say it I consider that this was I Think that they knew exactly what was Happening and I consider it's very very Like the time interval bankruption should happen Like it's not even an precise time interval to me Because people deserve entry to their Money 24 7 365 and one of the simplest ways the banking System is about up is it doesn't allow People to do this we're talking about Hard-working Americans proper right here that should Have entry to their money nonetheless as soon as extra we Have the Ivory Towers we have the people That are working the banks realizing that There was factors realizing that there was Problems they provided a bunch of shares and It's a lot harder to hint than it'll Be a transaction and that's Problematic for me Um there's moreover been experiences that Certain board members of express Banks labored over at Lehman Brothers Been 2007 sooner than that vast occurred So it's and I do know we've talked about it On the current that you simply simply'll sometimes see People in standard Finance merge over From utterly totally different areas even though there Was a difficulty with the preliminary place They labored with I don't discover out about you But all of the roles that I've had the 9 To fives I had while you do a nasty job they Fire you and while you try to get a job Somewhere else throughout the enterprise good luck Especially I consider the similar Standards should be held account or

Should be handed over into Like banking on account of that does really people's top quality of life so I'm Not very pleased with any of the problems That's taking place and I'll proceed to Call these Bad actors out as I see match I consider it was perhaps the Macroeconomic tsunami that did these Guys in correct there's this era Mismatch between the U.S treasuries that They have been invested in and the speedy cost At which people have been demanding their Money they couldn't promote in time and they've been selling they've been selling At a loss and that merely is a dropping Formula I consider really is that of just like social media Fueled tempo at which we see Finance Unfold as we speak versus sort of like Banking 9 to five Traditional what appears really gradual in Retrospect and these Banks aren't To aren't able to maintain correct like This is one factor that you simply already know sends out an e-mail it's a Founders Fund portfolio corporations and sooner than you Know it everybody appears to be talking about how Quickly can we get our money out of Silicon Valley monetary establishment sooner than uh you already know Before the sooner than the 's up so this Whole issue I consider um you already know may be More in regards to the fed and its selections Than any express mismanagement Decisions on the monetary establishment nonetheless probably the doj

And the SEC will uncover out we'll see