DryFob Waterproof Container Keeps Your Keys Safe While Scuba Diving

DryFob showcased its durable, water-proof container at the 2021 Diving Equipment & Marketing Association (DEMA) show this week. Check out the details below.

Nathalie Martel, inventor and founder of DryFob, came up with the idea for this waterproof container after she got tired of trying to find places to hide her keys while shore diving. Made of anodized-aluminum with a dual O-ring seal rated to 130 feet, this container allows you to safely carry your keys with you underwater. It can be stowed in a BC pocket, but also has attachment points for a lanyard, bungee or clip. The DryFob is designed to be neutrally buoyant when carrying a key fob, and its 95-mm-by-42-mm interior cavity provides room for most standard car key fobs.

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