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Welcome again to cryptos Ross I Am George We're all George so tonight extra Elon News yesterday after all Tesla had its Earnings name however at the moment we're discovering Out that Elon plans on firing 75 of Twitter staff take into consideration that additionally There's an enormous big Bitcoin choices Expiration that's taking place tomorrow so Let's speak about stuff and extra All proper let's get began Smash Up Delight subscribe to channel ensure that You hit that notification Bell to get Notified of all my streams observe me on Social media take a look at cryptosros.com And ensure you observe my different Channels as properly I posted one other Another home video I'm George tonight So ensure you watch it after this Stream all proper guys welcome welcome You what let's simply get to it let's Get proper to it we all know that Tesla Released their earnings And it was disappointing I might say Well I imply in my view wasn't that Bad in truth it wasn't dangerous in any respect as a result of Their development continues to be good however it got here a Little bit decrease than expectations proper But one of many issues that Elon talked About throughout his uh earnings name was The acquisition of Twitter he plans on Still shifting ahead that and he does Think that it's going to repay Eventually however now it's popping out that He plans on shedding almost 75 p.c

That's an enormous chunk so he plans on after Acquiring Twitter To drop the 5500 staffers right down to about 2 000. so that could be a large large layoff Now he goes on and admits that he Believes he most likely Overpaid since you provide 54.54 and 20 cents per share proper and Then he attempt to again out as a result of he Thought that uh Twitter was not Him correct details about Bots and So forth proper however then Twitter introduced A lawsuit to him and I don't know what He modified his thoughts now he desires to he Wants to purchase him again so now The courts are getting him till the twenty eighth to provide you with sufficient financing so That they will transfer ahead with it proper But 75 p.c lower you bought to suppose that He's doing it as a result of Um he's attempting to make Twitter Profitable and um and we'll see we'll See if it really however I believed that is Pretty fairly massive fairly massive information from Elon and uh and yesterday I talked about How Elon and Tesla what they Did with Bitcoin nothing actually they Still saved the remaining quantity 25 of What that they had earlier than which was nonetheless Over 200 million and who is aware of who is aware of What Elon plans on doing with Bitcoin in The future and even Doge perhaps after

Twitter and shedding the 50 you Know the three 000 one thing plus staff Maybe he then decides to deal with Dogecoin who is aware of But I did have a look at a few of the feedback And I feel a number of you guys in reside Chat additionally made a feedback related about Hey 75 p.c isn't that a lot whenever you Consider virtually one hundred pc our Bots Yeah that's that's a superb level as a result of There are a lot Bots on the market on Twitter proper now now as for one Social media firm one which I've Never ever ever used and I don't know if Any of you guys nonetheless use or ever used Uh snap which is the mother or father firm a Snapchat plunged 27 aftermarket as a result of Of Revenue Miss like social media Companies proper now are simply not doing Good not doing good uh Facebook is Struggling Snapchat is struggling Twitter is struggling everyone seems to be Struggling proper now proper so it's simply Not Not good general 20 down 27 p.c Wow wow all proper so Outside of this massive Tesla properly not Tesla Elon Twitter information what else is happening Well the opposite massive factor that's Happening tomorrow is that this big Bitcoin Options expiration 510 million {dollars} value and the Bulls Are bears once more are combating proper now If you discover the Bitcoin is correct

Around 19 000 as a result of that's an Important Mark for tomorrow so this Breaks it down mainly there's a ton Of calls uh between 18 and 19 000 proper and then you definately acquired some between 19 and 20 000 after which somewhat bit extra Between 20 and 21 000 and and quite a bit Actually between 21 and 22. so there's There's really the extra there's quite a bit More name choices between 21 and 22 Right and the Bears are attempting to make Sure that doesn't hit as a result of if we do Break to 2122 I imply clearly the Bulls Win proper and it might break us above This funk that we're in round 19 000 Right now Um so we'll see there's not that a lot Time left it's it's 9 00 p.m Central Standard Time I Think choices expiration Is someday tomorrow very early I Remember earlier than once I checked it was Like very early 4 or 5 a.m Central Standard Time so there's not a lot time But now we have seen some large Tremendous strikes Um earlier than So we'll must see what occurs Tomorrow and in addition one thing that relates Is 111 million {dollars} of steady cash Flew into Exchanges okay over the previous couple of days So why did this occur why do folks Deposit steady cash into the exchanges Because they're purchase proper so

Who simply deposited 111 million {dollars} Worth of steady cash Not I perhaps somewhat bit from me however who Knows perhaps it's a mix of Or perhaps it's a whales on the point of Drive issues up who is aware of however there are Lots of Lots of people simply ready for the Right proper ready to fomo In Um I'm undecided if that's the precise manner To do it however there are undoubtedly quite a bit Of cash on sitting on the sidelines People are ready for some conf some Kind of affirmation for a backside proper Uh after which cash will actually actually Start flowing in I've been displaying you Guys a number of these type of Confirmations unchain metrics Ta a number of stuff right here's one other one This is an attention-grabbing one from Sentiment one other type of a kind of Uh indicators and fashions Traders now Shorting greater than longing and a Majority of all cash costs extra possible To rise in these circumstances surprisingly Enough exterior of Bitcoin you do have a Tremendous quantity of quick stress on All cash so at the moment you'll have observed Even although Bitcoin didn't transfer however all Coins did proper so when the Bears we Hear this in regards to the Bulls however when the Bears begin getting grasping the Saying proper bulls and bears

Wait earn a living Hogs get slaughtered I Think that's the I feel that's the Phrase Um however uh yeah we haven't we haven't Really seen anybody dare to quick actually You know Bitcoin is simply who would who Would attempt to quick Bitcoin at 19 000 Right however it does look like there's extra Traders that's attempting to quick in opposition to All cash pondering that perhaps they're Gonna be extra weak point arising proper But what often whenever you get a Lot of shorts a number of Leverage guess What occurs We get a squeeze and a brief squeeze Could be on the way in which and that pertains to Everything else that I simply talked about Maybe we're gonna get an enormous upright Especially if that 111 million steady Coins is used to purchase and go lengthy Who is aware of however one other a kind of Interesting attention-grabbing issues that's Happening proper now however after all Outside exterior of these issues The holders proceed to develop Addresses with a steadiness of 0.1 Bitcoin Continues to rise once more shaped a brand new High over 3.8 million addresses holding At least 0.1 Bitcoin Okay 0.1 Bitcoin that's nonetheless quite a bit I Know a few of you guys have far more than One proper far more than level one but when You give it some thought for common common Family on the market that's that's that will

Be conservative lately been been Saving and never spending us extra even Pulling on bitcoin that's that's Nineteen hundred {dollars} that's two Thousand {dollars} not everybody may simply Plop out two thousand {dollars} to purchase Bitcoin proper so even level one Bitcoin Is fairly vital if you concentrate on It however after all if you will get to 1 Bitcoin that's large But the variety of folks which might be Turning in Bitcoin continues to develop you Know within the mornings I lined sufficient About macro stuff Right what's happening the UK prime Minister Uh resigns after like Six weeks Um and all the pieces else that's happening In Japan in Europe and the US proper People are simply fed up desires to unplug Um and get into one thing higher you Know so an increasing number of individuals are attempting In Bitcoin this is the reason you may see There's really even with bitcoin's Price falling right down to the 17 18 19 Mark The variety of addresses really Increased much more proper So there are undoubtedly a number of sensible People on the market turning to bitcoin and Of course there's a number of very massive Smart whales that's been shopping for behind The scenes by the billions as properly so These Guys these guys know what's going

On all proper uh what else is happening in The world uh that is massive that is massive for Uh the folks's forex xrp Um lastly Finally the SEC arms over their Internal emails drafts of the 2008 18 Speech Um which Ripple has been asking for and They gained quite a few Um quite a few judges have requested sec to Hand these over and SEC saved dragging Their toes proper mainly mainly This is the paperwork that Show that SCC how they decided Ethereum was a commodity in our safety Okay so it's it's very very important it's very Vital that is the proof that Ripple Needs to say properly SEC is clearly overstepping We're go we're the identical as Ethereum regardless of the ripples argument Is proper however there's one thing there There's one thing of substance proper He's exterior of Bitcoin the one different Crypto that was ever declared a Commodity about SEC is ethereum and Gary's attempting to alter that Gary desires To backtrack that however they didn't come Out and formally declare ethernet Security they don't wish to do this They're hinting it Gary is hinting it But he didn't come out and say straight Or declaring ethereum obscurity so if They don't and it's nonetheless a commodity

According to SEC and no matter no matter Reasoning that they had earlier than properly now they Hand it over to Ripple and this is the reason The SEC didn't wish to give over this Uh this the emails and testimony and all This stuff to Ripple as a result of that is Really This is admittedly damning stuff So this could possibly be this could possibly be Absolutely big uh for ripple and for The for this complete case it could possibly be Absolutely big for a complete crypto Space Right so we'll see I'm really fairly Surprised xrp didn't pump after this I'm Actually actually stunned it didn't Because that is this that is completely Huge however thought I discussed that uh What else is happening Aptos Aptos you guys heard of this new hyped Up L1 from Facebook devs okay we even Have dexes like pancake swap that's been Primarily on chain the decks on shopping for a wise chain Now they wish to deploy on Aptos you Know so there's many dexes that wish to Jump aboard however right here's the attention-grabbing Thing I didn't know this wanting Through it who's the largest Who is the largest of Aptos I'll provide you with a second to guess Or you could possibly simply learn the display FTX FTX

Um so attention-grabbing so that is one other Pet Project by Sam bingman freed we all know That Solana mainly was saved and That's type of just like the FTX chain Because sambangman body put a lot Money and energy into Solana however now it Looks like he desires to diversify and get Into Aptos too so we'll see we'll see uh How that goes however uh proper now we all know That SBF desires to filter property as a result of There's lack of readability from the SEC Right in order that they're gonna come out their Own their very own option to filter out Uh initiatives that they suppose are Securities or non-securities till some Kind of registration is in place proper So SBF is taking upon himself to take action But there's some controversy there's Some controversy I simply picked this up Like minutes earlier than the stream I didn't Even learn about it as a result of I'm not on Twitter quite a bit however supposedly SPF tweeted this they got here out this Whole coverage factor proper after which uh and Then um bit boy Ben acquired into it and I Don't know the complete story however supposedly I feel Ben has his personal Um invoice it Seems like proper and and and and he's Accusing SBF or FTF type of stealing a Lot of it one thing like that once more I Don't know the entire story proper and Then after which this man Ron Sean Ryan Sean Adams

Um throw some shades at bit boy And then bit boy similar to man he went Off at the moment he went off on this so I'm Gonna play this however mainly uh however Boys actually indignant at this Ryan man and Really indignant at SPF and coinbase and and Just a number of issues All proper so simply FYI a number of f-bombs In right here okay so I'm simply gonna play it But uh exhibits you the the eagerness from Bitcoins I'm simply gonna play it however uh Shows you the the eagerness from little bit of Course I'm disco all proper I feel I acquired It I don't know who the f you might be Because you're not vital however right here he Says please expensive Lord and any lawmakers Or adults studying this tweet simply know Bitboy doesn't signify this both Talk to Jay Stravinsky discuss to Miller Cwl discuss to coin Center what we Are uninterested in folks that appear to be this Guy attempting to run stuff I don't Represent the folks the I don't I'm the one who does it's me I'm the one Out right here placing the in behind the Scenes attempting to avoid wasting crypto whereas these Devils Sam Bateman freed Brian Armstrong They're attempting to completely smash it This isn't about cash for me I hope You guys perceive this I'm right here Fighting for you this man with these Freaking glasses on this douchebag is Out right here attempting to let you know that solely The fits know what to do solely the fits

Only the folks Who have all the cash they're those Who can decide what occurs no our Bill is for the folks and also you're gonna Find this out we've acquired the funding for It and it's popping out Yeah so once more it looks like bitboy has His personal invoice or personal proposal or Something like that So this complete factor I don't know like FTX by some means stole it at SPF stole it I Don't know however man he went off bit boy Is not a fan of SPF that's that's for Sure and I don't know who that different man Is and and Dylan LeClaire will get into it With bit boy there's simply all this Fighting this is the reason I keep off of Twitter all proper I drama I I Don't take care of I don't want drama in my Life however there's simply a lot drama on On Twitter so um so yeah we'll we'll see We'll see however clearly Um SPF catching a number of warmth proper now Due to their their choice to filter Their proposal I don't know I don't know what else what Else is happening right here however I suppose I Guess we'll see I suppose we'll see all Right uh that's just about it wanting At tomorrow's Market uh it's About it's about even Today we had a a unfavorable day largely for Nasdaq that was somewhat bit higher however SMP struggled at the moment so Bitcoin didn't

Really transfer I feel tomorrow's Futures Expiration or choices expiration I Should say excuse me is go play a giant Part Um perhaps suppressing Bitcoin somewhat Bit proper so we'll see what occurs Tomorrow all proper let's do some uh Let's do some Cooney Foreign Exchanges that's what dexes are All proper let's let's uh scroll up right here Pig's gonna slaughtered yeah that's how The quote goes Someone says holding money proper now's Like holding Bitcoin at 69 000. properly Interesting analogy there Uh I feel holding on some money is Definitely good however holding on all money And then You know that might make you lose on Some large good points some large Upside Yeah I I I've identified for some time folks Have informed me that Ben doesn't like SPF And he has good cause I introduced this up Too SPF is attempting to be You know BlackRock proper uh or he's Trying to make FTX like BlackRock Um attempt to purchase out Of course he did purchase out Voyage already Trying to purchase out Celsius attempting to purchase All blackfy attempting to purchase out Robin Hood He purchased out different exchanges like Liquid from Japan and and there's one

Other one proper he's throughout he desires To purchase each single asset and I'm like Man First of all that's not good for the Entire business and second the place is he Getting all his cash from proper we Don't even see binance do that binance Is type of simply staying in their very own Lane proper now Um But yeah SPF and FTX They're attempting to manage all the pieces Right now so it's somewhat somewhat a Little scary there Um let's see Laughs I really feel dangerous for that shirt I feel these mics may take it Um I simply want xrp to get to 33 {dollars} Um yeah you might need to attend some time For that to occur that might put What that might put xrp to love two Trillion {dollars} in market cap you might Have to attend a very long time for that to Happen Omar Bro I really like you by no means change love Your strings hey I recognize it man I Really do This channel Is working like it's due to guys Like you Um and everybody else in right here supporting So recognize it Uh bitmoon bibolo is nice at the moment George

Is higher thanks recognize your Support man Um I've been uh Barrack I've been DC day by day For final six months however this SBF Regulation Bill and macro information are Getting scary beginning to second guess Myself an excessive amount of I may see that I don't learn about this FBF regulation Bill whether or not there's any Weight to it this is rather like Self-imposed Um so I wouldn't put an excessive amount of emphasis On it Um however as for the macro circumstances I Mean it's scary I cowl this each day You know there's some very dangerous macro Stuff happening proper however then once more Every down cycle that now we have it's scary Every single one I imply nobody even no One even talks about banning Bitcoin Anymore however belief me throughout the previous couple of Cycles it was quite a bit scarier like oh is The authorities go ban Bitcoin Is is Congress go introduce a invoice That's go kill wallets or kill exchanges Or kill dexes proper like now we have come Very far now we have come right here far we're We're to the purpose the place nobody's Talking about banning it's extra like Regulating now in order that that exhibits you How far we've come as a result of even in 2017 Throughout 2018 1920 after which after all Before it was all about bitcoin's a

Giant Ponzi the go crack Down individuals are simply gonna get Get wrecked as a result of all the pieces's gonna Be banned that that's not even taking place Right so I imply each cycle They're scary stuff But You know what each each cycle we acquired Through it and we get stronger Any replace on Elon utilizing canine coin Dogecoin on Twitter all no That's what I I uh I mentioned on the Beginning so There's Massive firing that shall be taking place After he takes over and who is aware of I imply It leaked out earlier than that he needed to Integrate like Um if you wish to authenticate your self You may achieve this utilizing Doge he needed to Incorporate Doge perhaps as a forex Because he desires to show Twitter right into a Super app Um there's a number of rumors about what he May do with Doge with Twitter And we'll see if any of these Any of these rumors are true I don't Know When is the home scheduled to be completed Officially there's no official like day I used to be simply informed between eight to eight To fourteen months so it's a giant hole however Things are shifting in a short time so I'm Hoping it's nearer to eight than

Fourteen Would you purchase two massive ones proper now or Buy 40 every To be trustworthy if I used to be beginning over I'd Do 50 50. I wouldn't go all on bitcoin Or all I want I'll do 50 50. So that's type of like my 50 25 25 rule But displaying a 50 50. you bought to have You acquired to have this capability of Bitcoin Okay you don't wish to you don't wish to Lose that however you wish to add some alts For for development and eat gives a lot Of development take into accout in downturns These additionally go down extra proper however when When there's up turns you good points extra That's in case you're simply sticking with two Robert Knight recognize it Uh what do you concentrate on ravencoin not A fan ravencoin helps folks to create Security it was said on their Website they assist folks create safety Tokens proper and that's not What anybody wants proper now particularly With Gary attempting to go after everybody so Yeah New Orleans a darkish horse MBA if Zion can Stay wholesome man he was manhandling Ben Simmons yesterday so in case you can keep Healthy And then they nonetheless have Ingram and so they Have McCullum after which uh valasheunis I imply they they've a strong workforce they Have a very strong workforce I'm in Vegas we're all watching this

Who's all I do know once I visited final yr Um man I used to be getting acknowledged left or Right even uh even folks on the ground And stuff it was actually cool very Humbling expertise So I like Vegas Rich hey Gee I used to be watching a crypto Channel from Feb 2019 it's superb how Far now we have come BDC was at 3800 sure Exactly you guys hear me speak about you Know the nice outdated days proper however the Good outdated days weren't like 50 years in the past Right I'm not attempting to be like outdated Grandpa saying hey again in my Day however actually simply two years in the past in 2020 Bitcoin fell under 4 000 and also you go Back to 2018 2019 which is just three Years in the past Bitcoin fell under To like 3 100. so in case you'll acknowledge That and understand that yeah 19 sucks Compared to sixty 9 thousand however Nineteen thousand is manner higher than Three thousand after we had been hovering at Three thousand and I used to be nonetheless streaming It was very miserable nobody believed That Bitcoin may ever get again as much as Its earlier excessive or transcend and we Stayed there for months upon months Before Bitcoin lastly rallied again up To ten thousand however even then it stood There for an extended lengthy lengthy very long time

Right so sure Sometimes it's very miserable generally It looks like nothing will ever get Accomplished that Bitcoin can't ever Break out of his Funk is simply too managed And whale all this Stuff now Bitcoin all the time finds a manner and It is stronger than ever so that's That is truth Uh manner too quick for you yeah I simply acquired Done speaking about it I I noticed that I Kind of lined it it's important to rewind I Saw the the clip and talked About it he's not a fan of SPF I gotta Say I'm not a fan of SPF too I simply don't I simply don't belief him at this level I'm Not as Angry over SPF as as Ben is however I you Know what simply seeing all of the strikes he's Making and all the pieces You know getting political now attempting to Run issues I imply it simply it completely Totally looks like it's like Black Rock BlackRock 2.0 proper And BlackRock is a large put money into an FTX Too Um so it type of it virtually type of makes Sense How quick can we get again to when it Starts to pump I imply fairly quick I imply we're speaking about inside six Months it may well occur But now we have to be in a apparent

Bull run proper like after let's say the Next having occasion In 2024 Um the six months afterwards could possibly be Tremendous large Um however main as much as that time perhaps we We battle somewhat bit I feel we'll Come again up clearly however not two All-time highs but however yeah simply simply Look in any respect the earlier occasions Bitcoin Went up and rallied we're speaking about Some large large good points inside A really quick period of time proper like Tremendous good points from bottoms right here right here Here I imply in every single place So That's that's why you wish to be in it That's why you wish to DCA since you Don't wish to miss out on these uptrends Because in case you do then it's like your Whole time has been wasted proper To order for our SUV the closest day is 2024. what I even have some News about that is now hand Selecting who can order that SUV so I Called my dealership and I'm like hey Can I place an order he's like positive and That was the primary day after which I didn't Call him again and the second day I'm Like yeah hey I I wish to play retailer he Said what I'm sorry I can't Take your cash I'm like why he's like Because Ferrari actually desires to restrict People which might be reselling as a result of

Ferraris blew up and lots of people Just purchased simply to earn a living to flip So Ferrari it's like so as to to Prevent that they're type of hand Selecting prospects like loyal prospects Um after which giving the rights to order One so sadly Ferrari goes Down the trail the place They're type of like hand deciding on Everyone now proper so fortunately I acquired my Last order in and I must be getting That automobile any day now any day Still been ready I've been ready for Like a yr Uh interactive recognize it man Appreciate it the place do I'm going purchase SPF are You are you trolling or what SPF is Sam Bankman free so that you're attempting to purchase Sam Bankman freed Ah No I I didn't get it that uh what's it Called Puro sangay or one thing I didn't Order one I I don't SUVs I imply Especially with um I don't suppose it's Gonna do properly it might be the final pure Ashbury V12 that Ferrari produces however I don't know I don't suppose he'll do properly Because it's an SUV proper though it Doesn't it type of doesn't appear to be it But it type of does Just have a look at Ferrari had the FF and Whatever no matter vacation spot that they had Afterwards some bizarre abbreviation I Don't even know each of these flopped

And they had been similar to type of Four-door hatchback or two-door 4 Four-seater two-door hatchbacks and so they Both failed so I'm undecided this Is going to try this properly sooner or later Anything new with Monero no No Not that I do know of I don't actually care About State privateness cash I don't actually Follow them to be trustworthy I believed I used to be on a brand new Cadillac uh Cadillac Escalade close to apocalypse Edition I didn't even see that I don't know I've not pushed a brand new Escalade I've Been that means to seems to be cool however I've Not pushed a brand new Escalade I've pushed The new GMC Um Denali The Yukon Denali and it's fairly good But Escalade must be even higher Um let's see Try to purchase Shiba and koi base wasn't Allowed It is why are you not allowed Hmm attention-grabbing Um You know tomorrow tomorrow shall be Interesting day Tomorrow shall be attention-grabbing day we'll See proper now Futures doesn't actually Indicate any motion however we had that Big choices expiration tomorrow

Could be good could possibly be dangerous Um however general Overall whenever you hear about this like Stable cash being deposited into Exchanges proper these are optimistic indicators I suppose we'll see we'll see tomorrow Uh type of says SPF will get his cash by Manipulating the market with Bob shopping for And buying and selling and leverage tokens the extra Exchanges you could possibly do this with you Know I I I've all the time speculated that It it is smart Think about how did SPF make his cash Right by means of his particular algorithm that That the Arbitrage Bitcoin utilizing Different currencies so he undoubtedly Has the know-how he undoubtedly has a Very refined bot that made him Billions okay so take into consideration that So can he commerce and counter commerce proper Now after all he can he could possibly be working That bot 24 7 and a few of these massive up And downs could possibly be due to hit bot His Bots shopping for and promoting By the billions as soon as once more proper that That could possibly be how he's getting all this Money You know like I've uh I've all the time puzzled how he he acquired so Much I I spotted he did have already got so Much however he spent a number of it and now he Just looks like he has limitless cash Where's that cash coming from I've no

Idea no concept I've a GT4 loso sure that's it our Great vehicles Ugly as F I don't know I'm really the FF really seems to be fairly good to me uh Same engine because the Enzo F12 812 proper See proper now the factor is The in case you have a look at what's happening with Ferraris those which might be going up the Most Number one manuals a 360 even a 360. I had a 360 that I purchased for less than like 50 on the time was like 55 000. it Wasn't a handbook similar to the F1 Transmission however I ended up promoting that Car for like 75. so I made a superb revenue That automobile now's like 80 90 so it went up much more however the Manual model of that's now going for 200 000 I simply noticed that So folks actually need just like the particular Limited choices or restricted Editions proper so you could possibly see a 360 go For like 90 or 100 however the handbook is Going for 200. Um the 2 the 458s have gone up a lot Because it's the final pure aspirated V8 earlier than they went to turbos so it Sounds superb sounds nice and so they Have gone up 4 5 days have gone up You know as double mainly virtually Within the final couple years So that's why like if you wish to revenue

From Ferraris it's actually onerous to lose Money with Ferraris to be trustworthy however uh If you actually need a revenue you wish to Get these like particular restricted ones That's why the brand new SUV Could be a superb purchase as a result of it's nonetheless a Natural Aspire V12 all the pieces else is Going hybrid Um so it could possibly be value one thing Because it's the final once more V12 that you just Could purchase in a Ferrari But once more it's SUV so I don't know People will prefer it Do I like Land Rovers I by no means pushed one Surprisingly I feel the brand new ones look Great however from what I hear everybody says If you're gonna Land Rover it's gonna Spend extra time within the storage Than than on the highway as a result of half the Time is being mounted for one thing I Don't know if that's modified with the Newest mannequin however even the one as much as 20 21 Uh 2021 nonetheless listening to about the identical Thing so by no means regarded into Land Rovers Gr Corolla or Civic Type R Type R Type R All proper guys Let's see what occurs tomorrow Elon broadcasts purpose layoff 75 of Twitter Could be all purchased or changing these Employees with With extra Bots who is aware of however that's the Big massive story however Tesla inventory has been

Hammered lately tomorrow we acquired a giant Bitcoin expirations and there's a complete Bunch of Stuff taking place with SPF and his Self-imposed rules Man there's a number of issues happening all Right so tune in tomorrow we'll focus on More 8 15 a.m Central Standard Time all Right have a superb evening guys take care Go watch my different video on I'm George And I'll see you guys tomorrow bye-bye