Elon Musk Wants Twitter Payments System to Integrate Crypto: FT<a href="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uCgIagB62pw" target="_blank" rel="noopener">Source</a>

wishes funds To accommodate and I think about the Original Source was Financial Times I Hope I'm finding out that appropriately so a Team of Twitter or excuse me a crew of Staff at Twitter was working alongside Elon Musk are literally engaged on Tech that Will facilitate funds on the platform Before I'm going any extra do you guys Remember over the previous bear Market That we used to have all these utterly totally different Tip Bots for varied I think about we had one for xrp and a Couple totally different ones so there was already Capabilities to facilitate funds on The platform not directly by means of Twitter I Wonder what occurred to that xrp tip bot Anyways two unnamed of us acknowledged Elon Wants it at first to be Fiat He wishes in order so as to add crypto later they normally've Stated the making use of course of for State-based regulatory licenses all through The U.S which may allow it to introduce one in every of many anonymous sources Said Twitter hopes the licensing course of Will be achieved inside a yr and of Course Doge worth reacted to the article Hitting a 24 hour extreme so I imagine that There he's Elon Musk is completely going To do and one in every of many reason why is As a content material materials creator we prefer to make use of Platforms that pay us this fact Tick Tock YouTube Library these kinds of platforms And Elon Musk truly he's a businessman

First and foremost so why wouldn't he Want to mix funds on the app Zach I seen your hand up yeah it's all Coming full circle for Elon correct PayPal Made well-known uh that that's his preliminary Claim to fame so if he's making one different Payments platform with some social magic Sprinkled in there wow further to him I gotta say Twitter feels truly lifeless Lately I don't if anyone else feels That nonetheless your complete sooner than you following Thing and kind of parents in all probability not Showing up in your feed like they used To don't want it don't want it one bit So if it will breathe some life once Into the Beloved twitter.com platform Hey I'm pulling for it nonetheless it is pretty Silly that we see this out proper right here and we See Doge pumping on the knowledge correct Markets they're not as wise as of us Think they're Doge out proper right here merely Pumping why not Elon does one factor with Crypto with funds sure might Make sense to mix Doge in there It's low it's pleasurable regardless of nonetheless makes No sense that Doge shall be pumping on This nonetheless alas Um such are the markets throughout the crypto I'd say does it ever make sense No I suggest no no I don't know does it no I don't know like yeah it's sensible I Don't know doubtlessly exponentially It's a canine who's conscious of Chris Chris you take it away I I acquired

Nothing further on this one Yeah see okay so my first response was Oh my goodness good giant yawn we've Heard this one sooner than I assume now we've Got some concrete I don't know strikes Happening my my issue is I'm so cynical When it includes Elon Musk at this stage That I'm sure that he will nonetheless Find a strategy to bother everybody with Whatever it is he comes up with with This price platform I imagine that Suddenly points are going to require Payment like micro funds that didn't Require micro funds sooner than and folk Are gonna go properly I'm not paying for This or are going to have the to get you understand some sort of Payment for his or her content material materials nonetheless there's Going to be quite a bit skimmed off the very best That you're gonna be like why do I even Bother I've merely I don't perception the Implementation to be clear I don't the implementation to be what it Is that exact clients want simply because Thus far Elon Musk has carried out a reasonably Piss-poor job of figuring out what clients Want with the platform to date that's My that's my pictures fired on this one Yeah I want it my fellow Canadian merely Out proper right here like Flying spherical man come on I don't um I don't know is Twitter Wendy And you'll inform me is Twitter the Platform the place creators just like the place there

Is content material materials that people want to create it Want to pay creators for it feels practically Like is it like a penny to your Thoughts I actually really feel identical to the the additional Substantial content material materials is probably on totally different Social platforms that people would Actually to pay for on Twitter it's merely sort of You know a little bit of little little bit of a I imagine So that's the issue that principally depends upon Where what route Elon Musk takes the Platform that's important to know Because now we have now like now we have now Instagram Serves a particular aim Tick Tock YouTube like Library Etc so I imagine it's Important to know just like the place he wishes to Take the exact Product nonetheless we did have newsletters There we did now we have now the ability to you Know start to do varied issues I Don't nonetheless and see I tried to submit tick Tocks on on Twitter they normally haven't Done as properly I get way more views on YouTube or Instagram or Um or Tick Tock itself so it's sort of a Waste of time nonetheless then as soon as extra relying On how he wishes to go ahead and alter The platform it might very nicely be good I actually really feel Like he wishes to sort of make it a wonderful App nonetheless on the similar time there's fairly quite a bit Of There's numerous Market segmentation That you're going to have to take a look at too Because the youthful period is on

Tick Tock and on totally different socials they're Not truly all for Twitter the least bit Yeah Go from I suggest the ambition is there Like do you have to check out this report correct And I imagine this was beforehand reported Like he wishes this to be like a billion Dollar enterprise line by 2028 correct and That they have to get all the licenses And make this legit nonetheless that's Obviously uh has been a highlight of musks For some time as a result of it pertains to his uh His time at Twitter so the thought proper right here That they could compete maybe with the Venmos of the world and be that sort of Uh I don't know social layer for Payments seems pretty far-fetched Honestly Um and I assume the crypto inside goes to come back again quite a bit later So I don't know we'll see what happens With one for this feels a bit like a Nothing Burger story truly nonetheless it is A acknowledged goal and we'll see if it ever Materializes