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Foreign It's the lunatics assembly The emergency assembly particularly For Luna should you guys can hear me and see Me please let me understand how are you guys What's happening to all you lunatics this Is going to be an important stay Stream For lunar buyers we're going to cowl An entire lot of issues that can assist To the way forward for Luna but in addition To your future as an investor so check in You guys already know the principles of the Live stream should you simply be part of us The first rule is to just remember to Destroy The Make certain that you just destroy the like Button I can see a number of you guys are Coming in already should you haven't Subscribed to this channel that is hustle ensure destroy make Sure you're destroying the like button And subscribe should you haven't All proper Hey I see you guys simply becoming a member of us Fantastic the lunatics Community is Coming in For an important probably the most Important lunar assembly for all of the Lunar buyers immediately should you're watching On Instagram or Facebook be sure to Move over to YouTube crypto hustle is

The identify of the channel You'll have the ability to see my display screen I'll be Sharing a number of info and also you're Also going to have the ability to see me correctly So let's get began I can see you guys Say hey we will hear you completely I really like It guys uh let's get to it your feedback Are additionally most vital so ensure You're dropping them feedback as a result of I Will be studying them loud and a few of The good ones I will probably be popping them on The display screen in order that different neighborhood Members can see you broadcasting stay From Dubai UAE I already simply ordered a burger for Dinner immediately uh immediately it's day Today should you're following me on Instagram we're doing the on a regular basis Push-up Challenge and immediately is day seven I pushed my push-ups already now I simply I get my burger each seven days of 100 Push-ups per day I get myself a burger So let's go let's get to enterprise All proper so for a few of you may be Wondering what the hell to start with if You're not an investor in crypto you Might be uh questioning yeah what the hell Is Luna let me begin this stay stream by Giving you a little bit little bit of a background Of what Luna is uh so that is the Website for the challenge Right fueled by a passionate neighborhood And deep developer Tyrant put expertise Pool the fear blockchain is absolutely uh

Is absolutely Community owned and constructed to Enable the following era of web3 Products So should you don't know mainly Luna is Blockchain should you don't know what a Blockchain is properly Bitcoin is a Blockchain ethereum can also be a blockchain Um so that is what's happening proper now Is that this challenge was actually doing Well It captured an enormous sum of money Billions of {dollars} in liquidity as a result of They created a robust steady coin and Algorithmic referred to as UST That was going very well till Something dangerous occurs It obtained attacked by Traders available in the market And individuals who didn't consider within the Project at a tech from a technical degree And there was a number of mismanagement That was that was occurring by the People behind it proper and mainly the UST collapsed individuals misplaced cash Including a few of the those that I do know Lost 15 million {dollars} in it And lots of people within the crypto area Lost cash as a result of they had been both Staking on this platform uh that we name The anchor protocol This is the anchor protocol which is Um a DFI platform that allowed individuals to Stake the UST after which they may make Money So you may make about 15 apoi

On it there are billions of cash in Here if I am going to the dashboard you're Probably going to have the ability to see How a lot of the liquidity is at the moment Uh in there proper now it's very small as Compared to what was once there uh Current worth of anchor is about three Dollars And uh it's about three USD sorry not Three {dollars} it's three UST as a result of UST is now not one to 1 to the Um to the greenback anymore proper so should you Go to the Anchor protocol Uh that is the collateral worth you possibly can See it was once actually excessive uh at one Point it had six uh it had 6.4 million Dollars and it went on and on after which It was at this level the place it collapsed Around May after which it simply began Going flat Okay so proper now should you have a look at this Protocol it's nonetheless the biggest on the Luna blockchain and so they have within the Bonded in the event that they solely have 1.7 million Dollars And within the different ones they even have on Avex they've 115 000 and within the bonded Atom they solely have 11 000. why am I Saying that is to offer you a full Picture of how Um Luna has shrinked right down to the uh in Terms of utility However after the crash occurred the CEO Has seen a number of bother that the

Government Of South Korea now need to arrest him he Has now a warrant of arrest as a result of 60 Billion uh {dollars} price of worth was Wiped out due to the autumn of Luna so As immediately we communicate there's this piece of News right here crypto founder behind 60 Billion {dollars} collapse says that he's Not hiding after interpore makes use of our Issues arrest discover so Guys this stream goes to information you Exactly what it is advisable to do primarily based on What the way forward for Luna goes to be Because I see lots of people are making So many errors And should you're gonna make this error You is not going to earn money when an actually is being offered to You in a silver platter okay so let's Keep on going so uh dokwan is the Founder of terraform Labs the corporate Was behind the algorithmic steady coin Terra USD and Luna mixed they had been Worth round 60 billion {dollars} however Collapsed to close to nothing South Korean authorities have sought his Arrest and claimed that Interpol has Issued a purple discover which is successfully A arrest warrant Quan refutes the South Korean Authorities claims saying he isn't on The run and making zero efforts to cover Quan's location says he isn't in In Singapore however earlier this month the

Singapore police drive say that Kwan was Not within the metropolis state so mainly Dokwan is extra doubtless On The Run he's Not in Singapore anymore he's now on The run as a result of he don't need to get Arrested that's regular what individuals Criminals do they run Okay So what's the subsequent uh so that you may Actually ask a way more vital Question that hey nice if let's get to My whiteboard If a challenge was profitable And collapsed What would you say what makes it why is There nonetheless a neighborhood why neighborhood on Luna okay properly truly a greater Question you may be asking why is There a buzz nonetheless a challenge collapsed It's lifeless after which now there's nonetheless Buzz What is precisely happening all proper so You additionally should you take note of the Lunar token itself you see this Happening proper now Uh that is Bitcoin we'll speak about Bitcoin later however for now we're attempting To give attention to Luna basic All proper that is mainly the Luna Token If I change this to a weekly You'll have the ability to see Uh okay so that is the re after it obtained Relisted on binance let's see if we will

Find the otica Luna usdt Thing is that is additionally going to be the New one oh my gosh the one in June Um Luna Classic the place can we discover the previous The previous Pig Okay yeah that is it that is the one So you possibly can see right here it is a very unhappy Situation challenge began in 2020 in July at a worth of 20 cents roughly went All the way in which up And then it mainly collapsed all of the Way to round 0.000 you possibly can rely the zeros all of the Way But one thing occurred it began to Rise once more So you might need thought that oh if the Project is lifeless why is the coin nonetheless Alive properly that is crypto my buddy is Going to shock you right here's one other Project that's in the identical predicament Uh that's Celsius Token USD Currently it's one it's above a greenback But it is a challenge that is also Pretty a lot bankrupt for the time being the Company misplaced individuals's cash once more Billion I imply thousands and thousands of cash Hundreds of thousands and thousands was misplaced it Collapsed all the way in which to 11 cents in June and it rose once more as much as 4 Dollars now in round one greenback so

That's just about what's happening it's A pattern of this sort of tokens uh when Something is misplaced so that you may ask a Better query and say hey Gray But why is there nonetheless a really buzzing Community Why is there nonetheless a buzzing neighborhood On prime of Luna when the challenge is Seemingly lifeless now that's the place the Discussion for immediately guys begins proper Now The lunar emergency assembly playing cards if You're having fun with the stream please Destroy the like button as a result of bitcoin Price motion goes to point out itself and Bitcoin worth has been detected we're Above 20 Bitcoin and crypto worth Movement detected sure Bitcoin and crypto Price motion detected you already know So let's transfer on to that and I'll reply Your query proper now so why is there Still a buzzing Community primary my Friend you must perceive should you Know something about investing there's This factor we name 5 phases of Investment grief Okay what does this imply after I was Getting began with investing and Trading uh my mentor really helpful a ebook To me and this ebook's uh title is known as How I misplaced 1,000,000 {dollars} proper uh You guys you need to positively learn this Book it helped me so much in my Trading And it talks about grief however why am I

Even speaking about grief um there's a Community of Luna lots of people who Were actually behind this challenge individuals Were making a lot cash a lot cash Uh tote examination says can't discover the like Button as a result of it was destroyed sure I Like your logic I like the way you suppose Okay so what occurred was that individuals Lost cash and clearly everyone is Mad about dropping cash And however there's nonetheless a neighborhood A neighborhood in is the Biggest asset if you wish to earn money In crypto it is advisable to have the most important Community attainable you possibly can have a look at Previous initiatives like protected Moon that Could go as excessive as 6 billion {dollars} in Market cap And utterly return to a collapse is Because Um Communities all the pieces so Luna continues to be A neighborhood and the one factor you possibly can Do to maintain this neighborhood and never lose It is to offer them hope And that's what's happening on Luna there Is now a way of hope the coin began Going up a little bit bit it pumped even More and now they crush it once more and a Lot of individuals are hopeful and there's a Whole burn state of affairs and CZ that's Happening in finance I'll discuss concerning the The recreation idea of that as a result of a number of People have no idea a lot about Game

Theory Game Theory runs crypto it guidelines Everything should you perceive it you'll Know the place to place your cash so uh due To licensed is asking a query says Hey uh I would really like you to reply a Personal query Uh please what's one of the best and selling Platform I can use okay so greatest buying and selling Platforms and primary purchase bits hyperlink Is within the description should you use my hyperlink To join on purchase bit you deposit a Minimum of ten {dollars} they'll provide you with 100 buying and selling place totally free the place you Can withdraw the Okx is also one other trade That I take advantage of Link can also be within the Description you join with my hyperlink Make your first deposit you'll get uh um What what do they name it a thriller field That you possibly can open and it cowl it comes With totally different form of um uh present in it And additionally they're now doing a forty five buying and selling Fees rebate which implies 45 of your Trading charges that you just spend they'll give It again to you so these are the Platforms that I'm utilizing proper now Because of all these bonuses Moving on Um so the primary phases of funding Grief that is what the cartel of Luna Luna is just about run by Cartel proper Now they need to preserve the neighborhood so That they'll use it to earn money to Pump and dump but in addition they'll use it

To promote different tokens to them now let me Prove to you an issue with what's going On proper now when Luna was collapsing They tried developing with new technomics To serve the challenge Um and so they created a brand new token by doing What we name a scorching Fork so now there's a New that is the odd coin the lunar Classic But not solely this not solely that is Important there's one other one let me Show you They created a brand new coin and did an Airdrop and so they referred to as this one Luna uh It's simply referred to as Luna yeah All proper this one the brand new one is about 2.54 cents proper now it has a market cap Of 417 million {dollars} nonetheless now look At how loopy that is Look at this one the odd one oh what am I doing what am I doing The previous one now has The previous one has a market cap of 1.9 Billion {dollars} it has gone up 10x Since the collapse occurred once they Are the opposite coin was launched so this Was a a lot thought out speaking mannequin That they launched however nonetheless it's Lacking and this one has a complete provide Of 160 sorry of 1 billion tokens Literally whereas the odd one has a Token Supply at the moment Of Six Trillion tokens it's loopy he's

Absolutely loopy however it has gone up by a Lot just lately okay now I've answered your Question on the the why is there a Community it's as a result of it's as a result of There is hopium they're promoting them Hope in order that they'll earn money on prime Of them And going deeper into that a number of People are nonetheless within the loss and that is Where the most important downside is that they don't Want to let go of Luna as a result of look if You misplaced cash in it it's higher to Believe It's higher to consider that hey perhaps There is a hope that the coin may come Back as a result of should you had let's say a Hundred thousand {dollars} in Luna and Then you now you had the hundred Thousand changed into six {dollars} Or much less on the very backside proper virtually Zero properly look it helps to suppose that Maybe there it would simply return Something will occur and now what you Have Here like I stated there's neighborhood And there's loss And then there's Uh at a loss there's now hope as properly So when you're when you're at a loss What you could have is uh the 5 phases of Loss quantity one among grief that is Available on meals.com however I learn this in The how I misplaced 1,000,000 greenback ebook Destroy the final the like button by the

Way so primary when somebody loses Money on an funding They undergo a stage of what we name Denial they don't need to face the Reality that I misplaced my cash it's gone It's by no means going to return again In on this normally short-lived stage Investors Express disbelief and Incredible incredulity whereas quickly Denying actuality widespread responses embody This can't be occurring I refuse to Accept this nonetheless when the truth Hits hurt should transfer on to consider The problems of the occasion I misplaced cash on Luna as properly as a result of I Was shopping for the dip when it obtained it was Going down so I do know precisely what This is and when you've got ever traded in Crypto particularly these Stages you deny the truth first And then you definitely get indignant That's once they begin attacking individuals On social media or no matter someone who Come up with let's say cheap Arguments concerning the state of affairs are largely Attacked as a result of individuals are indignant so it Doesn't make sense what you say whether or not It's proper or flawed if individuals are at a Loss they're going to get indignant at you If they're on stage two Then stage three is on bargaining For some the third stage of grief is the Most strategic uh tragic as a result of Bargaining provides buyers false hope

At this level many remarks start uh rule Fully with if solely I I'll do something For and comparable please In an try and keep away from confronting their Pain buyers promise to offer their Life and soul in a deadly try and make A pact with destiny and switch again time Okay so these quantity 4 is despair And then quantity 5 is acceptance when You settle for a loss and you on and You search for one thing higher or a Better life so this doesn't work Similarly for everyone individuals go Through it in a different way some for some People it's a quicker course of for others Is a little bit bit slower however majority of Lunar buyers proper now are on stage Three they're bargaining the state of affairs No We can service there's one thing we will Do to essentially save this man let's push it That's why a number of them don't even hate Um they don't even hate canine one as a result of They nonetheless suppose that there's something Maybe he may simply do that will repair it All proper Um so that's what occurs and you'll See that Right now there yeah 30 ah that Evans How are you whats up thanks for becoming a member of us Willie Ross says Luna is a long-term Investment met a couple of of your movies that You uploaded days in the past you had been telling Us to neglect about Luna basic and now

You're asking thanks for watching I'm Here to offer you guys a technique of how You're going to earn money with Luna to Make certain you don't lose as a result of once more Like I stated on this video there's Game Theory being performed right here and so many People are simply excited and so they don't Even know what's happening I'll present you the information don't fear Um so occasion uh ultimately There was binance that I imply the Luna Community got here out And there was a proposal the neighborhood Ran a proposal And they stated Okay Why do they need our resident who who do They need yeah precisely they need to Residential handle for Um for companies however I'll speak about that Right now let's speak about Luna for now So the neighborhood now they've voted They have voted for A burn of their token so like I confirmed You earlier than there's a excessive Token rely or the the the Um circulating coin Supply or so I can Supply is just too excessive And proper now they averted that hey why Don't we begin burning the tokens uh When individuals are transacting in order that we Can get to decrease token quantity as quick as Possible theoretically when the quantity Of token in Supply are lowering the

Price is meant to be rising so They have carried out this and a number of People are excited and earlier than the information Of that what occurred was this and I Told you guys we traded this transfer should you Remember just some weeks in the past Uh Celsius and Luna okay I need to come Down right here to Luna And let's change again to a day by day Okay so I confirmed you guys a resemblance Of charts of this sort of and the way they Move proper that the pump and dumps and Basically you see an enormous rise and an enormous Fall so Luna mainly went up a couple of Days in the past all the way in which to the highest you and I we shorted it we began being profitable In the group And just lately the large information with binance Came again And then they began the the Coin began pumping once more 40 in at some point Everybody's excited and so they suppose They're being profitable however should you have a look at It like this bro sure Luna did went up From this level all the way in which up there In no time proper about 541 however already It's down by an enormous quantity as properly at The second so from the highest to the place we At now we're already down Uh about 48 % Okay So it's like You noticed a 40 rise in a brief time period however The new considering that it's a win as a result of

You're not the long run Horizon Okay so someone requested right here what's a uh What does burning token means so it Means think about should you receives a commission your Salary and also you say that you just're going to Be taking 20 of your wage and flash Flash it down the bathroom What what's going to occur you could have much less Money And that's what's occurring so if the Tokens are being burned it signifies that There will probably be much less of us tokens that Exist after which the worth of the token is Theoretically speculated to go up All proper now the the burn has been Announced all the pieces is sweet after which CZ Came out CZ Define is the founding father of binance Because they had been refusing to simply accept Another one other metric or the burn on Binance to burn a certain quantity of Tokens on uh on uh off chain however he got here Out and stated Luna basic up 33 after Binance commits to burn buying and selling charges So binance I say hey we additionally going to Come and burn extra tokens we're attempting To assist the Luna Community as a result of You comprehend it's what the neighborhood desires So we're going to be burning about 1.2 Percent uh of all of the buying and selling charges On binance what we'll will we acquire the Fees within the room be sending them to the Burn handle

The customers lose nothing we're those Who are paying uh for this to occur Right guess the neighborhood excited Everybody's like yeah yeah yeah after which The as you noticed in the previous few hours Today Luna has been pumping like loopy All proper in order that's just about what's Happening Now what's the gem idea of What's happening exterior of the CZ Situation You guys it is advisable to perceive proper From a neighborhood perspective so uh voted For burn after which there's a CZ Situation or binance CZ Why within the phrase phrase binance and CZ be So proactive about Luna unexpectedly And attempt to be serving to Luna Community Uh as a result of the neighborhood desires it There's just one sir there is just one Answer Community itself Community Why Community is the same as Users You have thousands and thousands of people who find themselves Already aware of cryptocurrency however They misplaced cash in Luna and they're Still actually enthusiastic about crypto They nonetheless consider in it and also you if You're a sensible enterprise individual you're Like okay what can I do I don't must I don't need to spend advertising and marketing price range What can I do to assist save uh to get all Those customers to me I'll announce let's

Announce that hey we're going to burn All the commerce um a few of the buying and selling Fees for Luna that will help you guys as a Community And lots of people are like oh wow Binance is totally nice thanks CZ We love you you possibly can you possibly can see all These tweets on Twitter And then they begin shifting their cash To binance they're like ah guys let's Move all our cash to binance in order that we Start interacting there they're burning Our tokens But then the satan is within the particulars Currently binance is operating a marketing campaign Where you're buying and selling spots at zero charges Basically should you're buying and selling at spot Trade on binance you're not paying any Fees so that you're not likely going to finish Up with a number of buying and selling charges anyway Except when individuals do swaps on binance Then the charges are generated however it's Usually individuals who don't know find out how to Trade so they simply go swap and so they pay Fees that's what's going to be burned However it doesn't imply that they burn Has is ineffective uh the burn will Actually have an effect on the availability I imply the Circulating provide of Luna But what would that imply to the customers Okay it simply signifies that the customers go on Finance binance makes cash trade Becomes greater that's degree one among uh Level one of many recreation idea quantity two

Is the hopium idea proper give them Hope get them excited it is a cartel Or uh we will name it a whale These are sensible individuals they're normally Intuitional buyers who've a number of Money and so they additionally maintain an enormous quantity Of lunar token for instance They know find out how to earn money the way in which they Market or promote a coin is by pumping The worth up as a result of everyone will get Excited it will get standard individuals purchase and Then they dump it on you since you Just don't know higher should you don't know And these guys are going to be enjoying This recreation of pump and dump so many instances They'll pump the coin And then they'll dump it they'll Pump It They'll dump it they'll Pump It They'll Dump it and there's nothing flawed with That if what the sport is and You have to know Luna goes to do Well It will pump a number of instances however it would Also be crashing on the way in which I've proven You guys examples of cash of that Nature of that pump and dump If you keep in mind something in any respect about Um let's have a look at CEF Moon If you keep in mind something in any respect let's Look at protected Moon Uh it is a chart of a coin that was Also as soon as standard uh in 2020 and 2021 This is what's occurring to it now Right it went so excessive

Basically in a single month it went up by Uh in a single month Seth Moon went up by 22 000 % 22 000 and from that time on now it's Standing at from the all the way in which up now It's at 87 beneath however then if we go right here And discover protected moon to attempt to see the Volume might be non-existent It's 134 Number 134 and it has the dual it has 24 Hour buying and selling quantity of 36 {dollars} think about it means when you've got Fifty {dollars} price of protected moon proper Now you need to promote it you possibly can't Because no one desires to purchase it in any respect There's solely 36 {dollars} price of cash In the market that has been spent on Safe mode for the time being Right this coin had a market up of Almost six billion {dollars} in some unspecified time in the future But then that's how the cartels do it They run the challenge they offer individuals Force hopes after which they simply pump and Dump it the identical with Dodge Coin Dodge Coin has a number of Wells you possibly can have a look at How the uh should you go to dodge USD You can have a look at the sample of how Dodgecoin has been shifting Uh let's have a look at say a day by day chart This is a month-to-month let's do a day by day Okay so in areas of volatility that is What Dodge Coin does proper It can go up a lot however it would additionally go

Down And You all it is advisable to do is mainly to Buy all of the bottoms and promote the tops by The bottoms and promote the tops Because the it went in it it goes in a Zigzag style it's up down up down up Down however should you see the over or the over Over line or the underlying pattern is Always on the draw back after the pump Has occurred proper so that is what Happened and that is what's going to Happen to Luna so you'll earn money on Luna let me repeat that I'm not being Negative to it I'm simply providing you with a intestine Strategy of how you need to play the sport Theory in your personal benefit Okay so What is the most important mistake that lunar Traders are making proper now they don't Understand Okay The mistake that individuals are making on Luna is that should you misplaced cash otherwise you Invested in Luna you're spending Majority of your time being labored up About lunar Steel And it is a issue of cryptocurrency That each investor has a coin that they Like and so they observe You may ask why do that put money into cash that no one Knows how It my buddy is as a result of

You can begin with 100 {dollars} in Crypto And you can also make 2 hundred thousand Dollars What occurs is that you just put money into Several cash and ultimately you come Across one coin That mainly adjustments your whole life It makes you a lot positive factors that your Life adjustments from there so everyone is In the hustle of searching for that one All proper so the error nonetheless with This technique I name it a monkey Strategy the place you put money into all the brand new Popular cash since you may simply Break out and also you get that one coin that One life-changing coin it's completely Fine the issue is that Um the on the neighborhood there's At a loss there's a mistake A mistake is A one coin state of affairs that is just like People who consider that they're within the World Uh in within the on the planet the individuals who Believe that there's one Soul fantasy that They ever have to fulfill and that soulmate Is going to be all the pieces after which they Get married to this chick they notice That perhaps or to this man they notice That perhaps she was not the one after which They're like oh however she was the soulmate It's like bro Be practical

So that is what's happening People need to earn money from one coin This is the large mistake yo the aim is To earn money interval to not earn money Off only one coin that you just invested in And then you definitely're emotionally invested so On the error the issue is feelings That's what most individuals are making Mistakes I'll provide you with an instance of What an emotional funding seemed like I've finished it earlier than There is one other massive neighborhood in crypto And this neighborhood is known as the xrp Community This guys I used to be one among them after I first Invested in in Bitcoin I checked out xrp it had a great story you Know the banks are behind it after which I Sold half of my Bitcoin I invested in Ethereum I imply in xrp And yeah uh a while goes by I noticed That hey I noticed that hey this coin isn't Really going anyplace all these different Coins are doing properly however my xrp goes To is goes to nothing it was like a Stable coin proper so take into consideration this The xrp token Has existed since 2012. Right now the worth of xrp we will look At the chart I like to speak information xrp USD Right on bitstamp it's the odd trade So we must always have a number of historic

right here uh I can go all the way in which to a Monthly chart of xrp So have a look at the coin guys you're wanting At that is 2014. And that is proper now this coin it does This coin hasn't gone anyplace From this time Up to the place it's at now it has gone up Like 11 000 which is nothing even Bitcoin has outperformed xrp All these years however we all know that Altcoins mainly outperform Bitcoin Xrp has even failed should you invested in In xrp in 2018 Right now you're at a loss think about that But then the neighborhood will get married to This coin as a result of I invested after which They suppose that the methods to simply Wait for that coin to make their cash However in the event that they change their thoughts and Say look screw xrp I'm going to speculate to one thing new That's going to make me cash they might Have made cash so what I did I noticed my Mistake and I noticed that my my Investment in xrp was emotional and I Saw ethereum was simply popping out of Three {dollars} ethereum I made a decision to promote Xrp Sell And search for higher funding Right now as I inform you I made a lot Money from ethereum my mates who nonetheless Held onto the xrp they nonetheless haven't

Made any cash to at the present time in crypto After all these years so the aim isn't To simply earn money from that coin that You invested in if one thing went flawed Look for a greater funding final 12 months We had Um different new cash that got here within the Market polka dot Solana Um Phantom they made a lot positive factors for So many individuals Shiba Inu Basically you had been simply speculated to Switch your thoughts and say look screw xrp I'm going to put money into one thing new and That is smart and you'd have made Some huge cash This is what's occurring now to all of the Uh the Luna buyers they nonetheless bought on They nonetheless need to make it unknown and Then You're speculated to spend all this time Looking for newer initiatives which are simply Brand new or they don't even exist but They haven't even been launched And then search for these initiatives that's How now you can earn money on the following Cycle Big one form of consider it like this Way Life-changing cash come as soon as each bull Market But so if Dodge Coin was what made you Money in or let's say ishiba Inu Made you cash in 2020 2021 Shiba Inu isn't any lengthy is now not gonna

Make individuals millionaires anymore within the Next boring there will probably be a brand new coin A New Concept So your job as an investor is to look For new stuff that would doubtlessly Make you cash All the odd stuff that you just're clinging To I can inform you isn't going to work I'm not saying that there's zero cash To be made on Luna it is going to be pumping And dumping and also you simply want to use Strategy purchase the deed after which promote when It goes to the highest however you're not even Going to earn money on it as a result of You are married to to a coin like Luna So even when it goes all the way in which up You're not going to promote since you're Going to suppose that oh it would go in It'll go it would carry on going just like the Uh the loopy Dodge Coin buyers proper The different idiots buyers they had been Thinking like oh man what Dodge Coin goes to go to 1 {dollars} one Dollars one {dollars} sure that was the Hope that we had or everyone who stated Bitcoin to 100 000 okay We all wished to go to 100 Thousand however did it go away 100 Thousand no so sensible Traders and Investors promote on the proper time The emotional Traders feelings means You by no means promote you by no means promote At the suitable time you see the coin Pumping

And you simply held onto it after which the Smart individuals promote and then you definitely simply Holding you want oh no man it's going Luna goes to go to 1 greenback and Then you see it might go up 20x even when it Goes up 50x it's not going to 1 greenback My buddy however then you definitely make 50x And then you definitely don't take revenue you're Just like ah one greenback one greenback and Then it crashes once more so the cartel right here This cartel guys they know precisely What's happening they learn about your Emotions so they simply play recreation idea The complete thought is that they appeal to Liquidity appeal to Liquidity And then dump A observe liquidity Dump Repeat This is how the sport works that is the Behind the scenes the mechanics of Cryptocurrency This isn't everyone in crypto is a Good individual I can inform you they're solely There are just a few good individuals in Crypto like vitalik Satoshi Nakamoto Not even CZ is coming to save lots of you guys Since he's a Company CEO of binance he Wants one of the best for his trade he'll Tell you no matter you need to hear to Get you on his trade he Follows me on Twitter I met his he's a

Good man But keep in mind he His loyalty his loyalty is to his Company to not you simply since you are A lunatic or a lunar investor or an xrp Investor So on this market You must get up and acquire your Money identical to Colin's Bounty right here Saying you must actually be on level Okay let me seize my Burgers I simply obtained My supply right here Fantastic Cup that is um from black faucet An excellent restaurant for uh Burgers the Best restaurant for burgers in Dubai and This is all gluten free it's or it's a It's no less than wholesome And I obtained a two double Patty yeah two Double get together burgers with further Everything And I'm gonna smash the warmth the the Crap out of them as a result of I didn't miss Out a gymnasium day for the final seven days And I did my Hundred Days push-ups um For the final seven days on Instagram Join me on the problem can be Appreciated Um Luna uh Grace convey it down I'm Trying to persuade Matic Oh yeah yeah Dean had the identical Burger in Jumeira Beach it's completely improbable Man I really like blacktop it's it's it's it's Amazing Right guys so that is the sport idea

That I simply advised you so right here is my Advice to you guys okay no one is aware of About the longer term Of Luna or any coin But don't suppose don't don't even Intend to suppose that Um the place's the bus Wait the error yeah the error additionally There's one other one right here There is the funding mistake Luna isn't an funding anymore Luna not funding It's only a speculative instrument Instrument at this level uh again a couple of Months in the past Luna was a protocol that they had Their personal issues coming in uh that they had What what do you name it that they had the Lunar identify service the Terra Nim service I purchased a few domains on it and Had Um the UST was a product it was working So Luna as a blockchain the fear as a Blockchain had utility a use case that You comprehend it was vital People had been like okay that is lovely You know we will use this factor and all That however proper now there's completely No utility no one is constructing something On Luna let me ask you one thing what's It that you just use that's popping out of the Terra blockchain for the time being that you just Use day-after-day nothing NADA zero So you possibly can't name it an funding Anymore it's simply now a speculative

Instrument identical to Dodge Coin or Shiba Inu it doesn't imply something anymore all It has is a neighborhood and Community Itself is sweet sufficient to maneuver costs up And down however it doesn't imply that it's An funding So don't think about it an funding Forget about it if you wish to make investments Your put money into worth worth means issues That are literally vital individuals utilizing They have product Market match so should you Want to speculate search for one thing that Has product Market match Look for these issues Okay that's primary quantity two Um when you've got cash that you just Bought you had Luna earlier than however They you had a lot coin however you misplaced Money as a result of the the worth went down Well What are you gonna do Just hoard them and hop hop for one of the best But don't be checking lunar information each Day discover new cash which are being born Right now Those are those which are going to Make you cash within the subsequent Bull Run Dodge Coin isn't going to make you a Millionaire although it's gone for Dodge Shiba Inu is completed each bull market have New cash that makes individuals cash and That's what it is advisable to discover okay you Can be part of my Discord server hyperlink is in The description if you wish to know what

Kind of cash I discover it's referred to as the uh The supply I drop all the brand new cash that I discover with my very own analysis with my staff We drop them there so be sure to be part of Our Discord server now could be Luna going to Go to 1 {dollars} completely not it's Not gonna occur my buddy Okay This is now a math downside if Luna goes To one greenback per Luna it signifies that Luna could have a six trillion {dollars} Market cap So let me present you uh one other downside That you guys won't see Um you let's do Luna Luna basic Uh 240 Now let's say how far is Luna from a greenback Okay How far is Luna from a greenback that's What I'm attempting to do right here Um So to provide the math it would begin From right here and it'll simply carry on going Basically Luna can go all the way in which as much as Like Man it's simply so ridiculous it's simply so Ridiculous Okay let me change again to a month-to-month It must be a whole rocket rocket For Luna to go to to a greenback Yeah there's one greenback So Luna has to maneuver from right here To go to 1 greenback it'll must go up

By Uh Can you see what I'm seeing it has to go Up let's go at precisely a greenback in order that I'm not discounting something so it has To go up by about 300 and Sixteen thousand % To go to a greenback Imagine how loopy that will be So that this isn't going to Happen my mates okay Um it's not gonna occur however it would Pump and dump simply be sure to make Money as you are able to do it If you I imply you possibly can like someone right here Say they make twenty 5 thousand Dollars on Luna that's improbable make Your cash exit if it dumps once more you Know there's a neighborhood that can do Something else to pump it subsequent time strive It once more soar in purchase after which promote Whenever it pumps that's what it would Happen however don't suppose Luna is an Investment sale will it go to 1 greenback Again I'm not saying that it's not going To pump in any respect however don't think about it an Investment that's all I'm saying So the technique of a coin like that is Simple simply purchase the dips simply Like Dodge Coin stuff or Dodge Coin all that stuff uh we will go to Like a 240 time-frame All proper and also you simply have to search out These assist ranges you see all these

Green Dots right here that you just're These are vital assist ranges Whenever you see it at that time you Buy and you retain quiet The decrease it will get to the following assist Level you purchase the following one you purchase the Next one you purchase on and on after which Whenever it swings once more on the on the High you find yourself promoting so so the Question you may ask is like oh how Are you getting all these strains I'm Using the pure bow indicator in my Trading And that's what provides me all of the alerts You can get it from crypto University.community if you wish to get it An unbelievable one To Um an unbelievable device that will help you commerce And on and on Okay so now let's let me get again to you Guys questions a number of you guys uh I See you right here you're asking questions Um some somebody say hey nice what do You take into consideration reduce down it's not rip-off Because I don't see the explanation why a Good protocol will launch two tokens Within two months that's why I quit On them good query I'm nonetheless Invested in reduce down I nonetheless have excessive Hopes for it However Um it's laborious to know the the Dials are A New Concept and we don't

Know who's gonna get it proper They didn't actually launch two tokens you Know in a single month what occurred is that They have reduce down And then as a result of the reduce Towers is like A VC dial an funding down They fund initiatives after which the initiatives Get deployed primarily based on the cash they Read from that from account after which reduce Down can also be Um accountable to advertise these initiatives If they're good so revolut is mainly Um the reward token is mainly a sub Token that's popping out of the reduce down Just like if I need to do my very own truck In a reduce down I make a submission The Proposal if it will get permitted I create my Own token however it's not a reduce Downs token It's only a token created or empowered By the dial ecosystem Okay what's the EMA buying and selling indicator Okay uh let's have a look at that so that is Another indicator that I take advantage of If I am going to my indicators invite solely Scripts EMA buying and selling indicator right here we go So it's one other indicator that makes use of the EMA Um totally different EMAs mixed in One to offer you uh a great gist of Um An thought of what may occur so it has Two totally different it has three colours inexperienced Red and Orange

So orange is a for a change of Trend Green is a Buy Signal and purple is for Sale so you possibly can see for instance right here It's purple in uh it went purple a very long time Ago on Terra on Luna And since then it hasn't gone inexperienced and You can see Luna has actually been on the Downside ever since so should you had Followed this indicator when it went uh When it went purple and simply shorted you Would have been within the cash on the Moment So you possibly can combine them up use Whichever you need and at crypto University you should purchase uh a bundle of a Few indicators without delay as a substitute of simply Buying one and then you definitely combine them and also you Choose no matter works Um so if I'll go to indicators Link by the way in which can also be within the within the Description to crypto college.community There's a bundle deal right here you should purchase Ultimate indicators bundle 4 Indicators in a single bundle not a Subscription you solely pay uh you solely Buy them as soon as and it will change your Trading and funding life since you Can merely set it up all of them permit you To create alerts as properly to say Hey Whenever a lift sign has been created Please let me know after which it tells you On your cellphone and then you definitely simply go and Make your funding

For how lengthy ought to I ought to one maintain Onto a coin to get income okay so it Depends should you're investing in newer Projects which are simply popping out proper Now properly that the time to promote Will be the following Bull Run you're Investing in know-how proper issues That are Innovative that may drive the Next pool Market If you if I'm going to put money into let's Say I'm I'm utilizing the Nitros bull proper Here to put money into or to commerce Luna Because Luna isn't an funding Anymore it's a commerce if I purchase it at this Line or this line Um my my complete idea is that okay it'll Find its personal strategy to pump after which I'll Sell it every time I'm pleased with the Profit primarily based on my projection so you possibly can Say I'm investing on this coin and my Projection is 5X then you definitely exit every time Your 5x has been made however don't be Stupid to say I'm investing in Luna I'll Sell it at one greenback as a result of one greenback Luna is rarely going to exist Just being actual I do know a few of you guys Don't prefer it after I say these items But I attempt to be probably the most rational Trader And investor on YouTube as a result of everybody Else goes to inform you BS they'll be They're at all times till oh that is Going to go to 1 greenback it's gonna be Amazing I don't need you guys to lose cash I'd

Rather inform you the reality and also you hate Me than You like me however you lose cash that's Not the sport I play Destroy the like button and naturally Subscribe to the channel should you haven't Uh what do you concentrate on xrp I believe Uh we have now talked about xrp a number of Times I'll make one other stay stream uh An funding an emergency assembly for Xrp perhaps tomorrow So be looking out for that Uh Casper Network okay I'll must look Into that Uh how do you see The Tick Tock token I Haven't invested in it but is there a Website to learn about new initiatives not Really a web site however a neighborhood what You have to have is a neighborhood to know New initiatives that is the place crypto University Crypto University is available in since you Have a neighborhood on telegram a neighborhood On Discord and you've got programs that manner You can study all the pieces it is advisable to Learn So go to crypto college.community When I discover new initiatives I share them With the crypto college neighborhood When our professors different professors Find the cash in addition they share them with Others so it is advisable to be part of the neighborhood Uh and seize a course Okay don't neglect if you're a brand new

Trader or an investor and also you don't have A purchase beat account should you join with My hyperlink down within the description and make A deposit of a minimal ten {dollars} They'll provide you with 100 {dollars} free Position that you should utilize to commerce with With that free place you don't lose Anything so if you'd like you can also make a Lunar commerce you possibly can quick Luna and make Money when it's taking place as a result of do Not suppose that it'll simply carry on Going up Right now my technique personally I don't Buy Luna I shot it so each time it goes Up I simply search for a possibility to Short it and I've been being profitable Through that So if you wish to strive that you Can use my hyperlink to enroll on purchase bit And deposit cash and quick it I've a Tutorial additionally that exhibits you find out how to Short cash on purchase bit or okx as properly Um what about optimism oh I'm an enormous fan Of optimistic as a result of uh I'm an investor I advised you guys from the start Before they even did the airdrop I used to be Talking about optimism earlier than I'm additionally Talking about arbitrum is one other one You must pay shut consideration to it And uh about hex hex is a pyramid scheme That's not going to finish properly as properly so Be cautious should you invested in it you Have to know what you're doing you possibly can Make cash in a rip-off coin you simply have

To actually know what you're doing and Time it very properly as a result of guys all these Things comes down to 1 factor gem Theory If you actually need to be good at diff Crypto particularly D5 and tokenomics Study Game Theory get a ebook on Game Theory or no matter Um let me simply have a look at my an inventory of my Game idea books that I wish to learn And see which one I can suggest for You guys Let's see uh What is that ebook that I used to be studying the Other day There's so many books on Game Theory however If you need to among the finest one is Um Man I don't know Should I no no this isn't a H so learn pores and skin within the recreation Is completely superb yeah let me ban This bot that's destroyed disturbing The chat yeah so learn Um meals by Randomness it's a very good One it's about likelihood however it's Really good uh in the case of Understanding markets Um meals by Randomness additionally written by The identical man Yeah so the sport idea one particular one Is Gladiators Pirates and gems of belief It's a very actually good uh actually good Book on recreation idea that I like to recommend you

Got to learn it I'm gonna repeat it Um it's Gladiators Pirates and video games of Trust by Haim shapira it's like a Jewish Guy Really good ebook that I actually suggest You uh to you guys and the the the ebook Where I examine uh how I misplaced a Million is how I misplaced 1,000,000 {dollars} Is the ebook it talks about Trading and the psychology of it and the way Traders or individuals deal with losses should you Learn and you're conscious with these Things it helps you numerous in your Trading so please take a look All proper guys should you earn money in Luna And pump and dumps be sure to're Taking revenue that's all I can go away you With my identify is grey BTC thanks Everybody for becoming a member of me on the stream We're on time immediately we're clothes we're Closing this stay stream precisely at an Hour as a result of I'm a freaking Professional should you suppose I'm a Professional and on time like a soldier Destroy the like button congratulate Yourself for being right here on this stay Stream share it inform your folks and Family about it as a result of This is essential assembly for all Of us to have so I'm going to be internet hosting A crypto assembly each week and You must be sure to subscribe and Destroy the uh the Bell button to make

Sure that you just're not lacking out From that you just'll have the ability to know Whenever I'm going stay on this channel Follow me on Twitter My Twitter is throughout social media my Username is nice BTC at graybtc there Are so many Pretenders uh even within the Comments that attempt to appear to be they're My account so you out With these guys however my important actual account Is the one and solely grey to the B to the C to this one right here I obtained my app Right right here as my profile image at all times See it observe and be part of crypto University As properly All proper family and friends