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Going reside in 5 For Four three Two And it's time guys what's up what's up Great BTC right here And you're watching onerous properly you're Watching crypto Hustle And proper now we're going to discuss Ethereum miners who've simply offered about Uh nearly 15 000 ethereum has been Dumped to the markets due to the Miners whether or not that is or Yet to search out out however I've the info to Show you guys and show it to you That that's precisely what's occurring Now this reside stream is a way more Chilled one we're simply going to be right here And chill and do an Ama Which means you may ask me something so Be be happy to ask any questions I'll Be right here to reply you The guidelines of the reside stream by no means Change you simply should destroy the Subscribe button for those who haven't We must get the the likes of this Video to 1000 on YouTube And after all we additionally must Uh destroy The Bell button for notifications okay So let's go let's get going simply getting Started Everyone on Twitter you may be part of us on YouTube for those who're watching on Instagram

As properly be happy to come back on YouTube It's gonna be helpful for you Okay let me add one thing cool to the Chat proper now so that you simply guys can see How about this ah seems to be good I like my new setup I need to add the chat to this however let's See how that is going to work I need to add Not digicam I need to know what you concentrate on Pulse chain okay we're going to speak About that as properly pulse chain no Problem Even although I type of do suppose that the CEO of energy Chain is a scammer But that's story for an additional day But uh yeah I'm very happy to speak About pause channel on this reside stream Uh what am I I need to add one thing Here I need to add A Chat Or discrete facet How will we add uh has any one in every of you guys Ever used Um This app known as It's known as Ecom reside I'm attempting to to Get the chat on the display so that you simply Can be capable to see it Sins extra sophisticated than I believed

Okay Comments and Reactions the place is that Okay it's right here Anyway uh whereas I attempt to determine this out Someone is speaking about tripling their Their ten thousand Yeah after all you may We'll get to that in a sec Let me simply determine how to do that Thing rapidly rapidly rapidly rapidly Hey Instagram what's up This is Dumb what I'm attempting to do now it's not Working So we have to discover one other manner anyway I Will determine we'll determine it out as We go Uh however that is primarily what I've uh Prepared for you guys for in the present day All proper I see we now have numerous loads More folks right here we're speaking about Ethereum miners Um so that is the primary story of the day And then after we cowl the ethereum Story we will now go into AMA the place you Can ask me something actually Uh however principally that is it so There's a narrative of ethereum miners Basically dumping ethereum and that is The knowledge proper right here however first I must Find the precise article Uh from decrypt Ethereum miners eth decrypt

Decrypt So principally the explanation why ethereum Failed in fully it collapsed Is as a result of an enormous sell-off that ethereum Minus has brought the system uh and This might be for numerous causes One being they only don't just like the Ethereum uh chain Um that's proof of proof of stake Currently as a result of they had been getting cash Of mining So for those who take a look at this chart of ethereum Mining that is it minor tackle steadiness Where this knowledge is sourced is every time New ethereum was being minted out of the Ethereum system Or the blockchain it goes by means of the Miners pockets as a result of that's how they Get incentivized after which what would Happen you'd have a steady variety of Ethereum that they hold of their pockets Addresses But as we bought in direction of the merge the Ethereum merge we now have seen an enormous Decline particularly ranging from the twelfth of September 2022 an enormous it Started declining all the best way that as much as If you look right here uh let's say from Around the ninth of September we had one We had 260 000 ethereum in complete in Miners wallets And as we converse now we now have about 244 000 the bottom was 242 000.

Uh so what does this imply for us it Means that look man we're most likely at The backside of the ethereum Sell off by miners as a result of everyone was Concerned about this That when precisely is it going to finish and Now it looks like it's going to an finish As you may see there's now um an Increase beginning to occur we now have Reached the underside the merge is over now We're wanting up so that is giving me Hops uh I consider these numbers will Have to return someplace again to the place It was if properly if no more But the factor is it is going to imply that almost all Miners now should to develop into stickers uh To run nodes to have the ability to generate extra Ethereum So to offer you an instance or a Clear image of what this seems to be like uh Ethereum or let's say that is what Ethereum used to appear like Ethereum Then you had miners And you then had miners addresses Well not not precisely that it was nearly Like this Miners Miners addresses And then it was retail That's how the transaction used to work And now it's working like this ethereum Uh these are stackers Or node node house owners or let's simply say

Stickers which is you and me And then there's retail or everybody Else And there are people who find themselves not completely happy With this method as a result of they Are right here these had been the miners the cash Was ethereum was being minted out of Them after which they had been getting cash From right here Uh by promoting it off to retail now it's All stickers after which everybody else however The benefit of it now could be that These everybody else can develop into stickers Whenever they need to which I feel is a Beautiful system So simply wanting extra deeply into Ethereum as properly uh that is in glass Node Um that is the ethereum stacking Deposits uh this has additionally taken somewhat Bit of a toll however presently we're seeing An enhance of the variety of deposits Into so as a result of ethereum Um uh the present ethereum proof of labor Is on Okay sorry proof of stake is on you're Now seeing much more folks staking so Even although the value have been in Decline we now have seen somewhat little bit of Increase on the variety of people who find themselves Depositing into staking in the meanwhile Which is gorgeous looks like the Network is right here to remain and now that is The complete worth stake in ethereum on the

Moment I feel there's a good Um I had one other slide for this for complete Ethereum stack let me discover it someplace Here Um it's really on the ethereum's Website Ah right here you go so that you guys can see this Um simply reaching my screens So that is it principally For how a lot ethereum is on the market in The system Okay it's all black let's deliver it again Rev browser Yeah right here we go once more So that is what it seems to be like we now Have ethereum Total Stitch is 14 million ethereum is Actually stacked out of a Toro Supply or Circulating Supply a minimum of And you've bought 431 validators really I Should change my language right here as an alternative Of circus I ought to have have really Just mentioned validators To use gather the proper language And these guys at the moment are holding 14 simply Double test yeah 14.5 Mail Validators right here 14.5 Million eth That these guys have in the meanwhile And the present APR is 4.1 % it Means for those who're staking your ethereum Um roughly yearly you might be

Earning 4.1 % straightforward cash totally free Whatever you do with that's as much as you But I don't suppose it's unhealthy it means if You have 100 ethereum yearly I imply Within 12 months you're extra prone to Gain 4.1 ethereum tokens totally free Because of the brand new system the Proof of stake system in order that's what Ethereum is about now no one can Surprise motion and all that I feel we Have to be extraordinarily bullish Because many will now begin Buying ethereum to begin to stake we'll See numerous Institutions beginning to do This and shopping for extra ethereum to develop into Validators there are considerations about Um massive establishments and Banks taking Over the ethereum blockchain by staking Because mining was much more Complicated and environmental and Friendly for them however now they're like Wow we simply have to purchase a bunch of Tokens and lock them up in a pockets Let's do it So there are people who find themselves not okay With that state of affairs however it's what it's I feel in the long term we may have a Good state of affairs Um uh when it comes to threat of Or a minimum of when it comes to value possibly not Risk however from a professional from a value Perspective goes to finish up actually Well for us So for those who can't for those who can't see my

Screen come over to YouTube okay now Let's transfer on to the AMA I'll now Start wanting into the questions Uh no matter query that I'm answering I'll be bringing it up on display so Uh I mentioned uh that is Henry John it says How do I deliver this to the principle display Actually I say that I'm gifting away a ticket to Dubai sure if that's going to occur when My podcast my podcast YouTube channel Hits 10 000 subscribers uh I'll choose Uh a fortunate winner who select one associate Whether it's your girlfriend or your Boyfriend or your mother or father to go to Dubai For a visit I'll pay for it so for those who Want to be a part of that simply go and Search for survival expertise podcast So so that you can win the journey Let's simply say Dubai journey You should win To win you must subscribe to Survival Podcast That's just about it seek for Survival expertise podcast subscribe to it And you then're good to go All proper I answered that one I don't know why these feedback aren't Coming on display let's see Ah okay I see I discovered it now in order that's How you deliver it on display okay Sure

Interview chat Okay feedback and reactions oh yeah now I discovered it feedback and reactions So if we took in feedback and reactions I want this to be Something like this Trying to deliver your remark someplace Up right here But doesn't appear to be working I've Tried it okay what's the subsequent query I'm simply going to deliver it on display Um Robert Chao says I lastly offered my Xrp congratulations I'm positively not a fan of xrp nevertheless Do not suppose that it's it may by no means Make you cash that is crypto on the finish Of the day however it's not a very good All proper please any Arbitrage for oh yeah for positive numerous Arbitrage occurring the the principle level The pinpoint for Arbitrage is definitely Moving cash shifting forex is all the time Hard in order that's the one drawback you want To remedy and also you additionally want to take a look at Which areas new exchanges are launching Like I discovered a number of days in the past binance Started uh Czar deposits once more in South Africa and there was Arbitrage between Binance luno and Valor and you possibly can Have performed round with that and paxful As properly it's most likely nonetheless there Because I do know that the professional uh crypto University Professor

Um was doing the Arbitrage so it's Probably nonetheless there Uh do you suppose the fed's excessive charge will Affect the market this night sure it Will I do suppose if Crypto is extra prone to go down if the Move is important however I feel it's More seemingly going to be 0.25 which is Still insignificant however the market will React to it so put together for something to Happen at this level in the event that they resolve to Shock us let's say with a 0.5 % Hike then crypto may go down to fifteen or 13k Pretty a lot all proper I've ten Thousand how can I triple my cash by December with crypto The best solution to do it's buying and selling Derivatives however that's additionally the riskiest Way proper you have to learn to commerce Derivatives I'd say out of that ten Thousand take the cryptocurrency buying and selling Course You comprehend it'll price you manner lower than That and you then'll learn to commerce And you then give it a shot you may Not double the cash however you'll make Some cash for positive there's the place which You wouldn't have made anyway But additionally you don't have to take a look at December that's somewhat bit Short-sighted you must suppose Longer than that Ethereum miners offered 15K plus yeah I

Showed at first of the reside Stream I met the proprietor of hex within the states Yeah he's a pleasant man Uh very good man socially may be very Manipulative But on the identical time look cash is cool But for those who're fats and yeah Man I simply don't respect that it's like Man you must be wealthy and you must Be in form you must have all these Things collectively and Richard he Sells this complete concept of being tremendous Rich I simply don't discover it actually cool as a result of He's unhealthy as hell Have you lastly checked out swissbrook It didn't crash do the C5 platform Smoke due to correct threat administration Love bear markets by the best way the nice Projects simply hold working oh man it's Been a very long time you've got been all the time Talking about Swissport sure so I regarded Into swissburg I'm not an investor however I Do play soccer with the um in right here in Dubai I do play soccer with the um with I feel it's the CEO Alex Uh it's a very good good friend of mine now so Yeah good guys they've all the time Been on the market Is there a solution to make Um about revenue Crypto 6.7 per 30 days out of crypto yeah That's straightforward you simply should do spot

Trading spot buying and selling will make you that In no time That's nothing in crypto you simply have To purchase low promote excessive when you actually Have to make one commerce which may take You a number of days and even sooner or later and You're out of the market I need to be part of this class thanks so Much EBU Proof of stake is a rip-off and provides Pyramid scheme Vibes properly look it's Because it's very new the factor is that The financial system the economics work as this The extra stream you add into the pool the More cash you add into it the speed of Apis decreases over time so we Used to make like 20 apy on ethereum Stacking now you may see it's 4.5 Percent extra folks get added into the Pool it'll solely go down Destroyed the like button guys you Already know the deal yeah that's for Sure your hair your haircut is uh seems to be Good thanks yeah so this haircut I Got it from the identical Barber who's uh Cutting hairs of all of the celebrities Here the Floyd Mayweather simply Sue it's A cool barber store near the Dubai Mall Squad expensive however it's good So I discovered my precise Barber lastly Because man it's tougher to search out Barbers Who know what they're doing I lastly discovered this man and that's That's gonna be my man

Yo Kenya what's occurring on the market Uh do you what do you concentrate on the f O m c at a at eight o'clock as a result of I'm Shorting every thing yeah I've already Put some trades some orders they're simply Waiting to be triggered if the market Moves in a manner that's Um Dramatic All proper Yeah thanks a lot uh Vince I Definitely admire you for being right here As properly What will we anticipate uh ethereum traditional After F or MC up or down look man I Don't actually know what's gonna occur The most vital factor is is that this the Market is both gonna go up Dramatically or go down dramatically you Can arrange a commerce for each To put together for bot eventualities if it goes Down you earn cash it goes up you make Money But however proper now it's probably not the uh Being proper or being flawed doesn't Really matter a lot you nearly Okay write no matter path goes Just put together for it You can do that on any trade I take advantage of Buy bits and okx hyperlinks to these are in Description for those who enroll with my hyperlinks You'll get 300 totally free to both lengthy Or quick on purchase bit so go test it out Come take pleasure in your life on noticed bro

Um I'm probably not enthusiastic about Solana At the second I talked about this Not Alex machinsky no not that type of Alex that Manchester is the CEO of Um Celsius I don't like him I'm speaking About Alex from swissbook So he's the one which performs soccer with Him right here we do like indoor 5 apart Food Point Dubai he's a cool man In truth I used to be sporting a Swiss pork T-shirt that he gave me final week for those who If you watch my video yesterday I used to be Doing like a push-up video I used to be sporting a Swiss ebook t-shirt however I'm not holding in his Facebook to place It on the market What is the destiny of Luna traditional it's a coin you may clearly uh put on properly On it simply purchase as a lot as you may however It's probably not one thing that you really want To depend on for as an funding it's a Trade Um a person Quincy present says quintessential Peace grave from Los Angeles my man we Have been round for a very long time I nonetheless Remember you from years in the past we now have been Making cash out right here and grinding and Growing It's completely inspiring Have you heard about hex if not what are Your ideas that is Tyron Tyron I've heard of hex and the CEO of Hex blocked me as a result of I requested I imply I Asked him a few questions that

Were solely Logical and really rational however it appears Like it didn't like several of these type of Questions he needed People to only Lick his toes and have a good time The pyramid scheme of hex Um hex is A horrible undertaking to put money into as a result of It's primarily based on social manipulation When I say social manipulation I imply Social engineering that Richard Hart has Done so principally it's a man who says He's very good the founder you may make Some huge cash from hex the factor is you Have to be into it in the appropriate time you Know the mechanics ultimately will Collapse so Richard Hart goes out and This is the the plan principally let me Show you Uh that is Richard Hart What about Richard Hart he's very good Um he has been A protracted-term type of a Um a seasoned Bitcoin investor or at Least Bitcoin Elite BTC Elite he Invested manner way back he was 2010 2011. Um and what else He needs to be very well-known Or not let me not say that allow me say He's a advertising genius Uh an instance of that is that he is aware of That most individuals Most folks

Are dumb And then what does he do Um he makes use of this to his advertising Generosity and say uh look why don't I Just create one thing and make everyone Believe and make silly claims folks Will consider them anyplace so right here Stupid claims Stupid claims what are the silly claims It's issues like uh hex is best or Let's say hex higher than Bitcoin Another declare that's silly can be that No uh it's Hex higher than if nevertheless hex runs on Ethereum which is totally silly and Then you come out and say oh hex is Actually higher than ethereum proper However he is aware of that another person will Believe it And then ultimately you've bought a Richard Heart Um Eventually You bought a Richard coronary heart proper right here Who lots of people are following primarily based On all these narratives And ultimately you've got a pyramid scheme So he does every thing for the eye Here the place all of the chains the Gucci he Knows that's all dumb however it does it Purely as a result of he understands the folks Who usually tend to observe for his Scammer are for his rip-off are those Who are similar to who aren't

Really that considerate about issues And he has managed to create a following It's robust and so they consider in in him He has made a lot cash from it and Other folks as a result of it's a pyramid Scheme type of so early buyers have Made cash nevertheless the top go the top Game will not be going to finish properly that's all I can say about it so I'm not an Investor however I respect Richard Um for being resourceful and utilizing what He is aware of about Um The Human Condition To create one thing for himself is that The proper way of life I don't suppose so But it's what it's Okay uh what about minimize down I like minimize Down I'm nonetheless invested in it Um I feel it will take time however the Fundamentals of minimize down are actually cool Rather a lot uh most individuals who acquired who Became type of the the again holders of Cut down having sword nonetheless What occurs to Luna because the burn takes Place nothing will occur my good friend Luna It's simply overlook about it Again you must watch out in Crypto crypto is about Game Theory it's Gem Theory and social engineering Basically let me ask you to say the Economy is predicated on these two ideas And for those who don't perceive it you simply Become a sufferer on a regular basis Okay are you invested in Brides what do

You give it some thought no I'm not invested In value what do you concentrate on two uh 1.2 % uh lunar burn tax Um for those who when you concentrate on Turkonomics and ideas for Pumping cash proper there's there are Two you may consider so let's say Talking mechanisms Or speaking mechanics proper primary Let's say how do you How do you get a token value to extend So you bought burn may be very well-liked now you Have tax these are all new Concepts by The manner particularly tax uh turned well-liked 12 months And a undertaking that succeeds by Implementing these two and even one in every of These is the one which's going to invent The mechanism first the mechanic Anybody who copies the mechanic to only Pump their coin up doesn't succeed proper Another one is low Supply Low Supply Or it will also be excessive Supply it really works Even excessive excessive Supply works I can provide You an instance for each Um High Supply Okay so for these I can provide you an Example of Let's say BTC All proper so BDC feeds into this Category right here Right it's a excessive Supply coin Sorry a lack of flying what am I what am

I doing Right solely 21m Now as a result of this creates an inflationary Mechanism within the token what you've got now Is that most individuals need to purchase Something that's low in Supply proper and Then everyone needs one thing that's Not many individuals can have once more it's simply Human nature Now you've got folks like Shiba Inu who Came in and say hey We're going to extend the token value Shiba Because everyone was like ah The 21 me for those who restrict the availability uh you Create an issue of inflation I imply a Deflation but in addition it turns into troublesome To Market particularly if in case you have Ponsonomics these are trigonomics of Ponzi schemes you want the next Distribution to have the ability to give folks Free cash no matter no matter so Shiba Inu are available or Dodge Coin however particularly Shiba Inus is a Shiba Inu no secure Moon Moon Uh examples of this proper so these guys And repo as properly coin like Ripple Let's go Xrp is upon they use Ponsonomics And what did they are saying right here they are saying my Man let's blow up the availability Okay Yo I'm nonetheless studying use this

Whimsical factor it's cool however hey man so This man say hey let's make the Trigonomics the token Supply within the Billions repo got here with 100b growth What does that imply Okay the depend goes to be larger When individuals are shopping for it so if with one Dollar you may have 1000's of cash Because they're so low-cost the Price is prefer to the greenback zero level Zero zero zero zero 5 And then folks suppose that hey on the Beginning after we had been simply Coming out of various a million Problem they are saying yo if I make one hand I received 5 {dollars} or ten {dollars} in This I get three thousand cash or ten Thousand when these cash goes to 100 Like Bitcoin I'll develop into so wealthy Eventually you understand that hey you Never go 300 Xrp has solely as much as three {dollars} Maximum after which it was it 5 {dollars} And then It reversed you by no means come again Right now folks establish the rip-off right here They're like Ah that's a rip-off you may't Really do that a number of occasions what's The different manner of doing it so that they got here Back one other one got here up uh with a low Supply and this was uh which coin was This Another one which did the BTC issues that Successfully was Wi-Fi okay what's the The Wi-Fi circulation I feel it's like

20 000 cash let's simply discover out the Data the information Wi-Fi And Wi-Fi will not be actually a rip-off however it Really did a very good fund genomics And you may see the value of Wi-Fi it's A brand new coin that's solely like one or two Years previous two now two years previous however the Price of 1 Wi-Fi coin is eight Thousand greenback it's not even Bitcoin It's greater than ethereum so that you'll be Like oh how does this coin larger than Ethereum is due to trigonomics the Circulating Supply or the max provide of This coin is barely 36 000. so that they got here In and say yo let's deliver down uh this Number to Uh coin Supply Okay Let's deliver this quantity down Oh my gosh this can be a horrible line To draw yeah that is significantly better so Let's say 36k solely 36 000 tokens are Only going to exist Anybody who's gonna purchase this you haven't any Any different manner than pumping the value of That coin to love 1000's already Because the availability is simply too small And then folks had been like oh wow it went In for It went to love how a lot it went to 100 000 on all-time excessive proper why if I went All the best way to 100 000 already it was it Hit sixty thousand {dollars} earlier than

Bitcoin even went there People noticed that coin uh they took Economics after which they began Implementing that economics to match This nevertheless that is onerous for those who're Gonna do a legislation Supply your undertaking has To be actually good which may be very onerous for Scammers as a result of they need a excessive Supply So that they will distribute the coin as Much as attainable totally free or low Friction or no matter proper now any Project that was the primary to implement A brand new mechanic of the coin has all the time Succeeded Wi-Fi was they Succeeded right here anyone who copied we Don't even know them so it's a zero to One drawback the one which strikes from zero To one Basically makes the cash anyone who Moves from one to 1 or one level one Point two level three simply is a no one From that facet proper So that's what's occurring now you're Looking at this example right here Um with what what what Luna is doing Luna is coming in and is wanting what Shiba and Seth moon is doing was doing Last 12 months they're not going to succeed Because they haven't invented something At all Ethereum is probably the most profitable second Blockchain after Bitcoin as a result of they Were the primary zero to 1 the lesson You can be taught from this for those who're going

To put money into something make investments from uh in a zero to 1 Increment in any know-how Bitcoin was The first to do it there have been so many Other cash the truth is xrp got here earlier than Ethereum however ethereum was an enormous success Because it introduced one thing to the Market that wasn't there in any respect I marched folks's blockchain So that is an funding class for you Guys for those who didn't know particularly the Oil hexicons and xrp maniacs and Lunatics If you admire this lecture destroy The Subscribe button although you had It these are the information of investing in Crypto I hope you discover them useful Okay let me get again to the feedback Uh Arbitrage is the very best now yeah I've Tried you the very best xrp is a cross-border Currency and it helps cbdc's this man Just liked the sound of his voice make investments In the utility of the coin man come on Man xrp got here out in 2011 or 2012. it's Worth three {dollars} you may scream all Utility all you need I may show to You that you simply assertion that uh the Utility of cbdcs or getting used for Cross-border funds is flawed If you assist xrp you then don't Believe that the way forward for cash is Crypto Because you're asserting that Sending cross-border Fiat remains to be going

To be viable and that's what we're nonetheless Going to be doing within the Um later that's not The case anyone who has ever used a Cryptocurrency Understand how dumb it's to ship cash Through a financial institution or or no matter Right it's like crypto isn't any friction You simply ship rapidly and uh it occurs So Emmanuel says your lecture is nonsense Lies and foolishness for those who Cannot discern your feelings from the Facts of the market you're by no means going To earn cash that's simply I can let you know That information since you're not you you Attacking me as an alternative of attacking what I'm saying I'm providing you with the information I Can you may look it up and it's backed By numbers you're simply talking out of Anger you're a weak man sir I'm sorry Uh it has been suppressed by the continued Case precisely you're proving my level Um A great undertaking can't be suppressed by a if why is the lawsuit not not on Ethereum or Bitcoin as a result of it can't Even work So I don't suppose you've got a full a full Understanding of how blockchains and Cryptocurrency works however it's okay Can I be your good friend a protracted caught you Already my good friend man you're already on The reside stream simply destroy the like

Button you then're for positive my good friend Uh what's your long-term performs and What's your tackle Suite I imply there's A number of uh Innovation occurring in that Space I'm fairly bullish on the transfer to Earn all that stuff however the Future of that may be very troublesome to uh To determine Ethereum is at risk of being Centralized now that may be a level that I Do agree with that's for positive however you Know uh let's hope I imply if uh vitalik Is the chief of ethereum he's an enormous Believer in decentralization And for so long as he's round I do Have hops for ethereum fixing the Centralization threat it's not there but But there's a threat I feel we should always Probably be effective nevertheless It simply proves to me over time that Bitcoin is absolutely Superior Actually ethereum is in the identical boat as Xrp the SEC is attempting is attempting extra to Come no sir you're flawed they attempt to Attack it however they now Um contemplate now they contemplate it as a Utility token probably not a safety Ethereum has been by means of all of it it Didn't even take that lengthy There isn't any manner they might have managed To assault ethereum efficiently you I Don't suppose you guys perceive the History of Ripple I I had a dialog

Here on this channel with Roger there Who is the man who gave was it jet McKellen who created Ripple let's look It up once more I forgot the precise founder But Um xrp the Sid spherical uh was partly completed By Roger ver within the couple different Investors Right for those who take a look at the historical past of xrp It's very totally different from all these different Coins that you simply guys are speaking about Ethereum or no matter Um Xrp Founders oh no Jed McCaleb is within the Bitcoin ecosystem sorry I simply forgot How it was Yeah oh really it's Jed McCallum Yeah I I'm all my the title is confused Yeah so Jed McCallum is the founding father of Xrp and I mentioned this dialog With Roger there the primary Bitcoin investor Um We talked about this earlier than so you may Go again in time and watch all these Interviews I talked about this with Vitalik builder in himself on my Interviews with him you may return in History and test it out however numerous You guys are lazy you simply go on Twitter And learn what any person says and hey XR Xrp Army xrp to the Moon no son you're Not going to the Moon with xrp it has Been round for years

If you invested in xrp in 2018 by 2022 You are at a loss you're dropping cash So what's the purpose Between that point there have been so Many different initiatives which have been Successful you possibly can have invested But you didn't since you're Emotionally hooked up to xrp xrp Investors are emotion are emotional Investors there's no logic in any way no Rationality within the funding They don't consider in decentralization They consider within the energy of banks however Then for those who consider within the energy of Banks and the establishments you then Shouldn't be investing in crypto or go Invest in shares Because in these areas the federal government And regulators and the massive Banks Completely managed they're not Controlled the narrative and the Investments so you might be within the flawed Space sir I'm sorry And once more I can bash xrp all I would like can I earn cash from it I'm a Trader I can Buy it once I see the prospects for an Upside and as soon as this occurred I'll It once more however I'm not gonna maintain it So that's you guys you may Argue all you need however it's what it's Ethereum had the ethereum move that is The Hinman e-mail and the SEC has refused To produce SEC chair has talked about that Proof of stick blockchains uh Securities

The day after the merge does it even Matter whether it is secret or not uh within the USA Exactly uh vitalik burin currently attacked Xrp sake it threw them below the bus if Xrp is asserted a safety then ethereum Is a safety too Could you point out what number of D5 Are on xrp Could you point out what number of nfts are Running on xrp bro your entire freaking Crypto Market is constructed on prime of Ethereum you title it nfts Defy the gaming stuff that's occurring What's constructed on prime of xrp like what number of How you guys what number of occasions what number of of You bought a metamask account And what number of of you bought an xrp Equivalent of metamask what number of occasions do You work together with xrp Please cease it cease being like lunar Investors lunatics they name themselves Actually you probably did flawed on xrp ensure that You timestamp this video yeah you may Timestamp it Is RP a very good long-term funding I Think or optimism is best than xrp I'm Invested in optimism myself You know not Financial recommendation But it's what it's Uh kitchen faucet water not closed I feel you're excessive Lucia you're Probably excessive that's why you're Imagining the water flowing down I

Cannot see it I simply and now that is crypto value he's Saying that I simply invested final 12 months in Xrp I'm regretting it I simply got here to Find out that it's a steady coin as properly As even much less All information man you guys can Attract me all you need however I'm right here to Bring rationality I'm right here to save lots of xrp Investors for my demise I've completed it for Years I've been telling you this story From again within the day I used to be I used to be an xrp investor earlier than however I Didn't perceive every thing totally I used to be Wrong earlier than when once I found Ethereum and I noticed that it was a lot Better in a superior undertaking I offered my Xrp and acquired ethereum Three {dollars} ethereum now one ethereum Is value one thousand 300 Dollars I'm not going to complain if Ethereum goes to 900 or 500 it's nonetheless In a revenue for me All proper that's the kind of cash that You whenever you put money into cryptocurrency You're attempting to make these depend Against a thousand x 2000 X 3000x But for those who put money into a undertaking for eight Years and also you solely make 14x that's Stupidity to me absolute craziness so You can hate this all you need however it's Fact xrp is crap except you need to Prove me uh flawed deliver some information don't Talk about it the court docket case as a result of the

Court case proves that xrp is within the Wrong Um from the xrp is designed Poorly that's why it's being attacked Easily by SEC All proper Um you might be there with us when all these Coins are up and now you're right here with us And going in opposition to what you taught us Before as a result of the markets are unhealthy no Bro I'm telling you one thing is unhealthy and You you're most likely reacting to this Because you might be invested in xrp like Sit down after this reside stream and simply Think Just suppose like Truthfully in truth take into consideration xrp in A most sincere manner attainable analyze it From its all historical past you've got all of the Historical knowledge analyze from a most Rational standpoint you may ever have And let's see what number of uh what sort of Conclusion you're going to finish up with Okay if you find yourself if you find yourself with a Different conclusion than mine then let It be however a minimum of come to that Conclusion from a rational standpoint Not simply emotional as a result of we invested This is how folks lose cash in each Investment you purchase one thing and also you Hold on to it And Good issues are occurring available in the market You're nonetheless maintain on to your funding

You need to simply earn cash from this Investment since you really feel like for those who Sold Then you're flawed whenever you promote Selling is difficult even closing a dropping Trade for those who commerce derivatives or Whatever Closing a dropping commerce is all the time onerous Because it now it's a it's a binary the Most binary solution to show to your self That you might be flawed you're taking a loss Most of you guys don't need to see that Reality I've been buying and selling for years in Crypto I've been buying and selling for years so I Do know take a loss I do understand how To name it quits when issues aren't Working lots of you don't know do That and you then you attempt to defend unhealthy Projects otherwise you need it's all good simply Like the individuals who misplaced cash in lunar Tokens they nonetheless maintain it again and so they Still say what do you concentrate on Luna Bro I informed you a lot occasions it's gone Luna will not be coming again It can pump 10x in some unspecified time in the future however it's a Trade like I informed you earlier than for those who had been Watching my movies final week we made More than 200 % By shorting Luna as a result of I mentioned it hey Guys that is how the the uh the cycle of This coin's work And we made cash final week proper so It's as much as you to make rational Decisions or lose cash

Some xrp Die Hard would do Juju for you Yeah that they will do no matter they need You know I'm I I'm all good I'm all good Thanks I admire it Hey Mr Turner what's good bro what's Good What about xbe I'll should look into it Again been a very long time Um please inform me the process I can Follow to get entry to crypto University non-public Discord I'm already a Student and I've clicked the hyperlink Received after buying buying and selling course But couldn't okay so within the Um simply ship an e-mail to admin at that's all you Need to do I agree with you xrp is an enormous loss I Traded for revenue completely if you would like To earn cash with xrp right here's what you Got to do Just time the court docket case Towards the court docket case the value will go Up after the court docket case it is going to dump and The court docket case is all the time extra prone to Be postponed once more Right so you should purchase it solely on the time When it's nearer to that second Otherwise there's no level Xrp is a banker coin that is Danny You're completely proper If I traded or Gray's course since 2019 I'd have been a millionaire by now

Yeah I I imply Turner says the reality Because I taught him in 2019 bro do a b C and d He didn't take my recommendation however ultimately He did now he's doing he's doing the Right factor the factor is the entire Crypto sport is similar it simply Repeats itself the aspect there's it's a Cycle it repeats itself you simply should Do the identical issues repeatedly in Periods like this you need to accumulate As many cash as attainable Whatever cash you may get so long as They're authentic initiatives you need to Hold a bunch of luggage of numerous cash You additionally need to put money into it in a bunch Of initiatives early initiatives like uh Private rounds for those who can seed rounds uh If you've got entry to these type of Opportunities I personally have And then these ones you may put In small quantities of cash and with the Market is returned you simply promote it off You make a lot cash But then for those who're gonna If you're nonetheless going to be believing in Xrp in the present day my good friend you're going to lose Money or a minimum of you're not gonna make As a lot cash Xrp that P on xrp is for poor so Basically xrp means extraordinarily poor most People didn't learn about that it's a Secret code Uh yeah once I say it's one thing fishy

About Solana it crashed completely I Mean all of us we knew the the schedule for For VCS for Solana that they had been going To dump on us so the smarter factor to do Then was simply to quick it Saw your Trader that's okay I'm an Investor first But then if I've buying and selling expertise so If I see one thing like Luna traditional and Luna going all the best way to the Moon I do Have the widespread sense to only quick it If xrp pumps so onerous as a result of individuals are Believing that the court docket case goes To remedy something or I simply quick it Again SO buying and selling doesn't imply that you must Be you're like Spending all of your time simply buying and selling it's Just widespread sense typically Please what do you concentrate on Bryce Coin I don't know a lot about Bryce coin How do you deal with Bitcoin Maxis they're Toxic typically xrp will not be a very good maintain So they to be sincere with you The finest folks on this market in crypto Am I in Dubai sure I'm in Dubai uh the Best folks in the entire crypto Market Are really Bitcoin maximalists They're those who for those who take heed to What they are saying you're not going to lose Any cash the one problem with that Is simply that you simply're not going to make as Much cash that you possibly can have made That's all however with with Bitcoin Max is

You not going to lose cash as a result of I Will let you know Bitcoin is the one one That matter yeah yeah yeah think about if You for those who had my buddies right here in Dubai They misplaced 15 million {dollars} That that they had in Anchor protocol as a result of Their technique was that oh this can be a new no matter steady coin we purchase It and we put it in a uh in Anchor Protocol after which after that they might Say oh we're residing free life in Dubai Because we're making all this apy from Anchor growth a number of months later collapse All their cash was misplaced Now think about if that they had that 15K in uh 15 mil in BTC solely what they might have Lost somewhat bit because of the Bitcoin Declining however the value of Bitcoin will Always get better and make extra Bing Common sense So with Bitcoin maximalists they convey Rationality to the market you have to Listen to them if issues go unchecked in The market and we begin supporting each Little alteration of some code that Somebody wrote initially and everyone Is onerous forking it Lots of people will lose cash So I like Bitcoin Maxes that deliver Russian both however then you must additionally Be opportunistic your self for those who see new Technology ethereum arising it's a Zero to 1 know-how you need to

Invest Are you going to investigate the match Interest charge hike uh arising in a number of Minutes time Yeah I needed to do a reside stream on it But then ah man I'm somewhat bit drained So I'm I'd simply make a video within the Morning once I get up if I've the Time uh nevertheless I have already got my commerce Set up one is lengthy one is brief Depending on how the market will react To no matter information It's extra prone to hike by 0.25 in my Opinion Um after which the crypto Market may Tumble somewhat bit to the draw back however Then you place you arrange your trades Already okay X has zero zero price buying and selling Right now hyperlink is in description enroll Make a deposit begin buying and selling you additionally Get a a thriller field already Hey grey share your prime 5 cash you Are invested in believing after all not Uh elementary elementary evaluation properly If I make investments I make investments primarily based on Fundamental evaluation So I can't let you know with out fa On that one Unless you for those who say you need Me to say Five Points that I'm invested In primarily based on elementary evaluation I can Tell you I solely commerce primarily based on technical Analysis buying and selling means I can commerce a coin like xrp as a result of I don't care

As a lot because it pumps and it dumps it Makes cash it pumps I am going alongside it dumps I am going quick Investing means investing in one thing That's useful that has product Market Fit it is going to be round for an extended Period of time and different individuals are Going to need it that may be a complete Different strategy What about Luna traditional Luna every thing Luna is lifeless overlook about it's not Recovery I've 5 thousand {dollars} how would You commerce to make it ten thousand hour If you haven't any for those who don't know Invest I'd make investments like 4 thousand Of that 5 thousand Um after which I'll commerce with one thousand Only as a result of with one thousand {dollars} You could make 5 thousand {dollars} uh in A really quick time frame and make it And then that's whenever you would know that You're really good however you don't wanna Have a capital and commerce all of it what Happens for those who lose all of it Right so I'd say take 4 thousand Dollars put it on the aspect to take a position however Don't make investments but then go to crypto seize the Cryptocurrency masterclass learn to Invest and commerce after which after you Learn go and make investments first after which focus On your buying and selling when you get good on the Trading uh and you can begin with that

Thousand {dollars} to to commerce Simple arithmetic Until the one who steals cash from People by way of your bonus hyperlinks just like the Rest of the Dubai influencers I ask you This query on Instagram and also you Blocked me This is the the identical man who's arguing About xrp and now he's speaking about Dubai hyperlinks uh speaking about blocking You on Instagram if I blocked you it Probably since you're extraordinarily Um poisonous as a result of I've a really excessive Tolerance of Right I let folks be as a result of it doesn't Affect me but when I attain to a degree of Blocking you it simply means you're a Lunatic So I don't know what to let you know I don't Even know what you're telling about Steals cash from folks bro you may go This channel is like eight or 9 years Old I've been round right here for a protracted Time So I by no means steal or make investments on on behalf Of anybody I don't know what you're speaking about Sir But possibly you might be you might be an xrp Investor so let me let you know one thing This is essential info Especially for buyers you have to Know this Xrp buyers are probably the most poisonous

Community of individuals as a result of they're Angry they haven't made cash for eight Years They invested and so they by no means change Their life Their buddies retired made cash or bought Rich and so they moved to Dubai however Xrp buyers by no means actually made any Money so if the bull market of 2021 went Through the roof and it made so many People wealthy and also you've simply been Watching and also you by no means actually make any Money I do anticipate you to be to some Level somewhat bit offended my good friend I Understand Emmanuel you must be unhappy You have the appropriate to do it nevertheless You're doing the appropriate factor I imply the Wrong factor through the use of your anger on different People what it is best to do is now develop into Much more rational and fewer emotional About the way you strategy it now put money into The proper initiatives the bull market is Going to come back It will come Sooner or later the following bull market you Can make some huge cash But you're not going to do it by holding On to cash after which attacking People on the web it doesn't work Like that okay I like you my good friend I Wish you all the very best be part of crypto University proper now go to crypto take my course be taught How to take a position you're by no means going to

Invest in a undertaking like xrp once more Um concerning the seed in early stage Investments you talked about was considering About possibly as the best way crypto University Can do that as a neighborhood because you Have entry to such alternatives sure I've been enthusiastic about this for a protracted Time however I've to search out the very best authorized Way to do it as a result of then if I Open that for the neighborhood it is going to Become some type of a uh an funding Firm or a fund after which I must be Regulated otherwise and I reside in Dubai rules listed below are so strict and I've to watch out with issues like That however I'm enthusiastic about it I simply Need the appropriate crew of individuals if you're A lawyer you perceive authorized Frameworks and also you need to assist out we Can do that collectively very happy Can you discuss Caster nothing to Talk about it Carl the Moon is an effective Friend of mine But I'm not invested in Caster Personally so there's nothing uh I can Say about it Somebody calling okay I'm on a reside Stream my good friend please I'm with the very best neighborhood on this planet The crypto neighborhood Are you going to debate the FED Interest charge not proper now Ah okay fa you imply Financial recommendation Okay I believed that your principal

Fundamental evaluation Why if I is you're in finance my boy Yeah that's appropriate Emmanuel once more you're flawed you're by no means You know for those who can look all my movies I've by no means talked about something to do with Casta in any respect or I by no means informed anybody that I invested in it So This man is absolutely in ache Ripple that's What he does bro you put money into xrp It's ache my good friend I perceive your Pain you see I invested in ethereum My life modified I put money into Bitcoin in My life change do you put money into xrp and Now you need to take your negativity on Me I'm sorry sir Huh Don't do it I'm new right here I need to begin working With binance how can I begin stunning Question Winnie I've the very best of the Number one video on binance on YouTube It have it has a million views it Shows you something you have to be taught About binance go to on this channel and Search binance it is going to present you Everything Uh one other solution to do it's to hitch Crypto and seize my Course every thing is there it teaches You binance Buy bit OK X Lono no matter platform you Want to make use of but in addition the methods the

Philosophy and the elemental evaluation Of cryptocurrency I take advantage of these bonus hyperlinks to crypto University no drawback yeah yeah yeah Absolutely Uh the place will we Arbitrage kindly okay I Should simply make one other reside streams uh On Arbitrage Because it's going to be a protracted Conversation Bitcoin Maxes are fairly poisonous however the Lunatics are second than xrp clowns no You know how are you going to name a neighborhood of Max is poisonous when for those who observe what They say you're by no means going to lose Money it's simply you're not going to make The most Uh would like to recommend some coin for Long-term funding ethereum I feel It's fairly secure and it's good I requested you about binance bonus hyperlink and You block me that's the reality man I Don't know I don't even know what you're Talking about possibly I blocked you it's Because you're destructive Your ideas on Phantom grey I didn't Invest in Phantom uh I went to a Conference in Dubai was what was it in London or Dubai And I heard some information from excessive degree People within the crypto Market a few of the Wells and what they taught me made me do Not contact or put money into into it and Around the identical time and Andre AC Andrew

Cronje additionally was leaving the undertaking so I Decided to not contact it there's numerous Bad cash and unhealthy folks in that Community so You know they had been simply dumping on Investors from what I may inform How a lot is it to enroll uh at in crypto University as little as 100 my good friend That's your ticket to Financial Freedom To hold the forex Have you heard of m-a-r-a no I've by no means Heard of it Uh bro test Bitcoin Oh is it crashing once more now let's have a Look I have already got a commerce arrange right here oh [Laughter] My gosh let's Have a glance that is BTC Okay so USDX is certainly gonna pump Okay I must get out of this stream And uh arrange my trades correctly as a result of This is gonna be a present BTC usdt 18K oh is it yeah 18.8 now Things wanting good I feel the FED Rates hike is strictly what's occurring Uh however I already arrange the Trades so most likely they've been Triggered by now I'm good getting cash On the best way down Okay let's go to the one hour really Let's go to 5 minutes Oh okay so it really simply occurred Right now however there's nice assist

Here for those who can look so we'll see what Happens Uh this may simply be the shock Of the day however we'll see if it really Keeps going Uh however you don't need to react to this That's why you need to arrange your Trades earlier than otherwise you can't see the Screen oh my God it's nice why are you So silly typically Zero oh 0.75 crimson hike okay let me cease the reside Stream and go make some trades guys Short the market not Financial recommendation But that's all I can say present the market Especially the all of the cash that had been Pumping in the previous few days quick quick Short That's it for those who don't know quick I've made so many movies to do it otherwise you Can take my query crypto University Uh I take advantage of purchase to commerce enroll the Link is within the description you deposit a Minimum of ten {dollars} you get a free Position to lengthy or quick for 100 Dollars and you may withdraw The Profit Okay X I additionally use it to try this hyperlink is In the outline so you are able to do it on Both uh your quick ethereum on one Platform and also you quick one other coin Another one as much as you so let me go and Make some cash however thanks guys for Joining after I make some trades I'll Go reside on my Vlog Channel graybtc we're

Going to speak about different fascinating Things that I've nothing to do with Crypto so be sure you go test it out Great BTC And I'll see you there Thank you for sharing your information With folks like me I needed to get into Crypto for a very long time I've been Watching YouTube movies for 2 weeks Now and also you made the information clear oh thank You a lot Miss secate I admire you I'll see you guys on the moon Let's go make some cash Let's go Bitcoin is gonna crash proper Now sadly Peace out