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Think it's most likely essentially the most vibrant deepest Broadest ecosystem with most likely essentially the most Institutional mannequin adoption most likely essentially the most That people understand and let's it There is only one money on the And it's not The money of the net is ethereum it Is the one ecosystem the place we quote Prices in a foreign exchange and there You have it from raupo do you have to don't Who that is Raul is the co-founder and CEO of the true Vision Group Raul is an Ex-head fund supervisor who retired on the Age of 36 and now he's the co-founder of Real Vision you'll attempt additional from Raul at Raul GMI or check them out at now we have additional from Raul sooner than this video is out so that you just Make optimistic you want to watch this one to The end he's talking about ethereum he's Giving you his take and a Prediction that you just simply don't want to miss And with that I'm starting with the Bitcoin bros sooner than we get started make Sure you guys go ahead and current us some Love and go ahead and smash that like Button do you have to haven't already completed so And don't neglect to subscribe to the Channel getting straight into it what Are we talking about as quickly as as soon as extra ethereum You're looking at ethereum versus the US Dollar on the weekly charts so we're Looking on the each logarithmic curve Zones and that's what these rainbow

Colors are proper right here and as you see since Ethereum bought right here up methodology once more in 2015 into This chart we've seen that you just notice this Has acted as resistance as quickly as nonetheless then if Flipped to help after which eth Ultimately blasts it as a lot as that about 1400 Peak once more in late 2017 early 2019 Came all one of the ways down inside the bear Ultimately bottoming out spherical 9 700 Then we had that to the upside and You see ethereum topped out spherical that Almost that 5 thousand dollar Mark And look what we're doing now we're Coming once more proper right down to the underside now how Low will ethereum go Nobody Knows the your pal to the tip as you see We're inserting in bigger lows and reduce Lows and if we zoom into this price Action and we merely draw a straight line And be part of kind of the Peaks you'll Sort of see the place ethereum is headed now The question is that if it does come once more Down to cheaper worth movement that's spherical On the 1200 threshold or is that this line that ethereum really bought right here Back and examined inside the 2018-2019 hit this line down Here once more to 90 {{dollars}} will each come Down to there which may take ethereum Downspout to eight to 9 hundred Dollar range or if it stays proper right here be About twelve hundred {{dollars}} so you'll See that you just notice the underside won't be In for ease because of do you have to check out the

Previous bear cycle you see we bottomed Out inside the RSI then we had a rally to The upside and we hit our head after which Came once more down and double bottomed out Which is inserting within the subsequent low which Definitely modified the event for Ethereum nonetheless the movement did fall Lower than this earlier low proper right here so if We're doing one factor comparable you see The RSI did bottom out and if we be part of These Peaks we merely hit our head this Could be you notice the place ethereum hits Its head and falls once more down it may really fall All one of the best ways once more down as long as it Doesn't fall lower than this 25 stage on The RSI and which may change it that Could change the event for eth put in a Ultimately bigger low with the RSI it'll Break by this and start to stair Step its strategy to the upside going by That 2024 having as quickly as as soon as extra looking at Ethereum transferring averages we have the 50 100 and 200 transferring averages let's zoom Into the value half so we're capable of take and correct now ethereum is in Between the 200 and the 50. we have the 50 crossover the 100 and that's Definitely a bearish momentum sign nonetheless What we have to do is get once more above This 50 transferring widespread which correct now If the current time this requires spherical 1700 if we get once more above this on the Weekly comfortably then we kind of see Ethereum start to bounce off the 50.

That'll be an indication that's capable of get Off to the races on the ultimate bear Market You see as quickly as we bought right here once more down we had This rally to the upside within the summertime Of 2019 bought right here once more down retested after which Fell by a cliff so this reveals that We're capable of go off to the races however But we purchased correct once more above it flipped It from resistance to help after which We're off good races so that's an important Level to get once more above is that this 50 Moving widespread and looking at ethereum On the weekly for this large guppy one Thing we want you to know is when this Super guppy first turned crimson late 2018 About a 12 months after the all-time extreme Look when this turned crimson this turned Red about late October early November 2022 just about a 12 months after the all-time High so if that's the case what variety of days Did we carry on this crimson house sooner than we Bounced out so let's merely take a Measured switch and that's about 546 days And let's take a similar switch and go 546 Days and see the place that takes us and Look at this proper right here that takes us all the Way to April of 2024 correct spherical that Bitcoin having timeframe so we'll alts Rip as soon as extra and we'll eat make a big Move in direction of Bitcoin anyway you slim the Claw if it does take out the sooner All-time extreme and likewise you see this switch to The upside that's undoubtedly a High price appreciation and one other

Chart to try we're looking at Ethereum versus Bitcoin and look how Beautiful this appears to be because of as you see This is a symmetrical triangle and it Says respect and help and resistance Right now we've hit our head pretty a lot of Times each Pi come once more down and verify This lower range doubtlessly Wick beneath A bit bit nonetheless as quickly as we get nearer to This Apex it's purchased to resolve I'm merely going to go up or down now look At this momentum we bought right here into this in a pattern so this will likely very properly be a Higher probability to interrupt to the Upside versus draw again and we merely take A measure to maneuver to see presumably exactly How extreme ethereum might go that's Against Bitcoin let's say it breaks out Closer to that Apex range you notice this Could be a big appreciation in direction of Bitcoin will this flip Bitcoin is a Possibility nonetheless all in all even after we go Back to that earlier all-time extreme when Breaking out from proper right here that'll be a 120 Move in direction of Bitcoin if we put in a model new High undoubtedly bullish in direction of BTC so Without further Ado let's hear from Raul Paul and get the latest sort out ethereum And what his price prediction is for the Next Bull one let's hear what he has to Say yeah there was no upside to value Predictions because of your face will get Rubbed in it they reduce this clip out and Then say check out you you're

so that you notice I I hate doing it nonetheless You know I don't see any motive why it's Not above 10 000. Um I see no motive the least bit it's not about Ten thousand so that you notice that's an sincere Upside from proper right here I merely suppose it's the Most vibrant deepest broadest ecosystem With most likely essentially the most institutional mannequin Adoption most likely essentially the most that people understand And let's face it there is only one Money on the internet and it's not Bitcoin the money of the net is Ethereum it is the solely ecosystem the place We quote prices in a worldwide foreign exchange Now what was hilarious as we converse there was a Tweet out in regards to the new Bitcoin and They're like they're one degree irrespective of Bitcoin brackets X number of eth I found That hilarious Because eth is the money of the net Right and I don't suppose it's going to Lose that nonetheless that after extra doesn't indicate It's top-of-the-line performer because of we're Going to push use circumstances Elsewhere for Innovation Solana I really feel they're aiming For the broadest adoption by means of the usage of Making a consumer-friendly place Okay very good group what are they doing You know they're on boarding quite a lot of People they've purchased quite a lot of throughput Super attention-grabbing there's masses occurring Here Um nonetheless eth is the only methodology because of

It's probably purchased the least risk I'm Agnostic to who wins I don't care all I Do is check out the Chains and suppose okay I want to allocate Capital What ecosystem do I want to allocate to Right now what has top-of-the-line risk Adjusted return so there are going to be Several duties that do rather a lot higher Than ethereum and may do very properly I Actually suppose Solana will do increased Than ethereum so I'm not saying I'm in Ethereum maximus in any methodology I'm saying It has observable Network outcomes Beyond each different Token ecosystem The number of use circumstances the needs The number of pockets addresses the type Of velocity of money okay that's very good So ethereum is admittedly specific there []