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Swimming Strokes for the Beginner – Learn More About It

In swimming, the basic swimming strokes are those that incorporate the front crawl, the backstroke, the breaststroke and the butterfly. In most cases, the first swimming lesson of all these strokes is the front crawl, and the backstroke is generally the one taught next. The other two, the breast stroke and butterfly strokes are mostly reserved for the swimmers who are fairly adept in front crawl and backstroke.

The Importance of Swimming Instruction for Young Children

The main thing that makes swimming a bit difficult for humans to master is the fact that we are not natural swimmers like some other animals. In the years when most of today's parents were growing up, they used to learn how to swim as kids during their summer vacations. This is not the case today since in this generation most kids prefer to stay indoors and play computer games. Studies have shown that the second-leading cause of death for young children is drowning, and this is mainly toddlers and teenage boys. There is no doubt that there is a very great importance in teaching small kids how to swim since it has a number of advantages especially as a safety precaution.

The 4 Most Important Swimming Strokes Everyone Should Know

When it comes to swimming, the techniques you can apply greatly vary depending mainly on the type of stroke you're swimming. There are four primary swimming strokes that anyone who wants to be a good swimmer should know, and they are freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly. Although some of these strokes share a number of similarities, you can optimize them using a basic understanding of the factors that make each stroke unique. This basically means striving to focus on both your upper and lower body techniques so as to make the most out of each stroke.

Basic Swimming Strokes for the Beginner

The basic swimming strokes that all swimmers can perform with ease are basically those that involve the front crawl, the backstroke, the breaststroke and the butterfly. A good swimming lesson should first help a beginner know how to do a front crawl, after which he or she is taught how to do a backstroke.

How to Prepare Your Kids for Swimming Lessons

You can prepare your child to take swimming lessons if you think he or she is carious about it. Swimming is a skill many of us take for granted as adults but a child may be apprehensive, particularly if they have not had a lot of exposure to swimming or water in general. Before the actual swimming lessons begin, you can do a number of things to assure your child has positive experiences and gets the most out of the activity.

Speedo Men Through Thick and Thin

Speedo International Limited is the most renowned swimwear brand worldwide. Speedo has been producing quality swimwear since 1914, ranging from women's swimwear, men's swimwear, and kids' swimwear. Speedo men have been greatly a part of the swimming history, in the field of sports, and have sponsored many Olympic swimmers for almost a century now.

Life Jackets Types and Tips About Them

A Life jacket is created to save your life. There are three types. Type I is for wild water, type II is for calmer water and type III is for longer wearing and fast rescue.

3 Tricks To Make Breathing Easier While Swimming

Did you know that swimming is one of the best cardiovascular workouts you can do? It is low impact, unlike running, and does not have the effect on your knees and your joints that on your feet cardio does. Swimming, however, brings new challenges that one does not encounter when running on the road.

Three Tips For Newbies To Become A Better Swimmer

If you ever watch the summer Olympics, you see swimmers glide through the water with the greatest of ease. It is as if these people are part men, and part fish. Most humans, when put in a pool, thrash around while barely keeping their head above water.

Lifeguard T-Shirts – Will Any Shirt Do?

In the realm of lifeguard t-shirts, what is there to look for? Does the lifeguard symbol have to be highly visible, so in an emergency, everyone knows who to go to? What else is there to look for?

Swimming Techniques and Tips

Swimming as a Fun-filled Activity – Swimming is thought by many to be the perfect exercise, combining a vigorous aerobic workout with muscle development and posing little risk of injury. And besides-swimming is fun.

Swimming Lessons Are Good For Everyone Especially Minority Children

While it may not be apparent that on top of all of things a child should know to make it in the world, one skill that is frequently overlooked in the lives of disadvantaged and minority children is swimming. Did you know that very few children of color take swimming lessons because they are commonly deathly afraid of the water because these cultures generally do not expose children to swimming at a young age?

Top 7 Reasons for Kids to Learn Swimming

If you haven't given it much thought, consider the top 7 reasons for kids to learn swimming. There is no better physical activity for children than swimming. Perhaps you have thought about your child learning to swim but just haven't made up your mind. There is any number of reasons why you may want your child to learn to swim. Most likely your reason falls into one of these categories.

Concrete Swimming Pools Offer Versatility

Many people want to look into the option of installing swimming pools in their home. This is because most people like to unwind after a long day or use it to relax with their family and friends on weekends. Whatever your reasons are, swimming pools provide a good way to spend your time and provide a means for exercise.

Why Concrete Swimming Pools Are a Good Choice

Swimming pools add to the landscape of your home, whether they are in the ground or above. Most people enjoy an area where they can lounge, relax, take a swim and exercise, hence, swimming pools are a popular choice.

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