Fall High Tide Bulletin

The rising and falling of the sea is a phenomenon upon which we can always depend. Tides are the regular rise and fall of the sea surface caused by the gravitational pull of the moon and sun and their position relative to the earth. There are some factors that cause the tides to be higher than what is “normally” seen from day to day. This bulletin tells you when you may experience higher than normal high tides for the period of time between September and November 2021.

We also publish annual high tide flooding reports that present a broad outlook of what to expect for a given year in terms of high tide flooding, as well as a summary of high tide flooding events for the previous calendar year.

Higher than normal high tides alone do not necessarily cause coastal flooding. However, they are becoming increasingly impactful due to continued sea level rise. High tide
that inundates busy streets, and washes out beaches is more likely to occur during these periods depending on your location along the coast. More severe flooding may result if adverse weather — heavy rains, strong wind or big waves — conditions are present.

Select your region to see when you may experience higher than normal tides that may cause flooding.

The NOAA Coastal Inundation Dashboard provides real-time water levels with forecasts out to 48 hours for all tidal stations.

View an archive of past high tide flooding dates for all regions.

CO-OPS is the NOAA tides and currents office.

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