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deployment platform quick Node elevating 60 million {{dollars}} on an 800 million dollar evaluation to turn into The quote AWS blockchain joins us now With additional is Alex novakovsky he's the CEO co-founder of quick node Alex we're In the middle of a winter nevertheless That's not stopping you from establishing And elevating funds all through a troublesome Environment what's your secret Hi all people um what's our secret I suggest I suppose tremendous progress that we have Demonstrated over the previous two quarters Uh throughout the mid of crypto quote-unquote Winter uh ideas you the company was born In the ultimate to winter so we're not Strangers to these points Um and so for us it was um truly heads Down establishing and I consider most merchants That obtained right here into the spherical acknowledged the Growth uh they acknowledged the amount of Companies we throughout the six months we Signed close to 100 Enterprise prospects To the platform Um and so and I consider the the alternative Thing that's is that We're able to ship the speeds that Are merely previous rivals which is you one factor the companies are wanting For uh we're coming you already know my my Co-founders and myself are coming from 20 plus years of infrastructure establishing And so we understand latency points Speed points availability points we're

Probably the one agency that's able to Deliver 99.99 SLA just for reference I I'd say Uh if there are some firms offering 99 uptime which suggests uh larger than three And a half days of downtime for um for a Project and so that's totally Unacceptable and so most situations I suggest you say it is advisable be the AWS Blockchain what makes you increased than AWS and maybe you probably can distinguish Yourself from completely different opponents out There like Sure uh so I consider the way in which during which we is we Simplify uh the complexity we're Obstructing the complexity away from attempting to assemble or or a Company attempting to transition into Blockchain space and so we allow very Simple inside you Have entry to your endpoint that you just simply Could merely copy paste into your into Your code and your your reside the place Versus while you had been to launch uh event On AWS proper this second and start downloading data And it's going to perhaps take you you already know Days if not weeks to go reside and so Depending counting on the chain of Course Um and so we're making it fairly easy uh We are providing fairly easy strategy for you To start establishing on blockchain we have got Lots of tooling obtainable to you that That abstracts on the of

Interacting with blockchain data we moreover Have Um fantastic setup guides and devices that program that means that you can quickly Dive in and start experimenting on Blockchain or or to get your app lived As fast as otherwise you already know velocity up Your time to Market on launch relying On what you're doing So uh one in all many one amongst your your bigger Uh let's say bigger it was the three Percent of your your Revenue obtained right here out From Alameda uh they normally they apparently Were using you guys I assume I'm Guessing proper right here it was numerous Solana Stuff acceptable I suggest what had been they Doing proper right here uh with you guys you already know now That they're they're not I don't Think they'll be too upset uh with at Least some dialogue about uh what type Of stuff uh Alameda was was was establishing On on account of that that's a that's curious I'm merely curious what what that was and How they utilized uh what you guys did Well I suggest they needed a extraordinarily low Latency Network to have the flexibility to to study uh Data from the blockchain Um to fill various the historic data And points like that uh to see a historic previous Of prices uh in tokens Etc they usually additionally Were merely using us for entry to to study From the blockchain So they weren't establishing any further apps Or one thing attention-grabbing like that it was

Just straight up uh Well we you already know we don't truly know What prospects do uh of their very personal Labs Right we provide entry to Reliable fast Infrastructure Um and so what what that they had been establishing Uh is it stays to be seen or it's Probably someplace of their paperwork It's onerous to say Hey maybe he could get it throughout the Bankruptcy I suggest type of the AWS of blockchain you Know AWS is such a like to kind of Phenomenon and it's you already know so type of The idea I actually really feel like that's the issue That blockchain and are alleged to Be altering like what's alleged to be A model new model correctly we hear numerous this On the current people kind of using these These fashions is like we're going to be The subsequent mannequin of that I suggest what What's the logic behind that I consider look AWS modified the way in which during which Developers and firms transact and Web 2 or the go reside in internet 2 And we're attempting to do the an identical proper right here for Web 3 for purchasers uh work collectively on Blockchain WE principally you already know in a Place I I suggest I'm perhaps old enough To deliberate to when there was I suggest Prior to America Online earlier to Netscape you wanted to log into BBS voting Boards dial in ETC uh after which that Progress into you already know American line

Days after which transfer that first panorama Etc Um and so Um there's there's numerous change Coming into commerce and I consider AWS Enabled numerous firms quickly to Move off premise which means web internet hosting and Things themselves of their very personal data Centers into the cloud space and we're Enabling firms to maneuver from you already know Hosting their very personal nodes or Infrastructure or rising their very personal Tooling to provide consideration to their roadmap and Using us as a reliable affiliate uh for The infrastructure side And to assemble with out with out devices and I Think yeah go ahead you already know numerous Decentralized initiatives are surprisingly Built on AWS so there's numerous Questioning about whether or not or not or not they're Truly decentralized they usually additionally're all On quick phrase they normally're getting away From their very personal tooling packages of nodes And whatnot to be decentralized is that Does that take away from that push Toward decentralization Well look I consider you already know we're Probably one in all many solely suppliers proper this second That use larger than eight completely completely different Cloud Providers you already know not merely AWS I consider What we what you see what you what you Saw last yr there was for example Madame masks outage that was solely Probably to the reality that there are

Hosting solely AWS East and so when awscs Were having factors uh was was Unavailable to numerous clients and so We're attempting to solved that by spreading You know all through various info that moreover Helps us to comprehend latency that we have We moreover um using various bare metallic Providers in in quite a few data services Around the in quite a few areas And so that helps with the Decentralization that helps with lower Ladies that helps with the speeds and Redundancy and so Um I consider you already know there are many Projects being constructed like ideas you this Is that's data that's been Um study and written from the blockchain And the the exact Technologies throughout the Centralized All correct Alex thanks for changing into a member of us That was quick phrase to you I'm Co-founder Alex novakovski