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Foreign Thanks for becoming a member of me at the moment I'm going to Basically stroll you thru the developer Documentation for Fedora additionally offer you a Brief of the fender Architecture and eventually for our youth Global hackathon members I'm going To focus on somewhat bit extra in regards to the Privacy routing SDK and in addition the ZK did SDK that you should use as a part of our Hackathon So stepping proper in uh one For builders to do is to go to that is the place all of Our documentation is saved and you Arrive on the web site you'll see that it's Broken up into uh basically two fundamental Sections one is the module part which Has quite a lot of theoretical summary Concepts that explains to you what sort Of underpins the Fedora subsequent We have this developer part proper Here that is the place you're going to search out All the instruments uh and sdks that us Developer can use and set up so as To uh you understand launch and run and handle A d-app on the fedora blockchain And lastly on the very backside I simply Want to say that we now have a community Settings part so uh if you happen to're you a developer creating on our check Nets for hackathon uh be sure you're On the proper check web uh for the eth Global hackathon we'll be utilizing the

Forge check web so uh simply ensure to Point your RPC endpoints Etc to the correct Network which Should be solid check web for the eth Global hackathon Okay so uh that's the short uh Documentation subsequent I'm going To discuss to you somewhat bit in regards to the Fedora structure so these are Important Concepts to type of know so You have type of a background from which To construct uh your d-app on Pandora so I'm Going to go forward and stroll you thru The introduction right here Uh scroll down right here to the principle picture And basically the necessary Architectural info to find out about Blockchain was you understand initially Fedora began off as a utxo primarily based Blockchain and we incorporate quite a lot of Confidential switch options on high of This authentic Fedora utexo blockchain uh It operated underneath a young man consensus Later on as a way to form of serve evm we added on high of the Existing utxo blockchain uh in an evm Compatible blockchain layer so now Fedora is de facto composed of two Blockchains linked by one consensus Utexo blockchain after which evm blockchain So as an evm developer one factor to notice Is the Fedora evm which we additionally name the Smart chain is totally 100 evm Compatible which means any ethereum tooling

You've ever used You Know Remix truffle Etc it is going to work with Fedora evm any Solidity code that you've got on ethereum You can just about immediately copy and Paste it and have it run on Pandora evm As properly Uh one other necessary idea to Understand and terminology to know Is as a result of Fedora has once two Blockchains a fedora the unique Fedora Utexo blockchain and the brand new Earth and Dora EDM blockchain uh you must have A option to migrate between these two inside Fedora Blockchains and the way in which emigrate them Is by what we name a prism switch So uh basically you possibly can take into account prism As a inside Bridge throughout the total Fedora blockchain so the prism switch Allows you to maneuver fra tokens or any Tokens between Fedora utxo and Fedora Evm in order that's the uh necessary idea To to know and eventually I'll offer you a Brief introduction on form of the most recent Feature that Fedora has launched it's Still in an early stage in MVP part however We're fairly proud to announce that Fedora goes to be supporting uh Decentralized identifiers dids principally Zkdid and credentials is what we name The product basically it's a option to Have uh you understand an identification on the Blockchain that's linked to Credentials which reveal private no

Information about that did holder and These credentials and the associated That are associated to the credentials can Reveal personal details about the did Holder and what we name a Fashion basically what which means is You know you possibly can reveal that your credit score Score is above 700 with out truly the precise variety of your Credit rating Okay so with that I'm going to maneuver on To uh the Privacy routing SDK Essentially go to the builders part Click on the SDK section and search for The Privacy routing SDK And in our hackathon we're going to have Challenges associated to utilizing the Privacy Routing SDK so that is the first Document you'll be taking a look at to realize an Understanding of what we imply by proud Privacy routing so you possibly can try This diagram And under that we now have the steps to Essentially uh principally set up the SDK Into your uh principally JavaScript code And it offers you somewhat info About the token supported uh and uh the Types of evm that you just'll be Using and calling as a way to implement Uh what we name privateness routing So let me step again somewhat bit and Just stroll you thru the idea of uh Privacy routing so basically uh the Fedora utxo blockchain has the majority of

The confidential switch options proper Now so what we've carried out right here is The capability to permit Fedora evm d-app Developers to principally you understand deploy Their d-app on Pandora after which Essentially route their transaction Through their Fedora evm transaction Through the Fedora utxo layer and when You route your evm transaction by The fender utxo layer uh this privateness Routing SDK will basically anonymize That switch and what precisely do I imply By that basically the method is that this If I provoke An preliminary switch from Pandora evm I can ship that transaction To a fedora utxo Anonymous pockets this Is a random Anonymous pockets that may Be created through the SDK to present you an Anonymous pockets on the fedori texo facet Then the SDK will create a second Fender Utxo Anonymous pockets utterly random And you'll ship the fra from the primary Anonymous pockets to the second Anonymous Wallet whereas within the fender utexo Blockchain and by sending from one Anonymous pockets to the second Anonymous Wallet you type of break the hyperlink uh Between the sender and the Recipient so that is the place the the Transaction uh will get will get form of the Link damaged and is arguably anonymized And then the ultimate portion of the Fedora Uh privateness routing course of is as soon as the

Fra is within the second Fedora utxo Anonymous pockets now that It's been type of anonymized this pockets On the fender utxo blockchain will ship The token again throughout To the Fedora evm utilizing prism switch And now the tokens will likely be with the Final recipient of Fedora evm so to Summarize principally what occurred is a Transaction began on Pandora evm it Got routed Through the Fedora utxo layer or turned Anonymized the place the hyperlink is damaged on Who the sender was after which lastly it Gets routed again to the Fedora evm Wallet as soon as once more so now the the Recipient doesn't know who initially Sent the uh the the tokens from which Which uh Fender evm pockets despatched the Tokens in order that in a nutshell is uh the Concepts and the general movement behind the Fedora privateness routing movement and and the Associated SDK that enables you as a Developer to to to make use of this course of Uh in order that's uh it for the Privacy Routing SDK you understand the opposite main Challenge that we now have with the Hackathon is expounded to utilizing the uh Zkdid SDK so let me stroll you thru That somewhat bit So the uh zkdid utilization is somewhat bit More uh advanced as a result of there's quite a lot of Components and stakeholders so first you Should return to the module part and

Read by the uh necessary Concepts To perceive when uh you understand constructing Or utilizing a decentralized uh ID system With credentials you understand perceive who The key stakeholders are principally a Credential issuer a did holder and the Verifier the verifier is usually a D-app that wishes to confirm some personal Information in regards to the customers that's utilizing Their app proper for instance Ave may Want to you understand confirm a did holder's Credential speaking about their actual life Credit rating as a result of Ave in all probability desires To give a a decrease rate of interest to uh Did holders who've excessive credit score scores In actual life proper as a result of they're good Credit dangers so this doc walks you Through the general structure And once more the important thing flows that should be Built by every of the important thing stakeholders so For instance the credential issuer wants To do this stuff uh the credentials You're uh additionally wants to do that Secondary movement as properly uh after which Finally that is the movement for the Verifier and what they've to take action uh Read by the the important thing form of Abstract materials to know uh Decentralized identifiers and Credentials after which when you're performed With you can transfer on to the zkdid SDK and basically right here within the Developer part we'll stroll you thru The set up of the SDK

Uh right here's the API reference for the SDK So these are all of the capabilities that you just Can name throughout the zkdid SDK and uh Very importantly as a result of once more it's sort Of advanced uh decentralized identifiers The stakeholders and the varied course of Flows we've given you instance code that You can form of mannequin and use to Understand you understand what the capabilities Do and what the flows appear like so There's three examples in right here they go From form of easy to onerous simply Just to stroll you thru the important thing Concepts When you're you understand constructing flows for A did and credentials One necessary piece is clearly Creating and assigning the dids Uh the second piece is creating Credentials for instance credential for Your GPA that could be uh assigned and Given to you by your University a Credential from Equifax that offers you Your actual life credit score rating so the Second portion is creating uh making a Uh and being issued credentials from These trusted events And then the subsequent piece is creating Proofs from the credentials so uh at at The finish of the method the verifiers Accept proofs as enter to confirm Information about you so within the course of You should create a proof That can that that proves knowledge that you just

Have in your credential So to create a proof you employ your Credential as an enter together with Something we name a circuit as properly so When creating zero data proofs Uh there's concerned that Allows you to show info that's In your credential in a zero data Manner for instance you possibly can show that In your proof that your credit score rating is Above 700 however not reveal the precise Number for instance possibly my credit score rating Is 767 however I don't reveal the precise Number I simply show with my proof that It's above 700 and in order that's the place these Circuits are available these circuits apply Cryptography so to create Proofs that reveal your personal Information within the zero data method So that's why you want uh these circuits As properly and to know the idea of These circuits and to name the apis to Uh create these proofs that require each The credential and the circuit as inputs To create your your proofs in order that in a Nutshell is form of the method for the Various flows and the the apis you want To name to basically create a uh you Know a zkdid and credential administration Process clearly within the hackathon you Don't must do all three you possibly can focus On a selected Niche you understand faux You're you understand a verifier that's constructed A d-app that's form of like Ave that's a

D5 lender and also you simply need to confirm You know the did holders credit score rating But clearly you possibly can you understand you're Not restricted to that be at liberty to construct Anything That that you are interested and Passion for and with that that's that's It for this uh hopefully Introduction on the uh you understand key Documentation how you can use it after which the Two key sdks that you just'll must uh learn About and be taught if you wish to Participate within the uh hackathon Challenges uh that Fedora has offered At the youth Global hackathon so with That good luck and uh thanks very Much Foreign