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Nft NYC week is kicking off this week And changing into a member of us now to debate that and is subsequent Cypher Productions founder And block Jeff gossick uh Jeff it's good to have you ever ever Thanks for having me on You know I was there ultimate time ultimate 12 months For nft NYC weekend there's equivalent to a Lot of stuff occurring on the same time And it was type of robust to see Through that and understand like what's Really occurring uh so I have to return To that time once more in you Launched subsequent Cipher Productions an Entertainment agency that makes use of web 3 Tech to offer sci-fi leisure Now you're kicking off an NFC Community Platform so what's truly occurring inform Us about all of that Yeah so subsequent thanks for having me as soon as extra Next time for Productions is an web 3 Media Studio we focus on uh creating Long-form content material materials uh beforehand typically often called TV reveals that uh are going to uh Entertain in uh the Sci-Fi type I uh You know clearly from uh Crypto coming out from Linux uh quite a few The builders spherical me uh the NASA Scientists that I frolicked with as a baby They had been all science fiction followers and So all the builders that I knew spherical Me and I as properly had been impressed by Science fiction and so this was truly About uh giving once more to the neighborhood

Giving once more creating uh talking about uh You know the long run is mainly Interesting and optimistic and telling Stories that are optimistic regarding the could be truly compelling and was that final piece web3 was that Piece that mainly linked engagement Monetization crypto and uh the media Platform that we're about to talk about Wait wait wait wait what did he say About NASA any particular person you grew up with What was that Uh yeah when uh I was rising up uh my Father often took me to uh space shuttle Launches in uh Cape Canaveral Florida so I I grew up an space nerd and uh would uh Hang out with NASA literal NASA rocket Scientists and uh every one amongst them they Loved Arthur C Clarke and Isaac Asimov And all of these science fiction authors And uh then they'd go and uh of their Day jobs assemble rockets and crunch uh you Know the heaviest of math algorithms and So that uh that's always been an Inspiration for me and uh I really feel you See not only for myself personally nonetheless All all through crypto quite a few that's Inspired by science fiction So are you principally all in on now Is it trustworthy to say that I suggest nfts There's been an unlimited roller coaster correct I suggest there was like so much hype and Then it went down after which it's hyped Again and I really feel it's most probably trustworthy to

Say that nft and what I see I'm listening to Less hype about it this 12 months than ultimate Year merely on account of cycles and I Guess so yeah are you all all in on nfts Right now and like if that is the case why I really feel it's uh I identify the Market pleasantly proper right down to earth I'm Happy that each one the hype has uh properly not All the hype nonetheless quite a few the hype is Burned off and uh so uh selfishly that Means that uh we are going to highlight uh Projects like subsequent Cipher and our subsequent Cipher multi-pass uh as one factor that Is precise that followers can engage with and is Going to be a market that pulls People's consideration there was just so Much noise ultimate 12 months that uh it reminded Me as soon as extra I've been in crypto for over 12 Years and so uh the nft cycle was the Fourth or fifth cycle that I've seen From the the Bitcoin copycat cycle the Ico cycle the D5 summer season season and now uh the Nft summer season season uh as properly so uh the hype uh Comes it goes and as that uh water Washes out to sea you what is left are The larger top quality duties That is wise so one different question Just regarding the nft market usually is What do you focus on the whole blur correct I suggest they're Relatively new participant a bit bit Controversial clearly shaking up the Market what's your take Oh I really feel it's inconceivable I'm an enormous

Believer in Adam Smith free markets free Market rivals and that always uh Forces the other rivals inside the Market to approve to get increased you observed Open C immediately reply as quickly as uh blur And one different competing enterprise pseudo Swap obtained right here out and that's that lastly Users revenue so on the end of the day If nft prospects are viewers are Getting a larger or lower Trading or lower that's good For them and that's good for us so I see It as a optimistic so in spite of you acknowledged You had been involved in crypto for the earlier 12 years which could uh have made it in The early Paleolithic ranges of of uh Bitcoin what Do you think about ordinals now do you Think that that's one factor uh lucky It's nfts it's Bitcoin does it is It one factor that you just identical to is it Something you hate for who hate it why do You hate it why are you upsetting so Many of us what's occurring Yeah the the gray hair on my chin is I've been in Bitcoin given that dollar Parody Party when it hit one dollar to Uh instantly and it uh is hitting 30 000 and It's been an journey uh Bitcoin Ordinals I really feel are uh truly uh it Takes me once more uh 2010 2011 2012 The Bitcoin narrative was uh the will innovate after which Bitcoin Will pull in that uh and so

Ultimately I really feel that's exactly what Happened proper right here is uh Innovation occurred Elsewhere there have been trials tribulations Uh successes failures after which uh Bitcoin learns from that success So you you talked about your time uh you Know not with NASA nonetheless spherical NASA as And watching these math algorithms take Place uh you spent 5 years as a Bitcoin core developer and 10 years of The open provide giant crimson hat uh you Have historic previous clearly so what's your take On the New York Times article which is Titled The Real strong of the Digital race for Bitcoin Uh properly as I've tweeted I really feel the New York Times article is just one different Salvo In the current regulatory Dynamic that's Uh occurring in Washington DC uh all of This is lastly uh fallout from uh Regulators who're asleep after which FTX Happened and now Regulators are waking Up and they also're indignant and uh that's uh Just uh one amongst one Salvo or Missive coming out of that uh type of uh Elizabeth Warren anti-crypto Army All correct okay uh properly merely to clarify The New York Times is not a regulator uh But thanks we admire that tons Uh that was the next Cypher manufacturing The founder uh and block co-founder Jeff Kasich Jeff good to have you ever ever