Former FTX CEO Sam Bankman-Fried Launches Substack: ‘I Didn’t Steal Funds’<a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener">Source</a>

The state of is obtainable by Tron Connecting the to the of So keep in mind what now we have been joking about How principally everybody has a publication Now correctly Sam bakeman freed is speaking Out as soon as extra the earlier FDX CEO is unquestionably a sub stack and turning into a member of us to Discuss that's world protection And managing editor Nick day Who will also be the editor of coindesk's State of crypto publication so Nick is for precise like what's that this about Uh good morning I'm astounded truly This is Um You that could be a particular person accused Of some pretty essential crimes and who's Currently coping with trial and he's inserting Out a sub stack and everybody truly The substance itself there's not reasonably lots That's truly new in it loads of it Reiterates what he would Sam McAfee has Previously talked about about uh you perceive what He thinks occurred with Alameda and FTX It reiterates his safety that he Believes you perceive nothing jail or Untoward occurred that it was all an enormous Accident uh he spoke a little bit of bit about The complete alamedia Alameda steadiness sheet Situation so nothing truly new in it he Also doesn't deal with loads of the Allegations which have come to gentle Since uh FTX first filed for chapter

Namely you perceive claims from new uh CEO John Ray III who has talked about that uh there Was um Some truly untoward Behavior so uh it Doesn't truly take uh or current a Clear rationalization about your entire line Of credit score rating state of affairs regarding the Allegations that Alameda obtained Special treatment from weird Liquidation processes at FTX uh points Like that he moreover doesn't truly deal with Any of the jail uh you perceive Accusations and he doesn't even truly You know current an precise Nation as a result of it's a Whole uh you perceive declare that he's made In the earlier that this was all you perceive Independent of him I indicate he continues On with that thread nevertheless Um as far as explanations go this truly Is merely kind of a reiteration of points That he has talked about you perceive on and On different events and to different Reporters over the few months This is we're kind of getting into Speculative territory proper right here nevertheless you wrote This good piece about Sam's like Tweeting compulsion and in addition you talked to a Bunch of attorneys who're like why acquired't He merely stop you perceive is it doable and Again speculation proper right here do you suppose like He's getting licensed suggestion like do you Think maybe part of the rationale why he's Not saying one thing new or it's Repetitive is that he's lastly like

Attorneys are reviewing what he's saying What is your opinion It's very doable I indicate That is certainly one interpretation But I moreover uncover it robust to think about That his you perceive any jail safety Attorney would say oh yeah sub stack in General is an efficient suggestion Um that's solely a state of affairs the place you Know his lawyer talked about like don't do it And he did it anyway Yeah I can see that happening Um it's moreover doable that he merely Doesn't have additional to share otherwise you perceive Doesn't have to share additional one issue That's kind of you perceive working via My head correct now's you perceive if this Does go to a file that's gonna have to Be like basically probably the most offline jury throughout the World correct anyone who's on Twitter Who's on the net has most certainly seen Something about FTX at this stage and uh You know Jerry resembling you're gonna have to Find people who don't know what the Phrase cap desk means it's truly Interesting however moreover merely you perceive very Unusual I ponder if that's merely that's his Tactic You know They did put up a cat desk did it current Any new information Um I don't suppose so nevertheless I moreover don't Recall exactly what he's presupposed to in

The earlier off the very of my head nevertheless a Lot of what he talked about is an identical as what He talked about sooner than so Um you perceive I'd have to additional Carefully nevertheless I consider loads of the Figures are pretty identical to uh you Know what he talked about sooner than clearly this Is missing your entire you perceive poorly Labeled inside Fiat deal with issue that He had in a earlier steadiness sheet and Um yeah you perceive what exactly he's Making it that unclear it's moreover worth Noting that he did say you perceive as quickly as Again that he doesn't have entry to his Old accounts and doesn't have you ever perceive The exact uh information from direct You know straight from the provision it's Just his private recollection so these Figures I take into consideration ought to incorporate an enormous assault because of he's working off Memory at this stage or regardless of Documents he happens to have on him What's subsequent listening to intelligent each with the FTX Bahamas hearings or oh uh nevertheless I Believe his his Hearing with the dojs until October Yeah so there's at current a trial date Of October nevertheless Penguin Feet really has Uh until April to file a response to the Doj grievance Um I'm undecided I consider he's moreover uh at Some stage going to need to reply to To see in case you see throughout the SEC complaints I don't know what the timeline is for

Those nevertheless you perceive the exact uh you Know exact jail responses Aside there's moreover nonetheless the FTX Bankruptcy hearings there was one Yesterday that lasted for I consider spherical Four hours or so and also you perceive loads of The questions that we've seen uh Pertaining to this jail Investigation are most certainly going to come back again Up throughout the chapter investigation Namely you perceive the place are the funds what Happened to the funds and Um you perceive how lots is recoverable and We purchased a bit little bit of an substitute on that the FTX authorized skilled talked about that that that they had Recovered about 5 billion or so worth Of belongings and that's a you perceive of uh crypto completely different Securities and cash so sign Of Hope for yeah editors nevertheless hopefully We'll get bit additional rationalization from them As to solely you perceive methods to get nicely these Funds of the place they've been and that'll Give us a larger idea of you perceive what Might have occurred to the exact uh Companies that led to the illiquidity And insolvency factors