Found Death Wishes in a Bottle While Scuba Diving! (Voodoo)

Swimming Tips – Discover the Techniques to Improve Your Breaststroke Glide

When you want to improve your breaststroke gliding techniques, you should start with your hips and learn how to drive them forward and let them ride up as you glide forward. If you have already learned how to keep your body streamlined you are ready to work on your glide if not you need to practice keep your body straight.

Megapixels and Optical Zoom and Electronic Image Stabilization, Oh My!

That is right Dorothy selecting an Underwater Digital Camera can be a bit frightening. After reading this article I hope to ease you down the road to underwater camera ownership.

Affordable Backyard Swimming Pools

Swimming pools in the backyard have ceased being a luxury affordable by only wealthy people. The costs involved in constructing them and also maintaining them is no longer prohibiting. Thanks to an increase in the standard of living and also many innovations that have resulted in a significant reduction of costs, the ownership is quite practicable. Construction and maintenance of a swimming pool thus is now affordable for many.

How to Swim Better

Nearly every season, the most popular activity is swimming. It can not only make you relax but also help you keep your body in shape, thus, it becomes more and more popular all over the world.

Mankini – Every Man Should Try it Once

Now that men's and women's swimwear have both shrunk down to extraordinary levels of skimpiness, men can understand the true humiliation that comes with swimsuit season. In honor of the mankini, here are three key steps to walking tall in a bathing suit the size of an elastic band.

Women's Swimwear – One Pieces Can Be Just As Sexy As a Bikini

The term swimsuit tends to drag up images of aged aunts in mothball smelling one pieces that lack appropriate chest support. The word bikini, however, brings forth all of those scantily clad, sports illustrated models. You probably don't even remember what they were actually wearing, where as the loudly obnoxious floral print of Aunt Edna's ancient suit is burned into your memory.

Improve Your Freestyle Breathing Techniques

To improve your freestyle breathing techniques you must first get your body position right. One problem many people have when trying to breathe while doing freestyle swimming is their lack of balance. If you body is not balanced in the water you will not be able to turn your head to breathe right.

A New Kind of Fun With Inflatable Backyard Water Slides

Summer is just about here and for many people having a pool is simply not affordable. A viable alternative that is catching on quickly is inflatable backyard water slides which promise hours of fun and entertainment.

Water Aerobics Sculpt Your Body

If you have access to a swimming pool, it doesn't matter how big it is, as long as it is heated during the winter, water aerobics trims the fat off your body like you were cutting it sculpturing it with a knife. If you are able to be in deep water and wear a water weight belt you have the tools to trim the fat and keep it off.

Speedo Competitive Swimsuits – Fastskin and Aquablade

The revolutionary Aqua-Blade performance swimsuit was first launched back in the mid 1990s. Basically, this suit represented the beginning of the fast swimsuit revolution.

Using a Chlorine Tablet Before Swimming

This is the everlasting debate between swimming pool owners of the world. Which is better – to use a chlorine tablet or granulate dust? Sanitation and hygiene are the most important factors of maintaining a swimming pool. These are the most important factors for a crystal clear pool.

How to Swim a Mile – It's Not Difficult to Learn

Would you like to learn how to swim more efficiently? Can you only do a couple of lengths of freestyle? It may be hard to believe, but it is not difficult to swim a long distance using less energy than you do in those two lengths. Also, by swimming more efficiently and therefore for longer brings many benefits that can help in obtaining that healthy lifestyle.

Swimming Gets You in Shape

Swimming benefits the human body in umpteen ways as it allows both stretching and loosening up in turns. Swimming is preferential especially in cutting down the risks of heart stroke and diabetes. People suffering from back pain and arthritis may press out a plenty of profit from swimming.

A Brief History of Swimming

Basically humans are familiar with the water from inside the womb. In other words, while in the womb human has been able to float in water. So basically all humans can swim. Only, because many children are not introduced to the world of water so they are afraid to play with water.

Who Invented Swim Fins?

Swim Fins are essential components for bodyboarders and swimmers. It helps them gain extra power performance, high throttle speed, ankle moving flexibility and better body arrangements in the water. It serves you more fun in swimming.

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