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Basic Tips for Intex Swimming Pools

The summer heat can become fairly unbearable at its peak. Resultantly, it is highly likely that you, like many people, wish you had a swimming pool in such times. Fortunately, owing to the availability of Intex swimming pools, you can.

The Swimmer's Ear Bible – How To Recognize Symptoms, Avoid Infection and Swim Pain Free!

Swimmer's Ear is a common among swimmers and those who participate in other water sports known as acute external otitis or external otitis. It is important to know the symptoms; an untreated infection can cause serious health conditions.

Five Reasons To Try Swimming

We love to explore different ways to keep fit and enjoy an active lifestyle. Over the last few weeks we've taken a look at many activities and hobbies, from jogging to climbing, and the associated benefits of each. This week we've decided to take a closer look at swimming. Here are the top five reasons we came up with to rediscover this fab activity!

Modest Bathing Suits – For Shy Women

Keeping a balance between modesty and fashion is highly appreciated all over the world. Therefore, it should be observed to look elegant and classy. It is summer time and most of you are going swimming but some of you are home because you feel you do not want to wear bikinis and anything that exposes much of your skin.

Swim Your Way to Good Health

All of us dream of being naturally fit and look around for ways that can improve our lifestyle and help us reach that goal. In fact, what more can be easier than by getting ourselves dipped in the pool and swim our way to a great mind and body! True, swimming indeed is a fantastic sport that can easily help anyone to have some fun at the same time stay totally fit.

The Importance of Buying the Best Water Socks

If you love spending time in swimming pool or you enjoy getting indulged in water sports, you should never forget to keep something in your bag – water socks! They are more like rubber shoes that keep you comfortable all the time and don't really bother you about removing them when you go in or come out of water.

How to Choose a Swimming School

Some of our small choices may cost a lot for us, and vice versa. When you have chosen a swimming pool you may either be satisfied or get irritated. To be in high spirits you have to consider all pros and cons before choosing water activities. This article will help you not to make a mistake.

How To Attain A Swimmer's Body

How do male swimmers attain their attractive bodies? Is it by swimming regularly? What do you think?

Michael Phelps – Swimming for the Gold

Everyone was amazed at how great American swimmer Michael Phelps was during the 2008 Beijing Olympics having won eight gold medals. This is the most an athlete had in a single Olympics. The record was previously held by Mark Spitz, also an American swimmer, who has won seven gold medals in the 1972 Munich Olympics.

Slimming Bathing Suits – For Women Who Wish to Look Slimmer

One definition of beauty and attraction in most cultures is based on a slim figure. Due to this many women who are anything above a slim figure feel conscious of their figure and they want to look slim and trim. For this purpose, many women go for strict dieting plans and exercises while some clever women just rely on wearing slimming clothes that make them appear slim and trim.

Tips to Improve Your Swim Training

If you really want to get faster in the swim pool, and become an accomplished swimmer there are three concepts that you need to apply to your swim training. They are conditioning, training outside the water, and goal setting. I will explain each of these concepts, and how you can use them to have a better training session.

Start Faster and Win Your Swim Race

If you want to have a more faster and productive swim-start, there are three techniques that you can you can use that will make your swim-start faster and smarter The three techniques include using your legs to jump of the starting blocks, diving into the water, and using your body to propel yourself once you enter the water. I will explain each of these three concepts ans show you how you can use these concepts to get into the water faster.

Learn to Swim Better

If you want to become a better swimmer there are 3 concepts you can use to achieve your maximum results in the pool. They are technique, practice, and goal setting. In this article I will explain these concepts, and show how this will make you a better swimmer.

Physiological Principals & Training Techniques to Successfully Cross the English Channel

The success rate of swimming the English Channel is approximately 10% of all those who have attempted it. The shortest distance is approximately 19 nautical miles (35200 metres) from Shakespeare Beach, Dover to Cap Gris Nez. ‘S' is a ‘Female Masters' swimmer, with a mass of 64kg, and a stature of…

The Future of Competitive Swimming Is At Risk, Is There Anything You Can Do?

The U.S. has been regarded as the top dog in the swimming world for quite some time now, but that may all be changing. Our elite swimmers almost always reach their highest level of performance because of college swimming programs, but those programs are hitting the chopping block in record numbers. So what can you do to save competitive swimming?

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