Found Rifle, Shotgun and an iPhone Underwater in the River! (Police Called)

Snorkeling – Most Beautiful Under Water Adventure

Have you ever tried doing snorkeling in the deep clean sea water? If not, you must try it at least once. It is a life time experience. Absolutely amazing.

Advantages of Being Tall in Water Sports

Being exceptionally tall has many advantages, but what about when it comes to sporting endeavour, in particular when it comes to water sports. So just what are the plus and minus points of height when it comes to swimming, rowing, water polo, canoe sports etc.

9 Ways to Count Laps When Swimming

Swimming laps at the pool is a great workout, but how do you track how far you have gone? Especially when swimming laps continuously without breaks, it can become very easy to forget which lap that you are on and to get your count messed up.

Inflatable Cooler Float

As the sun starts to poke out of the clouds, you decide that it is time to jump into the pool, lake, or the river. You want to bring a few of your friends with your so you grab a huge plastic cooler and head out.

Palm Tree Inflatable Cooler

When we are relaxing, we tend to be very lazy. This means that if the phone rings or the door bell rings, you tend to not answer. This is because you are in such as relaxed state that you don't want to move.

Inflatable Pool Cooler

With the winter months coming to an end and the flowers starting to bloom, you know that it is time for summer. Each and every year, you get out all of your toys, whether it be boats, jet skis, or kids toys, and you are ready for the hot air. This year, you are looking into a floating cooler.

Floating Cooler For the River

With summer starting and the hot air beating down, you are ready to float down the river each and every day. We remember the days when we used to float down the river in college. A soda in one hand, and a cooler on the other.

Is Swimming For You?

Being a couch potato for nearly a lifetime ended recently with the realization that health both mental and physical was being compromised by lack of exercise. There was no reason not to take up some sort of exercise regime but finding something that suited would be a problem.

Ways to Enjoy Your Swimming Pool (Even More) This Summer

One of the ways to ensure that the whole family enjoys the swimming pool even more is to get a few toys that revolve around the pool. Listed on this article are three things that are always a big hit among children and adults.

Finding the Best Chlorine Tablet For Your Swimming Pool

A chlorine tablet will go a long way to ensure that your pool is clean, has the right chemistry balance and is therefore safe for you and your family to swim. All of this hinges around the chemical balance of the pool being maintained. With minimum effort and a little discipline, your pool can be sparkling all year round and safe to swim.

Having a Swim Spa As a Luxury

If you have swum enough, let the jets take you off to another end of the pool to have a therapeutic dampen massage from dominant hydro jets. Many swim spas for sale will as well provide elegant LED power-driven mood lighting, modifiable from a digital plate that also permit you to manage the jet's speed.

Simple Guidelines to Follow When Buying a Pool Slide

Although having a swimming pool at the house is pleasant enough, over time, they can also be a bit boring as well. After a while, people just tend to get tired swimming in it.

Fun Beach Party Games – Your Choices Are Limitless

Everybody loves a beach party! When it comes to having fun in the sand and the sun, there is so much to choose from. The best part about beach party games is that it doesn't matter whether you're on a real beach or the one you created in your own home or backyard, because everyone can have a great time playing sand volleyball, having sandcastle competitions, and more.

Reason Why Children Should Master Swimming

As a swimming coach, I completely think swimming is a really critical skill to know. Typically, I train toddlers and I feel all parents should sign up swimming lessons for their children, or perhaps teach them how to swim. I think it is most effective to learn swimming at a young age, but, of course, it is never ever too late to learn how to swim.

How to Train Like an Olympic Swimmer

Not all of us can become Olympic athletes, but with the right methods, we can at least achieve personal greatness. Find out what it takes to become one of the world's elite athletes in this insightful look at Olympic level training techniques.

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