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History of English Channel Swimming

When thinking about swimming feats, the English channel swim always comes first to mind. At its shortest point, the distance between the English and French coastlines is only 22 miles, but a combination of cold and strong currents mean that only 10% of people who attempt this feat actually make it to the other side.

Osceola Recreational Center For Aquatics(ORCA)

This article is the summation of a project for the first Platinum Swinning Facility in the USA. This facility will be located in Kissimmee, Florida and host many of the top level aquatic competitions in the United States.

Diving Boards

A wide variety of diving boards are available in the market with durable construction and safety features. A diving board directs people away from unsafe shallow areas. Diving boards are available in several styles, lengths and colors. Replacement diving boards are also available. Diving boards are used in competitions also. When using a replacement diving board, use only a board of the same type and length, for safety reasons.

Free Diving

Free diving refers to any aquatic activity that requires the practice of breath-hold diving. Some free diving activities include spear fishing, free dive photography, snorkeling, and apnea competitions. Competitive apnea is considered to be an extreme sport. During these competitions, divers attempt to reach great depths on a single breath without using breathing devices. This activity garners more attention than other competitive free diving or apnea activities. Apnea falls into three categories: static, dynamic, and depth. Static apnea refers to timed breath holding, which normally takes place in pools; dynamic apnea is simply underwater swimming for distance and is also held in pools; depth apnea is further sub-categorized but mainly focuses on attempting to reach the farthest dept in a single breath.

Cave Diving

Diving in underwater caves may seem quite dangerous and only fit for the brave and adventurous types. However, more and more people are beginning to explore the exciting world of cave diving. Cave diving is a form of technical diving, which means that certificates and licenses from certified and recognized cave diving associations must be obtained prior to diving into a cave.

Diving Suits

Diving suits are what divers normally wear when diving and are generally categorized into two kinds: soft and hard diving suits. They are used to protect the divers from different elements to which s/he is exposed when diving. These elements may include pressure, water, wind, even animals. Diving suits are designed to fit specific dive sites and the conditions in these sites.

Diving Competitions

Diving competitions are held at various levels. Usually, the number of divers varies with age group. A diver is represented by a code of three or four digits followed by a single letter. The judges evaluate the divers' knowledge and practice by referring to the diver number.

Enjoying Healthy Water Sports

If you enjoy fun in the sun and love to get wet in the process, then you might want to take up water sports.

Straight Talk About Safe Swimming Pools

As a pool industry veteran of some years I am constantly amazed at the misinformation and outright fraud perpetrated by inventors, manufacturers and scam artists on pool owners. Clean pool water is an absolute necessity for any pool and promoting pseudo-science under the guise of safety or ecological concerns is no excuse for bad and potentially harmful information.

How to Repair Swimming Hair Damage

Swimming is great exercise. But overexposure to sun, salt and chlorine can do significant damage to your hair. While it's hard to avoid these hazards around water, you can repair and prevent further damage with these easy-to-use tips.

Swimming Across the Gulf of Mexico

Is it possible for a human being to swim across the Gulf of Mexico? I bet some day someone tries and succeeds. I had a dream about this, but then I woke up and remembered although I am a good swimmer, I am not that good!

Teaching Babies How To Swim

Introducing an infant to swimming can be a useful tool in bonding with your baby while providing a positive introduction to a skill that will be useful throughout their lives. Much of the concerns regarding the introduction of infants to swimming are unfounded.

Swimming is a Great Sport

Do you know how to swim? If you don't, let me encourage you to at least take a few lessons. Not only can it save your life from danger, it can greatly improve your health. Here are some benefits and tips for swimming, aside from the usual make sure there is a life guard present. If you do know how to swim, good for you!

Learn the Importance of Swimming Pool Safety

Unfortunately, each year, a lot of children die from drowning in residential swimming pools. Here you will learn essential pool safety tips.

7 Essential Swim Training Tips For Women

Here, in reverse order, are Seven Essential Swimming Training Tips for Female swimmers like you. These tips have what it takes to help you become a winner.

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